Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Suicide Bomber targets Egyptian soldiers in Sinai- death toll increases

Yesterday, Lebanon. Today, the Sinai, Egypt.
Sinai, pretty much Israeli occupied........

Egyptian army near Al-Arish in the Sinai peninsula

Suicide bomber in Egypt rams bus carting soldiers, kills 10

At least 10 government soldiers were killed and 35 injured when a suicide bomber rammed his explosive-filled car into a bus that was carting the troops on a roadway in northern Sinai on Wednesday.
The bomber hit one bus head-on, but managed to cause damage to another carrying soldiers that was traveling nearby,

The soldiers were part of a unit that was engaged in some of the fiercest fighting against Islamic rebel forces. They were headed to Cairo.

Nobody claimed immediate responsibility for the attack — but the method is similar to that used by al Qaeda-inspired groups,
 Update 1: Death toll increases to 12

 The toll from a bomb attack on soldiers in North Sinai has risen to 12 dead and 35 injured, state television announced on Wednesday afternoon. A parked car blew up as an army convoy passed by on the road between Al-Arish and Rafah on Wednesday morning, a security source told state news agency MENA.
The soldiers were about to begin their vacation.
 Some of those critically injured were flown to a military hospital in Cairo's Maadi, Al-Ahram Arabic news website reported.
Preliminary examinations show a large amount of TNT explosives was used in the bomb, it added.
Troops and Apache helicopters have been combing the area for the perpetrators.
The attack is the bloodiest since mid-August when gunmen killed 25 policemen in an ambush on a security convoy in Rafah.
The restive peninsula, already suffering a security vacuum since the ouster of autocrat Hosni Mubarak, has seen a spike in militant activity since Mohamed Morsi's ouster. Attacks on security and army targets in the Sinai region have killed over 100 since July.


  1. Well, wonder who was behind this ? /sarc

    Couple of articles reading this morn.
    Pepe Escobar The Wahhabi-Likudnik war of terror

    And this on Libya and that horrid Levy
    B-H Levy and the destruction of Libya

    Alot of good dirt ( most known ) on the snake and this sort paragraph is typical of the theme of the article. :)

    Israel's right-wingers are fascinated with Levy. The Post's celebration of his global influence was summed up in this quote: "A French philosopher and one of the leaders of the Nouvelle Philosophie movement who said that Jews ought to provide a unique moral voice in the world."

    we now know the zionist definition of philosopher


    1. Bernard Levy- rolfmao

      A philosopher, so called.... in his deluded mind perhaps?
      I will check out the pepe article and thanks so much for leaving this stuff karin
      If I don't say it often enough I appreciate it.

    2. Jews are providing 'a unique moral voice'! There's nothing like it this side of satan

  2. How to send shockwaves round the world: 'Chávez ideas will solve crisis': Antonio Banderas

    Alex Dunham | 20 Nov 2013, 11:05

    Spanish actor Antonio Banderas surprised CNN viewers when he criticized US President Barack Obama and suggested Europe and the US should apply the same economic policies as Venezuela’s late president Hugo Chávez.
    During his talk with Spanish journalist Ana Pastor, Banderas was asked several questions about the current financial crisis and possible solutions to it.

    The Malaga-born star pointed the finger of blame at “the markets, the lobbies, the big corporations” and suggested they didn’t have to take responsibility when countries and governments had problems.

    “We’re not being governed by the people we voted for,” he told Pastor.

    “How do you put a stop to that?” she asked.

    “You break it like Chávez did in his day, you get all these big corporations and you nationalize them,” answered Banderas in the midst of a deafening silence.

    “There was no other way out,” he added.

    The Hollywood actor also criticized the US’s President Obama for not fullfilling his promises during his two terms in office and succumbing to the pressure of big business and financial markets.

  3. Hi Penny

    I was trawling the net for news and this came up, there are hints here and there about trouble in bigger Russia courtesy of usaisreahellsudinutters. Wonder if you have come across any thing relating to ..
    Links in a chain: U.S. preparing a civil war in the Ukraine
    this from ANNA



    1. thanks KamNam

      busy day, hoping tomorrow to catch up on some reading
      It would not surprise me that the US would try to destabilize Ukraine
      cheers to you

  4. Hi Penny
    This just in

    The Plot thickens while firming up as an EU refusal opens the door for mischief on other sorts in Ukraine