Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Creating the Conditions and Narrative for a FAILED Geneva II

Judging by the contents of recent NATO news outlet reports it appears a story line, regarding Syria, is being created. The characters are Saudi Arabia. Turkey. The US. But, not Israel. Although the Israeli connections and potential gains in the destruction of Syria are plentiful and acknowledged. Israel seems to be lacking from this fable? Which should not really come as a surprise to anyone who is aware of the media obeisance to approved reporting surrounding Israel.

This most recent narrative goes something like this:

The US wants to negotiate a political settlement for Syria. They really, really do. No fingers crossed behind their back. They are sincere.  The US is really  a  reasonable player. In line with it’s usual doublespeak.

But, the allies of the US will not cooperate. These allies all have their own agendas and they are promoting their own agendas, as if they are any different from that of the US. These horrid incorrigible allies  just plain ignore the exhortations of the US.

Yet, all  these nations have similar, one could say the exact shared common interests. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and the US all want regime change in Syria. They all want to block the so called Shia axis. The aforementioned  nations all want weak destroyed, shadow of their former selves, nations made of Iran, Syria and Lebanon.The common interests are vastly greater then the trivial  differences.
So, why the slew of stories presenting a narrative of differences and disagreements.


 Prepping for the failure of Geneva II. Not, because the US didn’t try to reach a peaceful solution. No, because no one else would cooperate with the US. And that lack of cooperation simply ties the hands of the US.

I noticed the tale of dissent starting in this post
: Turkey's Spymaster Plots Own Course on Syria. Good Cop/Bad Cop spin?

Yesterday we get the US hand wringing and fretting: Syria: US urges opposition to talk, but can't cut allied flow of weapon
Today we have the Opposition collapsing for the umpteenth time: From umbrella to pariah: Opposition Coalition comes closer to collapse in Syria

In the Guardian we get this headline : Saudis fret about US-Iran ‘thaw’ Do they really?
Of course they don't!
There is no doubt that Washington and Riyadh disagree on quite a bit these days, from how to handle Syria to the generals' regime in Cairo to the promise and perils of the Rouhani presidency in Iran, on top of the hardy perennial of Palestine. But these disagreements, while serious, do not rise to the level of a bilateral crisis. There have been even wider disagreements in the past, and the common interests pushing the two countries together remain as salient as they have been over the past six decades."

Quoting from a piece you should read entirely

“Washington claims to be working towards Geneva-2, but, like many rebel groups, maintains that Assad should resign before any talks take place. Essentially, this position is a form of blackmail of Russia and Assad’s allies – it calls for either the Western-backed opposition in exile to absorb executive power, or a prolonged military conflict. Assad’s opponents are not serious about a political solution, as demanding that one party resigns as a precondition before the other party can negotiate completely undermines the premise of dialogue to begin with”
The US can’t push the allies because they really don’t want to.  The US is on the exact same page as their Saudi, Turkey, Israeli allies. But, if Geneva fails. And it looks as if all conditions are being created to guarantee this outcome the US can present itself in it’s usual manner.  The  global ‘good guys’.

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