Monday, November 25, 2013

Syrian Peace Talks to Begin on January 22/2014

This is the third date set for the Geneva Peace talks... First was in November. Second was supposed to be next month. Now we have a January 22/2014 date.


The Syrian government and opposition will hold their first negotiations in Geneva on Jan. 22, a spokesman for United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on Monday after a meeting among American, Russian and U.N. officials.

“We will go to Geneva with a mission of hope,” the spokesman, Martin Nesirky, said in a statement. He added that the aim of the conference would be the creation of a transitional government based on mutual consent and with full executive powers, including authority over the military and security agencies. 

Aaargh! 'Mission of hope' empty touchy feely wording. Gives me such an "Obama" vibe
With an opportunity to assess the readiness of Syria’s rebel factions and of the government of President Bashar al-Assad for long-awaited negotiations on ending the fighting and forming a transitional government.
On Sunday, Lakhdar Brahimi, the U.N. and Arab League special envoy for Syria, discussed arrangements for the conference with members of the Syrian opposition in exile who were to meet officials from U.N. humanitarian agencies in Geneva on Monday, an aide to the special envoy said. 

At a meeting in Istanbul earlier this month, Syria’s fractured opposition coalition agreed to attend a peace conference. That breakthrough enabled officials to begin the process of setting a date for the conference, but progress from that agreement to peace talks still faces considerable challenges that had frustrated efforts to convene the negotiations, known as Geneva II, in December, diplomats said. 

Opposition members briefed Mr. Brahimi on their efforts to broaden support but diplomats said that the opposition was facing fierce resistance from more militant jihadists inside the country fighting government forces and that the coalition was still struggling to put together a credible negotiating team. 

The basis for talks between Syrian rebels and the Assad government also remain unclear. Opposition groups have insisted Mr. Assad must leave office as part of any settlement, but government officials were equally adamant in comments earlier this month that they “are not going to Geneva to hand over power.” 

The question of Iran’s participation in Geneva II also remains undecided. Mr. Brahimi, who believes Iran, as a significant regional player, should be there, had talks with Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, who was in Geneva for the negotiations about Iran’s nuclear program. The agreement reached with the United States and other world powers in those negotiations on Sunday will make Western governments more comfortable with Iran’s presence at Syria talks, a senior diplomat in Geneva said, but Washington and Saudi Arabia have so far opposed Iranian involvement. 

“Nobody knows what they’re going to do but there’s a lot of activity and that’s better than none,” a senior European official in Geneva said, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with diplomatic practice. Mr. Brahimi “has the idea that everybody just needs to start talking and once that happens they will find a way forward,” the official said.

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 An agreement that won't really settle anything. Not even temporarily.  An agreement, that the US or other nations, but not Iran, will breach as soon as they possibly can. 
It seems safe to say the Israeli and Saudi lobbies have sprung into action. Palms are being greased, so to speak.... *Hawks (and zionists) in US Congress may try and derail deal with Iran


  1. Look at it this way. The longer the zionazis/nazis puppets abstain, the less they get to walk away with.

    вот так

    1. It looks as if that could be the case.
      Syria, one brave little nation......

  2. btw: Canada continues to embarrass. And continues to be subservient to the Israeli lobby. John Baird, who is not a follower of judaism, but has his own rabbi makes it painfully obvious (his own admission)

    Baird told reporters Sunday Canadian sanctions against Iran will remain in "full force" and that Canada will "evaluate this deal not just on the merits of its words," but on verifiable evidence that Iran respects the terms of the deal.

    "I remain deeply skeptical of Iran's intentions with respect to their nuclear program," he said. "Understandably, Prime Minister Netanyahu leads a country which previous leaders of Iran, a mere months ago, have said they want wiped off the face of the Earth.