Saturday, January 18, 2014

Analysts question US intelligence chemical attack in Syria- to late

 Experts agree that the chemical weapons attack in the Syrian capital of Damascus could not have happened the way the US government contends

 I come across stuff like this and think to myself, duh. But also so what?
All these months later and some 'analysts' question US intelligence?
Where were these analysts in the immediate aftermath of the chemical attack? Sitting quietly on the sidelines? Wallflowers? Afraid to hit the dance floor?
We witness this stuff time and time again. The state lies, media complies, academia hides and then everyone comes out to wring their hands afterwards- Talking about the sky falling.. Oh dear, oh dear.
What did they call this after 9/11? And after Iraq? Oh yeah ""failed intelligence'
Or how about a failure of imagination? And any other nonsense concocted by the ptsb's that the masses believe?
But the intelligence didn't fail.  The intelligence was created.  To manage your perception.
And it did. It's like history repeating over and over and over. 

Perception is everything.

In the early hours of August 21, 2013, rebel-controlled areas of the Syrian capital Damascus were attacked with chemical weapons. Not long afterwards, videos, photos, and eyewitness accounts appeared on the Internet, and experts examining the symptoms concluded quickly that the nerve agent Sarin was used to kill and injure hundreds of people. According to the US government, 1,429 people were killed, including 426 children.
Nine days later, US Secretary of State John Kerry accused Syrian government troops of having committed a war crime. Speaking at a press conference, he presented a map of Damascus showing which areas were government-controlled, and which were controlled by rebels. He then went on to appear before a Senate hearing in Washington on September 3, and said, "We are certain that none of the opposition has the weapons or capacity to effect a strike of this scale, particularly from the heart of regime territory."
This statement has now come under fire. In a 23-page report, two US experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) concluded that the attack could not have originated from "the heart" of the regime-controlled area.
In detail, the former United Nations weapons inspector Richard Lloyd and national security expert Theodore A. Postol explained that the rockets were much too short-range to have been fired from the center of the government-controlled areas. The "heart" of Damascus, they said, is between five and ten kilometers from the scene of the strike, while the missiles in question could only have flown two kilometers.
Re-tooled rockets
The reason for this unusually short range was that the attackers attached Sarin canisters on the rockets which impaired their ability to fly. This, the MIT experts say, would have curtailed their range from 20 kilometers to just two.
The puzzle is much more why the US government has once again presented the public with questionable intelligence, following the secret service debacle surrounding Iraq's phantom weapons of mass destruction in 2003.
Why wouldn't the  lyin' leadership in the US do that yet again? And again? And again? They know no one is going to question their intelligence. Except for people like myself and other savvy bloggers? And one feisty nun. Kudos to her! Where were these so called analysts months ago? Oh yah, MIA.
"Whatever the reasons for the egregious errors in the intelligence, the source of these errors needs to be explained," Lloyd and Postol concluded in the paper.
The source of these 'errors'? Who says this was all done in error? That makes it all sound so benign. Oh the US just made a mistake- blah, blah, blah.... rolling eyes
 "If you're dealing with intelligence agencies you should always rely on the two-source method," said Ramms. "If you don't have a second source you should be careful with the information."
You should always rely on the two source method. Really? Wow
Find me completely underwhelmed with this news. To little way to late analysts. You should have been front and centre in August!

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  1. They have already established this weapon is an innovation, of no military value, which any moron can cobble together in his garage. Now, using the inspection team's own measurements, they say it's made from a freely-available Grad, and can't have been fired from government areas.

    Therefore, the NAZO leadership is responsible for creating a new terror weapon which cedes the initiative to the smallest, most undetectable of groups. Every civilian is now at risk everywhere. Such criminal irresponsibility has rarely been seen in human history. Taken together, the reports are a devastating indictment.

    True, forensic science isn't glamorous, and it was pretty obvious what was going on. But we need precise, verifiable evidence to convict the NATOtalitarians. Lloyd and Postol have given it to us.

    1. Hi Bob
      thanks for the comment
      I hope this news can bring change, but, where is it?
      Nowhere. Accept for places like this
      The msm is pushing the Syria torture lie and this has gone the way of the dodo
      It's up to people like us to get it out there