Monday, October 28, 2013

Two CW sites not yet inspected: Deadline fail? Turkey bombs Syrian territory

Here is the latest on Syria-
Two Syria chemical weapons sites not yet inspected

In a statement, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said verification activities had been completed at 21 out of 23 sites.

"Efforts to ensure the conditions necessary for safe access to those sites will continue," it added.

On Sunday, Syria submitted to the OPCW a plan to destroy its chemical arsenal.
The Hague-based organisation said that it did so three days ahead of the 27 October deadline set by UN Security Council resolution 2118.
    Correspondents say the fact that inspectors have not been able to reach two of the 23 sites means that one of the first in a series of tight deadlines for the destruction or removal of Syria's chemical weapons stockpile by mid-2014 has been missed.
  The OPCW has not said who was responsible for the security concerns, only that negotiations to ensure the conditions necessary for safe access to the two remaining sites will continue.
Smart money is on the NATO/Israeli backed mercs creating impossible conditions for the inspectors
After all that is what they are being paid to do. Obstruct, destroy, destabilize and generally make it impossible for Syria to comply with these inspections and deadlines.

An earlier report, available here, had made it very clear that the Syrian government had been cooperating and complying fully!

“Interaction with UN remains excellent and cooperation from Syrian authorities complete"

The claims of missed deadline likely ties back into this news-

US Obduracy in Syrian Crisis
However, Washington is seeking to include the threat of use of force in the text of the new UN resolution with the purpose of projecting once more the model of the world order advocated by the US: pressing ahead along its own course of solving crises relying exclusively on unilateral actions.

There is very limited reporting on Turkish air force bombing Syrian towns  
What to make of this news?  

 The Turkish Air Force bombed Syrian border territories in response to rocket attacks against Turkish border areas, the Turkish newspaper Sabah reported today citing military sources.

According to the newspaper, five F16 fighters were involved in the operation.
A Turkish agency has said that five fighter jets targeted Syria's Ras al-Ain district on Monday.

According to Turkey's IHA agency, 5 Turkish jets took off from the Diyarbakir province after a stray missile kiiled a man in the border town of Ceylanpnar. The jets struck the Syrian town of Ras al-Ain.


  1. qataris have a sense of humor: state run Aljazeera complains chinese media takes its marching orders from...... the state:

    'Chinese media outlets are known to receive direct instructions from the government directing their reporting of events deemed threatening by the ruling Communist party, which in recent months has moved to tighten controls over all forms of media.'

    this could have been written by US state dept flacks
    the Uigurs in the story have members currently waging Jihad in syria

    1. hi brian

      and yes it appears the qataris have a sense of humour or something like it?
      I am certain I had put up a video showing Uigurs in Syria