Monday, December 16, 2013

Russia to dangle carrot of loan for Ukraine?

And perhaps lower gas prices?
While the west offers up destabilization.

Irish Times

 A Kremlin aide made clear today that Russia was ready to extend a credit to Ukraine to help Kiev cope with its economic problems and keep the country in Moscow’s orbit.

Economic adviser Andrei Belousov said it was possible that a credit could be agreed at talks tomorrow between Russian president Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich, who has turned to Moscow for help after spurning a free trade deal with the European Union last month.

“I do not rule out that, if there is a request, a credit could be provided (to Ukraine),” Interfax news agency quoted Ms Belousov as saying.
“The situation in Ukraine is now such that without loans, from one side or another, they will simply fail to maintain economic stability.”

Ukraine is seeking help to cover an external funding gap of $17 billion next year - almost the level of the central bank’s depleted currency reserves.

Mr Belousov did not say how much Russia might be ready to loan Ukraine.

Mr Yanukovich has faced street protests since Kiev’s U-turn away from Europe, but Ukrainian officials have made clear they do not think the EU is prepared to come up with enough money to help Ukraine through its economic difficulties.

The EU yesterday suspended work on the trade and political pact it has been negotiating with Ukraine, and has accused Russia of putting heavy pressure on the former Soviet republic not to move closer to the EU.

But Mr Yanukovich has not said whether he will bow to Russia’s calls to take his country into a Moscow-led customs union with Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Apart from loans, Ukraine is seeking a lower price for Russian gas - now at around $400 per 1,000 cubic metres - to help it cope with its debt burden.

Ukrainian prime minister Mykola Azarov was quoted as saying yesterday that he hoped a deal on a cheaper price for gas deliveries would be concluded.

British foreign secretary William Hague today sent a message of support for the Kiev demonstrators, telling them he shares their vision of closer ties for their country with the European Union.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Mr Hague said: “It is inspiring to see these people standing up for their vision of the future of Ukraine: a free, sovereign, democratic country with much closer ties to the European Union and a positive relationship of mutual respect with Russia. This is a vision I share.”

Mr Hague said he was “frustrated” at Mr Yanukovych’s decision not to sign the association agreement at a summit last month in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.

“Since the end of the Cold War, Britain has been the leading voice supporting the enlargement of the EU to countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and closer ties with other eastern neighbours. We hold to that vision,” he said.

Enlargement of the EU...
Expansion of NATO...
Mr Hague makes clear the agenda.  Ukraine Eurevolution? Who benefits? The EU and NATO


  1. I will be back with more...later

  2. This probably was their goal all along. Ukraine could not afford to change it's industrial infrastructure to match the EU standards with the deal they offered. Interesting to see how this works out.

    1. I read an article to that effect. Don't know if I have it saved, but, it was suggested that Ukraine was playing Russia
      While it is possible, it is a dam dangerous game to play, so I am not so sure
      But, it would definitely have to be considered

    2. For the hard work you do for us :)

      Also got this from "vineyardsaker.blogspot"
      CrossTalk: Winning Ukraine?

      I'm not a huge fan of the show but I still watch to see if pertinent info can be gleaned. IMO, the debate format is a waste of time. The ZOG NWO "pressitutes" always spews the same heinous & vile rhetoric (I find myself yelling BS at the screen, which I can do without - thank goodness for the fast forward scroll), which is CONSTANTLY available through ZOG controlled medias (sic). "The Debate" on PressTV is the same. I wish they just spent the time getting in-depth (REAL) with the issue(s). Their guest selection could also be MUCH better, they tend to rotate the same people.

      I watched the new "Ken O'Keefe's Middle East - The Peoples Voice" and found it ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I'm pretty sure you've seen it but just in case;

      Thanks again for the excellent work!

    3. Press TV "The Debate" show where both guests give very good analysis on Ukraine. No "pressitutes"

  3. NOTE the killers are reported as 'non-syrian'

    here are what US activist Matt Van Dykes buddies are doing:

    Mazhar Ibraheem, a Syrian doctor, has escaped from death, when armed groups of al-Nusra Front, Ahrar al-Sham and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have raided Adraa al-Omalia city of Damascus suburbs, committing massacres against the residents of the city.
    Dr. Ibraheem, who is originally from Tartous countryside, told Breaking News Network what he witnessed when some militants have infiltrated the city, where he lived for several years.
    “Since the earlier hours of that day, I heard crackle of gunfire in front of my house that is in front of a bakery , then I realized that it was fire exchange between the militants and the bakery guards «the heroes»….. Hours were difficult… I escaped with my wife and my daughter Kristin to a nearby shelter, where dozens of the residents were hiding.”
    Ibraheem continued saying to Breaking News Network reporter to Tartous, “Then the armed men have infiltrated the shelter and started torturing, killing and investigating about « who supports the “regime” and who works with the government».”
    “The radicalized militants have intended to cut off the hands of the government’s worker In order to prevent the resumption of their work and to behead some of them and to torture the bodies in front of the children eyes,” Ibraheem said.
    He added “After three days of «horror» in the shelter, the doctor could escape with his family and other families to the international road, where Syrian Army is located."
    The doctor also described the horrific scenes that he with his family saw of decomposed, tortured and beheaded bodies, which were thrown all over the streets.
    The wife said that “the armed men were non-Syrians, we lived terrible days, before we could escape with only the clothes that we wore. The Syrian Army secured us and helped us to reach a safe area.”
    The family are now hosted by the governer of Tartous province.

  4. Ever since the democracy manipulation efforts of international hedge fund brigand George Soros were joined with the artificial street revolution tactics of CIA tactician Gene Sharp to form the core strategy of the U.S. neo-conservative goal of imposing a «New American Century» on the entire world, Ukraine has served as the prize of America’s interventionist foreign policy. And the neocons are still alive and active as ever inside Secretary of State John Kerry’s State Department.
    In the wake of what has been called the «Orange Revolution II» in Ukraine, Kerry’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, who previously served as Hillary Clinton’s State Department mouthpiece, threatened sanctions against Ukraine’s government led by President Viktor Yanukovych. Gazing over protesters in central Kyiv from his hotel window, Arizona’s fanatical Republican Senator John McCain was licking his chops over the prospect of an anti-Russian Ukraine coming into being. McCain is a Cold War throwback and someone who remains mentally-unbalanced between flashbacks from a prisoner of war cell in Hanoi and to present-day reality.

  5. Voice of Ukraine:

    "The battle for Ukraine!
    I was very pleased by fact that Ukrainian politicians have recognized the attempts to turn Ukraine into European colony through the Association! All about this, more and more, is being discussed in media and worldwide! And the Ukrainians themselves are beginning to understand that Ukraine is now in great danger and may finally lose its sovereignty and turn into a raw material appendix of Europe and USA!

    I think that thanks to #Euromaidan, we finally began to understand that our Motherland is in danger! We understand that must fight for the independence of Ukraine; otherwise we will be seized and captivated!
    The war of information showed that the media have become a weapon in the hands of the bloody West! With the help of the Internet and television, Ukrainians were to be broken and to stay without any consciousness, except that imposed by alien values and ideals! Using this information weaponry they made us believe in the holiness and goodness of Europe and the USA. We've been told that these countries wish us well and can help us! But the deception has failed! Today the Ukrainian authorities refused to betray their homeland, and began to defend it actively!
    But with the West striking stronger and stronger, it uses all its force to drag our Ukraine in this EURO-swamp!
    But we resist and every day shows it more and more! Ukrainians! Wake up and defend your homeland as our grandfathers and great-grandfathers did!

    The myth of the desire of all countries to sign Association deals with the EU was dispelled on the 14th of December when, in the square in Kiev, were gathered hundreds of thousands of opponents to European integration from all over Ukraine! And from this date begins the national liberation struggle in Ukraine! And we can shed from our Motherland the Western colonial shackles! And we will overcome the Western enemy because we fight for the TRUTH!
    We will WIN!!!!!! "

    [was written by a Ukrainian girl on December 14, 2013.]
    In this photograph are soldiers of the Red Army, after their victory over Nazism. Soviet citizens of different nationalities, united, won that war. Now we, their descendants, are uniting against the neo-Nazis who want to take revenge.