Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Israel's best friend: Stephen Harper

Doesn't it give you the warm fuzzies? To bad Stephen Harper doesn't concern himself with all the  other Canadians. You know the ones that are not  followers of a specific religion residing in Canada but having  loyalties that lie elsewhere?
Canada's Prime Minister? Really?

To speak more plainly, if the Canadians resident here have more concern for a foreign nation they should pack up and go. And take Stephen , John and all the other sycophants with you.
It is time to put the Canadian people and their interests in their own nation first, second and third. To paraphrase Mike Rivero from WRH!

Macleans: Stephen Harper looked ever so relaxed, standing among friends, as he spoke to thousands assembled for a glitzy annual gala at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Dec. 1. He strode across the stage in an untucked black shirt and slacks, a wardrobe giveaway that he would perform with Herringbone, the Harper-led musical act that informally serves as the Conservative party’s house band. Harper spoke for several minutes without notes—a relative rarity for the Prime Minister—and the crowd reciprocated with an immediate, and prolonged, standing ovation. Then, the Prime Minister played a few tunes. The warmth in the room was palpable as the Jewish National Fund feted Harper at its Negev Dinner, as thanks for his long-standing and unapologetic defence of the Israeli cause.

Conservatives won the support of 52 per cent of Jewish voters during the last federal election, a departure from prior elections stretching back for decades. Conservative politicians have coalesced behind the Prime Minister, and now stand in lockstep with his stridently pro-Israel agenda. Tim Hudak, Ontario’s Opposition leader, leapt to his feet when Harper announced that he would visit the Middle East in 2014. Julian Fantino, the veterans affairs minister, beamed as the Prime Minister belted out the words to the Who’s restless hit, The Seeker. Karen Stintz, a Toronto mayoral candidate set to take on Ford Nation, soaked in the festivities. Harper, who almost never pours his heart out in public, acknowledged that the affair was “a show of affection and love,” and assured the crowd the feeling was mutual. The people behind the gala made one thing clear: No longer are Jews nervous about voting Conservative.
If only Stephen Harper showed 'affection and love' for all of Canada?

 That wasn’t always so. Liberals used to be able to count on waves of Jewish support at the polls, and they benefited from the perception among Jews that extremists in the Conservative ranks were not to be trusted. But there was no strict ideological opposition to right-leaning parties, says Shimon Fogel, the CEO of the Centre for Jewish and Israel Affairs. He says the last Conservative prime minister was held in similarly high regard. “There was significant affection for, and appreciation directed at, Brian Mulroney,” says Fogel. “It didn’t translate uniformly to the party that he represented.” The emergence of the Reform movement, and the Canadian Alliance that followed, only spooked wary Jewish voters. Frank Dimant, the CEO of B’nai Brith Canada, recalls that Israeli officials, long accustomed to their Liberal counterparts in Ottawa, were “very skeptical” of the fractured right wing. But then, in 2004, along came Harper and the united right.

Dimant’s first encounter with Harper wasn’t altogether warm, he says. In fact, it was “a little bit cool.” When the Jewish leader asked the then-opposition leader if he’d continue a tradition of booting anti-Semites from caucus—an agreement B’nai Brith arranged with prior Reform and Alliance leaders—Harper inquired sharply about whether or not Jewish leaders had sought the same assurances from the Liberals. “That floored all of us, quite frankly,” says Dimant. But don’t mistake that for disillusionment on Dimant’s part. “I’ve seen him many times over the years, privately and with delegations, and have found him to be forthright,” he says.
Anti-semites= people who do not kiss the arse of the Israel lobby and pro Israel voters, which is most of Canada.

Eventually, Harper’s approach connected with the broader Jewish community. “Jews started to realize that they finally had a leader who felt the same way about their issues as our community,” says Sen. Linda Frum, whom Harper appointed to the Senate in 2009. “I think Jews had been Liberals because they figured they would get the most sensitivity for their perspective. But I think they’ve figured out, slowly, that this was an illusion.” Frum insists the community simply grew tired of Liberal abstentions at the United Nations and the notion that, when Israelis and Palestinians quarrel, Canada should “consider the grievances of both sides equally.” When Harper infuriated Israel’s critics by declaring the country’s 2006 rocket attacks on Hezbollah a “measured response,” Jews loved what they heard. The friendship was sealed.
Arse kisser.

Those remarks, and similarly friendly comments that have helped define Harper’s foreign policy, may have emboldened his opposition at home—but they also assured him of thousands of new friends. Dimant recalls the reception that Harper received at a 2006 event where he wasn’t even the guest of honour. Walter Arbib, a Jewish-Canadian philanthropist, was supposed to gather all the accolades—but everyone wanted to talk to the Prime Minister. “He couldn’t eat his meal because people didn’t stop coming over to shake his hand,” says Dimant. And, if any Israelis clung to any doubts about their new Conservative friends, those have long since vanished. “I think it’s fair to say that he’s the most popular politician in Israel, bar none, including any of their own. He’s a rock star in Israel,” says Frum, adding that Israelis are “thrilled” that a new visitor’s centre at an environmentally sensitive bird sanctuary, built partially with the $5.7 million raised at Harper’s Toronto tribute, will bear the Prime Minister’s name. “The fact that they’ve chosen to associate it with Stephen Harper’s name is as meaningful a tribute as I think Israel can offer,” says Fogel.
Stephen Harper. A rock star in Israel. Goodness gracious great balls of fire!

The political advantage in Canada to such a pro-Israel stance is unclear. “Going after the Jewish vote is not great political strategy,” says Frum. “I think it’s almost a disadvantage,” says Dimant. A handful of ridings, including key constituencies in Toronto and Montreal, can be tilted by Jewish support. But that’s about it, in stark electoral terms. Frum says the polls are not what drives Harper’s support for Israel. “These are his genuine, and true, and deeply held convictions, and he feels he has no choice,” she says. “He’s not going to take a different position because it’s politically advantageous.” Indeed, the Prime Minister told the gala audience in Toronto that his affection for Israel comes not from political ambition, but rather his father’s own fervent belief in the then-fledgling nation.
I feel nauseated.

Nevertheless, Liberals want to win back the Jewish vote they counted on for so long. Justin Trudeau, the Liberal leader, recently reiterated his party’s position that Canada “must always be a strong, true friend of Israel.” His chief fundraiser, Stephen Bronfman, claimed Trudeau was a closer friend to Israel than the Prime Minister, because he’s actually visited the place. That advantage evaporates next year, when Harper sets off for Israel, especially because, Dimant claims, the trip’s not a token drop-in. “I think it’s going to be both a political journey to Israel, but also a spiritual journey,” he says.
As he accepted his Toronto tribute, Harper referred to the countries surrounding Israel as a “region of darkness,” juxtaposed against a Jewish state that he called a “light of freedom and democracy.” Canadians may disagree about the substance of that characterization, but everyone can agree about one thing: On matters of Israel, the Prime Minister is utterly immovable.

Israel. The light of freedom and democracy. Sure, if a religious theocracy is your cup of tea.
And the countries surrounding Israel a 'region of darkness'
Sigh...... This is why Harper is so willing to build hospitals for terrorists and destroy other ME nations. He is a crackpot par none, but, he is not a great leader.

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  1. Why do I think a relative unknown to Albertans, A Redford became the surprise premier of Alberta a couple of yrs. ago? Unknown because she was busy setting up the neoliberal tent poles of the newly inclusive S.African A.N.C. S.Harper is an obvious neoliberal, they are all on the plane to honour an avowed communist, Nelson Mandela. Strictly speaking, one of them's different and yet they do seem to have friends in common. Oh dread, are they all the same ideology wise?

    1. Yes, those "avowed communists" are the devil incarnate.

      Great zionazi/nazi spam. I'm sure nobody suspects the source, J. Edgar Hoover and Avraham Stern. ;D


      LOL, some things never change.

      вот так

    2. Bot tak can you clarify what you are speaking of in regards to rubells comment?
      extremely unclear

  2. The day that Stephen Harper is the most popular politician in 'israel' is avery, very bad day for Canada and Canadians. He should renounce his Canadian citizenship, take his Sodomite friends, Kenney and Baird with him, and make Alyaa back in his favourite little 'israel', and stay there. With traitors like him, who needs enemies?

    1. The day that Stephen Harper is the most popular politician in 'israel' is avery, very bad day for Canada and Canadians.

      I agree. Shouldn't he be the most popular politician in Canada?
      Since he is a Canadian politician?

      I found this part interesting quoting from Macleans

      The political advantage in Canada to such a pro-Israel stance is unclear. “ says Dimant. "A handful of ridings, including key constituencies in Toronto and Montreal, can be tilted by Jewish support. But that’s about it, in stark electoral terms"

      So, according to Dimant, no real political advantage in wooing the Khazar crowds vote
      So what is the incentive?

  3. Hi Penny Thanks for the post on my site, I found you through Syrian Perspective where I post as Shin. Some great links here as well!

    Best wishes

  4. It's truly disgusting isn't it?

    What is worse than the obvious Harper Love for Israel, is that ALL of our parties are subservient to the Zionist/Israeli lobby - ALL OF THEM!! We have zero choices - period.

    Look at the fiasco that May just went through, cancelling her speech with CJPME! She is ass kissing too! Mulclair took Jack's legacy and has trounced it totally! And Justin? gack, he's just as sychophantic as the rest of them - recall this move towards loving Israel ueber alles started with the 'Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel', it's even more entrenched now.

    It's truly astounding how that shit little country has so much hold over damn near every 'western' nation! Do you think it could be due to the debt? Extortion? Blackmail?

    Utterly sickening.

    Buffy (barfing now)

    1. Do you think it could be due to the debt? Extortion? Blackmail?

      all of the above and probably more

    2. Yeah, me too - it's like they are being threatened somehow. Israel has something for sure. Perhaps if we had anyone with a spine they could simply state that 'yes we have been lying for decades, 9/11, JFK, the usursous debt, and of course the biggest lie of all, the Holyhoax - and all the money that goes with that'. Perhaps if someone took the first step to simply put it all out there, then Israel and her masters would have no more fuel and we could finally get on with things.

      Of course there would be lots of gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair and alot of folks would be pretty pissed off, but really aren't we mad enough already?

      I am so sick of this constant pandering to the last apartheid nation on Earth, it's truly stomach wrenching!

      I am at the point where I just give a f*** anymore, got called a denier by my BFs buddy. So I asked him what exactly am I denying? I agree Jews were targeted (for the most part wrongly - like arresting street level dealers while the head honchos are always free to go on doing their nasty business), lots of folks were targeted by that clearly fascist regime we so lovingly refer to as Nazis, but this 6 million thing is just plain bullshit. I had to educate him that the lampshades were a hoax, the shrunken heads a hoax, the soap a hoax - so I flat out said - if these things were all proven false, as well as numerous so called 'witness testimonies' how can one not question the 'official' history.

      That shut him up pretty quick. I am really sick of it. I want a t'shirt saying 'Self-hater and proud of it'.

      Buffy the Brave!!

  5. Left I on the News ‏@leftiblog 22 Nov
    Luis Posada Carriles is still being shielded by US govt from prosecution in murder of 73 people. Was Kennedy #74? http://www.plenglish.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2107421&Itemid=1 …

  6. Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters compared Israel to Nazi Germany


    "The similarities between Israel and Nazi Germany are "crushingly obvious," Pink Floyd band member and anti-Israel activist Roger Waters said. Waters continued his call for a cultural boycott of Israel in an interview with CounterPunch magazine..."

    Reading the piece, one gets the feeling the author of this VoR article approves of Water's stance. I like it. :)

    вот так

  7. new zealand citizen stripped of phone after returning from London where attended talk about Snowden and released documents
    shades of the Bolivia plane incident : another state controlled by US

  8. different!

    Meet José Mujica, the president of Uruguay and former guerilla who lives in a one-bedroom home, was shot by police six times, spent 14 years in a military prison and is the only leftwing leader on the planet to win the favour of the Daily Mail. Oh, and he's just legalised cannabis.

  9. Canada's Prime Minister? Really?

    no israels...there can only be one PM of israel? Jehovah should be able to bend the laws of politics...AIPAC finds it easy enough

  10. Canada is not taken seriously when it comes to international politics. If the Zionists can stand up to obomber, they can easily tame this traitor whose party was cheating with our tax money by giving his ministers free paychecks! western system is so unfair at times

  11. Semites always bring up communists (commies) as a scare word. let me ask you who are main commies? who created that religion? marx, engels, trotski, etc.?
    please learn, they are not russian, they are jews.