Friday, December 6, 2013

NATO/Canada's hired killers trying to take back Canadian Hospital in Aleppo, Syria

Yup! A Canadian hospital in Aleppo, Syria. A hospital for the hired killers.

A brief rant and then we will get to that news.

While the Canadian Government steals money from hardworking Canadians.....
Via taxes extracted.
And the public servants all lie. To us, the citizens. The humans resident in Canada.
 The taxpayer fed and fattened public servants say - these taxes are going to support the services you depend on everyday................ Even though these services are being reduced. Or gotten rid of entirely.
The talking heads and lying public servants call some of our services ‘entitlements’ as if they are something Canadians haven’t already paid for. Their entire lives
We have paid for everything, in Canada, via every single tax we have had extracted from us whether we want to pay or not. We have no choice.

Keeping in mind the money, picked clean from our pockets, is supposed to be used for our benefit. Can you imagine my disgust at reading this news?

A Canadian hospital, built for the hired mercenaries, taken over by SAA is now under siege as the rebels try to take the Canadian hospital building back.

That's right Canuckis while we are turned into impoverished persons en masse the public servants, who are supposed to serve us, are building hospitals for hired killers whose only job is to kill innocent Syrians en masse Don't it make you prouder than punch?

Smoke rises during an offensive by rebel fighters on the Canadian hospital building, which they say is being controlled by forces loyal to Syria's President Assad, in Aleppo
Rebel fighters take up position during an offensive on the Canadian hospital building, which they said is being controlled by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, in Aleppo, December 4, 2013. Picture taken December 4, 2013

Smoke rises after an offensive by rebel fighters on the Canadian hospital building, which they say is being controlled by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, in Aleppo December 4, 2013. Picture taken December 4, 2013

Images available here, here and here

Also-  All Syrian chemical weapons munitions destroyed

And remember that the US has extended a 'diplomatic' hand to the terrorists that Canada has built a hospital for. The US extends a diplomatic hand to Islamists in Syria. But, not the bad ones.

Black is White
Up is Down
Wrong is Right


  1. I changed the title of the post for clarity

  2. Nice...glad to see our tax dollars go to something useful, if not here, then there...

    Buffy (Barfing)

    1. Isn't it though Buffy?
      I was flabbergasted. Because no Canadians need health care right?
      It is to much to think of our hard earned dollars patching up individuals hired to kill and terrorize innocent Syrians
      It shames me

  3. Prime Minister Harper sings to a crowd of Khazars in Toronto, has a Bird Sanctuary named after him in Israel, what a disgrace does he realise he is the bird singing in his cage, or does he represent the good citizens of Canada being the birds of the Khazarian Sanctuary sing for their masters?

    1. I saw all that.
      NTS had something up about it

      Does he realize he is the bird singing in a cage?
      I think he is quite happy to entertain for his masters

  4. just a thought here
    it isn't just canadian tax payer dollars stolen for this war making
    it is US taxpayers
    UK taxpayers
    none of us in the so called 'free world' are free of this extortion for warmaking

  5. Employees of the US military contracting group Academi (formerly Xe, Blackwater USA and Blackwater Worldwide) are seen in new leaked video shooting their machine guns at random while driving through the streets of Baghdad, crashing into other cars and even running over a pedestrian without hesitation. Academi received a $250 million contract by the Obama administration to provide military services in Afghanistan. If a government wanted to hire these guns, would it want to get blanket immunity for them from the host nation and would the host nation be sane enough to grant it?

    1. brian and penny,
      Pepe Escobar critiques Blackwater, Xe, whatever they are now, owners "tell all" NOT book in his new article at Asia Times. Read it earlier today.
      They are in Africa now :(
      karin ( with a conscience )

  6. Truthdig
    Nelson Mandela, the Conscience of the World this explains why the' international community' has no conscience...they outsourced it to Mandela...and now he is gone, who is the conscience?

    1. who is the conscience?

      I am and you are
      and kamnam is
      and freethinker
      and karin
      and james
      and bot tak
      and john
      and winter
      and Arevordi
      and Saker
      and on and on
      We are the conscience

  7. Hi Penny

    Harper must be a closet Wahabist not Christian

    snip from Sy Per 1st post Dec 7

    In Syrian Military Intelligence intercepts and Russian reports to the Syrian High Command, Saudi ape accents were picked up out of Al-Mafraq in Jordan, where most terrorist enablers are located, telling select leaders of ISIS and other groups such as the "Ahraar Al-Shaam Brigade", Jabhat Al-Nusra and "Tahreer Al-Shaam Brigade" to attack Saydnaayaa and "kill all its inhabitants". This comes after a recent re-takeover of the ancient Christian town of Ma'loolaa by terrorist ape-rodents under the command of the stinking child molesting ape Prince Bandar. Already, reports are filtering out that the Jabhat Al-Nusra reptiles have destroyed all crosses and crucifixes in the town of Ma'loolaa, some being priceless relics.
    End Snip

    Time to Organise a credible opposition to these thugs so we can take back our countries Canada, Australia, U.S.A. U.K. and all other countries who placate these 0.01 percenters



    1. thanks KamNam

      my solution for opposition has always been to simply oppose as individuals
      Do not cooperate
      Do not go along
      Buck the system
      If the ptb's want you to use credit cards and bank cards
      If the ptb's want you to eat gmo foods
      If the ptb's push their vaccines and pharma drugs
      reject them
      Acting as individuals in a contrary manner to the ptb agenda is the best force of opposition the masses can push
      and we have the power
      we really do
      Cheers KamNam

    2. As an Australian we are feeling it here too where politicians are raiding our pockets, get this, when a politician retires (after a short stint in parliament) they are entitled to AU$5000 per week including all expenses paid for them and their spouse for the rest of their lives, if they die their spouse keeps getting this money until they die, kinda makes you think.


  8. Hi Penny
    The power of 1+1+1+1 is many I know and it is a powerful force when empowered with a goal to reach, for the purpose of this note is classed as covert opposition to the rule of the Corporate structure.
    Overt opposition (example . The Occupy Movement) has the corporate press as well as the corporations read officers of the law to thwart any meaningful gains by them being dismissed as retards, dissenters of the benefits we (corporations) offer. Result is dismissed into the fish and chip paper of tomorrow.
    Your example of passive resistance is the same as I follow where ever possible, buying local not international in as many areas as possible, it costs more of an ever diminishing income yet still I do it. Growing my own ameliates some of the cost difference. Countries need to reintroduce their own manufacturing instead of buying from any cheap country, thats the corporate want . We Must Look To Our Own (Countries) Wants Instead.
    An Example of a new way is Venezuela,under Chaves who took the country back from the corporates, mind you it is still a work in progress. It does show it can be done though and that is the main point. We do need quite a few Chaves'es now more than ever.....

  9. Prime Minister Harper sings to a crowd of Khazars in Toronto, has a Bird Sanctuary named after him in Israel ...

    Penny, he was elected by your fellow citizens, you are just as guilty as they are, you live in a "democracy" remember!

  10. zionist UN Watch and antizionist Electronic intifada dont always see eye to eye, but occasionally something cancels the difference :
    UN Watch ‏@UNWatch 3 Dec
    Intifada leader blasts antisemitic book: …
    Why's @GreenRupertRead hosting endorser of that book? …
    Retweeted by Hillel Neuer

  11. Winnie Mandela may be right
    Winnie Speak on Nelson Mandela:

    "He agreed to a bad deal for the blacks," Madikizela-Mandela was quoted as saying. "Economically, we are still on the outside. The economy is very much 'white.' It has a few token blacks, but so many who gave their life in the struggle have died unrewarded," She went on to say that she could not forgive him for accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 with F.W. de Klerk, the white South African president who released Mandela from prison in 1990.

    Though the iconic Mandela is highly revered by blacks and whites in South Africa and around the world, Winnie is not the first to criticize aspects of his 1994-1999 tenure as South Africa's first black president. Many have complained that he devoted too much time seeking reconciliation with whites and too little improving the economic condition of black South Africans, who, 16 years after the end of apartheid, still remain mired in poverty. Sound familiar?

    Indeed, many of the criticisms leveled at Nelson Mandela are similar to those now being fired at America's first black president, Barack Obama. Many here in the United States argue that Obama has spent way too much time courting Republicans, pushing bipartisanship and bailing out big corporations. They argue that he hasn't spent nearly enough time creating a "black agenda" to uplift the millions of African Americans who still lag far behind whites in employment, education, business ownership and just about every other measurable category of economic achievement. These inequities persist despite the great progress the United States has made in terms of ending racial inequalities in this country, best exemplified by Obama's election to the highest office in the land

  12. did israel get there moneys worth?

    Hillel Neuer ‏@HillelNeuer 30 Nov
    Key role in Israel's admission to UN rights council's Western group was played by Canada UK Germany France US. They helped end an injustice.
    loyal servants

  13. UNWATCHs Hillel Neuer ‏@HillelNeuer 29 Nov
    Arrived in Amsterdam. Thrilled lecture for local friends of UN Watch. Red bricks here always remind me of my native Montreal.
    not native Tel Aviv?

  14. more on Hilel
    this was in Hebrew,

    UN Watch Hebrew ‏@UNWatch_He 27 Nov
    הקול השפוי באו”ם; ראיון עם עו”ד הלל נוייר
    מנכ”ל UN Watch
    נלחם כמעט לבדו בצביעות ובהסתה האנטי-ישראלית

    worth translating
    Sane voice in the UN; interview with Mr. Hillel Neuer
      UN Watch Executive Director
    Fought almost alone hypocrisy and inciting anti - Israel

  15. one for Ripleys: A Rothschild Humanitarian award/ i see a flying pig?

    Hillel Neuer ‏@HillelNeuer 22 Nov
    Congratulations! My law school prof @IrwinCotler honored by inaugural @CdnShaareZedek Rothschild Humanitarian Award:

    1. brian
      Irwin Cotler is an uber zionist
      An extremist
      His humanitarian award is a farce, same as the one PM Harper got earlier

  16. In Kiev, for more than a week, massive demonstrations are trying to force the government to go back on it’s decision not to sign the association agreement with the European Union.

    In fact, Ukraine has been historically divided into two populations: in the West, the pro-European Union supporters, and in the East, the pro-Russians. It is on this division that the ’’orange revolution’’ had bloomed and that the protesters would like to revive.

    Yet, the crowd control contingent at these protests is made up of a group of young Crimean Tatars.

    They are members of the ’’Azatlyk’’ (freedom) movement led by young Naïl Nabiullin, and campaign for a Greater Turkey. They are backed by Trotskyist parties such as the Russian Left Front of Sergei Udaltsov, as well as the Turkish government of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. They’ve just come back from Syria, through Turkey, where they had gone to practice jihad against the Syrian government. They seem to be behind the provocations that have led the Riot Police to commit excesses

  17. Mandela to israel:
    "If you want peace and democracy, I will support you. If you want formal Apartheid, we will not support you. If you want to support racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing, we will oppose you."

  18. Hi Penny

    Further to Looking after your self and the new way
    this from Chris Hedges shows history repeating its self

    WEll worth watching



  19. Better Six Billion than 6 Trillion!
    Bibi and Bandar Badger Obama

    "The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, along with certain Arab League countries, plus Turkey and Israel, have this past week reportedly committed themselves to raising nearly $6 billion to “beef up” the just hatched seven member Islamic Front (IF) in Syria. These ‘ best friends of America” want the Obama Administration to sign onto a scheme to oust the Syrian government by funding, arming, training, and facilitating movement and generally choreographing fighters of the Islamic Front...."

    Israel and its quislings go public with their support, funding, and running of Al Qaida terrorism. The Jewish lobby in the USA (AIPAC) also publicly goes to bat for Al Qaida terrorism. By public, I mean the info is not hidden, but available, not that the zionist Jews who run the western corporate media and most of its alternative have any intention of letting the public know about this Al Qaida reorganisation that Israel is doing. Cant have the "great unwashed" finding out their extorted tax payments are now to be officially going to support Al Qaida, and that Israel and its zionist Jewish network of gangsters is behind this new scheme.

    вот так