Thursday, December 26, 2013

Egypt and Turkey: Destabilization and Destabilization

Unsurprisingly, truly unsurprisingly, the new saviours (alleged) of the Egyptian people have now labelled Muslim Brotherhood a "terrorist organization"
Yawn. This convenient branding will be used to further degrade and destabilize Egypt.
But, Egypt is not going to be alone in this campaign of destruction. The labelling or branding/rebrand of Muslim Brotherhood as a 'terror' group bodes very ominously for Erdogan and the Turkish people.

As I had mentioned way, way back in this  July post:  Rebranding the Arab Spring to Reorder the Middle East/Africa

Brief digression for background-
Changing the mascot for the Arab Spring in Egypt was enough to do when one considers the real power in Egypt. The real power is the military. The Egyptian Army is the real power.

"What makes it simpler is that as long as the army has the dominant role in foreign and security policy, it doesn't matter so much who controls parliament or the president's office," Mark Heller, an Egypt expert at Tel Aviv's Institute for National Security Studies.

Morsi was figure head B. Mubarak figure head A. El Baradei figure head C. Interchangeable depending on the face needed for public presentation.

This act of rebranding, (the coup that wasn't) will guarantee the divide is widened amongst the people. Without it appearing to be tied to any western backed manipulations. On the surface. The discord will come straight from the people. Who because of the way they have been manipulated will very naturally feel cheated and resentful.
Didn't the people of Egypt demand the military intervention? So we are told.
Therefore they were led to believe the had got the change they wanted.....
Discord straight from the people without it appearing to have had western encouragement?
And wasn't it clear enough that the narrative was changing from Arab spring to one of fighting terror?
I had mentioned the changing narrative on several previous occasions here at the blog.

And isn't it correct that when one makes laws labelling groups, individuals, substances as something that needs to be fought inevitably a war on something follows?

Terrorism is the same meme mind control as drugs, poverty... and all other things wars must be fought against. These are wars that are never won for the simple reason that is not the intention. It is the catchy/feel good/buzz phrase.

Therefore when the announcement was made out of Egypt, yesterday, that MB was now a terrorist group- the next war was announced to all of us with that new branding.
 Analysts said the designation opened the door to the most severe crackdown on the movement in decades, requiring hundreds of thousands of Brotherhood members to abandon the group or face prison, and granting the military and the police new authority to suppress protests.
 Those new restriction will be expanded to every Egyptian. See how that works?

  Khalil al-Anani, a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute in Washington who studies the Brotherhood, called the designation “a turning point” and said it could lead Egypt to a civil conflict like the one in Algeria in the 1990s.
“This is a big miscalculation from the government,” he said. “It is a massive social movement, whose supporters might retaliate or fight back.”
 This ain't no miscalculation. This is calculated. Obvious. And not even that clever.

Suddenly, my 'Cue the civil war comment was not so 'out there' was it?

Promptly after we get the declaration of war of terror, ooops on terror.... 

A bus bomb explodes in Cairo.
Riot police and investigators surround a damaged bus after a bomb blast near the Al-Azhar University campus in Cairo's Nasr City district December 26, 2013.

A bomb blast in a Cairo suburb wounded five people - the second attack this week after a suicide bomber killed 16 people north of the capital on Tuesday. Army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who led the overthrow of President Mohamed Mursi in July, said Egypt would be "steadfast" in the face of terrorism.
The Cairo blast, which blew windows out of a bus, appeared to be the first aimed at civilians in a recent wave of attacks. But there was no claim of responsibility to say what had been targeted.

What does this terror label mean for Erdogan and Turkey?
Erdogan being very heavily affiliated with/supportive of/supported by MB...
Let me put it this way? The terror branding should now be seen by Erdogan with a sense of foreboding. Unless Erdogan has a sudden 'change of heart' his days in office are numbered.
Then he, like Morsi, will end up imprisoned or meet some other fate.

EU socialist group head suggests that Turkey ‘needs new prime minister’

Turkey needs a new prime minister. And Fettulah Gulen is there to help

Flashback * Turkish PM Erdogan threatened/challenged by Fethullah Gulen?
The head of the European Parliament’s Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats Hannes Swoboda suggested that Turkey needs a new prime minister

“Erdogan is in trouble after the resignations. Perhaps Turkey needs a new prime minister: less autocratic and more ready for dialogue

Dialogue? Dialogue, with who? This is not about dialogue with the Turkish people, of course.
 Since it is a fascist EU mouthpiece talking, it only makes sense the dialogue needed is concerning the acquiescence to the EU.

Flashback* Turkey & Ukraine afflicted with EU/ private banking/business parasites


  1. Penny,

    ZATO's days may be numbered, at least in the sense of getting their way easily. The Egyptian army doesn't want to end up like the Turkish one. So you may consider the different folks in Egypt to be A, B, and C, with all under US control,but it is very doubtful that that is how a member of the Egyptian business class would see it, and it's certainly not how someone in the army would.

    Anyway, you need to do something on Tamarod, a great bit of news in the Middle East, though one can be sure ZATO is trying to split it up and otherwise ruin it.

    As for Erdoghan now being on the US's bad list, well, he can join the club. If he's smart, he'll try to get some protection from elsewhere and realize that being friends with Iran, Russia, and China may be his only chance.


  2. Hi Paul

    ZATO's days may indeed be numbered... and that would be such a great thing!
    I dread a one world order. A one world disorder
    rambling for a moment.... I never get how people believe that a one world order would mean peace? No war? Shakes head. The stuff people are willingly to believe boggles the mind?

    "The Egyptian army doesn't want to end up like the Turkish one"

    Paul, for me to understand what you mean by this statement you would have to expand on it. Fill it in a bit more

    From where I sit, deciphering msm bullshit, the Turkish Army and Egyptian Army are brothers in arms..

    Egypts Military adopts Turkish Model to retain power over Morsi
    From the CFR
    the election fix and

    " Field Marshal Tantawi asked for a translation of Turkey’s 1982 constitution, which both endows Turkish officers with wide-ranging powers to police the political arena and curtails the power of civilian leaders. In the June 17 decree, the military hedged against a Morsi victory by approximating the tutelary roleAs a result, President Morsi does not control the budget; has no foreign policy, defense, or national security function; and has been stripped of the president’s duty as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, meaning he has no control over military personnel. In addition, having dissolved parliament in a move that has no legal basis, the SCAF now also functions as Egypt’s legislature. Finally, the military will be able to veto articles of a new constitution.

    Morsi, from my understanding was nothing in Egypt. Disposable and dispensable.
    He played leader for a while. Did he reach too far? Did he really try to lead?
    Who knows.

    Which is why I ask for clarification of your statement

    ""The Egyptian army doesn't want to end up like the Turkish one"

    What does that mean to you? I don't know?

    As for the Egyptian business class I do hope they have different ideas and take actions that are beneficial to the people and the country

    And Erdoghan....

    he might try to get help elsewhere?
    Or he may try to be accommodating?
    Or he may end up like Gaddaffi... no choice at all.

    Turkey is in a good geographic location to reach out to Turkey and China, but.....
    Turkey has been in NATO's grasp for so long

  3. "Anyway, you need to do something on Tamarod, a great bit of news in the Middle East, though one can be sure ZATO is trying to split it up and otherwise ruin it"

    From Libya 360

  4. Penny,

    First, you should spend less time reading CFR stuff. Second, you might want to keep in mind that the news in 1944 Germany was a tad over the top. ZATO losing power is not going to be clean and pretty.

    The Egyptian army doesn't want to end up in jail and lacking the ability to depose a troublesome or reckless politician, such as Morsi or Erdoghan. The 1982 Constitution is not the issue for today's Turkey. If, by brothers-in-arms, you mean they both want to get rid of Islamic groups run by Western intel, then, sure, they are.

    Yes, Morsi tried to push Egypt into the deep end, and that was foolish. Good riddance. Hopefully, the cards being rearranged in that part of the world will lead to a better regime with better friends in the future. No, you won't like a milder military regime, but the alternatives were terrible, and putting the Islamic genie in the bottle is going to take a bit of time. I disagree with the idea that the government will fail at this, though. The popularity of the Islamists is now low, and Western assets are going to have a tough time maneuvering. If the mild Khadaffi regime could keep their Islamic radicals under control, Egypt can succeed much better, as long as they have a non-US source of money. It has been Western money that caused a huge percentage of Egypt's troubles. For better or worse, that money is coming to an end.

    The fact that the West wants to control all parties, media, and political things in Egypt is to be expected. They also try to pretend to be influencing things when they aren't so as to discredit legitimate groups. This is an Israeli specialty. The bigger picture is that Western attempts to make el-Baradei seem respectable didn't work. The even bigger picture is that the Grand Chessboard is being revamped. Even poor Egypt and Syria are likely to get better governments in a few years than they've had in recent times.



  5. If, by brothers-in-arms, you mean they both want to get rid of Islamic groups run by Western intel, then, sure, they are.

    Nope, that is not what I mean at all

    "It has been Western money that caused a huge percentage of Egypt's troubles. For better or worse, that money is coming to an end"

    Western money, what little that was reduced is set to flow again

    Instead, because the United States considers Egypt crucial to regional stability and because of Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday approved legislation that would make it easier to resume aid

    Senate Foreign Relations committee did not make those changes for just any reason...

    Indeed the grand chessboard is being revamped
    And Israel is waiting...