Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Syria Cooperates while the West Twists the Knife

Sigh.. what else can one expect from a criminal cabal?
This post finds me both angered and filled with sadness

Syria: joint OPCW-UN chemical weapons team reports visits to nearly all declared sites

23 October 2013 – The Joint Mission of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the United Nations dealing with Syria’s chemical weapons programme reports that it has now visited 18 of the sites disclosed by Damascus, a spokesperson for the chemical watchdog said today.   
“Interaction with UN remains excellent and cooperation from Syrian authorities complete,” said OPCW spokesperson Michael Luhan, telling reporters at a press conference in The Hague, that the weapons inspectors on the ground had visited 18 of the 23 sites declared by Syria and that the team is proceeding with “functional destruction” to ensure the sites are inoperable.

Specifically, he said the joint team is concentrating on destroying “what we call the critical equipment that is at the heart of the production facility, or that runs the mixing and filling units. That critical equipment will be destroyed, rendering the production facilities and equipment inoperable, unusable.”

He said that “low tech, quick and cheap” methods were being used, such as filling equipment with concrete or smashing it, sometimes using heavy vehicles.

With destruction activities now conducted at nearly all the relevant sites in Syria, he said: “It means that [Syria] will no longer have the capability to produce any more chemical weapons, and it will no longer have any working equipment to mix and to fill chemical weapons agent into munitions.”

With that being achieved, the OPCW expects to meet the 1 November deadline set by the agency, he said

The Regime Change Agenda- Never off the Table!- "MOVE TO OUST ASSAD"

LONDON - Western and Arab powers meeting Syrian opposition leaders in London have agreed that President Bashar al-Assad can play no role in any future government, British Foreign Secretary William Hague says.
The so-called Friends of Syria leaders were meeting with rebel chiefs including the head of the Syrian National Coalition to persuade them to attend a major peace conference in Geneva next month.
Mr Hague told a press conference after Tuesday's meeting that they had agreed a "number of important steps", while urging the coalition to commit itself to the Geneva conference.
"First we agreed that we would put our united and collective weight behind the UN-led Geneva 2 process which must lead to establishing by mutual consent a transitional governing body with executive powers,"
 Mr Hague said.  "By definition mutual consent means it can only be agreed with the consent of the Syrian National Coalition — so Assad would play no role in that future government of Syria."

Of course the NATO mercs/hired killers are pushing the envelope.
Syria Rebel Attacks Cuts Power Across Country

A fire close to the power station outside Damascus

An attack by Syrian rebels outside Damascus has caused a power cut across the country, the electricity minister has claimed.
The "large-scale operation" targeted a gas pipeline that feeds a power station in the south of the country leaving vast swathes of the country without electricity.
Power cuts were reported in the capital, as well as Aleppo in the north, and Homs in the centre of Syria.
A huge blaze could be seen near Damascus International Airport, which is located near to the affected power station.
It is the second attack on the power system in a month. In September a similar outage was caused after a high voltage power line was sabotaged.
The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights director, Rami Abdel Rahman, said: "It is likely this was a large-scale operation planned well in advance."
Syria's electricity minister Emad Khamis said: "A terrorist attack on a gas pipeline that feeds a power station in the south has led to a power outage in the provinces, and work to repair it is in progress."

All this as the ghoulish bunch meet in London.

So much for the spectacle of disagreement between Saudi Arabia and the US. Perception Management all the way..........US policy on Iran unites adversary Israel, Saudis
 The nuclear talks also have spooked Saudi Arabia, spurring Kerry to meet with top officials from both Mideast nations about an issue that has unified the two longtime adversaries.
Two longtime adversaries 'my foot'!

 And isn't Netanyahu the bossy one? As he tells Kerry this and that.

"A partial deal that leaves Iran with these capabilities is a bad deal," Netanyahu told Kerry.

 Netanyahu also said the U.S. should retain its harsh economic sanctions against Iran until it dismantles its nuclear program.

One last item. A news item I am familiar with but have not mentioned until today The friends of Kerry, Netanyahu, Harper, Hague and all the  other NATO nations. The goons paid for with money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The 'freedom loving' rebels and more of  their handiwork:

 Media blackout: Syrian rebels gang raped, executed 15-year-old girl

 Last month, reported that a group of so-called 'Syrian rebels' kidnapped a Christian teenager in Al-Qusayr and repeatedly raped her for the next several days.
Elements of Jabhat al-Nusra (Syrian Al Qaeda)al and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) reportedly took part in the atrocity.
FSA, you know the moderate rebels?!?! The same ones that took part in the slaughter outside of Latakia?
Yeah, that FSA. General Idriss and company?

Once abducted, the girl identified only as "Miriam," was forced into a temporary marriage with the commander of Jabhat al-Nusra and raped. He then renounced their marriage, only to pass her onto another militant for the same treatment.

One after another, a total of fifteen Islamist rebels "married" the young girl, raped her and renounced the marriage, a process which continued for more than two weeks.

After all had their way with her, the girl was executed.
I find myself completely disgusted now

Related Syria news from this week:

Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Is Seen Complicating the Drive for Peace in Syria

‘Now it is impossible to defeat Syria’: General Amine Hotait
230 Militants in one fell swoop: SAA gets the prize. Saudi Arabia & more


  1. You may be overanalyzing statements by the Hagues and Kerrys of the world. They are uncomfortable saying the truth about anything. What is relevant is that the insurgents are on their last leg. ZATO may continue funding stray terror for years, but that's the way it goes.

    1. "You may be overanalyzing statements by the Hagues and Kerrys of the world"

      I prefer the actual wording used by individuals to any other interpretations.
      Always have.
      I don't find that they are uncomfortable saying truth... because they most often don't speak in truths,anyway.
      They speak of the agenda. When the truth fits the agenda then they speak truth. When the truth does not fit the agenda. They speak lies

      For instance Kerry IMO didn't utter one word of truth regarding Ghouta
      However in this instance where I have quoted Kerry and Hague regarding their desire for Assad's removal. They are being truthful
      They do want Assad gone
      And have no intention of brokering for peace at Geneva
      NO 'over analysis" necessary
      Just plain common sense application based on my experience and knowledge of the situation surrounding Syria to the best of my capabilities
      It is all I can do

  2. now for something completely different!

    'Gabriel Over the White House is one of the most amazing artefacts to have emerged in the video era. The film was little seen when it came out and prints were out of general circulation for many years – it, for example, rarely screens on tv. The film’s notoriety as a political fable grew in infamy. Seeing it is a truly unique experience.
    Gabriel Over the White House was produced by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst – the same real-life figure that became the model for Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane (1941). The film is almost a dramatised political campaign speech. It sits right atop the major issues of the Depression era – unemployment and homelessness, Prohibition bootlegging and mobsters. It is a fantasy of a desire for ruthlessly decisive action to solve these sweeping problems. (This was made before Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal, and uncannily prefigured many things that Roosevelt adopted as President, albeit less extreme). The President is initially portrayed as a flabby politician who ignores the pressing problems until an accident and the ambiguous suggestion of angelic intervention. It is what he he becomes after that point that makes Gabriel Over the White House so amazing (and notorious). Newly reformed, he initiates martial law; fires his weak-minded congress; nationalises bootlegging; mobilises the army against mobsters, court martials them before a military tribunal and sentences them to execution before firing squad – even admittedly without any evidence.

    It is when Gabriel Over the White House finally starts to take on US foreign relations that it gains a spectacular tackiness, seeming to embody the most obnoxious attitudes of American imperialist bombast, wherein the US builds up a massive Naval power (the scenes of which contain an interesting early prediction of an Air Force of bombers), ...

  3. power plants need to be guarded by the military...why arent they?

    cars/trucks need to be banned in cities till crisis over to forstall car/truck bombers

  4. 'cars/trucks need to be banned in cities till crisis over to forstall car/truck bombers'

    I don't know if that is doable
    or practical
    but, it would be preferable
    ty brian

  5. Penny,
    You are very correct on "language used" This is one of the main manipulation tactics used by US UK msm et al.

    Here is the Sibel Edmonds article on Russia bashing by DemNow in case anyone wants to check it out.

    Have to find the other info ( correct video I watched)later on, I have obligations w/ dog Vet appt today.

    1. Thank You so much

      Language is everything. It creates our world.
      Which is why I harp on it quite a bit. With the best of intentions of course
      It's just part of being mindful. That's all
      That said it gets me into difficulties when people don't or won't understand that most basic concept of paying attention to language, words used and the perceptions they create

      I think the Sibel Edmonds article was left by freethinker?
      but it doesn't hurt to have it posted again. Good info should never go to waste :)
      Take care of the dog, Karin? (reads like you?)

    2. LOL
      perfect example of "language" used and writing styles.

      yup- I'm a dead give away ;^)
      sorry I forgot-- mind not focused well of late but think it's clearing up a bit.

      The language thing again. This is what infuriates me and I get so damned angry if I watch one of the videos of them talking. It's SO darn evident with innuendo.
      Guess I'm more aware as my adopted Mom is a master of innuendo to "put people down" and pretend she wasn't. ( if you know what I mean)

  6. Penny,
    quick note again
    Idriss is a fanatic like the rest of them. For 911 he did a vid which is on Youtube Even the whole description was a transcript At end of the diatribe was the name of a 'school' he/most 'followers' attended. I looked it up and it's in qatar.
    I have both links saved in word doc ( remember I don't know puter well ) and will look for them later along with the other info I want to share.

    This short visit is to drop off Saker's 1st published piece at Asia Times.
    Bandar Bush's mad, mad world

    It's suddenly fall here! who knew ? ;^)
    (don't worry, N Fl will bounce back, it's just too early darn it )

    1. Thanks Karin
      I must rush off to read saker's work!

  7. The Idress 9-11 speech ( why do a 911 speech at all ? I have no idea )
    "General" Idriss

    Complete with transcript in English (? again, why) At the end of the transcript he mentions Abu Bakr El-Seddeek School. So I did a search on it and found Abu Bakr El-Seddeek School in Qatar dedicates its winning of the Award to Her Highness the Amir's wife

    The other info I wanted you to see Penn is at the end of one of last week's UKColumn shows. They are analysing the BBC-methods used ofto control ( by language of sorts) 24:00 calling it BBC Media Action.

    It starts in earnest HERE at about the 24minute mark There is some lead in before that but realize people have X amount of time so trying to give you just the shortest amount of time to get the jist of what they find with this newer "effort" being used by BBC/ aka Brit Gov.

    What is done there is done here in US and also Canada IMHO
    Everything + more that I see at UKColumn I find similar here in US.
    Hope you will see what I'm trying to get across ( and doing a horrid job of it ) :D


    1. Regarding the BBC and it's charitable board
      "Transforming Life through media around the World"
      How very Orwellian?

      We show you the 'life' of others and how it is we must change them
      And how you must accommodate our push to change
      Reeks of psychological operations.

      when I have time I will check out more
      PS: we have now removed the 100 yr old flooring in the kitchen and our walking on cardboard boxes layed out flat over the sticky mastic residue
      Unfortunately I can't salvage my 100 year old solid maple flooring

      And still have a gutted kitchen... UP next insulation