Friday, November 15, 2013

As US/Russia push talks, power shifts away from western mercs and a rebrand emerges

 This post has been updated. It is becoming a work in progress.

The main stream media headline actually states "Syria balance tilts toward Assad"
I cannot use that headline. The power balance is not tilting toward Assad, the person.
That is manipulation of your perception, plain and simple.
The power balance is tilting towards Syria, the nation, it's army of Syrian citizens, the leadership and the majority of resident citizens.

 Some may recall that a couple of years back Assad was polling at a 55% approval rating.
An approval rating that President Obama could only dream of,  even then. His latest poll numbers have hit their lowest point just 39 percent approval- It would appear it is time  for someone to step in! 
You know, regime change? Using the 'logic'  applied by the NATO global tyranny nations?
At the time Assad was garnering a 55 percent approval rating President Obama was polling around 47 percent. A clearly unpopular leader.

But, I digress. Let's get back to the news on Syria.

BEIRUT (Reuters) - More than two and a half years into the civil war ( foreign backed destabilization) devastating Syria, the United States and Russia are pushing the combatants to the negotiating table in Geneva, but on terms that mark a shift in favour of Bashar al-Assad against the increasingly fragmented rebels seeking to oust him.
Since the August 21 nerve gas attacks on rebel suburbs ringing Damascus, ( Notice no mention of who perpetrated this attack?  An attack IMO perpetrated by hired mercs with the help of Israel and Saudi Arabia- The two middle east partners in crime) which brought the U.S. to the brink of a missile assault on Assad's forces, the diplomatic tide has turned against the opposition, which briefly believed external intervention would enable its forces to launch a final offensive.

Instead, the combination of hesitation by President Barack Obama's administration and an 11th hour deal brokered by Russia, a key Assad ally, to decommission Syria's chemical arsenal, has wrong-footed the rebels, now under intense U.S. and European pressure to attend talks in Geneva with a vague agenda.

Syrian opposition advisers and independent analysts fear this could channel the Syrian conflict - like other intractable regional problems such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - into a lengthy and fruitless process.

The only diplomatic landmark in this conflict, last June's U.N.-brokered statement known as Geneva I, was vague enough.
It called for a transitional government in a way that many assumed precluded any role for the Assad family, which has ruled Syria with an iron fist since President Assad's late father, Hafez, seized absolute power in 1970.
You know that saying about assuming making an ass out of someone? 
There has been barely a flicker of agreement within Syria about its future since the country erupted in initially peaceful protests in March 2011.  (False-The initial protests were not peaceful)
A source close to the internationally recognised ( internationally recognized? ) political opposition, the National Coalition, says it fears the U.S.-Russia deal to dismantle Syria's chemical arsenal has restored the Assad administration's legitimacy, even as it uses tactics such as the starvation of rebel areas to try to regain control.

Regional analysts and diplomats closely involved also agree that Western concerns have moved on from toppling Assad to how to stop jihadist groups linked to al Qaeda gaining further traction in a conflict where mainstream rebel groups with limited Western backing are losing ground.

The U.S. position is that "the opposition must negotiate with the regime and agree on a roadmap", said Fawaz Gerges, Middle East expert at the London School of Economics.

"The Americans and the Europeans want to lock Assad into Geneva; it is a process without peace."

The opposition source, who did not want to be identified, said the West was switching "from an Arab Spring narrative to a counter-terrorism narrative" and bullying the opposition to attend Geneva II or lose its support.
We saw the Arab Spring narrative changing recently with Egypt. The new story line being presented.
  If I may expand on this thought line for a moment?  Egypt looked to be the beginning of a regional rebrand. Away from the Arab Spring (democracy by the people for the people) back to a need to fight terrorists. 
As mentioned above a counter terrorism narrative.
Recall a previous post?  Rebranding the Arab Spring to Reorder the Middle East/Africa

We were first supposed to believe that Mubarek had been ousted spontaneously and Morsi  had really, as in actually, won a democratic election. But then the so called democratic election went out the window, as the Egyptian army used the 'terror' meme against the MB and Morsi. Suddenly Morsi simply had to be ousted by the Egyptian Army as a way to restore democracy and fight terrorists. 
We can see the same narrative playing out with Syria. As the opposition source points out the West is switching from an "Arab Spring narrative to a counter terrorism narrative"
The switch has been in the works for a while now. The constant bad fighters/vs good fighters
Moderates vs whatever. The West tries to support the moderates but all these bad guys keep pouring in. There are no moderates on the ground in Syria. General Idriss is not a moderate. He is supported by the West. Soldiers under General Idriss took part in the mass killings and kidnappings from villages around Latakia, Syria. The children taken from those videos appeared, some in drugged states, as the victims of the Ghouta chemical attack. An incident created by both Saudi Arabia and Israel.

An example of this perception reframing can be found in this article

Western governments are increasingly worried about foreigners going to fight in Syria with extremist groups
"While al-Qaeda might be focusing on Assad at the moment, the group is already discussing taking the fight beyond Syria’s borders, according to U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. “They’re talking about conducting external operations, which is exactly what happened in Afghanistan, which led to 9/11,”
For the West, Syria has now become "a source of terrorist recruits that will come back to Europe and America", he said. "But that doesn't answer the fundamental problem of how to stop it; that terrorism will get worse and the longer the war goes on, the more fragmented and radicalised the opposition becomes."
You see the west will have to counter the growing terrorist threat and it all goes back to 9/11
Isn't it amazing how everything goes back to that traumatizing mind control event?
Germany is worried. Britain is worried. The US is worried.
How will the Western powers continue to play out their latest meme?

Back to the original piece on Syria

"The regime's military advances will continue. It is difficult to imagine that Assad's position will be weaker in six months. This is not a dead man walking," said Ayham Kamel, a Syria expert at the Eurasia consultancy group.
"Al Qaeda is here to stay. This is a new reality. It is hard to imagine how the threat will disappear in the future."
Even Saudi Arabia, the opposition's biggest supporter, is in two minds.
Diplomats and officials in the kingdom say it regards the Syrian war as battle for regional power with Iran and its Arab Shi'ite Muslim allies such as Hezbollah, the powerful Lebanese paramilitary movement that this summer threw its weight behind Assad.

The Saudis have been unusually strident and public in criticising the United Nations and the United States since the Syrian chemical weapons deal appeared to be leading to a rapprochement with Iran, despite the failure to reach a breakthrough on Tehran's nuclear programme in high-level talks in Geneva last weekend.
A failure? As in it just didn't work out? Or an intentional take down by Israel with the help of the French lap dogs? I would say an intentional take down thanks to Israel's constant need for conflict enabling the nation  to justify it's rampant, zealous militaristic goals and incessant land grabs

Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi spy chief, went as far as to declare a "major shift" away from Washington.
But diplomats in the Gulf say his cousin Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the influential interior minister, is much more concerned about al Qaeda, and the terrorist "blowback" implications of supporting the rebels, than the fate of Assad.


With friends like this in such policy ambiguity, the Syrian opposition may well wonder what its real options are.

"The international consensus in support of the opposition and militarisation of the conflict is no longer there," said Kamel of Eurasia. "There is no longer a belief that a military victory for the opposition is possible."

Diplomatic sources say there is a recognition by Russia and the West of Assad's ability to remain, even if Syria has already been carved up into enclaves - Sunni rebels in the north and east, secessionist Kurds in the northeast and Alawites and others in the capital and north-western coastal area.

According to these sources, U.S. and Russian officials have privately been discussing what organs of the Syrian state would remain and at what level - who would have to go and who would have to stay - indicating the possibility of compromise.

Yet critics say talks in Geneva are becoming a substitute for real policy, with no concerted plan to stop the war. Some analysts compare this to the 1992-95 Bosnia war, where meandering prolonged talks failed to stop fighting until NATO air strikes against Serb forces in the late summer of 1995.

Close watchers of Syria and the opposition, which has agreed in principle to attend the long-delayed talks, believe Geneva II will be futile because the West has no strategy to force a stop to a war which has so far cost 100,000 lives, displaced more than 4 million people and created 2.2 million refugees.

The West has no strategy to force a stop to a war?  Not that the West cannot stop this war? Just that the West has no strategy to force a stop to a war.  Which means the West has no intention of stopping their proxy war.

"Even if Geneva II takes place, don't expect an imminent solution. There might be more Genevas and the war will continue," Lebanese columnist Sarkis Naoum told Reuters.

"We had a war that went on for 15 years, envoys would meet but nothing would happen," Naoum said, referring to Lebanon's own 1975-1990 civil war.

Even if the parties agree in Geneva, analysts say, they would need to convince rebel armed groups on the ground, who have said nothing less than a commitment to end Assad's rule would persuade them to stop fighting.

"I don't see how Geneva II will be remotely successful if the regime is not prepared to make the slightest indication that they are ready for a transition. Assad is saying the opposite, he is giving interview after interview saying that he will not hand over power," one source close to the opposition said.


If regime change is not possible, then protracted war it will be.

Western nations hope Russia will follow up on the deal to rid Syria of chemical weapons by putting pressure on Assad. But with the deal in place and government forces making gains, there is little incentive for Russia to change its position.

If the Geneva talks go ahead and succeed, Russia will be able to cast itself as a peacemaker. If not, it will continue to blame rebels, the West and Gulf Arab states, saying that Assad's government was ready to attend without preconditions while the United States and others failed to get the rebels to do so.

Militarily, Assad's forces, backed by Iran and Hezbollah, are flushing out rebels from around Damascus and other areas.

Within rebel ranks, Sunni jihadists and other groups linked to al Qaeda have become the dominant current among the opposition while other, moderate, groups, backed by the West and armed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are in disarray. 
 The above paragraph is just over the top! There are no moderates backed by the West. The West backs them all, and they are all linked to Al Qaeda.  As mentioned:  Men under the command of  General Idriss, the western backed 'moderate', took part in the atrocities near Latakia.  The West is backing brutal killers. Organ eaters. Beheaders.

Persons who are so bloodthirsty they 'accidentally' beheaded one of their own.

 The video shows two ISIS fighters in Aleppo province - one holding a knife - brandish a severed, bearded head.
  Members of the hardline Islamist rebel group, Harakat Ahrar al-Sham, said he was not a government fighter at all, but one of their own. They said he was a commander called Mohammed Fares
Syria continued............

And while international players deliberate about Geneva, the Syrian battleground continues to draw in foreign radical Shi'ite fighters - backing Assad's Alawite minority rule - and Sunnis seeking to topple Assad and install an Islamist caliphate.

"The U.S. is pursuing a very dangerous strategy which is to say they pursue talk almost for the sake of talks," the source close to the opposition said. "The only way this war will end is if the regime goes," the rebel source said.

"If there is not going to be military intervention against the regime then there needs to be a much more aggressive and deliberate approach to force the regime to step down through harsh pressure, and that means forcing Russia and Iran to make it happen."

Few believe that Geneva will alleviate the sufferings of Syrians in the near future.

"The logic in the U.S. is that the only way for the opposition to snatch a political victory out of the jaws of military defeat is through Geneva II," Gerges said. "The chances of Geneva II producing a breakthrough probably are less that 20 percent.

"It is a grim situation ... it is a prolonged war, a war of attrition, and in the meantime the humanitarian crisis will intensify and turn into a world tragedy of great proportion."

Syria does not have to turn into a tragedy of great proportion. The US, Israel, SA and others can just cut off the money. But they won't. Syria will have to win decisively on the battlefield.


  1. Penny

    Some info I posted at SyrPer this last week regarding Egypt. This from 11Nov.

    Alexandria hosts Russian naval visit

    "The flagship of Russia’s Pacific Naval Fleet, missile-carrying cruiser Varyag has cast anchor in Alexandria at the start of the first Russian naval visit to Egypt in many years.

    The programme of its six-day stay includes exchanges of visits and football friendlies with Egyptian naval crews, a reception for Alexandria-based Russian expats and an on-board liturgy conducted by Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and All Africa."

    I wonder what Tel Aviv, Washington and London think about this development? ;) I get the feeling the current Egyptian regime may not be so western run as many suppose.

    вот так

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hey Bot tak!

      Take 2 and I should not respond before drinking coffee and cleaning my sleepy eyes up.

      "I get the feeling the current Egyptian regime may not be so western run as many suppose."

      I still feel that Egypt is far to allied with NATO to think anything would really change. Doesn't mean it can't. Just means as of now, it's just to soon to tell. IMO.

      I look at events from the way they can be promoted to the masses
      And when I saw the news you are mentioning I thought, isn't that interesting?
      Because Nasser had ties to the former USSR
      And the new fellow (Sisi) seems to be channeling Nasser in an attempt to promote himself

      "Egypt wonders if army chief is another Nasser"
      General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, now the supreme power, appears to be feeding into nostalgia for nationalist president after July coup

      Channeling Nasser would certainly stir nationalist sentiments

      Egypt is an important partner for NATO through the Mediterranean Dialogue. I call on all sides to exercise restraint and refrain from violence and to work to restore the political process.

      But, who knows?!

      I haven't had much time as of late to pop in over at Sypers
      I must get over there and catch up
      I see Geneva 2 has now been moved back to December 12...
      and from there???
      What do you think? A go or a no go?

    3. Penny

      "What do you think? A go or a no go?"

      They'll probably reach some sort of accord, but Israel will simply ignore it, like they do all international law, and continue having their colonies send in terrorists.

      вот так

    4. So a meaningless accord?
      Sounds about right.
      I feel, think, there has always been a plan a, b, c and d with Syria or any nation
      After all the killers got to be flexible

      a-the rebels were supposed to overthrow Assad - the military would turn against the government- the people would turn against the leadership
      didn't happen

      b- the missile strike, which, I do think was averted, was going to target Assad and the Syrian military and then the mercs would clean up while the SNC was made the government

      c- which was always on the table- grind Syria down (failed state status)
      Right now I see plan c happening and it will continue happening, which is why I made the comment about a decisive house cleaning

  2. And from 13 Nov.

    This is a follow-up to something I posted a day or two ago about a Russian naval ship visiting Egypt signifying more than just a symbolic warming of relations between the two countries.

    Will Egypt form an alliance with Russia ?

    "...The fact remains that the Russian missile cruiser Varyag, sent to the Mediterranean, has docked in Alexandria on November 11th 2013. It is the first Russian military ship to make a stopover in Egypt since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    On the 13th and 14th of November, a high-level Russian delegation, conducted by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence, will go to Cairo to negotiate the unrestricted sale of modern weaponry. Once again, this is a first for the new Russia. According to RIA-Novosti, Egypt is considering buying for a value of 4 billion dollars, including materials that Washington had refused to supply to them.

    For it’s part, the Israeli press is trying to minimize the event by suggesting that the rapprochement between Moscow and Cairo is sponsored by Saudi Arabia."

    Consider this news with the Egyptian turnabout over Syria since the coup. Then think a little into the future about something similar happening to the zionist owned Erdogan regime as happened to the zionist owned Morsi regime... ;)

    вот так

    1. Erdogan and Turkey, something is going on there and I suspect it is a balkanization to form a cohesive kurdish state
      Erdogan, I believe, had other plans
      Wouldn't be surprised to see him ousted in a coup or dead unless he complies

  3. Canadian police bust hundreds in massive child-porn ring

    "Hundrends of children have been rescued after Canadian police took down a website offering child-sex-abuse pornography, police said Friday. Hundreds of suspects were arrested including six law enforcement officials, nine religious leaders, 40 school teachers, three foster parents, 32 children's volunteers and nine doctors and nurses...."

    Looks like a major haul of the things. Unfortunately, the article isn't specific about the perpetrators. Doubt any were Muslim, though. Bet they were all lily white Judeao-Christian far righties. Child porn is mostly handled by the Jewish mafia. Without better specifics, it's too early to tell whether there was a crackdown on their activities, or they used their Canadian regime to shut down rivals.

    вот так

    1. The child porn ring was related to a move studio
      hang on.....AzovFilms

      I had read something about this and it appears to be all the lily white types indeed

  4. bot tak:

    here is an article regarding that ring, the arrests, links to Eastern Europe
    and the "videographer" as the Star is calling him, who seems more to be the king pin, groomer of the children and main molester
    Then providing video to the film studio in TO

    watch the video
    read the article

    "The videographer was Markus Roth, who had endeared himself to village families as a Robin Hood figure, a magnanimous German businessman who offered free karate classes and excursions for their sons."

    He spent 6 years at this village gaining the trust of the children and their families
    this is a groomer, a pedophile.
    not a videographer alone

    Roth had arrived in the fall of 2001 in the northern Romanian city of Satu Mare, where crumbling facades, collapsing red-clay roofs and gutted industrial buildings reveal poverty and need.

    What no one knew was that Roth had just come from serving prison time in Germany on a child pornography conviction, involving victims he had similarly recruited.

    the star reports he had recruited children previously but insist on calling him the videographer

    How Roth, 35, became a player in the multibillion-dollar global child pornography industry is a story detailed in court records in Canada, Germany and Romania and interviews with Toronto and Romanian police, parents and the boys themselves.

    And this absolutely stinks to high heaven

    While Roth’s whereabouts are unknown, the Star reached him through email and telephone interviews. He admitted he regrets abusing the boys’ trust but insisted he had committed no sexual abuse in making what he calls “naturist” films.

    How is it that Mr Roth's whereabouts are unknown?

    "In an email Roth sent to his Canadian business partner, he writes of the sales success of a film called Winter Play thanks to one of the boys having an erection.

    “(The boy) has all the weekend long an erection if he is with us, so if you like you can get each week a top seller from me.”

    I am wondering if Roth is the leader in all this and the guy from TO is a sicko who thought he could make some money off this exploitation?

  5. guerilla docudrama dark fantasy on Disneyland:
    Plot: Jim, his wife Emily and their two young children Sara and Elliot are staying at Disney World. As they tour the rides, Jim starts to experience strange hallucinations. As he and Emily split up each with a different child, he becomes obsessed with following two French teenage girls he keeps seeing everywhere. There are also rumours of a deadly cat flu outbreak in the park. Jim’s trail leads through an increasingly disturbing series of encounters – a sexual tryst with a woman who claims to be a former Disney princess whose mind snapped and a scientist with a lair beneath the EPCOT Center who claims to be manipulating Jim’s being there.


    1. brian: why did you find this interesting to post here?
      can you clarify so that we are on the same page?

  6. Hi Penny

    Thought you would like to see this

    Israel working with Saudi Arabia on Iran’s nuclear contingency plan - report

    Israel’s Mossad, along with Saudi officials, is working on contingency plans that could include an attack on Iran if its nuclear program is not curbed enough during the negotiations in Geneva this week, a new report has revealed

    This from RT isrehell getting SA to do the dirty work of the bombing as SA have bought Bunker Buster Bombs from your friendly arms supplier Useless States of Arseholes.

    I'm not surprised by this if true as isrehell will always get someone else to do the dirty work for them.