Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thermoform (TM) Masked al-Nusra fighters harrass Syrian civilians

Just three pictures. So interesting. The masked fighters aka hired killers/mercs
 Nationalities and identity obscured.
So convenient for controlling and promoting a specific narrative and obfuscating of fact & reality,Jpeg/jpeg_q/90/resize_w/604
Fighters from the Islamist  (not) Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra search civilians at the Karaj al-Hajez crossing, a passageway separating Aleppo's Bustan al-Qasr, which is under the rebels' control, and Al-Masharqa neighbourhoods,Jpeg/jpeg_q/90/resize_w/604
A fighter from the Islamist   (not) Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra searches a boy at the Karaj al-Hajez crossing, a passageway separating Aleppo's Bustan al-Qasr, which is under the rebels' control, and Al-Masharqa neighbourhoods,

 Keeping in mind a subject that has been discussed here so many time- foreign fighters
Will Obama send (more) Americans to Syria?- Are those Americans behind those masks?

Maybe the Brits are behind those masks? 
The number of British Islamists who have gone to Syria to fight in the war there is in the "low hundreds", a senior UK intelligence official says.
Thermoform brand/make ? Curious?
 It's good  for the terrorists mercs, that they are dressed warmly, for their jobs.
One wonders who is providing this clothing for them?


  1. Assad’s no enemy of al-Qaeda

    1. As soon as I clicked on that link. And saw Michael Weiss.
      A propagandist/spin doctor who has been featured on a number of occasions here at this very blog.. I laughed

      Now onto the spin, I noticed this theme coming up recently
      Saw another piece emanating from Egypt
      So a definite disinfo campaign has kicked in
      Assad AQ links?

      And question the timing of this cooked up narrative?
      When it has become so blatantly obvious that the west/nato/israel are the besties of AQ.

      We get typical propaganda projection?
      Regime defectors as credible sources of 'unbiased' info
      With pockets full of NATO money?

      This has to be a troll. One that is indoctrinated with the Judaic religious mind control. It's sooooo typical

      I must run off and check my hit counter...
      As I continue to chuckle to myself

    2. troll! or doers he mean saudi arabia is no enemy of alqaeda?
      you should make sure every poster has an identity

  2. A short trip thru their website and under Company Profile they talk about cotton, bamboo and fleece, Nothing about the Company PERIOD
    hells bells, I got that info off the front page.. where is Co info?
    curious, indeed.

    On the subject of pictures accompanying articles, I keep running into this photo
    Ummmm who do they think they are?
    "front guy" looks like he's doing a Zorro commercial for jew run hollywood.. I"m sorry, but these scumbags are not that pretty. It had to take wardrobe awhile to get the "total effect" needed.
    "far away look guy" is overly obvious in his posture and reminds me of Madonna's Pose song.
    The last "flunky guy" doesn't even fit into the mix of the photo op but he functions for mcGiver role ? who knows

    Ran into an article 2 days ago over at lTAR TASS that even tho I read it twice, I never understood what it said exactly. ( I hate when that happens-I think the meds I have to take for spastic pain make me loony some days- or not able to concentrate well )

    Here is the page for Middle East at ITAR TASS They get the gov info hot out of the door and are actually, I think the press release vehicle. ( could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time.

    I'ed be suprised if all the players did NOT have their own people behind some of the "face wear" at this point. SAA has taken out alot of the original leaders of late.
    I saw a figure of 101 BN+ spent to take down Syria to date this morning. That's alot of money even to the saudi's I'm sure ?


    1. karin
      I am so glad you looked at their website
      did you notice the three flags to enter the site?
      I smell the odour of NATO and the war machine and a contractor for the military-
      And those balaclavas look custom made for AQ/Al Nusra

    2. Glad you both recognized what that site is. I did a little digging on them last week and it is just western intel disinfo. Western owned but publisher is incorporated in Lebanon. Funny thing is the corp has zero stockholders... lol Trolls have been pushing that site all over the last couple weeks. All junk stuff.

      Came across this yesterday. Just about made me sick to watch.

      Also on the site some good vids on 911. They do not push conclusions but just raise questions.

      Good audio from Dr. Duke.

      One wonders who is providing this clothing for them?

      Bingo... who cares who is behind the mask as they are all just ignorant stooges but it is who funds them which is important.

      sorry to be such a stranger lately but personal matters have come up and my research time has been limited.

      cheers Penny...

  3. Bodies of Massacred Christians Found in Mass Grave in Syria

  4. Note to Gallier:
    are you about? Hope so?
    This might interest you
    I have quickly scanned through the piece and will go back for a second read taking more time to really read through it
    That all said.... I wonder what your take is on this post
    Thanks Gallier :)

    1. Interesting to compare this potential grass-roots French 'revolution' with the much hyped by the chattering classes (and BBC) Russell Brand phoney revolution.

    2. those real phoney 'revolutionaries' attacking Russell Brand need to take a hike

    3. Nice. Sorry that I was so silent recently (lot of work because of reduction in work force planned, I have to tke over some of the work of my former colleagues. You heard it here, the EU plans to reduce their work force costs by 20%, what it means in long term at a NWO level I don't know, but at my individual level it sucks).
      This sais, I only skimmed over the article and the comments and it looks really accurate and I can only agree.
      I wanted to inform you about these developments about Alain Soral and Dieudonné, but as you were more Syria focused it was difficult to put a link that would not be inappropriate. The level of ridicule the established parties in government and media are staggering. In fact they don't know how to tackle the problem, whatever they try it exposes them more and more as the nepotic con artists they are.

    4. "I wanted to inform you about these developments about Alain Soral and Dieudonné, but as you were more Syria focused it was difficult to put a link that would not be inappropriate"

      Gallier, feel free to inform me of those developments.
      France is intimately tied to Syria, anyway
      so feel free to let me know
      This is interesting stuff

    5. That's just part of the game Brian - get the 'posh-left' to bash him to raise his street-cred. When they set him up on BBC's premier high-brow news program to be 'attacked' by Paxman they are doing the opposite of what they pretend. They are trying to build him up as some kind of revolutionary anti-establishment (anti-Paxo) figure, a hero for the common man.

    6. Russell Brand
      Until I saw a mention of his piece in was it the Statesman?
      I was completely unaware that he was being presented as some sort of heroic figure
      And people do always want a hero figure
      I don't get it? When each of us is a hero. Or should be.
      We don't need no stinkin' heros!

      I am extremely leery of the celebrity here
      And I mean extremely
      Death Angelina Jolie and her mother earth personification
      She is one of the war pushers and people destroyers
      George Clooney
      Richard Gere
      Julia Child
      How many celebrity types with links to the intelligence community?

      Roald Dahl- Author - British Intel officer

      excellent book btw

      I could go on, but, it is best to stay away from celebrities posing as saviours
      In my opinion