Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Israel's (theocratic state) Parliament bans Christmas tree display

Isn't it ironic? As zionist christians fall all over themselves to cater to followers of Judaism.
A Christmas tree cannot be displayed in Israel: Israel's parliament bans Christmas tree display

It seems Israelis are unconcerned with catering to Christians?
  The office of the speaker of Israel's parliament says he has rejected a Christian lawmaker's request to publically display a Christmas tree in the building.
 Eran Sidis, a spokesman for Yuli Edelstein, said Monday that the speaker rejected yesterday's request, but said the parliamentarian could display a Christmas tree in his office and his party's conference room.
 Sidis denied the rejection was connected to Israel's Jewish character. He said displaying the tree until Orthodox Christmas January 7 would be too long.
Just put the display up a little later. Simple enough remedy to accommodate the Christian population
Hanna Swaid, a Christian opposition lawmaker from Israel's Arab minority, said a Christmas tree would promote multiculturalism and freedom of religion.
There have been previous bans on public Christmas tree displays. The mayor of a Jewish town bordering Nazareth has previously refused them, though some Christians live there.
Israel is not a nation that concerns itself with other religions. It is a theocracy. 
Unlike Syria, where multiple religious followers lived peacefully. Until the Western/Israeli destabilization began.

Perhaps the Christians could try for a nativity scene next year?
nativity scene clip art 7 1056x1099
nothing elaborate, just simple and tasteful.

See the poorly attended, due to very small percentage (2.2%) of followers in the US, lighting of 
"America's Menorah"

And of course one of several available pics of PM Stephen Harper being very tolerant

 Israel: A nation that makes it's intolerant attitudes clearer with each action it takes
Banning Christmas trees. Burning bibles. Fomenting sectarian violence through covert ops.
Suppressing the free speech rights of others by using the 'anti-semite' label like a hammer to bash down criticism of their numerous negative actions. Operation Cast Lead for instance. While freely demonizing everyone else...



  1. The post is about double standards.
    Different religious beliefs being the medium for comparison

    "A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for similar situations, or by two different people in the same situation.[1] A double standard may take the form of an instance in which certain concepts (often, for example, a word, phrase, social norm, or rule) are perceived as acceptable to be applied by one group of people, but are considered unacceptable—taboo—when applied by another group"

  2. Just another brick in the wall, proving once again, what an abomination the state of Israel has become. Until there is justice for the Palestinians, nothing will change in the region.
    Happiness and health to all. Thanks Penny!...ben

    1. back atcha ben
      happiness and health means more then anything :)
      Your welcome and thanks for stopping by

  3. Merry Christmas, Penny, and best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and yours.

    1. Merry Christmas to you and yours too Winter :)
      And all the best for a happy, healthy New Year
      Along with a mass awakening and a big dose of peace for us all

  4. how Jewish.

    but then they don't have a First Amendment, either. . .


    Merry Christmas



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  6. Palestinian archbishop: Christmas celebrations limited to religious services in solidarity with Syria


    "Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia Atallah Hanna said that Christmas and New Year’s celebrations will be limited to religious services as a gesture of solidarity with Syria.

    In an interview given to SANA on Monday, Archbishop Hanna said that this gesture is motivated by the close ties between the Palestinian and Syrian peoples, saying “how can I be happy during the holiday when I see my brothers the bishops, my sisters the nuns abducted, and the Syrian people depraved of the joy of holidays?”

    He said that the war on Syria targets all its components and seeks to destroy its religious coexistence and national unity, voicing confidence in Syria’s ability to overcome this ordeal thanks to the wisdom of its leadership, the awareness of its people, and the valiance of the Syrian Army.

    Archbishop Hanna stressed that what is happening in Syria has nothing to do with establishing a democratic, civil state nor with people’s demands; rather it’s a revived colonialist plot.

    He asserted that violence is an imported phenomenon and not ingrained in the Syrian people, and that despite the fact that some Syrians may have deviated from the right path, the greater majority of Syrians reject violence, murder and terrorism.

    The Archbishop reiterated calls for releasing all abductees in Syria, particularly bishops Paul Yazigi and John Ibrahim and the nuns of St. Thecla Convent, affirming that abduction is a barbaric conduct and holding the Turkish government responsible for the safety of the bishops, nuns and all abductees because Turkey is deeply involved in the Syrian crisis.

    He also offered condolences and commiserations to all those who lose loved ones in Syria, stressing that terrorist attacks on Syria and its people represent a threat to all of humanity and all civilized values, saying that it’s everyone’s duty to defend Syria.

    On the terrorist attack and massacre in Adra city, the Archbishop denounced this heinous crime, saying that the biggest crime is that Arab Gulf countries are sending money to destroy Syria and that countries that boast about human rights and democracy remain indifferent to the slaughter and violation of human dignity committed by criminals sent to Syria by countries that own money and petrol."

    вот так

    1. A gesture of solidarity with Syria
      A perfect gesture
      “how can I be happy during the holiday when I see my brothers the bishops, my sisters the nuns abducted, and the Syrian people depraved of the joy of holidays?”

      That is a big question, isn't it?

      Thanks bot tak that is nice news to read

  7. Why can't there be a mash-up of all interpretations of Abba (Jesus' name for God) (religions)? It'll be awesome! It'll show more tolerance, acceptance, and diversity for everyone; same love.