Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh look. Ukraine Protestors Topple Statue. How iconic

Yawn..... Ukraine “protestors” topple a statue.
This action is getting tired. Really tired. As in, aren't you tired of seeing the same perception management played out over and over?  We have seen statues pulled down quite regularly and it is always presented as some kind of iconic action. Iconic as in meaningful.

Always time for a definition...........

i·con·ic  (-knk)
1. Of, relating to, or having the character of an icon.
2. Having a conventional formulaic style. Used of certain memorial statues and busts.

An icon is an enduring/relevant symbol  promoted as significant for some arbitrary or inane reason. Most often an icon is used to reinforce the cult-ure of a society, as set out by the elite classes.  So pulling down some random statue that has or is promoted as representative of some ideal can be construed as an iconic action. On the other hand the iconic pulling down of statue for perception management has a very conventional and formulaic feel and style. Hence, my yawn.

Ever notice we get the same stuff of perception management repeatedly?

Iraqis, pulling down a statue
Not really

Syrians- Pulling down statue?
Syrians? Perhaps some Saudis, Tunisians, Libyans, Chechens, Americans, Brits but Syrians?
Well there might have been a few standing around

Perhaps he is Polish?

During the ‘rose’ revolution in Georgia (European/Russian) there were iconic photos taken of  an iconic statue being iconicly destroyed. It’s all so dam iconic! At least that is what you are supposed to think?
Reality, always getting in the way of delusion, tells us these made for video/mass media events played over repeatedly like reruns on the idiot box are staged psyops. 

Recall I mentioned last week that this ‘protest’ in Ukraine feels like another yet to be named colour revolution.
These protests have such a familiarity... Iconic locations.  Lot of flags. 

Apparently I wasn’t the only one getting a sense of deja vu

William Engdhal: EU’s bid for Ukraine is really Washington acting through ‘cat’s paw of Brussels’

and more freshly unpacked EU flags- creases still evident

 RT: Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovich is now facing many protesters saying they want him to sign that deal with the EU. He says that will come with economic damage for the country. What are his choices now?

William Engdhal: First of all I think it’s quite right about the economic damage with the special association with the European Union. This was a Washington agenda and has been for more than six years. The EU is simply acting as a proxy for Washington to essentially strip Ukraine from Russia and weaken and isolate Russia even more. So the geopolitical stakes are huge in this.

The Ukrainian police made a colossal blunder, the same as Milosevic made back in Yugoslavia, and the same blunder that Bashar Assad made at the onset of the protests in Syria – and that is to react with state violence, because that is exactly what the opposition was hoping and praying for: that they would lose their cool and give a red flag for the protesters to come out on mass. And that’s precisely what has happened.

RT: Surely, isn’t there a genuine belief that the EU is better for Ukrainians? Otherwise we wouldn’t see hundreds of thousands of them protesting right now.

WE: There’s a genuine belief in many children in Santa Claus, but that doesn’t mean Santa Claus exists.

Quite seriously, the protesters… people get on the streets out of emotion, not out of reasoned logic in most cases. In Tahir Square in Egypt the emotion was freedom, democracy –and that was manipulated by the backers of the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi, et all, to bring the Brotherhood into power and discard the legitimate student democratic protests.

 I suspect that the same networks that created the Orange Revolution back in 2003/04 and that is the National Endowment for Democracy, Freedom House, various front organizations of the US State Department are quite active in this protest and are trying to steer it and build it in a very professional guided way. Another kind of color revolution if you will, mark two for Ukraine.

Hopefully the government starts responding a little bit more intelligently. The head of the national police has apologized for the excessive use of force and violence, but it’s going to take much more than that.

RT: And what do you make of the fact that European MPs have been seen talking to opposition members here actually in Kiev? Is that in effect may be them stirring up trouble and perhaps even an attack on the country’s sovereignty? Should they actually be doing that right now?

WE:  No, the speaker of the Lithuanian parliament among others and she made a blatant intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, Ukraine, several days ago, hailing European Union membership for Ukraine etc. So this is major push by the West, by NATO essentially, to create chaos in Ukraine and weaken the ties with Russia.
RT: Where does that put EU-Russia ties now because they are very important trading partners and they’ve got a lot to lose here, haven’t they?
WE: Well they do, and I go back to my initial statement, this is not about the EU as EU, this is Washington acting through the cat’s paw of the European Union, trough political networks in Brussels and so forth. And Cameron and Hollande’s government in France; Merkel to a limited extent because the Germans are much more sensitive about good relations with Moscow.
But this is a geopolitical agenda, it’s much bigger than Ukraine, it’s much bigger than tens or hundreds of thousands of protesters on the street.

I think sober heads have to prevail in this situation and rationally discuss what’s at stake. If there was police violence, they should be punished for it. The population should realize Ukraine has a huge problem, I know from Ukrainian friends, with state corruption, with business corruption on all levels, they should begin addressing that as well. But it’s not going to happen because if the opposition comes back in, they’re as corrupt as the people in there now. It’s just different left-handed corruption versus right-handed corruption, I suppose. 
European MP's right in the Ukraine. In Kiev. I have also read that there are many Polish persons taking part in these protests. Why?

And thinking about a marketable name for this latest western backed/staged/fomented destabilization?

Perhaps instead of something simple like “orange” maybe, it could be called Orange crush? Doubly useful as an easy to recall name for the dumbed down masses in the West and might help to sell some more pop? I don’t know? Coincidentally, there is a song of the same name by REM.  The audio could be used as the sound track of a revolution? Orange crush sounds as relevant to the reality of what is ongoing as any other staged, fomented destabilization that has gone before. I mean what was the 'rose' revolution? Did everyone plant rose bushes? How about the Arab 'spring'? Renewal? No the same old, same old.
History repeats.

REM-Orange Crush

Follow me, don't follow me)
I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush
(Collar me, don't collar me)
I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush
(We are agents of the free)
I've had my fun and now it's time to serve your conscience overseas
(Over me, not over me)
Coming in fast, over me (oh, oh)
Lyrically the tune is a perfect anthem for a western backed covert "revolution"


  1. Aye, more fake revolution. As I think you said before, why would any country want to join the EU when you see what happened to Greece, Cyprus etc. I wonder what countries are coming up next for this treatment? Do we all get to have a go? Rest assured that I will not be joining in. Cheers Penny.

    1. hey john

      yup, no one nation in their right mind would join the EU
      it strangles any nation in it's grasp
      joining the EU is going to cost the Ukraines more in taxes and debt servitude and increase prices why the hell would they protest to join?
      makes zero sense
      cheers to you john :)

    2. Hello John,
      what Country comes next??

      All the places where the TechCamp is working ;-)

      Ask Rik where his next Job will be....

      He probably has a nice Diplom like this.

      Regards from a German

    3. Hey thanks for those links. that's very interesting, cheers

    4. Yes, thanks for those links, missed you yesterday
      Hillary Clinton.... listening now
      Tech Camp
      will give the others a listen

  2. putin moved on the media business today and is folding ria and voice of Russia into a new org. Over to Ukraine article linked on the rise of the "family" oligarchs and their media ownership (not to mention relations to Russian mobsters of the berezovsky mold). Related?

    times of India: Ukraine's oligarchs, a hidden threat for the regime

    he Inter channel, co-owned by chemicals tycoon Dmytro Firtash, as well as the Ukraina channel of Rinat Akhmetov, the country's richest man and the owner of the hugely successful Shakhtar Donetsk football side, have both given substantial airtime to Yanukovych's opponents. But the resignation was not accepted. The Inter channel has also made a clear effort to promote world boxing champion turned politician and opposition leader Vitali Klitschko, repeatedly showing his sporting triumphs along with his political activity on the streets.

    1. I had that article book marked to use, but, just did not get around to it
      one of the new oligarchs is just 28 years old and when I read that article I was flashing back to Khordokovsy (spelling?)
      no time to check

  3. Armenia: Ukraine protests are a well planned campaign- Putin

    "Vladimir Putin (in Russian)

    "This has very little to do with the interaction of Ukraine and the European Union. This is an internal political process, an attempt undertaken by the opposition to upset the balance of power – and let’s emphasize it here, of the legitimate power in the country. More than that, what is happening now indicates that this is not a revolution but a well-planned campaign. And I think that this campaign was not being prepared for today, but for the presidential election that is due in March or sometime in spring 2015. Somebody simply jumped the gun too early under the circumstances, but all in all this was being prepared for the presidential election. And I believe that any objective observer would agree that this is a well-planned and prepared campaign, seeing what we see on TV screens – and what we see is in reality the aligned actions of the trained militant groups. This is my evaluation."

    See also:

    Putin: Kiev protests have nothing to do with Ukraine-EU relations, prepared ahead of elections

    “As far as the events in Ukraine are concerned, to me they don’t look like a revolution, but rather like 'pogrom'. However strange this might seem, in my view it has little to do with Ukrainian-EU relations,” Putin said.

    Speaking in Yerevan during his official visit to Armenia, Putin argued that the protests in Ukraine had been prepared by the opposition in advance to undermine the legitimate government of the country. However, it is “apparent” that the opposition had meant them to take place during the Ukrainian presidential campaign in March 2015, the Russian President said.

    “What is happening now is a little false start due to certain circumstances… This all has been prepared for the presidential election. And that these were preparations, in my opinion, is an apparent fact for all objective observers,” Putin stressed.

    He has said that now the Ukrainian opposition is either not in control of the protests, or it may serve as a cover-up for extremist activities.

    The footage from Kiev clearly shows “how well-organized and trained militant groups operate,” the Russian President said.

    Nobody seems to be concerned with the actual details of the Ukrainian-EU agreement, Putin said.

    “They say that the Ukrainian people are being deprived of their dream. But if you look at the contents of the deal – then you’ll see that the dream may be good, but many may not live to see it,” he argued.

    Putin then explained that the deal offered to Ukraine by the EU has “very harsh conditions".

    The Russian government presumes that the situation in Ukraine will be back to normal, and that the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian people will determine their future on their own.

    “I want to stress that, regardless of the choice of the Ukrainian people, we will respect it,” Putin said."

    вот так

  4. I read that article at RT last week, but forgot where. Tried a google search for it:

    No luck finding the RT, found the ruptly article, though. Gave Яндекса a try:

    And there was that RT article I had been looking for. Both searches were with using the same keywords:

    ukraine protests planned election 2014

    (Note also a search done at the RT site for the RT article came up blank)

    Moral of the story: if one cant find something on google, try Яндекса:

    вот так

  5. The zionazi/nazi west is insisting Ukraine do this:

    Origami - Bez Lishnih Slov

    A replay of a successful op in the past:

    Tracktor Bowling "Outside"

    One could mention a cliche about old dogs and tricks, but that would be an insult to our canine friends.

    вот так

    1. bot tak

      yes, I heard this about the paid provocateurs
      and their campaigns of destruction
      ensuring the state intervenes and tut, tut, the west says oh bad ukraine government
      never mind what happened right here in Canada at the G-20 in TO

    2. Or what happened to the Occupy Wall Street encampments in American cities...with input from Homeland Security and the White House's intel agencies....

      But those were the PTB's goons, which makes whatever they do all good, eh?


    3. Exactly jawbone

      I was thinking about the G20 protests in TO, they were all peaceful when suddenly provocateurs appeared, went on a rampage, while the cops stood down and that rampage justified a vicious and violent crackdown on all the peaceful protestors in Toronto
      They started whipping, womping, rounding up, kettling, bashing heads
      and then taking them all to the thousands of cages they had set up just for the occasion and there was not a word of condemnation
      because you are right
      the goons in the Ukraine belong to the ptb's
      doing their bidding
      violence-crackdown-condemnation by the politicos across the 'free world'
      and the goons in Canada belonged to the ptb's
      doing their bidding also
      violence- silence/no politico condemnation anywhere, justification and excuse making...only oridinary people complaining and trying to get justice
      and getting nothing

  6. I should have included this video as well. Made during the early Yeltsin zionazi/nazi quisling times, it asked the basic question:

    Do you want to give up what we have achieved for the words from corrupt capitalists? (you know, those nice,considerate parasites whose very existence depend upon voluntary slavery) Do you want to sacrifice your future for illusionary dreams that are never going to happen? IE: should we sod ourselves back to a baboon existence because it looks good in the Jewish run media and Jewish/rightwing "portfolios"?

    Я так устала ждать. Ирина Климова

    вот так