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Human Rights Watch- Watches while NATO robs Humans of their Rights

Human Rights Watch: An organization that Watches, while NATO robs Humans of their Rights.
Yes just another useless NGO. Along with Greenpeace and so many others of that ilk.
 Have I mentioned that NGO’s should be shunned by everyone? Everywhere? Why yes, I have.
They are detestable organizations created to fool the public into thinking they are not part of the apparatus of tyrannical state. These organizations are not fooling me. Don’t let them fool you.
NGO’s should be shunned. Turn NGO’s into Pariahs. All of them.
Rant over let's get back to  the despicable 'Human Rights Watch'

brian had left a link. Thanks brian.
His info and the article that will be linked immediately below should be read together

Manipulating the facts on Syria?
- In full because every bit of it is worth reading!

The international NGO Human Rights Watch has shown a lack of due diligence in its allegations about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime
“On 21 August, a series of chemical attacks were perpetrated in the Al-Ghouta suburbs of eastern Damascus. Sources say that between 281 and 1,729 civilians were killed, while the NGO Medicins Sans Frontieres reported that around 3,600 were injured in the attacks. On the same day, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon instructed the UN mission already in Syria to investigate allegations of chemical weapons use in Khan Al-Asal, Sheikh Maqsoos and Saraqueb to focus their efforts on the Al-Ghouta allegations.
However, before the UN mission had reported its preliminary findings the international NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) jumped the gun on 10 September with its own report written by Peter Bouckaert, the organisation’s emergencies director. The report admits that HRW did not have physical access to the site and had based its study on Skype interviews with “more than 10 witnesses and survivors” made over a period of two weeks between 22 August and 6 September. These were supplemented by video and photo footage and other data from an unnamed source or sources. It is unclear, then, exactly how many exposed survivors were interviewed by HRW or who the other witnesses were.
 In compiling the report HRW had also drawn on the technical services of Keith B. Ward, an expert on the detection and effects of chemical warfare agents. However the organisation did not disclose that Ward is employed  by the Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States government. The HRW investigation was also “assisted by arms experts including Nic Jenzen-Jones […] as well as Eliot Higgins […] who collected and analysed photos and videos from the attacks.”
So HRW used an employee of Homeland Security and Eliot Higgins aka "Brown Moses"/NATO spook!

Jenzen-Jones’s LinkedIn profile does not list any training or experience with armaments, and his only qualifications appear to be “certified armourer and ammunition collector” — which probably relates to the Firearms Amendment (Ammunition Control) Act 2012 of the state of New South Wales, Australia. In reports on the story on his own blog “The Rogue Adventurer”, Jenzen-Jones relies on data taken uncritically from sources such as the New York Times and even a Los Angeles Times article based on Israeli intelligence.
Apparently he is not familiar with falsified Israeli reports such as the alleged use of guns by passengers on the Mavi Marmara boat against Israeli commandos in 2010, which remains uncorroborated despite Israeli forces seizing virtually all photographic data from the more than 600 passengers, along with film from security cameras located throughout the ship and Israel’s own constant infra-red surveillance from boats on both sides of the ship and from at least two aircraft. As former CIA director Stansfield Turner is alleged to have said, Mossad excels in PR, not in intelligence.
HRW’s other expert, Eliot Higgins,(spooky) is an untrained analyst who was recently talked up into some kind of expert by the UK journalist Matthew Weaver in the London newspaper The Guardian. On his “Brown Moses Blog” of 28 August, Higgins featured a video sent to him by a source allegedly showing the type of munitions linked to the chemical attacks being fired close to Al-Mezzah Airport near Daraya. The video had been filmed at some distance and none of the upwards of 20 men roaming around the site can be clearly seen.
An unmarked Mercedes semi-trailer lorry apparently delivers the rocket, which is loaded (this is not seen) onto an unmarked white rigid lorry on which the launcher is mounted. The men aimlessly roaming around are mostly wearing army fatigues, although others, including some on the launcher, are in civilian clothes. A number of those in military uniform are wearing red berets. Based solely on this headgear, and the fact that the Syrian Republic Guard as well as the military police are issued with red berets, Higgins was emboldened to state that “this video shows the munitions being used by the government forces.”
Higgins had deduced that this was a Syrian army operation entirely from the red berets worn by some of the personnel. The rockets shown can also carry conventional explosives.
Wow, that is some deduction spooky Mr Higgins!
In a previous posting on 26 August, Higgins estimated from shadows that a rocket shown in photographs between Zamalka and Ein Tarma had been fired from north of the site, and he set about trying to locate the launch site with the help of correspondents. Hoping to find the exact location, he speculated that the 155th Brigade missile base was a possible site for the crime. However, this line of investigation quietly disappeared after the UN mission reported that the missile it had examined at Zamalka/Ein Tarma was pointing precisely in a bearing of 285 degrees, ie, nearer west than north.
Meanwhile, Bouckaert in his report two weeks later reported that two of his witnesses had told HRW that the rockets had come from the direction of Al-Mezzah Military Airport. These accounts also became inconvenient later when HRW seized on the azimuths provided by the UN mission and dashed off on a new wild goose chase. Apparently HRW now considered that nearly 20 per cent of the “witnesses and survivors” it had interviewed were no longer credible regarding the direction of the rockets.
Nevertheless on page one of his report, Bouckaert felt confident enough to declare that “based on the available evidence, Human Rights Watch finds that Syrian government forces were almost certainly responsible for the 21 August attacks, and that a weapons-grade nerve agent was delivered during the attack using specially designed rocket delivery systems.”
The “evidence” produced on page 20 of the report amounts to nothing more than supposition, however. Bouckaert merely states his scepticism that the rebels could have fired surface-to-surface rockets at two different locations in the Damascus suburbs; he asserts that the types of rockets thought to have been used are not reported to be in possession of the opposition and nor is there any footage showing that they have mobile launchers suitable; and he states that the large amounts of dangerous nerve agent would require sophisticated techniques beyond the capabilities of the rebels.
But no actual evidence is cited to show that this weaponry was Syrian army equipment. On the contrary, the Soviet 140 mm rocket referred to on page 15 of the report requires a BM-14 rocket launcher, first produced in the late 1940s. The Syrian army equipment list produced by Global Security shows that none of this obsolete weaponry is in stock but instead lists around 300 of the BM-21 launcher which replaced it. The BM-21 launches a 122mm rocket, so the army would be unable to fire the 140mm rocket that rebels found and the UN mission inspected at Moadamiyah.
Bouckaert might also recall that Israel has a common border with Syria and is known to have stocks of sarin amongst the vast collection of illegal chemical and biological weaponry amassed by the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) at Nes Ziona. YouTube videos also show Syrian rebels in possession of mobile rocket launchers. HRW really did assemble a Mickey Mouse team of researchers when it cobbled together this report.
Nevertheless, HRW’s reputation ( HRW's reputation is tarnished, completely. It is a false/fake reputation, created to give legitimacy to the illegitimate) ensured that its allegations were distributed by agencies such as Associated Press and reported by outlets which included the BBC, CBS, New York Post and other international media such as the Tasmanian newspaper The Examiner and the Jakarta Post. None of these outlets questioned the veracity of this very serious allegation against the Syrian army, however.
On 11 September, a day after the HRW report was published, the International Support Team for Mussalaha in Syria published its unique and important analysis of documentation provided by US intelligence. Having carefully and thoughtfully analysed the data, including a number of images also published in the Bouckaert report, the study discovered not only widespread manipulation of evidence, but in the tradition of BBC reporting in Syria, they also discovered that photographs of victims in Cairo had been described as victims of a chemical attack in Syria. This preliminary study concluded that there had been gross media manipulation and called for an independent and unbiased international commission to identify the children who were killed and try to find out the truth. The present writer has not seen any HRW document which refers to the ISTEAMS study.
The UN mission report was published six days after the Bouckaert report on 16 September. This disclosed that the mission had been allowed a total of only seven-and-a-half hours on site in the two suburbs, which are both located in opposition-controlled areas. During that period, it had experienced repeated threats of harm and one actual attack by an unidentified sniper on 26 August. Nevertheless, it had collected samples and “a considerable amount of information” along with “primary statements from more than fifty exposed survivors including patients, health workers and first-responders.”
In fact, the statements had been taken in interviews with nine nurses, seven doctors and 36 survivors. The mission concluded that there was “definitive evidence of exposure to sarin by a large proportion of the survivors assessed,” and it stated that it had been informed that victims began suffering effects following an artillery barrage on 21 August. All interviews, sampling and documentation followed procedures developed by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the World Health Organisation.
The report states that “several surface-to-surface rockets capable of delivering significant chemical payloads were identified and recorded at the investigated sites,” but only five impact sites in total were investigated by the mission (presumably because of the time constraints imposed by those who controlled the areas).
The UN report is not without its contradictions either. 
Ah, yes. The UN report. As cooked as the HRW report.
Refresh your memory with these flashbacks from the blog regarding the UN report and Israel's chemical weapon stockpiles

1- UN Report regarding Chemical attack at Ghouta

2- Speaking of chemical weapons.... What about Israel...

Pt.2: What about Israel's chemical weapon arsenal?...

Pt. 3:  What about Israel's Chemical Arsenal?

In a summary in their “Letter of Transmittal” the authors wrote that “in particular, the environmental, chemical and medical samples, we have collected, provide clear and convincing evidence that surface-to-surface rockets containing the nerve agent sarin were used in Ein Tarma, Moadamiyah and Zamalka.” And yet none of the 13 environmental samples taken from Moadamiyah were found to have any traces of sarin, although one of the two laboratories conducting the analyses found degradation products of sarin in four of the 13 samples while a further sample was found to contain degradation products by the other lab.
Although two of the samples were unspecified metal fragments, none of the samples was specifically described as being part of a rocket. Does the discovery of degradation products in 38 per cent of the samples (and only 23 per cent of the tests) along with a complete absence of the chemical agent itself constitute “clear and convincing evidence” that Moadamiyah was attacked by surface-to-surface rockets containing sarin?
Most important, however, are the two caveats included in the report. On page 18, the inspectors wrote concerning the Moadamiyah site that “the sites have been well travelled by other individuals both before and during the investigation. Fragments and other possible evidence have clearly been handled/moved prior to the arrival of the investigation team.” Similar tampering of the evidence was noted at the other site, as the report noted on page 22, where it said that “during the time spent at these locations, individuals arrived carrying other suspected munitions indicating that such potential evidence is being moved and possibly manipulated.”
HRW was quick to seize on the UN report to substantiate its own allegations, although some adjustments were now necessary to get their allegations to dovetail neatly into the report’s findings. On 17 September, Josh Lyons used the azimuths cited for the rockets in Appendix 5 of the mission report to produce a cross reference which suggested that the military base of the Republican Guard 104th Brigade had been the launch site for the chemical weapons. (Lyons called this “connecting the dots”. By coincidence, when referring to the Sellström Report on 19 September, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that “anybody who reads the facts and puts the dots together, which is easy to do, and they made it easy to do, understands what those facts mean.” Facts can mean anything if distorted enough.)
Once again, no supporting evidence was provided to explain why HRW was blaming the Syrian army, and all previous locations suggested for the launch were conveniently forgotten. To recap, Peter Bouckaert reported two witness statements that the rockets had come from the direction of Al-Mezzah Military Airport (more than six km from the Republican Guard base), and HRW’s “expert” Eliot Higgins was convinced that they were fired from north of the target sites.
Referring to unspecified “declassified reference guides,” Lyons said that the 140mm artillery rocket could have reached Moadamiya, 9.5km from the Republican Guard base. Yet, even if a 70-year-old rocket system could indeed fly that far, Lyons is forgetting that the Syrian army no longer has these outdated systems. It therefore no longer has 140mm rockets, one of which is alleged to have been responsible for part of this crime against humanity. He is also forgetting that no actual chemical agent was found at Moadamiya, so it is premature to start producing cross references from that site. And above all he is deliberately omitting to tell his readers about the caveats written for both target sites by the UN inspectors that clearly and unequivocally suggest that the evidence has been tampered with at both sites which are located in opposition-controlled areas.
But none of these inconvenient truths has stopped the HRW juggernaut. On 20 September, the Guardian published an article by HRW staffer Sarah Margon promoting both the Bouckaert report and the Lyons calculations (apparently unaware of the contradiction between the two). She ended up by calling for an Obama/Kerry commitment to ensure there is “accountability for those who would use the world’s most heinous weapons against the world’s most vulnerable people.”

But of course she was not writing about Fallujah or Gaza or the IIBR at Nes Ziona.   

And now to the information left by brian!

Human Rights Watch is a propaganda agency for the US government

      Since when does a human rights organization take to arguing the case for a military attack that will kill scores of innocent civilians? If you are Human Rights Watch, it’s all in a day’s work. The US regime’s favorite “human rights ” organization, which once praised the Obama Administration’s continuation of its predecessor’s torturous CIA “extraordinary rendition” program, pulled out all stops to bolster Obama’s claims that the Syrian government was responsible for the August 21st chemical attack near Damascus.
As Obama was ready to teach Syria a lesson via Tomahawk cruise missiles, Human Rights Watch stood virtually alone in the world on the president’s side. The human rights group was not busy trying to help the victims or promote international diplomatic efforts to end the crisis. They were instead feverishly engaged in a convoluted effort to prove that the missiles that purportedly carried the poison gas could only have come from Syrian government positions. They had no investigators on the ground, yet they determined independent of facts that the Syrian government must have been responsible. This is the job for a human rights group? To help a president make the case for war?
Human Rights Watch even repeated the lie that the UN inspectors’ report on the August 21 incident “points clearly to Syrian government responsibility for the attack.” It does no such thing, and in fact the UN had no mandate to determine responsibility for the incident. But this was the US administration’s line and HRW was determined to repeat it — even as the rest of the world gasped in disbelief.
When the Russian effort to head off a US attack on Syria — which would no doubt have killed far more than it was claimed were killed by poison gas on August 21 — was finalized by a UN resolution providing for the destruction of the Syrian government’s chemical weapons and facilities, one would think a human rights group would cheer that diplomacy triumphed over war. No so Human Rights Watch. The organization’s UN representative Philippe Bolopion blasted the agreement, stating that it “fails to ensure justice.”

At that point, even President Obama was happy to have avoided a military conflict in Syria. Not Human Rights Watch.
The organization has not let up, however. A recent report by Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross and her Institute for Peace, Justice and Human Rights painstakingly refutes much of the photographic evidence presented of the attack. Being on the ground in Syria, she has also interviewed scores of victims of the insurgents’ attacks. Her organization’s report raises serious questions about whether the YouTube videos presented by the US government as the main US evidence of Syria government responsibility for the attack was manipulated or even entirely faked. Mother Agnes Mariam, dubbed by the BBC as “Syria’s Detective Nun,” finds her work attacked in a recent BBC article by…you guessed it, Human Rights Watch!
Peter Bouckaert, “emergencies director” of Human Rights Watch, who is not on the ground in Syria, brushes off Mother Agnes Mariam’s work, stating flatly that “there’s just no basis for the claims.” He continues that, “she is not a professional video forensic analyst.” Of course she never claimed to be. What she claimed is to have working eyes, which noticed — among other anomalies –  that several of the purported victims of the attack were seen at several different locations at supposedly the same time and that it does not take a “professional video forensic analyst” to recognize that is impossible.
Human Rights Watch is a protected, pro-US regime NGO. ( I would characterize them as a NATO NGO but, that is just me) They want to be the only voice on human rights issues and thanks to their favored status and enormous budget they have much weight on these issues. But how many times can they promote torture and war before people stop listening to their lies?
You may want to flashback to this previous post?
Ken Roth from HRW spins for NATO

And if you have not yet read the post from yesterday? You should because it ties all of this into tightly wrapped package

Syria: Turkey drills for oil, Salafi butchers garner Western applause, Ghouta and more!

OH and one more thing: NATO Islamists ravage another aramaic speaking christian town
Pleasing Israel to know end!


  1. Hi Penny. Completely off topic I'm afraid and I don't know if you or anyone else has mentioned it yet but I just noticed that Dave McGowan has a new book coming out soon. He's updated the Laural Canyon series with a load of new chapters and worked it into a book called "Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon" Thought you and your readers might be interested. There's a link on the LC section of his website. Apologies if you all already know about it.

    1. JOHN, how are you?!
      I was just thinking the other day about you!?!!
      How goes it?
      (slaps forehead!)
      No worries about the off topic

      But, yah I knew about the book because Dave is a regular on Meria Heller show and I am a subscriber to her show
      And he talked about the book
      Of course I will be purchasing it
      I have all the other books (3 in total)

      Dave should do some kind of autographed book offer??
      I could put it with my robby robertson and leonard cohen autographs!!
      But, haven't looked at his site to check it all out yet
      so I shall
      take care John and wish the maiden well :)

    2. All ok here thanks Penny. I had a "proper job" for the whole summer, though that has tailed off now. The summer here was spectacularly sunny and hot, like the summers we used to get when I was a kid and so much better than last year when it rained nearly the whole year, with floods and all. All good though and I'm very much looking forward to Daves new book. The autograph things quite funny really, I'm half tempted to get one. I see that there's quite a few interviews with Dave that have been put up on youtube fairly recently so I'll have to catch up with some of them. All the best to you and yours.

  2. "‘Four Israelis mercs held in Guinea for plotting coup’"

    zionists are everywhere doing mischief

    1. really, holy geez the Israelis get around

  3. 'The men aimlessly roaming around are mostly wearing army fatigues, '

    the FSA have syrian army uniforms

    'The al-Nusrah propaganda video shows Wahbi disguised in the helmet and uniform of a Syrian soldier as he hugs a comrade and climbs into a truck packed with explosives. The truck bears down on an army outpost. An explosion thunders. A column of smoke, seen from multiple camera angles, climbs toward the sky.'

  4. also worth remembering: muslims lied to entice them to go on jihad: medias role is to demonise Assad and encourage jihad:

    A group called Murad approached me a year ago and convinced me that Muslims in Syria are being oppressed and killed, and that I should go and take up arms against Assad for world jihad,” Raouchan said in the spartan prison, where some 200 inmates are held – most of them jihadist fighters for Al-Qaeda or affiliated groups. The prisoners’ fate is unknown, although it looks grim.

    Raouchan says he sneaked into Syria last January through Turkey. In Istanbul, two men claiming to be from Al-Qaeda met Raouchan and accompanied him to Syria. There, he joined a large terrorist group run by an Egyptian jihadist.

    1. I read this article at rt ?? I think?
      was this the guy that came from UK?
      I will go to look later

  5. ken roths tweets on syria are all gung ho on a US invasion

  6. Brief and don't know what to make of it, ( not enough info ) but wanted to include it with info I'm dropping off

    Voltaire The Ghouta chemical weapons came from the Turkish Army

    I see brian says someting abt lying to get ppl to go jihad in Syria ( or outside)
    the Syrian Electric Army tweeted this documentary earlier. Appears to be interviews with people who have surrendered and are now spilling their beans.

    SYRIA, The Flood +18: A Documentary about the 2 and a half year of aggression against Syria
    nothing glossy and a bit long, does indeed show evidence of saudit's qatar, UAE, and israHELL pulling the strings toward the end.
    Just saying it's hard to watch, but plenty of first person testimony from funding / arms procurement, who was calling the shots, etc.

    Tony and Niles have a book at Amazon for 9 bux
    Subverting Syria: How CIA Contra Gangs and NGO's Manufacture, Mislabel and Market Mass Murder

    Ordered 5- 2 for us ( dh works away from home ) and 3 to hand out. Basically a blueprint and you can easily put Somalia, Mali, Libya, et al in place of Syria.
    It has that menorah looking pyramid titled Structure of an insurgency or resistance movement that Sharmine had in that article I wanted you to see.
    remember that one ?

    Pepe Escobar goes statistic on netanyahu
    Netanyahu’s UN speech: Sounds like a sociopath?

    Back over a century ago the brits started using the term ( according to Enghdal's book A Century of War ) their "interests' when referring to military or territorial actions.

    Be sure to read the last paragraph of this short article at Press TV>State Dept: Govt. shutdown threatens aid to Israel

    I was fuming after reading the title, but that last paragraph of Biden's recent speech at some org. of theirs really says it all.

    OK. enough for now. I agree that turkey is a very big wild card They have been involved in this from the beginning and who will ever know just how much !

    1. Linkie no workie, Karin :)
      Here it is for other readers
      State Dept: Govt. shutdown threatens aid to Israel

      And the paragraph Karin mentions-
      "If there were not an Israel, we would have to invent one to make sure our interests were preserved,” Biden said Monday during a speech at a pro-Israel lobbying organization called J Street in Washington, D.C. “America’s support for Israel’s security is unshakable, period, period, period.”

      It is indeed telling, Karin. I wonder, though, why he feels he needs to repeat it so?

    2. didn't Biden say something like - though not a follower of Judaism he was a zionist or something like that?

      rather like a conservative here who said though not a follower he has his own rabbi

      I don't use the term "jew' to describe people who follow judaism
      they are just followers of a religion
      not a people as so many believe
      this is along the line of Koestler and Sand

    3. oh and thanks for all the info karin :)

    4. Karin

      "I was fuming after reading the title, but that last paragraph of Biden's recent speech at some org. of theirs really says it all."

      Have you got a working link for that?

      вот так

  7. US Capitol shooting: Police kill woman after she rams WH barricades, no weapon found

    Ex-NSA/CIA chief Hayden jokes of putting Snowden on kill list

    "Speaking at a panel discussion on Thursday, the ex-NSA director made it clear that he’s aware of Snowden's nomination for a European Human Rights Award.

    But Hayden revealed that he’d rather see the NSA whistleblower on a kill list than a short-list:

    "I must admit in my darker moments over the past several months, I'd also thought of nominating Mr. Snowden, but it was for a different list," Hayden said during a cybersecurity panel hosted by the Washington Post.

    As the audience laughed, US lawmaker Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, offered Hayden his support: "I can help you with that," he said.

    Though Hayden didn’t specify exactly what list he had in mind, the idea was crystal clear and fits with the threatening tone of previous statements he’s made on Snowden. He has previously equated Snowden’s hacktivist supporters to terrorists, dubbing them “twentysomethings who haven't talked to the opposite sex in five or six years” and labeled Snowden himself a ‘morally arrogant young man’ who will probably ‘end up like an alcoholic’.

    Regardless, this latest 'kill list' remark is the most sinister of all Hayden’s thinly veiled threats towards Edward Snowden."

    Hayden is obviously the sort of closet gay who prefers young boys. Pretty much universal of the zionist quislings and other fascist scum who run the USA. The American "security establishment", whether cops, or spooks, are psychotics, given weapons and the latest "gadgets" and allowed to run amok at will. This is not really new to the country, it's had many periods like now, where psychos run amok more than their usual amount, what is so revolting about this is that it is still here. Nobody has reigned these psychotic freaks in and put them behind bars or on a scaffold where they belong.

    вот так

    1. I caught some of the news of the shooting
      the cops are insane and she was shot by a sniper!
      she had actually hurt no one at all

      and it was known she had a history of mental illness
      was likely on antidepressants
      it is really time to look into the great harm those meds are doing
      there was no need to shoot to kill

    2. I was surprised that, ABC news ( I think it was) reported her history of mental illness so quickly. How do they find this out so fast? A terrible business and now a child without a mother.

    3. And of course saying that she had mental illness is a good way of slurring her character. She was mentally ill. oh well that explains everything.

    4. Ok check this out:

    5. (NaturalNews) After shooting and killing a young woman who tried to ram the barricades of the U.S. capitol yesterday, police and FBI conducted a search of her home in the hopes of finding "anti-government" material there. What they found instead were bottles of medications: antidepressants and schizophrenia drugs.

      The woman, it turns out, was not a suicide bomber but a mental patient. She has been identified by law enforcement sources as Miriam Carey, and she had a one-year-old child with her in the car (with no weapons of any kind). This did not stop capitol police from shooting and killing her, of course, followed by widespread applause and celebration across D.C. and the entire mainstream media.

    6. Yesterday I looked at the photos of the car she was driving. No damage to the windows. So how did they shoot her without taking the windows out? Also no damage to the front end of the car...?

    7. Follow-up on the murder of Miriam Carey:

      Capitol Punishment: Unarmed mom with health issues gunned down by Capitol Police

      The USA is back in the 1950's. All the gains people made since those sickening days have been nullified.

      вот так

    8. john

      Everybody who gets killed by the "American" security establishment as "mental problems".


      вот так

    9. john: that video is private?
      which suggests after you viewed it, someone switched it

    10. "Everybody who gets killed by the "American" security establishment as "mental problems".

      it seems that is the case, but is it really
      or is it the spin

    11. john:
      "Yesterday I looked at the photos of the car she was driving. No damage to the windows. So how did they shoot her without taking the windows out? Also no damage to the front end of the car...?"

      could she have rolled down the window to talk to them?

    12. This video shows that the windows were up at this early point, so no dialogue through the windows here, mind you not much time for it:
      They take about 7 or so shots at the car. Were they trying to take the tyres out or just randomly shooting at it? None seem effective in stopping or slowing the car in any way. If she had rammed a barricade of some sort wouldn't the airbags have inflated? Maybe rammed means nudged here.

      When I was looking at the photos the other day there was one that showed a smashed police car. I had presumed that MC had done this during the chase (which would've done considerable damage to her own car) but then this video turned up. (This was the one made private) I wondered what was going on with this:

      It's being reported that this police car was involved in the chase. Didn't they know which streets were barricaded off? How did the cop not see that barricade?

      I've just found the photo of her car after she was killed and there is some slight damage to the front which I didn't notice, and the drivers side window is missing, (shot out?) there are also marks on the drivers side door, (bullet holes maybe or just damage)

      Not a long history of mental illness but post-partum depression diagnosed a few months before. I wonder what she was doing in Washington, 260 miles away from where she lived?

  8. Another good 'Worlds Apart' interview by Oksana Boyko, this time grilling Angela Kane the UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs (and formerly of the World Bank) who apparently is not at all perplexed at how sarin can be detected in people but not in the environment, or that those people were selected by the terrorists, nor does she see merit in examining any bodies either to count them or to see how they actually died.

    No sarin detected in West Ghouta environment, only in human samples

    Angela Kane has previously been mentioned by Penny.

  9. Penny,
    The house of Representatives stood up and gave the cops of DC a ( netanyahu style ) standing ovation after that murder. :(

    makes me proud to be an american

    1. really?!
      wow, that is quite appalling isn't it?
      shooting a woman sitting in her car is heroic in some way?

  10. Opps, sorry, my manners failed.

    @James, thanks for fixing my broken link. It's been years since I did links and they are "under construction" :))

  11. Replies
    1. freethinker
      when you watch that video, is there any sound?
      because there is no volume for me at all
      the speaker has an x beside it and I can't change the setting at all
      is you tube censoring the video?
      is it applicable in NA only
      really curious?

    2. Sound is fine.

      My earlier comment wasn't posted so here it is again-

      Another good 'Worlds Apart' interview by Oksana Boyko, this time grilling Angela Kane the UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs (and formerly of the World Bank) who apparently is not at all perplexed at how sarin can be detected in people but not in the environment, or that those people were selected by the terrorists, nor does she see merit in examining any bodies either to count them or to see how they actually died.

      No sarin detected in West Ghouta environment, only in human samples

    3. thanks again freethinker
      but still no dam sound
      and I am at a loss as to why
      the speaker icon has an x beside it
      so the sound is disabled, but I can't change it
      because I want to hear these things

  12. Mother Agnes Discusses Evidence of Chemical Attack Videos Fabrication with al-Jadeed TV

    ORIENTAL REVIEW on BBC's offensive article about Mother Agnes-Mariam earlier this week:
    'He fails to present any substance of the report and hesitates to publish a single revealing video still image supporting Mother Agnes’ claims. Instead he relies on questionable assessment by Peter Bouckaert from Human Rights Watch: “She is not a professional video forensic analyst”.'

    HRW vs a real humanitarian: Mother Agnes.

    1. brian

      same for the video you linked- no volume
      had the same trouble yesterday and it's not my computer

  13. 'Anonymous have been pretty ineffectual throughout their entire history' - expert

    The interviewee has some interesting things to say, tactically, about "Anonymous", but is absent on why these falseflag "internet rebels" are so flaccid. Anonymous is a zionazi front site, pure and simple. Their "attacks" on western orgs were ineffectual because they were for show, for PR (much like the zionist "left" is that passes for leftwing philosophy in the west). Anonymous serve not only as a phony opposition org, they also what is known as a "honey pot". Like the FBI/HS and their "shoe bomber" scams and whatnot. They entice those who want change, then provide the "evidence" to bust them. This is typical zionazi/nazi/rightwing duplicitous behaviour, and is an example of how little has changed in the capitalist west, especially the USA, the current enforcer of zionazi/nazi policy.

    вот так

    1. I am not a fan of 'anonymous'
      Whatever it was originally? If it ever was legit
      It has been coopted

  14. @BOT TAK
    james was nice enough to fix my borken link on the Biden fueled anger I got.
    It's a press tv article.

    I check this blog about 3times a month to see what he's looked into. From reading there, I learned to watch "accidents" planes, trains, etc.
    He has a really good Nirobi Kenya article gathering up ''news' stuff and also hit on that plane crash I noticed also..
    how convenient? huh ?

    TEGRA: The Art of Deception

    I haven't looked up tegra yet. How they are holding together the mall fiasco I have no idea, and he brings out info stating that the 'collapse' story is also a lie.

    who, us? suprised? :)
    they live and breath lies, our job is to sort through all the lies for some shred of truth.

    I have sound problems right before I"m due for an adobe update for some darn reason. But it could be cause I know squat about the workings of this tool at my fingertips.

    Assad called erdogan a bigot :) in an interview with opposing turkey news group.

    1. hey karin?

      I think that is you and yah, I have to update the adobe
      hubby said the notices had popping up?
      unbeknownst to me
      so I have to get that done!

      tegra: the art of deception? never heard of that one?
      will look at it after
      ty karin!

      Assad called Erdogan a bigot?- he was being kind
      I would call him much worse names them that

    2. Karin

      When I clicked both your link:

      Be sure to read the last paragraph of this short article at Press TV>State Dept: Govt. shutdown threatens aid to Israel

      And the correction from james:

      Here it is for other readers
      State Dept: Govt. shutdown threatens aid to Israel

      Nothing happened. And instead of normally reading out the link's address when I hover over those 2 links, it reads out:


      Perhaps it a browser setting I disabled, or software conflict, but all the other hot links you and others posted worked fine.

      вот так

    3. Try this

      or copy and paste this into your browser

    4. james October 6, 2013 at 7:39 PM

      Both that new hot link and IP address work fine. Thanks. The other ones, previously posted still do not. And they are the only ones on this site so far that I've tried that acted that way. I assume neither you, nor Karin (her other hot links worked fine) did anything different in posting these links.


      вот так

  15. off topic but if we are what we eat...
    great moments in food marketing

  16. Aljazeera of Lies
    this is alajzeera: witness their recent history

    AJE is still trying to pin Ghouta on Assad
    Al Jazeera English
    In an interview, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad continued to deny charges that his regime used chemical weapons to eliminate the opposition #Syria #Assad

    but who is more likely to kill syrians with gas as well as guns? a president whos been there for years and hasnt done so till 2011? or foreign jihadis who arrived in...well 2011?

  17. The zionazi's quislings are literally drunk on their own hubris.

    Hillary Clinton, James Baker III on Iran: “We Ought to Take Em Out”, “We’re going to Provoke an Attack because then we will be in Power for as long as Anyone can Imagine”

    "Watch the exchange between former Secretaries of State James Baker III and Hillary Clinton. It reveals the true nature of US foreign policy.

    Countries we do not like, we take em out. We seek a justification to wage war.

    Provoke them, let them attack us.

    We really want them to fire the first strike and then we will strike back in self defense.

    And everybody will support us because we have a massive war propaganda apparatus. In chorus the media will portray Iran as a threat to global security and the US is the savior of democracy.

    View this video, it is no laughing matter and then decide, who is a threat to Global Security."

    вот так

  18. For a change, a western celebrity who picks a place other than Israel as an alternate home:

    'Ramzan Kadyrov the great leader of Chechnya' - Steven Seagal

    "Hollywood star Steven Seagal said he hoped to become a part of Chechnya in the future and that leader of the republic Ramzan Kadyrov would always be his friend."


    вот так

  19. The same sort of "medical experimentation" with mind control is apparently being done by the zionist establishment in the UK, as they have been doing in the USA for decades. I doubt these all results are the result of coincidence, accident, and ineptitude.

    15 % of all homicides in 2011 committed by recent NHS mental patients

    вот так

    1. It's called 'Care in the Community'; where care = abandonment.

      Another Orwellian named care program is the 'Liverpool Care Pathway' which is a euphemism for letting the old and unworthy starve and de-hydrate to death.

    2. I think I had a post on this some time ago where the hospitals were getting money for letting the elderly die?
      As quickly as possible
      including quotas

  20. A while back I posted info about how Google has been manipulating search results for years. These people documented a recent example of their manipulation.

    Search Engine Manipulation. Google and YouTube Suppress Controversial 9/11 Truth?

    First, they get one hooked with free services and a "friendly" demeanor. Then once they gain control of "the market", they gradually put the screws in. Both political and economic. This is how the zionist/NWO establishments work.

    вот так


  22. Part I Mother Agnes discusses evidence re. Al-Ghoutta massacre (in Arabic with English translation) - beware graphic video pics.

    part 2

  23. 'Kim Jong-un is hoping the multimillion dollar Masik Pass will boost tourism and show North Korea is as civilised as the we'
    erm,,,.North Korea is as civilised as the west? you mean the west that invaded Iraq and killed 2 million people? or the west that went into Vietnam and killed millions of people...or the west that attacked korea and butchered thousands of civilians at No Gun Ri? or the west that now arms alqaeda in syria? oh : THAT west!