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HRW: Obfuscation Posing as Humanitarianism Report. Slaughter near Latakia

Syria rebels executed civilians, says Human Rights Watch       
When my hubby brought this latest to my attention....grrrrr!! I was furious.
And you would think I should be elated, right?
Human Rights Watch actually focusing on this terrible, terrible atrocity committed by the WESTERN BACKED HIRED KILLERS.
Since this happened way back at the beginning of August 2013, two months ago, we all need to ask ourselves...............Why a HRW report at this time? Why not in August? Or September?
The Guardian had reported on the attacks near Latakia , just last week. At that time, it seemed odd  they would bother after so many months had passed but now I understand why! Preparation for the spin job from HRW.

Digression: You can find the Guardian reporting in this post: Syria: Turkey drills for oil, Salafi butchers garner Western applause, Ghouta and more!
In that post you should take note that the West was very pleased with the killers. Check a Foreign Policy article linked within.

Of course, I am going to suggest to you the reasoning and timing for the HRW report.
But first I feel the need to vent! HRW is an NGO. (Non-Governmental Organization) 
*NGO’s should be shunned. 
*They are institutions created for perception management purposes. 
*Their initials should stand rightfully for NoGoodOrganization.
HRW has lived up to their propaganda/perception management purpose and demonstrated repeatedly they are a NoGoodOrganization!

Now onto my suggestions for the reason and timing of this report:

First: As an attempt to disparage/discredit a report done by Mother Agnes in Syria. Her diligent effort was covered in this post. * One Nun puts US/Israeli intelligence to shame over stage managed Syrian footage

Second: The HRW report promotes the concept of good rebels vs bad rebels.
There are no good rebels or bad rebels. They are all the same. Hired mercs.
Paid to kill and terrorize the Syrian people. That is it!

So, let us get to the nonsense that passes as news. And a report that is put forth as credible, but isn't entirely.
My commentary included below will all be in blue>

From the BBC
Rebel forces in Syria killed as many as 190 civilians and seized more than 200 hostages during a military offensive in August, Human Rights Watch says.
A report by the US-based group says the deaths occurred in villages inhabited predominantly by members of President Bashar al-Assad's minority Alawite sect near the coastal city of Latakia.

It said the findings "strongly suggest" crimes against humanity were committed.

‘Entire families targeted'
Human Rights Watch says it conducted an on-site investigation in September and interviewed more than 30 people, including survivors and combatants on both sides.
We are going to stop right there!      
It took HRW until September to conduct an investigation?  Why?  September, when? 
Why did HRW wait until after the alleged chemical attack in Ghouta to conduct an investigation for the earlier attack near Latakia? Shouldn't HRW have been on the job immediately? 

Or did HRW conduct their investigation only  After Mother Agnes released her very credible report about the events surrounding Ghouta in the second week of September/13?
It seems quite likely!

BBC: “Its (HRW) 105-page report says that in the early hours of 4 August fighters from several different rebel groups attacked and overran army positions in the Sheikh Nabhan area of the Latakia countryside. A soldier told HRW that about 30 of his comrades were killed in the assault.

The rebels then entered the Alawite villages of Barouda, Nbeiteh, al-Hamboushieh, Blouta, Abu Makkeh, Beyt Shakouhi, Aramo, Bremseh, Esterbeh, Obeen, and Kharata.
"Eight survivors and witnesses described how opposition forces executed residents and opened fire on civilians, sometimes killing or attempting to kill entire families who were either in their homes unarmed or fleeing from the attack, and at other times killing adult male family members, and holding the female relatives and children hostage," the report says.

The report names 190 civilians killed by the rebels, including at least 57 women, 18 children and 14 elderly men. The total number of dead is likely higher because many residents remained missing and bodies were buried in mass graves, it adds.

“Opposition sources say the women and children taken hostage in the attack are still being held.

We are going to stop reading from the BBC article again!

Can we believe the opposition forces when they say 'women and children are still alive?  They are the perpetrators of this mass killing, wouldn't they have a vested interest in making this type of claim?
Is it sensible to believe that the women and children taken hostage over two months ago are still alive?! 
Still being held?  All this time later? It is not sensible.

BBC :“ Relatives said many appeared in the background of a video published online”

What relatives? When did the relatives say this? On what date?

HRW includes a link to the video below as validation of alive hostages

 The video was put up on Youtube August 15/2013. And HRW is suggesting to us via it's report that this is somehow proof that the kidnapped are alive?! Absurd! This is a two month old video. This cannot indicate to us that the kidnapped are indeed still  alive in October!

Therefore,  the statement made in the BBC article that ‘residents claimed their relatives appeared in this video'  is intentionally misleading. And the inclusion of this video in the HRW report is also intentionally misleading

We do not know which residents or when residents made this statement. Or if this is being claimed to bolster rebel statements. We cannot assume children in video footage from two months ago are still alive. They could have been sold to rich Saudi scum. Been killed and had their organs harvested. Or been used for war porn in the propaganda campaign for that false flag in Ghouta !

IMPORTANT QUESTION: Are  HRW and the NATO media finally acknowledging this slaughter took place in order to deflect or spin attention away from the fact that the missing children were identified by their relatives as dead in the videos presented by Obama, Kerry and all the others liars in charge as being victims in the alleged chemical attack in Ghouta.??

Are BBC & HRW leading  the audience  to the conclusion, that these persons/hostages are alive? Contradicting both the research by Mother Agnes  and the Syrian families that identified their family members as the deceased presented at Ghouta?   I suspect this obfuscation of facts is exactly what HRW is attempting to pull off with this latest report

BBC: “HRW says about 20 opposition groups took part in the offensive and that five were involved in the attacks on civilians - the al-Nusra Front, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), Jaysh al-Muhajirin wa al-Ansar, Ahrar al-Sham and Suqour al-Izz”

BBC:“None are affiliated to the Western-backed Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army, though SMC chief Gen Salim Idris did say at the time that fighters under his command participated in the assault.”

More spin. I cannot believe the BBC would publish such nonsense! Oh, never mind. I can.
Let’s reread the claims of Gen Salim Idris.

BBC “None are affiliated to the Western-backed Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army, though SMC chief Gen Salim Idris did say at the time that fighters under his command participated in the assault.”

It’s cognitive dissonance in one sentence!
1- ‘None are affiliated to the Western-backed Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army”
2- though SMC chief Gen Salim Idris did say at the time that fighters under his command participated in the assault.”
So, fighters under his command did indeed participate in this assault! 
Which means these fighter/killers are affiliated with the Western backed Supreme Military Council!!  

So how is it that the BBC can actually publish without question the statement made by Gen Idris. He commands the fighters who killed innocent civilians in these villages. Therefore he either commanded them to undertake these killings or he is not commanding a dam thing!

BBC: The HRW report says ISIS and Jaysh al-Muhajirin are holding the hostages.

The government launched an offensive to retake the Sheikh Nabhan area on 5 August, ultimately regaining full control on 18 August.

'Co-ordinated, planned attack'

Joe Stork, acting Middle East director at HRW, said the abuses were "not the actions of rogue fighters".

"This operation was a co-ordinated, planned attack on the civilian population in these Alawite villages," he said.
Of course it was! Most likely the Western Backed Idris and his WESTERN BACKERS!

BBC: The report says evidence including witness statements and a review of hospital records showed rebels executed or unlawfully killed at least 67 of the 190 dead civilians who were identified. For the remainder, further investigations are required.

A doctor at a hospital in Latakia said several of the bodies had multiple gunshot wounds, stab wounds or had been decapitated. Some were burnt or had their feet bound, he added.

The report says the high civilian death toll and the nature of the recorded wounds "indicate that opposition forces either intentionally or indiscriminately killed most of the remaining victims".

"The evidence strongly suggests that the killings, hostage taking, and other abuses committed by opposition forces on and after August 4 rise to the level of crimes against humanity."
HRW says Islamist rebel groups - which include foreign fighters - are financed by individuals in Kuwait and the Gulf.
And Saudi Arabia. With the help of Israel.

Another article via translate


  1. Excellent! One of your best Penny.

    1. Thanks freethinker :)
      I was really po'd at this reporting

  2. This is damage control aka 'limited hangout' to protect the US and Saudi Arabia, as you say, Pen.
    Here is the same video with subtitles so readers can read the lies in English

    Me thinks the US knows that Russia and Syria are putting together the evidence of how the children were killed to provide the excuse for the military intervention of the US. In other words, how the US knowingly used a child snuff movie to try and start a bombing campaign (and kill more children).

    If this evidence does come to light, it's bye-bye USA

  3. All good points. You should send this to that media watch site and write a complaint to BBC.

  4. #Syrian_truth #Syria #Idleb #Explosive #terrorists

    Syrian Truth l Terrorist with Explosive-Laden Motorbike Carrying Bread Gets Busted in Kfarya, Syria
    In the town of Kfarya located north of Syria's Idlib province, a terrorist was tasked with blowing himself up in an explosive-laden motorbike carrying bread in the midst of a crowd of people in order to pave the way for an attack by other militants who are supposed to follow the explosion in order to gain control of the town. However, the attempt failed after the town guards ambushed and apprehended him before he could detonate the bomb, which was dismantled by a specialized unit of the Syrian Army.

    Source: Sama TV (Syria)

  5. earlier this year, 60000 BBC weather twitter followers got to learn something about the war on syria
    esp like the 'Earthquake warning for Qatar: Hamad bin Khalifah about to exit vehicle'

  6. Here is a link to a piece by Finian Cunningham at Press TV which complements your own piece nicely, Penny. It covers the hypocrisy of the Nobel Peace awards but goes on to talk about the role of HRW in bolstering the evil agenda of some Western powers.

  7. talking Turkey: Turkeys big lie: denies to HRW, terrorists are stationed in turkey and using it as a base to attack syria

  8. 'Human Rights Watch says it conducted an on-site investigation in September and interviewed more than 30 people, including survivors and combatants on both sides.'

    HRW has investigators in syria? so why their ignorance of events?

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    Meet Persian Hot Book, an Iranian sex education account, or the porn feed favored most by the Israeli head of state. Which is it? Why not both! The Times of Israel first noticed plenty of people poking fun at Netanyahu on Saturday for following the suggestive account. Netanyahu only follows 89 feeds on Twitter, as of this writing, but his most recent addition is Persian Hot Book, "the first library of hot sex books [in the] Persian language," according to the Times' translation of the account description. A few different people noticed around the same time Saturday afternoon.

  10. Not a surprise, but the Syrian National Council are not going to attend Geneva II

  11. Another "left" front for ziofascism:

    Canada’s “Left” New Democratic Party (NDP) Endorses Corporate, US-NATO War Agenda

    "While pushing arms control measures and oversight of Canadian mining companies, this ‘Left’ party generally backs the military and a Western pro-capitalist outlook to global affairs.

    In 2011 the party supported two House of Commons votes endorsing the bombing of Libya. The party’s most recent election platform called for maintaining the highest level of military spending since World War II."

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  13. Radiation experts confirm polonium on Arafat clothing.

  14. Haven't been by of late. What time online I did have I used to try to keep up just a bit with events in MENA and some beyond.

    YES Penny, sometimes we are amazingly on same page. Of course this is their ploy to cover up the Ghouta horror!! I caught a tweet of them patting themselves on the back at the 'revelations' of her "human rights" trip to the village.

    What utter garbage!! Anyhow, that tweet got a reply from yours truly in essence that this HRW issue is totally connected to Ghouta and I would take my dying breath before seeing it covered up.
    I'm only one voice and a small one at that, but this will not go by the wayside on my watch.,

    Now that I've finally done the bloody taxes for Bank of London and Vatican, I can get back to work on putting some pieces together and I want to try to contact a Syrian gal who does some great investigating and she makes videos exposing the 'rebels, opposition' or whatever their name de jour is. She finds their videos on youtube, live leak etc.

    Back in time to hopefully something I have spoken of here concerning not only the erasure of antiquities, but even the moslum / muslim religion as the peaceful religion it really is into some fanatical jihandist bullshit overshadowing the real Koran.

    Remember, I'm not the religious type, but when I was either a junior, or senior in high school my step day showed me a very old copy of The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. I was going through that ''writing poetry'' stage some of us dreamers go through at that age, and that leads me to think it was Jr year, as I had the best teacher in that class whose passion for literature impressed me to the point that I still have fond memories of his class and am a voracious reader

    OK.. I digress.
    Have looked for concrete evidence concerning the radicalization of the muslim faith and found only slight references untill now. Ran across this earlier and 'ran over' to get it to you.

    Confessions of a British spy and British enmity against Islam

    I found reference ( as usual it seems) while looking for info I ran across some years back about Vatican, City of London, and the US/ DC links. Glanced down to the right margin and this link sprang up at me.

    Source of Link to above
    Just wanted to bring that by to you before I got involved in other issues and forgot to do so.

    Great follow-up on that original info above blog post. You tied it togehter very neatly. I must get back and read it in full to get the whole jist of it later.


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    1993-2013: is the twenty years long "pas de deux" of Russia and the USA coming to an end?

    on facebook:
    Pepe Escobar
    16 hours ago ·
    This is an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL post to understand everything that happened in Russia in the past 20 years, as well as the immensely complex US-Russia relationship. It does not get better than this. By my awesome friend, The Saker.

  16. the unknown Putin: interesting doco on putin and the return of oil revenues to russia


  17. I wonder how much this turning on Turkey has to do with the potential arms purchases from China. This would be the first time a NATO country makes a major arms purchase from China and would not integrate with western hardware.

    Read that article from Saker a couple days ago and was very impressed. I have had a few discussions with him in the past which really highlighted how insightful his mind works.

    Here is a good video on how countries are marginalized and subverted from and ex-soviet. All intel 'services' use the same tactics. All 7 parts listed in order.

    Watch for the signs of it in your country. I have been watching it in the US for decades. Not that it is done by the Soviets to the US, but from the corp/banking establishment. It is they who really run the intel groups and it is they who are really to benefit from the destruction of Syria and other countries.

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