Monday, October 7, 2013

USA's democracy is terrorism dressed in noble clothes

Let's put it this way this guy get's it!
He gets the imperialism.

Recent events around Syria have brought up the subject of how the U.S. promotes the ideals of democracy in the world. There is quite a list of countries that have fallen victim to American democracy. For example, Afghanistan has become a heroin power owing to the U.S. power, while Libya has turned into an impoverished country with great wealth. 

The realities of life in the "democratic" Libya

The Americans are so fond of their own democracy and filled with hatred against dictators (like Gaddafi) that it is always a pleasure for them to bomb and occupy any country where there is something to make money on. What will be the result of the "democratic process" in Libya? As many as 12,000 U.S. troops were redeployed from a military base on the territory of Malta to Libya. They were ordered to take pipelines, refineries and oil production sites under control, said Peter Beynchli, a British military expert.
Switzerland and Italy sent their soldiers to Libya too. Here it is, the real American democracy - oil, money , oil ...
This is not the establishment of democracy, but, in fact, the occupation of Libya by the armies of other countries to control (and steal) the nation's natural resources.  (Let's not forget the gold that has gone missing either?) The US-created puppet government of Libya can not control the production of oil independently. This, in fact, is what the Americans wanted. If the U.S. takes oil production under control of its military, oil will be supplied at lower prices - approximately $25 per barrel.
The Libyans will obviously recall dictator Gaddafi in the future. During his rule, Libya enjoyed the highest standard of living among all African countries. The Americans already pursue only one goal - to pump Libyan oil almost for free. They, of course, will provide humanitarian aid to the Libyans (for their own money) . That's how the US democracy shamelessly plunders the Libyan people. For the United States and NATO, it all came out pretty well. They provided themselves with very cheap oil by instilling some nonsense about democratic values ​​to the Libyans.
Libyans are now left to enjoy their democracy that they needed so badly and that was gifted to them by "good guys" from America. No positive changes in the country happened. Yet, the poverty-stricken Libya can now be called a "free and democratic country." According to the updated report from the UN, ill-treatment and torture have become widespread in Libyan prisons. Around 8,000 people are imprisoned after the conflict from two years ago. Most of them were detained without any adequate legal procedures.
American democracy in Afghanistan
Let us talk about Afghanistan now. The pretext for the occupation of this country was the so-called terrorist attack in September 2001. But today, everyone  understands that there is no Afghan trace in the attack on the twin towers. There are two main reasons for the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. These two reasons are complementary to one another.
*First, the U.S. needed the occupation of Afghanistan to control the region, and further destabilize the situation in Central Asia.
*Secondly, it is very good for the Americans to have a "banana republic" that is engaged in the production of drugs, since all this rubbish ends up in Russia. Furthermore, this is a very lucrative "business" that can be covered up.
Thus, the occupation was carried out under the pretext - of establishing democracy in Afghanistan, the destruction of terrorists and the economic development of the state.  Interestingly enough, significant changes did occur in Afghanistan during the occupation. The nation's GDP grew by 66 percent, which is an astounding achievement by any standards. This figure could be referred to as an economic miracle, but...
The incredible growth of GDP is based on only one article of income - high harvests of opium in Afghanistan. Since the start of the U.S. counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan, the volume of drug production in the country has grown 2.5 times. For the time being, Afghanistan supplies 93 percent of opium poppy, which is used worldwide for the production of heroin.
Afghanistan, according to UN estimates, now grows more poppy than the world consumes, director of the UN Office for Drug Control, Antonio Maria Costa said. During the U.S. occupation Afghanistan no longer sells raw opium. Powerful chemical factories were built in the country that let Afghanistan export heroin, rather than opium. The trafficking routes coincide with the countries where U.S. troops are deployed - Iraq , Kosovo, Germany, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, and so on.
Imagine my none surprise to read the last couple of sentences. Go ahead imagine it!

Democracy in the blood
In general, the United States is an amazing country. The administration, the executive and legislative branches, the Republican and Democratic parties - all of them talk about democracy, freedom and human rights. However, throughout their history, the Americans have been exterminating other nations and conquering the countries that do not agree with their "cowboy" mentality. As Senator Hart Benton said back in 1846, America was doomed to expand and conquer.
Nowadays, the United States destroy entire nation, kill their leaders hiding behind the slogans of democracy or human rights. The Americans have decided that they are God's chosen people, that they are exceptional. ( A delusion shared with Israel )But no matter where these God's chosen people come they sow devastation, pain and tears everywhere. Once they exterminated millions of Indians in America.
How many lives did they claim in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria? Democracy can not be based on aggression - in fact this is not  democracy, but terrorism, dressed in "noble clothes." 
Well said. Very, well said.
I wouldn't want to leave Canada out of this scathing piece of truth. 
Canada goes where the US/NATO/Israel go. 
Including Afghanistan & Libya. Oh, and Syria.


  1. President al-Assad to envoy of Palestinian Authority President: Palestinian issue and rights will remain a priority for Syria

    Oct 7, 2013

    President Bashar al-Assad on Monday affirmed that the vicious attack targeting Syria will not change its pan-Arab principles.

    President al-Assad, during his meeting with Abbas Zaki the personal envoy of the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas, asserted that the central nature of the Palestinian cause and adherence to the legitimate historic rights of the Palestinian people will remain a priority for Syria.

    The President noted that the current events in Syria didn't change the attitude of the Syrian people towards their Palestinian brethren in Syria; rather the events increased their solidarity and cohesion in the face of the terrorist attacks that target them both.

    For his part, Zaki said that the Palestinian people support Syria in the face of the aggression targeting it, pointing out that targeting Syria is the same as targeting the Arab nation, because the attempts to deplete the resources of the Syrian people and army is part of a larger plan which seek to divide the countries of the region and weaken them to serve Israel's interests.

  2. Top US and Saudi Officials responsible for Chemical Weapons in Syria

  3. "USA's democracy is terrorism dressed in noble clothes"

    I'd say the emperor is wearing no clothes about now. Notice how, without the girdle, that huge pot of his nearly reaches his knees. Then again, maybe the emperor is a she? Cant really tell.


    вот так

  4. U.S. "democracy" in action:

    US clothes-makers reluctant to join safety pacts

    American "democracy" has always been those with the money and family connections running the show, IE: the slave owners. From the very beginning. (Note: I am referring to the colonisers, not the Native American peoples, many of whom have extremely good democratic societies, and all but a few of which were eons ahead of the zionazi/NWO shite the west is saddled with now. If the EU capitalists are willing to sign, one has to know the provisions of that agreement are probably very minimal, even nominal, given what these capitalists are. That the Ami version of these corporate parasites refuse to even go that far show how backward the USA is now. The Americans have always been at the arse end of social advance, dragging the rest of the world down (the mythology American school children are brainwashed with aside). Well, at least until 1948, they were. Now that American characteristic has been put into full service to help those similar colonial "special people" who occupied Palestine and are busy subordinating the planet to their "modernising" of nazi mentality "values".

    вот так

  5. 'UPDATE: Within 2 hours of posting this story, the BBC filed a copyright claim with YouTube to get the 45 second clip removed. This shows how nervous the BBC is about this information coming to light. News organizations routinely rely on dubious copyright claims to censor damaging revelations. An copy of the video via LiveLeak is embedded below.
    A video of a BBC interview with a doctor in Syria in the aftermath of a napalm-style attack appears to have been artificially dubbed to falsely make reference to the incident being a “chemical weapons” attack, a clip that represents “a stunning bit of fakery,” according to former UK Ambassador Craig Murray.'

    note the british doctor i the clip : Rola Hallam has also demanded this:
    'In a subsequent BBC interview, Dr Rola Hallam complained about the UK Parliament’s refusal to authorize a military strike on Syria. Hallam’s father is also on the Syrian National Council, the political body which represents opposition militants.'

    a doctor demanded airstrikes on cities?

  6. New FBI-style police department launched in the UK

    Now to be a true copy of the American FBI (those valiant defenders of "American democracy"):

    1. It should have been started by a raging closet queen (yes, in America, such is possible, raging closet queens were all the rage for their being upper level management tools among the ruling class of "the establishment" there during the heyday of "the American century"). They still are in "the zionazi century disguised as the American century mark II with revised EU help", btw.

    вот так

    1A. The chain of command must be closet queen dominated,and naturally, very hierarchical as such rightwing behaviour stipulates.

    2. It must be designed to fight the "Red Menace", those naughty people who don't want to be slaves of mutant creatures disguised as human beings.

    3. It must be totally corrupt.

    4. It must be one of the service wings of the Jewish mafia - you know, those guys and gals who do things like manage the illegal drug trade (a trade they made illegal, BTW), human organ trafficking and human trafficking, terrorism support and training (this goes back to the beginning of the FBI, not just their more recent affiliation with the Israeli-American creation "alciada", and has been continuous throughout its history - look up Dick Wilson, for example), spying support and facilitation (for guess who), money laundering, murder inc., blackmail inc., etc.

    5. It must appeal to the sort of cowardly people who like being able to take advantage of others with the sort of impunity working for an "official" shakedown org gives them. As opposed to their more up front, and "adventurous", moral matches, who have a little more guts and prey upon their fellow human beings without "official sanction", you know, the usual criminal element that capitalist mentality also produces.

    I'm sure there is a 6., 7., 8., 9. and at least a 10., I think everybody realises what to the American Gestapo is, and that transplanting a similar org to the UK is a further example of the UK colonially degrading itself to the Israeli-American model of fascist/zionazi governance. Or call it NWO or ZPC, it's basically the same sods.

    вот так

  7. I thought I was familiar with that name, but was not, so then I had to go and find out just who the guy was. :)

    Reuters article 2012

    That is all I saw. Disillusioned Afghanistan veteran ( wounded) and high up in elite
    Alfa counter-terrorist forces.
    Found out it's impossible to beat the graft in Russia Gov. ( sounds familiar)

    Stopped by to say:
    I have that strange feeling again that its the calm before the storm. Started yesterday and worse today.

    Tweeted earlier today that I don't trust them... they are up to something and it's not good.

    James's article fits right into how I'm feeling. All this praise for Syria on the chem weapons and the gushy "we can work with Iran" stuff stinks all the way to my house.

    They don't have long either. The dollar is fading more every day.
    The Zionist entiry will sacrifice the US in a new york minute.

    1. karin, brian bot tak
      thanks for the comments
      I am on demolition duty...or continuing with it
      and then must pick up additional plans for renos
      be back later or tomorrow

  8. on a different note: in the empires heart land
    another dumb idea brought to us by @smart people: people ignore murder cause eyes gued to 'smart' phones

  9. How do YOU live with the guilt Herr Spiegel!? Der Spiegel holds up a distorting mirror of president Assad...and wonders why journalism is in decline?

    Editorial Note: Der Spiegel's interview of President Bashar al-Assad is not an interview at all. It's an attack and al-Assad takes them to the mat.

    'In a separate document we have set Der Spiegel's translation of the interview into English over and against SANA's translation. There are important differences between the two including omissions, additions and textual changes. In some cases entire questions and answers are omitted or added. '

  10. I read this interview with Assad sometime in the past few days (I think the Sana version). I have to say that amidst all the madness and warmongering that is going on, he never fails to sound reasonable and exhibits a common sense not visible in our own power holders.

    The other thing that struck me about the interview was the aggressive (obnoxious?) tone of the questioners who, I think it is safe to say, obviously arrived grasping preconceived premises and were determined to push those. It was not dissimilar to the Newsnight interview with Glenn Greenwald in its presumptions and tone.

    This style of interview was once reserved for those in positions within our own governments when they were trying to justify bad policies or cover up misdeeds. Nowadays, our rogues are treated with a sickening obsequiousness and nobody bothers to badger them, while those opposed to their misgovernment are constantly hectored.

    I think both Mr Assad and Glenn Greenwald both shone a light on the corruption of the MSM, and not before time. We need more lights like this shone on them.