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"Right Honourable" PM William Lyon Mackenzie King- A Rockefeller man

Having my fellow Canucks in mind, here is a relink, that deserves much more attention then it originally received. 

PM William Lyon Mackenzie King. Often known as Mackenzie King.
Here in Canada he was PM number 10. Canada's longest serving Prime Minister. This despite the fact he had some strange 'beliefs' Or, perhaps, he employed some occult practices? Of the type  often favoured by the elites? Who knows?
William Lyon Mackenzie King

-"Historians conclude that King remained so long in power because he had developed wide-ranging skills that were appropriate to Canada's needs"

-" He was keenly sensitive to the nuances of public policy"

-"a profound understanding of how society and the economy worked"

I would argue that PM King, being a PUBLIC RELATIONS man, was able to stay in power for so long because he knew how to manage/manipulate the perception of the population.

In fact the descriptions of him fit the bill. 'developed wide ranging skills' -'sensitive to the nuances of public policy'-' profound understanding of society' All attributes of a PR person. He knew how the Canadian populace ticked and  how to play/manipulate Canadian society very efficiently. 

John D Rockefeller Jr. & Mackenzie King 1915- a sanitized version of events

When King retired in 1948, John D., Jr., gave him a gift of about $100,000 in shares and the Rockefeller Foundation contributed $100,000 towards the writing of King's memoirs. This photograph of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (right) and Mackenzie King is from King's personal collection.

Mackenzie King. The man whose grandfather led the Upper Canada Rebellion against the British.

Mackenzie King was born in 1874 in Kitchener (then Berlin), Ontario, Canada. He was the grandson of the radical newspaperman and Toronto mayor, William Lyon Mackenzie, who ledthe aborted Upper Canadian rebellion against British rule in 1837.
Wouldn't that make the senior Mackenzie King a traitor to the fledgling Canada?

The grandson was intrinsically linked to the US by his Rockefeller work. Becoming Prime Minister shortly after helping Mr Rockefeller calm/pacify the American populace, riled by the bloodbath known as the Ludlow massacre.

Before I relink the pdf concerning PM Lyon Mackenzie King and Rockefeller we will take a gander at two other interesting items. 

 First a general / historical look at PR and it's manipulations.
(This whole article really should be read)

PR Man has conquered the world. He still isn’t satisfied

managing your perception

"Edward Bernays maintained that the alternative to manipulation was chaos"

Second- "The Canada program"

Set up by the Rockefeller family in honour of Canada's 10th Prime Minister and his work for the Rockefeller Family, because the Rockefeller family was so very grateful for the help William Lyon provided in smoothing over the massacre...... It's amazing that a massacre can be smoothed over.

And last, but certainly not the least of all: 
W.L Mackenzie King: Rockefeller's "other" public relations man in Colorado

Sort of gives one the impression that the Prime Ministership of Canada was some kind of 'reward' for Mr King, delivered via the Rockefeller riches


  1. In light of the interest in the Rockefeller medicine man pdf....
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    It seemed the right time to remind Canadians and Americans about the extensive, insidious influence of Rockefeller money.

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    "Edward Bernays maintained that the alternative to manipulation was chaos"
    What a revealing quote. Honesty would be wasted on the little people I suppose. A very supremacist mind-set.

    1. A very supremacist mind set indeed
      And so very like the elite classes of asses to actually suppose that they are superior to the rest of us

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