Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Saudis fear tide of Syrian war turning against their interests?

The mainstream media. Always months behind. Sheesh.

Saudis fear tide of Syria war turning against their interests

If you read here you're one of the aware individuals that already knows Saudi Arabia has taken the wheel of the killing machine in Syria. FT makes it seem as if this is just happening now. It isn't.
This change started months ago. The ouster of Morsi. The selection of a pro Saudi leaders for the Syrian opposition.

 Egypt’s army ousted the Islamist president, to plaudits and generous funding from Riyadh; the Syrian opposition elected a new pro-Saudi leadership; and the US seemed poised to launch military strikes on the regime in Damascus that Saudi Arabia has tried to dislodge.

The kingdom’s frustration over Washington’s Syria policy has been exacerbated by last month’s chemical weapons agreement, which the Saudis say does little to change the course of the war or hasten the removal of Mr Assad. Analysts say Riyadh believes the Syrian leader and his Lebanese ally, Hizbollah, are part of a plan by Iran to surround Saudi Arabia with loyal Shia allies, including Yemen, Bahrain and Iraq.

My opinion on this scenario is the Obama/good cop vs the Saudi /bad cop
Both the US and SA want Assad ousted. So Obama is making a good show of it. And SA is the one that looks to have dirty hands.

“Supporting the rebels is a strategic decision in Saudi foreign policy, like supporting the government in Egypt,’’ said Hussein Shobokshi, a Jeddah-based columnist. “On the ground there is a stepping up of support for the Syrian Free Army. This criminal regime [in Damascus] can export Hizbollah terrorism to us, so it is a matter of national security in the Gulf.’’

Odd Saudi Arabia talking about 'criminal regimes' isn't it?

 Saudis bankroll new rebel force to fight own war on Assad
 Seriously this is what passes for the latest news?

Members of the Free Syrian Army fire onSyrian Army positions, during fighting in Aleppo, Syria. Saudi Arabia is forging a new alliance of Islamist rebels in Syria under a pro-Saudi warlord to supersede the U.S.-backed Free Syrian Arm

A new alliance of Islamist rebels. Which really means these are the same hired killers. The same cutthroats. But instead of Qatar in charge and unable to get the job done, the even more ruthless Saudi nation with Bandar at the helm  has stepped into the lead role.

The Saudi strategy has been engineered in large part by head of the General Intelligence Directorate, and his brother Prince Salman, named deputy defense minister by Abdullah in August.
Bandar, Abdullah's nephew, was ambassador to the United States for 22 years (1983-2005).
He's a master of Middle Eastern intrigue and played a key role in several covert operations with the Americans, including arming Islamist mujahedin against the invading Soviets in Afghanistan throughout the 1980s.

Yah, yah we know. Bandar is a brute. After all he along with his compatriots in the US and Israel conspired to create the false flag of 9/11. As I stated in the previous post. It is simply amazing how little things change.

And two last items for the day:  

I simply can't imagine why the Muslim Brotherhood had NGO status. Or was actually an NGO?
NGO should be shunned

Egyptian Election/Selection

*General al Sisi: will he run for selection? 

 Though an election is not planned until 2014, a publicity campaign singing Sisi’s praises has been in full swing for several weeks in the North African country. Between TV commercials, groups on social networking sites and posters in the street, Egypt seems to have “al Sisi fever”

Was this every a real question. Isn't this a foregone conclusion?

*Fortunately for el Sisi if he does run , Ahmed Shafiq,  has said that he would not run against General Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi

Shafiq claims that he won the previous election against Morsi and that time would prove this to be true.

One would think that if he felt robbed of his lawful win Shafiq would run again, but, no.


  1. Here is an interesting one for you Penny. At globalresearch

    Congress Member says "We Have Martial Law"

  2. Sooner or later, probably sooner, Saudi Arabia's involvement in planning the kidnapping and murder of the children from Latakia to provide an excuse for the direct involvement of the US in Syria will become irrefutable.

    This will be a huge liability for the US just when it is trying to look like the honourable peacemaker. Bandar bin Sultan's personal involvement is a double liability because of the widespread knowledge of his personal closeness to the American administration and the CIA.

    Way better to ditch him now before it gets any worse. The Saudis will want to distance themselves, too, and for the same reason. Plus, they will not want people asking where which country their young mothers ended up in.

    1. This will be a huge liability for the US just when it is trying to look like the honourable peacemaker.

      I am thinking that is definitely one piece of the puzzle, but, suspect their might be more

  3. RE: Egypt

    Interesting development, though the article isn't worth anything:

    U.S. freezes ‘large-scale’ arms aid to Egypt

    "The United States announced on Wednesday that it was “recalibrating” its aid to Egypt, withholding Apache helicopters, F-16 fighters, tank parts, Harpoon missiles and about $260 million in economic aid in a move to push the country's military and interim government down the path to democracy...Egypt is the fifth-largest recipient of international aid from the United States, behind Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. Though the amount of annual aid to Egypt fluctuates from year to year, the U.S. has sent Egypt an average of $2 billion in annual financial packages since 1979."

    Obviously this is not about Egyptian democracy, human rights or anything remotely similar. Perhaps the zio-gods are unhappy about this other development, and spoke directly to Obama? Bush Jr claimed he got direct messages from the zio-gods, although he thought they were just one god, so why not the [s]elected replacement?

    Egypt strips Muslim Brotherhood of NGO status

    "Egypt’s cabinet on Tuesday ordered authorities to remove the Muslim Brotherhood from the list of approved non-governmental organisations following a judicial order, state media reported.

    The move comes after an Egyptian court last month banned the Muslim Brotherhood from operating and ordered its assets seized, amid a massive crackdown on the group following the military ouster of Islamist president Mohammad Mursi.

    In its September 23 ruling, the court had also banned “any institution branching out from or belonging to the Brotherhood”.

    (Again, no endorsement of the article's biased content.)

    I suspect at least one of the main reasons the zionazis soured on Mubarak, and "color revolution'd" him was he would not join in on their war crimes against Libya and Syria. One of the earliest things the Egyptian military who coup'd Mursi did was reject Mursi's quislingous war criminal support for the zionazi war against Syria. I suspect the zionazis didn't appreciate that very much and are attempting to force their wishes on the Egyptian military because of that resistance, and probably for other reasons, as well. My gut feeling is this Egyptian government is not fully under zionazi control, like the MB stooges obviously are, but that Israeli-American influence among the Egyptian military, like that of the Turks, is still strong, and these zionazis are trying to bring about a counter-coup. To provide their quislings support.

    But then again, I could have it all wrong and this American military aide freeze may only be a temporary PR move by the Israeli-Americans to distant themselves from the Egyptian military.

    вот так

    1. I am leaning towards the military aide freeze being a pr move
      With Saudi dollars flowing into Egypt the US can afford to move away at least superficially

  4. Planet found floating without star in space astronomers say

    "We have never before seen an object free-floating in space that looks like this. It has all the characteristics of young planets found around other stars, but it is drifting out there all alone,"

    "They suggested the newly found planet may have the lowest mass of all known freely floating objects."

    "Other telescopes in Hawaii showed that the planet has similar properties to those of gas giants orbiting around young stars, but PSO J318.5-22 lacks a host star."

    "PSO J318.5-22" is going to provide a wonderful view into the inner workings of gas-giant planets like Jupiter shortly after their birth," said co-author Niall Deacon of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Germany."

    Could this be the real zionazi racial/cultural mythical homeland? Have "PSO J318.5-22" arranged a "pride parade" yet? It's imperative they do so before Marxists and Muslims invade and dilute the pureness of the chosen and their right to rule.


    вот так

  5. In this "American" military aide freeze, there is a lot of pick and chose, and it seems to be more directly targeting hardware, rather than influence peddling. RE:

    "And the aid freeze will spare military training and education, spare parts for Egypt’s military, as well as counterterrorism assistance and cash and materiel that goes to enforcing Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel."

    Well, naturally, eh?

    вот так

    1. "And the aid freeze will spare military training and education, spare parts for Egypt’s military, as well as counterterrorism assistance and cash and materiel that goes to enforcing Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel."

      of course

  6. The funniest thing I believe we'll see in this lifetime is when the Saudi's puppetmaster Israel, turns on them and targets the House of Saud for covert regime change. They must be so full of arrogance, spectacular stupidity and hubris that they will never even see it coming. They'll scream to US and UK for help, but they'll be too busy marching in lock-step to their master's zionist tune. A wise man once told me quite plainly, "If you fuck with the devil, then you'll be fucked by the devil"

    1. HHQ

      so true, and one day it will happen to SA
      after all, it is really a despotic fiefdom. Full of Arabs
      Completely expendable
      And not a 'democracy' unlike that 'only democracy in the ME' that being the theocratic state of Israel.

  7. ' Saudis bankroll new rebel force to fight own war on Assad'

    note its always a war on 'Assad'...yet its syrians being killed . Saudi USA israel AIPAC even bloggers like richard silverstein always claim its only a war on ASSAD...why is it so important he be removed? he must be a real threat

    1. Yup, nice diversion right
      fighting Assad, never mind all the dead Syrians
      He is not as much a threat alone as is his cooperation with Iran and Russia and China

  8. "The mainstream media. Always months behind. Sheesh"
    Maybe partly damage limitation or maybe a new narrative is being sown - possibly related to these stories-

    US may ask Saudi to fire Bandar over Syria: Report
    Oh really, and what report would that be then? On careless reading it might seem to be the Mint Press News report, but that was earlier and didn't have these 'US controls the Sauds' and 'Bandar is history' memes. We thought Bandar was history before, only a year ago, before he rose like Lazarus from the dead, and who really has most influence over Saud (see story 2). The exact same words are to be found on many other press releases so I can't say that PressTV is the root source of this 'story'. Smells of bullshit to me.

    And Penny you'll love this - a real thigh-slapper -
    Odd Couple: Israel, Saudi Arabia negotiate union against Iran?
    "A surprising alliance is forming in the Middle East - between Israel and Saudi Arabia..." blah, blah
    Surprising? Really?

    1. "A surprising alliance is forming in the Middle East - between Israel and Saudi Arabia..." blah, blah
      Surprising? Really?

      A definite thigh slapper! Who takes that shit seriously? Really?

  9. I went back through the blog posts to try to find just when the first mention of SA taken charge in Syria/Egypt had been noted

    It was in July. July 10/2013

    That was 3 months ago

    Syria: Saudi Arabia "gettin'er done", perhaps with some Israeli strikes?

    Jarba, fresh from jail, linked to Saudi intel
    takes the lead in Syria
    -Jarba announces that new weapons will be forthcoming from Saudi Arabia
    The movement of saudi weapons and fighters comes well before the attack near lattakia. The one that saw the hired mercs, hang a sliced in half woman and an infant head. in the tree
    Along with the kidnapping slaughter of those innocent babies paraded in Ghouta
    It turns my stomache

    "If Qatar is reigning in it’s influence...???

    Allowing Saudi Arabia to move to the head of the line as is being presented via main stream media, the question is, why?
    The answer may just the need for cohesion. This alignment was pushed by outside forces (Israel & US) to create cohesion. Cohesion that is sorely needed to regain all that is lost with regards to Syria.
    It appears as if the gains made in Syria have pushed the US and Israel to get tough on the GCC sycophants.
    The squabbling has got to come to an end. Qatar has a new, likely, even more servile leader and Saudi Arabia is back in line"

    Knowing I had covered this Saudi altering the tide
    but what all these articles don't mention is US/Israeli involvement
    And we know they are
    It wasn't just SA that was worried about their interests
    So, it really is SA playing the bad guys
    US appearing arms length and Israel, as usual, unseen.
    But up to their eye teeth into this whole disgusting mess

  10. on the way to Oblivion: drones without human operators
    'As we reported last month, the government is actually starting to have a difficult time finding people to do some of their more unpopular jobs, like killing people by remote control for example. The US Air Force is having trouble finding people to fly their drones.[1]

    Now the US military wants to develop autonomous drones that will kill without an operator. This next generation of drones will be known as lethal autonomous robots, or LAR’s.