Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Carl Campeau: Allegedly abducted in Syria, escapes Al Qaeda, or something like that?

After months of silence. Carl Campeau  is speaking exclusively to the CBC.
The CBC being Canada's premiere propaganda corporation. Much like the BBC. Keeps official narratives in order. Misleads Canadians. Typical stuff

Exclusive: How Carl Campeau, abducted in Syria, escaped al-Qaeda's clutches
You can read the whole article at your leisure. There is a video included there if you just want the sound bite. 
Carl Campeau
  I read the article. And  find it lacking... the devil is in the details and there are some details I find troublesome So, let me be honest. I do not believe the narrative surrounding the disappearance or escape of Carl Campeau. Was he witting or unwitting? I don’t know. I would think for the narrative to be more effective Mr Campeau would have to be unwitting. On the other hand, who knows?
He was at Golan. And the ‘rebels’ at Golan are intrinsically tied to Israel. A fact that has been covered endlessly here at the blog in any number of posts.... 

If you are unfamiliar with this saga....

1. UN Staff at Golan Missing- The story changes 
 including this headlineUN adviser missing on Israel-Syria border is a Canadian’

2-Carl Campeau- Canadian Legal Advisor to UN kidnapped 8 months ago; Freed

Everything italicized in bold, below, is quoted from the latest CBC article

“Campeau was in Syria as a legal adviser to a UN mission observing the ceasefire between Israel and Syria. He was on his way from the border to Damascus, when he came across what appeared to be a group of six or seven gunmen on the road robbing a family in a car.

“He was on his way from the border” Vague. What border? Notice that is missing? Since we already know from earlier reporting he had been in Israel before his kidnapping. What border was he on his way from? Was he at the Quneitra Crossing?  And if he was kidnapped at that point was he actually in Syria?  I wonder why it is the CBC chose to report in this manner. On his way from the border to Damascus....
Then this:

“Campeau was kept, occasionally blindfolded, in a cramped room in a villa a short distance from the main road.”

The main road.
What main road? The main road at the Golan Crossing? Was he in Israel? 
Or was he in Syria? It’s not clear.

Campeau says the kidnappers initially demanded a $7-million dollar ransom.
"Rebels' demand ransom. Ransom for weapons purchase is not anything new.....

The narrative continues:

“One morning, he discovered his captors had left his door unlocked. He walked out to find that their weapons were sitting outside his room unattended”
Then one day, as luck would have it, or not? You are certainly supposed to believe this is a mix of luck and bravery? - After holding Campeau for 8 long months- the captors leave his door unlocked and he walks away.. Clearly, the captors released Campeau.  After 8 months of locking him up, every day, or so the story goes, to just leave his door unlocked and him unattended tells me he is being released.

“He grabbed a red scarf often worn by locals in the area, put it on his head......

" He grabbed a red scarf worn by the locals" What locals? He claims he was held by rebels the entire time in a villa.Did he beat some random 'local' up and steal a scarf from their head? This doesn't make sense.
What makes more sense is he put a rebel bandana on his head, which he would have had easy access to.
 A red one, in this case, ensuring no rebel/mercs would fire at him. I find this claim, grabbing a red scarf worn by locals, problematic and not credible.
The rebels wear very specific colours because they are important identifiers.
The scarf colour significance has been discussed at the blog, previously... But I will link and quote with a picture from two different articles, both addressing the scarf colours as a sort of uniform for the 'rebels'/ hired mercs.

Article one

“It was striking for the level of coordination it displayed among numerous units which, lacking uniforms, donned bandannas in bright pinks, reds and oranges to identify their loyalties and reduce the risk of "friendly fire".

Another example with image

He holds his gun behind his neck. The red bandana on his head to signify to others what brigade he’s in. His jacket stuffed with bullet magazines and homemade grenades. He’s 18 years old and claims like many of the FSA fighters to be on Jihad.

The bandannas are rebel/merc uniform. The can identify one another with the colours and reduce their chances of being shot. Therefore when Mr Campeau donned the rebel colour of red, he would have been identified as a friendly to all the other rebels. Reducing his chance of being killed greatly. That all said, no one should believe for one minute the nonsense about this being a bandanna worn by the 'locals' in Syria

Campeau’s story continues

...... and started a dangerous walk through the fields, hiding in irrigation channels, until he found the Syrian army”

“That took three hours, he said. It took many more hours for him to feel safe — he was first interrogated by army officials before they handed him over to the foreign ministry”

After he walked away from the villa, that could have been located in Israel for all we really know, he walked for 3 hours..... through fields, hiding in irrigation ditches.

Recall Carl Campeau had been in Israel, but,  allegedly on his way to Damascus
Keep in mind the story of his kidnapping is his alone. We have him in a villa. Near the main road of a border crossing. Now he has escaped. Walking away from the villa where he was held in captivity, locked up daily for eight months... He dons a red bandana- worn by the merc/rebels to identify one another and he walks for 3 hours through fields and irrigation ditches.

Sounds very much like the Quneitra crossing

Smoke from clashes between Syrian rebels and regime forces near Quneitra crossing of Golan Heights
Smoke billows during clashes between Syrian rebels and regime forces near the Quneitra crossing.

Image from this article

-Was Carl Campeau really held in Syria? -Or was he held in Israel?
-Was ransom paid for Carl Campeau? Ransom that would allow for the purchase of weapons on the black market but allow the payee to remain hidden.
 -Why did Carl Campeau claim the red bandanna was one worn by locals? That seems highly misleading?
Or perhaps he believed this? I don't know?
-Is Carl Campeau witting or unwitting?  I guess we will never really know. But, I will end this post as it began
I simply do not believe the narrative as put forth. But, have no doubt this is going to be the official state sanctioned narrative.


  1. Locals don't wear bandanas. The people of the Golan are mostly farmers who wear the "kuffiyya", a white, red-checkered or black-checkered headcloth kept in place by a "Iqaal", a rope-like band famous in countless photos. The story sounds like hooey. Ziad

    1. Hi Ziad
      and thanks for stopping by!

      100 percent agree that story sounds like a whole lot of hooey

      but I suspect he is being dragged out at this time after months of silence to bolster the good vs bad rebel propaganda out of Syria
      And also to always reinforce the terror meme
      or the bad muslim story line
      cause the propaganda always has to be reinforced
      take care Ziad
      ps: you know I don't believe this stuff I have written way, way, way too much stuff on Syria
      but the vast majority of dumbies in Canada are going to eat it up

  2. Follow P.M. Harper, present C.B.C. pay master, while chanting the folk wisdom phrase,"birds of a feather flock together".

    1. Yup and what makes me laugh about the commenters on CBC they actually claim the CBC is anti-Harper
      nothing could be further from the truth
      CBC is pro government
      pro tyranny
      pro war
      pro NATO
      pro big pharma
      and just about any other bullshit they can pass off they do
      -the stuff they were writing on the Ukraine was so garbage like!
      I couldn't believe me eyes
      oh never mind yes I could

  3. Penny,
    along w/ all mentioned last nignt, I've been keeping up with France fiasco of Dieudonne and Soral.

    Saker has a new blog post up which is updating his other info from previous ones.

    I also have some links of collected information to share if u like.

    1. please do share away karin
      I love when you do!

      I will scoot over to Saker's to check for updates

  4. Greetings mon ami Gallier

    be sure to check out saker's and share some thoughts
    You da man on this topic
    I left a lengthy comment over there, but, will check back here and there to see what you have to say

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I've seen it, it's perfect and capture exactly the situation. I won't comment on it because I don't have much to add and I shared it with my real name and I don't want to make the link between my pseudo and myself too obvious.

    2. Thanks Gallier
      I thought it was a great read. Good to know it captures the situation so well!
      As I watched the different people in all those videos I thought about that DW tv smear job I had mentioned earlier ....
      All Dieudonne fans were young muslims
      But in those crowds I saw non muslims making la quenelle gesture
      so much for DW's hit piece

    3. That's what gets them steaming, Dieudonné and Soral managed to achieve what the Socialists/Sionist claimed was their goal. A united France black, blanc (white), beur (Arab) singing the Marseillaise proudly together.

      At that rally sunday there were also some funny anecdotes also that were not captured in the videos Saker linked:
      - the Femen were immediatly and forcibly removed by the police. The PTB probably realised that they would be lynched, the Catholics are especially pissed off by them.
      - The LDJ (the terrorist group of rabid jews) wanted to show up and stirr their usual violent shit, but were immediately kicked out and fled like the cowards they are by the PSG (Paris Saint-Germain soccer team) fan clubs that were present. These are the same "hooligans" that rioted 2 months ago on the Trocadero. They are composed mainly of young suburbs immigrants.
      - Journalists from BFM and Canal+ were heavily booed and even chased from the streets.
      - Independent Internet journalists (E&R, were lauded et courteously acclaimed.
      - Arbitrary arrestations with a concentration camp feeling were done at the end but of course no mainstream media found it worth mentioning.

    4. Hey Gallier
      glad FEMEN was removed- the whole girl power baloney behind that is bullshit- the whole point of FEMEN is to get and keep men distracted.
      Seriously- being a gal myself- older now, but, when I was younger the last thing I wanted was men staring at my breasts
      Hated it!
      Hello, talk to me.
      Very insulting and I am supposed to believe this is 'empowering'? How?

      LDJ- there always has to be a group of rabid Jewish fanatics around
      And they do violence? Not surprising, not one bit.
      MSM journalist booed
      love it!
      To bad about the arrests and concentration camp detention- that went on here in Canada and it was apalling IMO, and what made is worse was the Canadians who said it was ok
      I don't get this attitude at all?
      But it is sad

    5. Here the link to the Femen arrests

    6. Here you can see how the "journalopes" (porte-manteau word made of journaliste and salope i.e. bitch) of the "Petit Journal" from Canal+ are chased from the manifestation.

    7. And here the video of the arrests at the end, behind barbed wire and completely illegal, of course.

    8. Dieudonné just published his latest video
      he lists the things that happened recently and ends with a nice chanson in duo with his wife. Sorry no english subs yet, may be someone will do some sometime. He gives also the address to pre-order the DVD of his censored show "Le Mur".

    9. Here the magnificent response of Dieudonné and his wife against all that hate they have to deal with.
      A tune of bossa nova with nice lyrics

      There's really something of Jesus in this guy, seriously and I'm an atheist.

    10. A new wind blows over the planet, wind of renewal, it's the wind of hope.
      the one that makes the branches of the big trees dance, coming out of the night to awaken our souls.
      It is born in the heart of the African forest. Dancing, slipping on the shores of the Congo river.
      The wind of change, natural revolution, inspired by the stars or inspired by God.
      It is here, I feel it, it wipes out my fears and strengthens my arms, it's the wind of fight
      for the emancipation of the black people and the yellows and the whites, for humanity.
      A new wind blows over the planet, wind of renewal, it's the wind of hope.
      It opens our eyes and fills our hearts with the light and the faith, it's the wind of joy.
      And the chests are swelling and the fists are closing. Mister President lost his drive.
      In the face of the shouting gun, the people gathers. It's him who advances and the king who retreats.
      Everywhere the bullets whistle and death is close but I don't tremble, I'm here standing still.
      It's over will live, not retreating, you can kill me and kill my family.
      You will not be able to stop this wind, it has awaken us, the sun has risen.
      It warms our hearts, make our children smile et turns off our fears, fills us with courage.
      It's the end of the lies, the begin of the march, we will not go back in obscurity...
      A new wind blows over the planet, wind of renewal, it's the wind of hope.
      The evil one clings to the branches of his tree, resists stubbornly until losing his senses
      Noone resists to the big wind of the faith, either you bow or die Mister Liars
      A new wind blows over the planet, wind of renewal, it's the wind of hope.
      Now I'm well, I breathe and I see. I feel and I believe in hope, in life.
      The wind is still here, until when? I don't know. Whatever we will see, it's here and I believe in it
      A new wind blows over the planet, wind of renewal, it's the wind of hope.
      A new wind blows over the planet, wind of renewal, it's the wind of hope.

    11. Thanks Gallier
      and so sorry for not getting back sooner :(
      I have been sick
      spare ya the details- stomache flu and I will say no more
      a bit better today

      I appreciate you taking the time to translate the lyrics for me and everyone else
      it helps a great deal

      I am listening right now

      we need the winds of change, now more then ever
      I for one believe humanity is at a crossroads
      or as I like to say
      'shit or get off the pot'
      time to get off the pot!
      hope that is not to crude for anyone

    12. Hi Penny,

      BBC interviewed Dieudonné
      you might be interested. I don't know the reporter but I'm certain that he's a kippa wearer, so loaded are his questions.

  6. A comment at Saker's blog has taken me on wild ride through all kinds of weird websites trying to find info about the name dropped.
    Richard Nikolaus Eijiro von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894 – 1972)
    He liked Count Richard N. Coudenhove Kalergi -

    He wrote a number of books and also Practical Idealism which is the ideology behind Pan Europe or United Europe Project. It's rare and if found in Austrian only in PDF. Warburg and other wealthy jews funded him as well as one of the Rothschilds. The birth of multiculturism as a tool for them to corrupt all other races and thus theirs will be the only "pure" one. It this that fuels the white supremist movemtments gaining numbers in the States and abroad.

    This is such a website but does have part of it translated and is a tamed down one from others i have seen. There is also alot of dis info there as I looked around further tonight.
    The publishing date is 1925 and i trust the translated text on that pageto a large degree even though I don't like the mood of the site itself and feel uncomfortable if I'm there reading for too long for some strange reason :)

    Did some more digging and found this at Strategic Culture from 2012 and I trust information from there 100%.
    Shadowy Aspects of the United Europe Project
    by Olga CHETVERIKOVA who I also trust and have read a number of her articles.

    Have not read it yet in full, but have read most at the first place over the last few days, some of it more than once as it's distrubing to me.

    Tired, calling it an evening It's near midnight again already :(

  7. The popular Syrian news anchor, working for the state-sponsored al-Ikhbariya TV, never misses an opportunity to confront the opposition delegation.

  8. Still on the same kick, simply because even tho I can't seem to state it, I see a Big Picture behind all this. Maybe everyone else already knows this but allow me to struggle on, or give me a link and put me out of my misery ;^)

    Remember the Map of the PDF from zerohedge? The European Island (in the elitist eyes) which that concept/ vision goes back even further probably, but we'll stay in a relevant 100 +/- time span and Russia as the Heartland ?

    After the horros of Libya happened I somehow came upon information concerning the true size of Libya, and not the convoluted "little libya" TPTB and MSM display and play down for us. I was amazed something like the size of Libya, but nay, actually the size of ALL of Africa was not true ? How could that not be known or spoken of at least in alternate news.

    Finally, just the other day, an answer was revealed to me at Global Research site.
    We Have Been Misled By An Erroneous Map Of The World For 500 Years
    One short clip from West Wing of all things and a map of Africa showing just how huge it is with other countries inside it.

    So, why did they not correct this fallacy one would ask. Simple, the illusion of size holds enormous influence for the people wanting to rule these other areas. They are just tiny little things to us, the Super Powers !!! :)

    While reading the article today about Shadowy Aspects of the United Europe Project and all the reading I have done about that strange man, "count" Richard Nikolaus Eijiro von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894 – 1972) (funded by Warburg, Rothschilds and other elitists) it's clear to me at least, that this base plan of a Grand Europe w/ jewish "pure bloods" as the guiding force is indeed still a working dream and there are people within the Power Structure that are trying to accomplish this.
    Thankfully, there are people combatting it also.

    When I went looking for the clip and Africa map link at Global Researach earlier, there was another article up also. The Post War II New World Order Map: A Proposal to Re-arrange the World after an Allied Victory
    These few words beginning that article jumped out to me:
    Published in Philadelphia in early 1942. Years now of reading and researching with my limited abilities about the "fictional" NWO and all the mis / dis information attributed to it, it solidifies information that indeed after WWII certain members of the German Reich were indeed brought into the US and indeed were the founding members of the CIA possibly. (?)

    Remember, this is all a working thesis and any help appreciated.
    i grew up between a soy bean field and a corn field in the late 40's, 50's and 60's in the Midwest USA aka Indiana
    My formal education consists of USA high school equivilant during that time :)
    Fortunately, my junior year highschool teacher told me to never stop asking questions as my curiosity was an asset. I endeavor to persevere :) (Patton)


    1. karin

      the map thing?
      That is the first time I have ever seen that or realized how distorted the reality of out world has actually been?!!!

      And this?
      "3. The British Commonwealth of Nations, the second military and naval Power of importance cooperating in a binding compact with the U.S.A. as a Power for freedom, shall retain and acquire control such territories, peace-security bases and strategic islands outposts essential for the maintenance of world peace and freedom as outlines on the map."

      Looks to be what is ongoing.
      But seriously whoever wrote this stuff is drunk with power
      why would anyone go along with this except for those that stand to profit $$$ and gain power
      Because it really is insane.
      As for the nazis coming to the US
      Yes, many, many of them
      look up operation paperclip

    2. Karin, another good name to look up is Richard Gehlin.

      Regarding truth seeking, if you are driven to know the truth, then you must have it. Otherwise, you may keep some friends but will eventually lose your mental health and perhaps your spirit as well. You have chosen well and it does take courage.

  9. Penny,
    just for clarification, been at this for about a decade, but most seriously over the last 5yrs or so since I found out the USA gov is actually a Corporation (supposedly owned by the Rothchilds according to some sources ) and the info abt our name being on the NYSE (birth certificate more and more demanded and at younger and younger ages to support the ponzi ).

    My home has suffered, my gardens have suffered, my husband, my family, even my pet, and most of all I guess, I have lost all semblence of who I once was to a degree trying to figure out how all this Horror continues and is escalating more and more rapidly since 9-11

    I've read paperclip, northwoods, and countless others. I've been through a maize of secret societies and hundreds of dis-info agents and gatekeepers. I"ve walked away only to come back again more determined and hell-bent.
    At times, my husband and even myself has questioned my sanity even :((
    It's become an all consuming passion to end the suffering of peoples, the theft of wealth worldwide, and expose these bastards/ bastardettes for who and what they are.. and I've done it mostly alone, losing all my friends and family along the way.

    YOUR blog, has been, fortunately, finally, a place where I felt brave enough to speak out, even just barely. It took me months, if you remember, to say anything after the Jose Barrea (sp) video you posted that was such an Ah-HA- moment and a huge door opened for me. For this, you will always be held in a high place on my very short list of people I trust <3 :)

    Then, Saker came into the picture recently and he too has written many things and, like you, has very sharp commenters. I always read comments, even tho they have sent me on many a wild goose chase.
    An old internet pal from ebay taught me that and drummed it over and over till I got it and even though it is very time consuming, it's opened ( since I have found better sources, like you, Saker and a very few others ) new venues along with certain sites like Strategic Culture places.

    The whole "liberal" "progressive" memes in every area, ( look back at what a totally lawless place Germany was right before Hitler's rise for example ) the gay, climate religion, talmud zionists, womans lib ( again !!! ) revolutions, "human" rights, amimal rights, NGO's I could go on forever... all that stuff is their doing and it will all of it disappear when/ if they aren't stopped. Once they have what they want, it will be full out communism ( or their variation of it )

    This is their third assault on Russia. I get busted my people on twitter because I defend Russia so much, but I always can come back and show them why. No, it's not utopia, I don't want to see them lose after all they have been through and I HAVE to find a way to expose even what little bit this poor exhausted pea brain of mine has found out.

    Jewish World Congress about page They even state on their about page that their purpose is Zionism and they quote the talmud and Not the torah. It is blatant, In Your Face hubris which they are notorious for.

    And, I get sick of people saying those whacked out idiots with the ringlets and circumcision fetish are the good jews !!! I had to end on a funny note.
    The good jews are the farmers, and everyday people not consumed in any religion just like all other "Un chosen" people imo :))

    Whew... I feel better and a bit unburdened. You needent display this on your blog if you don't feel like it as it really has no merit to anyone but myself and possibly you.
    Thanks Penny for being you

    1. that is so nice and yet I feel completely undeserving of all that praise-
      I don't think I am anything special or this blog is anything special
      I mean it is special to me, sure.
      But what it is about is a place to come and talk out loud
      And learn- Always to learn

      I started here in march o8? pretty sure ? so soon will be the start of year 7 soon
      And if anyone wants to come along and learn with me, terrific
      I appreciate it.
      I tell my husband I am just a 'no count' blogger-
      Though clearly i do count to some others.
      And I am not down on myself at all- it's just anything I do, anyone else can do
      I always hear James Corbett say that- if I can do it you can do it
      So that's about how I see this whole thing.

      As for the Jose Berrara video- I still love that video
      I saved it. I have viewed it on more then one occasion
      I should watch it again... I notice every time I take it in, something else enters my psyche. And then I listen to other stuff and Jose's presentation pops back in my head

      and btw karin- your input is super important
      It is valuable because it fills in blanks I can't possibly address
      goodness knows I can't do it all
      I don't have the time or the means to get into every subject indepthly
      I do what i can
      but, that is all I can do.
      You do what you can
      And everyone else
      that is great
      Glad you feel unburdened :)
      And I thank you for being you!
      because without you, karin, my blog would not be nearly as interesting
      and I mean that sincerely

  10. over at Amnesty FB pages: they attack russia and defend the ukrainian insurgency