Thursday, October 17, 2013

Geneva II- Peace Talks set for Nov 23 & 24/13

 Containing info from 2 news article-

Ria Novosti -Geneva-2 Talks to Start November 23 – Syrian Office

 Syrian deputy PM says Geneva peace conference planned Nov. 23-24

An international peace conference on Syria backed by Russia and the United States will take place on November 23-24, a senior Syrian governmental official said Thursday. The Geneva-2 conference will proceed despite leading Syrian opposition groups’ continuing reluctance to participate, Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil said at a press conference in Moscow
Jamil named the dates when asked at a news conference in Moscow whether plans for the "Geneva 2" conference, which Russia and the United States have been trying to organise since May, had been pushed back from mid-November.
Asked to confirm the dates, he told Reuters: "Yes, this is what (U.N. Secretary General) Ban Ki-moon is saying, not me."

The Geneva-2 conference will proceed despite leading Syrian opposition groups’ continuing reluctance to participate,

“The Syrian National Council’s refusal to participate in the Geneva-2 would not affect the time frame and format of the conference,” he said. “They will likely change their decision,” Jamil added.   
 Jamil- "Geneva is a way out for everyone: the Americans, Russia, the Syrian regime and the opposition. Whoever realises this first will benefit. Whoever does not realise it will find himself overboard, outside the political process."
Assuming everyone is interested in a way out?

Can't help but notice the almost complete lack of US/Canadian/UK media coverage regarding these peace talks?

Except for this one: The Las Vegas Sun

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the U.N-Arab League envoy for Syria say an international conference to set up a Syrian transitional government must be organized urgently and held as soon as possible.

Russia and Syria talk peace. Kerry representing the US/NATO/Israel, talks regime change

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  1. Perhaps Kerry is trying to give people the impression that the Geneva II talks will be his proposed 'Transition Govt' talks and when Geneva II talks fail to provide a 'transitional govt' (because that's not the agenda), they can be said to have failed.

    1. I don't know what Kerry is up to?

      But, if Kerry says the talks have ''failed" then what
      the us and co will continue on terrorizing the Syrian people?

      I know if I had to choose honesty to lies
      I would take Putin hands down
      Because Kerry has been nothing but lie, lie and lie again
      He is disgusting, just like all his predecessors