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Deja Vu ? Training Mujahadeen in Pakistan?
  Saudi Arabia’s Shadow War (Not Saudi Arabia’s alone. Same as Afghanistan wasn't just a Saudi shadow war)US/Saudi Arabia train Mujahadeen in Pakistan: History Repeats!

Of course Foreign Policy is touting "blowback"  regarding 9/11.
In line with the officially sanctioned cover story/ conspiracy theory to obfuscate the reality of an actual state sponsored act of terrorism. Think, Operation Gladio style terror.

A book that, if you haven't, you should read

The Kingdom is turning to Pakistan to train Syria’s rebels. It’s a partnership that once went very wrong in Afghanistan. Will history repeat itself?
Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, along with the CIA, also supported the Afghan rebels against the Soviet-backed government during the 1980s.
While the risk of blowback has been discussed in Riyadh, Saudis with knowledge of the training program describe it as an antidote to extremism, not a potential cause of it. (Nonsense) They have described the kingdom's effort as having two goals (really just one goal) -- toppling the Assad regime, and weakening al Qaeda-linked groups in the country.(weakening NATO’s terrorist army? Not a goal. I wonder if some of these newly trained fighters will make an appearance at the Olympics in Russia) Prince Turki, the former Saudi intelligence chief and envoy to Washington, said in a recent interview that the mainstream opposition must be strengthened so that it could protect itself "these extremists who are coming from all over the place" to impose their own ideologies on Syria.

Strengthening the opposition to protect itself from extremists? Nice bogus narrative. If one is really into works of absurd fiction.

The ramped up Saudi effort has been spurred by the kingdom's disillusionment with the United States. A Saudi insider with knowledge of the program described how Riyadh had determined to move ahead with its plans after coming to the conclusion that President Barack Obama was simply not prepared to move aggressively to oust Assad.
FSA/ AQ Al Nusra training

The above claim is nonsense- readers here are already aware that the US is deeply involved in destabilizing Syria and supporting AQ mercs. Readers here also know that it has already been reported that the US and SA are fully cooperating in the training of new terrorists.
Flashback : October 20/13- 230 Militants in one fell swoop: SAA gets the prize. Saudi Arabia & more       

    Speaking of training? The US and SA continue on training their terrorists

  Free Syrian Army (FSA) units are receiving intensive training from US Marine Corps personnel in Saudi Arabia, a senior FSA source has told IHS Jane's .

    The source said the United States and Saudi Arabia have agreed to train around 1,500 insurgents. The programme began a few months ago and most of the personnel will be trained by the end of 2013.
Pakistan's role is so far relatively small, (If it exists at all, because this article seems quite speculative, one source only)  though another source with knowledge of Saudi thinking said that a plan was currently being debated to give Pakistan responsibility for training two rebel brigades, or around 5,000 to 10,000 fighters. Carnegie Middle East Center fellow Yezid Sayigh first noted the use of Pakistani instructors, (linked no doubt to the TTP, which simply cycles back to US/Israel intelligence) writing that the Saudis were planning to build a Syrian rebel army of roughly 40,000 to 50,000 soldiers.
"The only way Assad will think about giving up power is if he's faced with the threat of a credible, armed force," said the Saudi insider.

That is the goal.
This training of new terrorists is not about trying to strengthen the main stream opposition. There is very little ‘main stream’ opposition. There are just NATO backed terrorists.
Saudi Arabia is attempting to build "a new national army" for the rebels -- a force with an "avowedly Sunni ideology" that could seize influence from mainstream Syrian opposition groups

An avowedly insane Sunni ideology, same as AQ and al Nusra.. An insane ideology that has western influence written all over it!

 In addition to its training program in Jordan, Saudi Arabia also helped organize the unification of roughly 50 rebel brigades into "the Army of Islam" under the leadership of Zahran Alloush, a Salafist commander whose father is a cleric based in the kingdom.

Given the increased Islamization of rebel forces on the ground, analysts say, it only makes sense that Saudi Arabia would throw its support behind Salafist groups. These militias "happen to be the most strategically powerful organizations on the ground.
Recall Saudi Salafists committed the atrocities near Latakia and perpetrated Ghouta

 The current Pakistani government, in particular, is closely tied to Saudi Arabia. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was ousted from power in 1999 by a military coup - the Saudis allegedly brokered a deal that kept him from prison. Sharif would spend the next seven years in exile, mainly in Saudi Arabia. "For the Saudis, Sharif is a key partner in a key allied state," said Arif Rafiq, an adjunct scholar at the Middle East Institute.

But despite close collaboration in the past, Saudi Arabia may find its old allies chafing at the sheer scope of its ambitions in Syria. One Pakistani source with close ties to military circles (close ties but not in military circles? Vague?) confirmed that Saudi Arabia had requested assistance on Syria over the summer -- but argued that Pakistani capabilities and interests were not conducive to a sweeping effort to train the rebels.

Pakistan is already grappling with its own sectarian bloodshed and must mind its relationship with Iran, while its foreign policy is focused on negotiations with the Taliban over the future of Afghanistan and its longtime rivalry with India. "They have their hands full," the source said. "And even if they want to, I don't think they'll be able to give much concrete help."
 Jordan is also reportedly leery about fielding a large Syrian rebel army on its soil. The ambitious Saudi plan would require a level of support from Amman "that is opposed within the security and military establishment and is unlikely to be implemented," according to Sayigh.

As the Saudis expand their effort to topple Assad, analysts say the central challenge is not to inflict tactical losses on the Syrian army, but to organize a coherent force that can coordinate its actions across the country. In other words, if Riyadh hopes to succeed where others have failed, it needs to get the politics right -- convincing the fragmented rebel groups, and their squabbling foreign patrons, to work together in pursuit of a shared goal.

A thought here: If Pakistan and Jordan are uninterested, how about Egypt? Egypt is seriously beholden to Saudi Arabia. “Terrorists” receiving training there would give Israel an excuse to start something with Egypt.
It's easier said than done. "The biggest problem facing the Saudis now is the same one facing the U.S., France, and anyone else interested in helping the rebels: the fragmentation of the rebels into groups fighting each other for local and regional dominance rather than cooperating to overthrow Assad," said David Ottaway, a scholar at the Wilson Center who wrote a biography of Prince Bandar. "Could the Saudis force [the rebel groups] to cooperate? I have my doubts."
 The Guardian     
The Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, is also pressing the US to drop its objections to supplying anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles to the JAI. Jordan is being urged to allow its territory to be used as a supply route into neighbouring Syria.

The JAI is led by Zahran Alloush, a Salafi and formerly head of Liwa al-Islam, one of the most effective rebel fighting forces in the Damascus area. Alloush recently held talks with Bandar along with Saudi businessmen who are financing individual rebel brigades under the JAI's banner. Other discreet coordinating meetings in Turkey have involved the Qatari foreign minister, Khaled al-Attiyeh, and the US envoy to Syria, Robert Ford.

In one indication of its growing confidence – and resources – the JAI this week advertised online for experienced media professionals to promote its cause.

The appearance of an "Army of Muhammad" – with its equally obvious Islamic resonance – appears to be part of the same or related effort proposed by Syrian Sunni clerics to unite disparate rebel groups into a 100,000-strong force by March 2015.

Guardian article ends with a statement that makes very clear the Saudi’s along with their American pals, very likely the Israelis are throwing their money, time and training behind the terror groups we are supposed to be against comes right here in this sentence
"That's why (SA) they've been forced to turn to Syrian groups which already have military credibility. (AQ/Al Nusra)  They are becoming less selective and more realistic and putting aside their reservations about who they support” Thomas Pierret of Edinburgh University.   

Mr Pierret also claims the Saudis have money but poor intelligence- 

"They have a lot of money but very poor intelligence and human resources and organisational skills. But then states” They are very dependent on the western military”

Which means they have the best intelligence that can be provided to them via the western military alliance of NATO and it’s partner nations. US, UK and Israel.

And they are buying and training the most ferocious terrorizing killers of Syrians who have always and all along  been the AQ and affiliated mercs, Al Nusra.


  1. allegiance! "The Israeli American Council recently commissioned the distribution of leaflets to thousands of Jewish Americans asking them where their allegiance would lie in the event of a real crisis between the U.S. and Israel. The leaflet was originally endorsed by representatives of Israel’s foreign ministry. When Netanyahu learned of this endorsement he directed the ministry to disassociate itself from the questionnaire.

    I think it’s reasonable to assume he was worried by the prospect of the survey indicating that in the event of a showdown between himself and President Obama, a majority of Jewish Americans would be Americans first and not Israel firsters."

    1. hey brian

      I had an article from some AIPAC lobbyists moaning about Saudi Arabia
      The Israeli lobbyists are so over the top sometimes...
      Shakes head

  2. Two ISIS British Jihadis whose alliance with "FSA"/ JaN is DIRECTLY funded/ armed/ trained by NATO/ GCC send terror messages to their Western backers;
    "...And Britain will be next, inshallah; in the Islamic World. God's permitting"..
    "..I say to the US your time will come; we will bleed to death and inshallah we'll raise the flag on the White House."

    not that they will attack the hand the feeds, because they are being aided BY FUKUSA....but itd be nice if they did turn their jihad on FUKUS

    1. "not that they will attack the hand the feeds"

      that's the problem really
      instead these jihadists attack ordinary people

  3. RE: the photo with this caption, "FSA/ AQ Al Nusra training".

    Looks like a couple of gay Israeli fashion models posing with weapon props. IE: the usual zionist staged rubbish. :D

    Note the positioning of the two models, obviously the director of this pr shoot had no clue what the weapons were and positioned what he thought would be the more photogenic model (for western gay audiences) in front with the "bigger" weapon for dramatic effect.

    вот так

    1. good morning bot tak

      that was the picture from the foreign policy article
      what can I say?

    2. The tough thing with Foreign Policy articles is figuring out which 5% is true, and which is in the 95% lie. Doesn't matter much now, though, as the game is basically over. The Saudis are going to need that army to keep the King's family in power and to fight Shias inside their rotten state.


    3. The tough thing with Foreign Policy articles is figuring out which 5% is true, and which is in the 95% lie.

      I won't disagree with you on that 5 percent truth. 95 percent lie
      Accept I would apply it broadly across all NATO corporate media

      For that particular article, I did find it vague in some areas and wondered if it was written deliberately diversionary

      Why would Pakistan get involved in training Jihadis
      It would be like cutting off their nose to spite their face

      Your point about Saudi Arabia needing these terrorists to fight their is own is very good, true and accurate.
      They can also send the terrorists over to Bahrain, if need be.

      I wondered also about shifting some of these hired killers into Russia
      Chechnya and Dagestan as two examples

  4. comment added to this article by therearenosunglasses

    [They used the same process in Bosnia and in Iraq. The Pak Army is very efficient. The Saudis called upon them during the siege of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Their disciplined trainers are very efficient at transmitting that training to rebel groups.

    It is laughable that the media is trying to make us believe that the Saudis would attempt to revive the trans-national network of Islamist recruitment and supply necessary for such a "shadow war," without help from both the Pentagon and the CIA. The name of the game is deniability. The CIA has been very methodical in using first Qatari, then Saudi funds to reestablish the Islamist recruitment network in Syria. First, the Qatari project brought in the most violent, radical Islamist militants....let's call them "al-Qaeda," When the uproar began over the barbarity of these thugs, then the Saudis created the Nusra nexis, to impersonate "good Islamists," even though they too have been called "al-Qaeda." The Saudis demand international support, on the grounds that failure to assist their good Islamists, would be tantamount to surrendering Syria to the "bad al-Qaeda," even though the Gulf monarchs are financing both sides. It is all a grand show for our benefit.

    It is long past time that we helped Bashar al-Asad to eliminate ALL of these vermin "Islamist" scum from his country. The question then becomes, do we then clean-out the huge nest of "Islamist" vipers in Riyadh? That will all depend upon the Saudis themselves. Will they also admit the error of their ways and seek to help the international effort to repair the unimaginable desolation that they have wrought in Syria? Would such a change of heart make amends for the war crimes committed by both the US and the Saudis in creating this war?]

  5. another good read...