Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gilad Atzmon does la Quenelle

A big thanks is being sent out to Gallier.  He is keeping you and I in the know regarding the Quenelle
Merci mon ami!
Hi Penny,

here a nice video in English from Gilad Atzmon. Explaining things. You will like it.
And I do like it. Yes, I do! 

First up Gilad Atzmon does la quenelle.  

And pay attention to his line of questioning. Hmmmmm......

Updated: Longer version of the adoring crowds greeting the interior minister

Hi Penny,

here a bit longer version of the second video
You can see the face of the minister going through all shades of pale, lol.

Arrivée chahutée de Manuel Valls à la gare de... by OuestFranceFR

Video # 2- Brought to us, again, by Gallier
Just in.
You can see the popularity of our interior minister:

Yes, the interior minister looks to be really adored by all....... (facetious, completely)

Gallier, should I say la or le? Not sure?
Clarify and I will correct.


  1. It's "la quenelle" in singular and "les quenelles" plural. The word is derived from the german Knoedel which means dumpling. Yes, the quenelle is a kind of dumpling, typical of Lyonnaise cuisine made out of egg-white and having pike (jackfish for the Canadians) flavour. They are loosely shaped like small dicks but completely flabby. So the "up your ass" meaning Dieudonné uses in his shows is technically not even possible, which made it so funny when he first used it in a show several years ago. in that show it was about evil dolphins puting it up to the humanity, yeah sounds strange but it's a stand up comedy show, so what did you expect ;-)

    1. good morning gallier!
      I call that fish pike, I don't know maybe others call it jackfish
      and I think in the states they call it something else
      just an aside
      evil dolphins? I guess we would have to see it to get it?

    2. I call that fish 'brochet' or 'Hecht' (remember, I'm bilingual french and german). I had look up in wikipedia as fishing is not in my circle of interests.

      As for the dolphins, indeed there wuld be no point either to explain, it's only a minor story in an old show.

  2. Hi Penny,

    here a bit longer version of the second video
    You can see the face of the minister going through all shades of pale, lol.

  3. And a nice BBC video of Dieudonné

    It's quite neutral and Alain Soral is interviewed and he could make his points without distortion, which is nearly unheard of.

  4. And breaking news update:

    The administrative order from the municipality that would have forbidden the show friday in Nantes has been repealed. This means that Valls's circular that was hailed on monday by the ziopress as the best thing since sliced bread* is officially declared illegal, bummer. Anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature knew that even before it was written. It's not as if there hasn't been already tens of ruling in favour of Dieudonné before all these years.

    * According to the press it would save us from the horrible crimes reminding-us-of-the-darkest-periods-of-our-past, yada, yada

    1. "According to the press it would save us from the horrible crimes reminding-us-of-the-darkest-periods-of-our-past, yada, yada"

      I never get the impression we are supposed to be saved from all that stuff
      rather, what is always seems like is that we are supposed to be bashed over the head constantly, reminded, of something you and i and multi millions/billions of individuals had zero to do with.


      in the south of france no less
      think there is a connection between his arrest and all the goings on?

    2. Except that it's the same nutjobs doing that, there's no special connection.

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    4. gallier I am having a heck of a time with blogger today.
      I did yesterday too?
      don't know why
      having any difficulty leaving comments?
      Yesterday, blogger was all crashing.
      And one post was creating 5 drafts
      I don't know?

      Oh and the same nutjobs.... indeed

    5. No, no problems. Neither here on seamonkey at work nor on Linux firefox at home. They changed the captcha system and it works much better than before.

  5. Dieudonné and his lawyers are genious. Even if the bill from the prefecture hadn't been repealed, he would have made the show this evening in Nantes. The bill was labeled as forbidding his current show 'Le mur', which means that it's the show itself that would have been forbidden not the humorist himself. So he would have come anyway to the stage and played another one of his shows and that would have been impossible to suppress because several of his shows are in the public domain and available for free on the Internet anyway.

    1. The 'state' is looking very tyrannical
      Is anyone noticing?

    2. Everybody is noticing and with everybody I mean everyone who is not paid to not notice it (pundits, politicians and fanatics).
      That is why this ridiculous story is in fact so big, it reveals even to the worse sheeple in denial who the real power that be are. Things that we "conspiracy nuts" already knew 10 or 20 years ago are now wide open for everyone to see, no denying possible anymore.

    3. the more eyes opened the better
      And that cannot come to soon in my book

      I noticed that comedian was supposed to be in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2012 but Jewish groups protested then and it does not seem he has come back

      Jewish groups.. thinking ADL as an example, are the oppressors of free speech almost everywhere. It's bloody amazing to me that people point their fingers at Arabs when it is not them.....I can't recall the Arab/Muslim groups ever having the level of clout Jewish groups have anywhere..

      "In Montreal, Dieudonné was scheduled for four performances at the Corona Theatre starting May 14 in a booking by the city's biggest entertainment promoter, Evenko.

      Luciano Del Negro from the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs wrote to Evenko protesting Dieudonné‘s Montreal appearances"

  6. Penny,
    I've been pushing Quenelle also ( I swear we are so similar but so different ! )

    Saker did an article on this last Nov which I started to read and got side tracked but went back to finish about a week+ ago

    Is a new revolution quietly brewing in France?

    Then I went back couple of days ago and he had this quenelle song up only that version is translated by a guy from UK I follow on twitter. which finally I could understand better ( my languages are lacking w/ no former schooling), but DH is Cajun so I pick up words here and there and knew an old Russian lady yrs ago who lived in France, but I've forgotten most she taught me :((

    I see so MANY advantages here. Of course the zionist HUBRIS went over board looking for ghosts and excuses and guilt to push again for all their controlling reasons, that they gave it steam.
    Who could have asked for more ?? I LOLed at the video Saker has up even tho I can't understand any of , as this zionist arse goes ballistic on some talk show in France. :))

    It's perfect really, they show their own card simply by saying a very old gesture--here in the US we put our hard to our eyebrow (sort of like a salute ) meaning we are fed up to there.. but no arm gesture.. the French are more 'flamboyant' shall we say. :)
    Anyhow.. they said it's the "hitler salute in reverse" duh.. talk about pushing the card to hard... this set the whole thing in motion from a simple comedy skit to a movement.

    I love it and am pushisng it on twitter
    Got a good feeling about this one Penny, it's positive railing and they can't continue to use this lame pity card w/ o looking like fools.

    I'll ck out your friend's pages also later Warmed up a bit here in (brr for us ) N Fl so hitting the outdoors for a couple of hours while I can.

    1. karin!
      I was wondering where you had gotten to!?
      so glad you are back. I was thinking about you this past little bit
      They do show their card by claiming this gesture is anything but a flippin' the bird to the elites classes of asses.

      The whole hitler tie in is pure programmed perception management
      You are just supposed to recoil when you hear that word

      As for N Fl and the chill
      I saw some of the news about how cold it was there
      And concern for crops
      The other day I tried to go for my daily regular walk... I headed out for ten minutes and turned back.. the tip of my nose felt really weird
      Unusually so
      I have been heading outdoors for 20+ years now, so I know how to dress..
      But that was a chill like I had not experienced

      Gallier was one of the first to hop on board here when I started my blog in March 08.
      So he is most definitely a friend in my book

    2. karin- ( I swear we are so similar but so different ! )

      one of these days you will have to expand on that one
      I would love to read it :)

  7. Penny,
    It's 11:00 EST Get over to Saker's blog He has a new post up about quenelle and a BBC report on it.

    He's excited about it, says he can't believe the BBC could still produce a decent "balanced" report like this, but U watch it like I am and the first part is typical language games. I'm just into the second half where they interview
    Soreal ( or however it's spelled

    Anyhow, look at the vid, I have not read his post on it yet and I might get brave enough to comment about just how decieving the BBC was in the fist 1/2 of the segment using the "language game" they use..

    Yours is the only blog I ever "talk" on believe it or not :) I'm a damn wallflower


    1. Hi karin
      sounds as if saker's video is one left by gallier in the comments above
      I will have to check it out
      11:00 est, gone to bed already
      we are still kitchening.... and yesterday one of the integral pieces to the reno was finally, finally delivered
      after some issues, which, I am finding out is the norm

    2. oh and karin, I am glad that you feel 'at home' enough here to chat
      that pleases me to no end :)
      I have found saker to be quite good-straight up sort of fellow
      if that helps at all?

    3. Karin, I agree, I didn't think it was very neutral at all. This was the BBC's highbrow late night news programme and the bias is often more subtle than their mainstream shows. However if the presenter had been Emily Maitlis then there would have been no subtlety whatsoever.

    4. Yes, I rewatched it and I have to agree that it is indeed slanted. My first impression came probably from the fact that he would never have been able to finish any of his sentences on franlestinian TV (the country has been renamed in franlestine, nobody can deny anymore that we are in occupied territory).

    5. gallier-

      isn't that exactly what atzom said?

      France- occupied territory.
      hmmmm...... first by the nazis
      now by the zionists
      something else?

      Sad days indeed.

    6. Geez I am hell bent on spelling Mr Atzmon's name wrong

      isn't that exactly what Atzmon said

  8. ask most anyone (esp americans) what they thought of Mandela: theyd say :'humanitarian' and 'saint'; ask the same people(and esp americans!) about Gaddafi: and its : 'mad dog' 'grotesque clown', brutal tyrant', 'robbed his people'....such is the power of the media.But what did Mandela think of Gadaffi...

    'Right upon his release from prison, after more than 27 years behind bars, Mandela broke the UN embargo and paid a visit to the Libyan capital of Tripoli, where he declared: “My delegation and I are overjoyed with the invitation from the Brother Guide [Muammar Gaddafi], to visit the Great Popular and Socialist Arab Libyan Jamahiriya. I have been waiting impatiently ever since we received the invitation. I would like to remind you that the first time I came here, in 1962, the country was in a very different state of affairs. One could not but be struck by the sights of poverty from the moment of arrival, with all of its usual corollaries: hunger, illness, lack of housing and of health-care facilities, etc. Anger and revolt could be read in those days on the faces of everyone.

    Since then, things have changed considerably. During our stay in prison, we read and heard a great deal about the changes which have come about in this country and about blossoming of the economy which has been experienced here. There is prosperity and progress everywhere here today which we were able to see even before the airplane touched ground. It is thus with great pleasure that we have come on a visit in the Jamahiriya, impatient to meet our brother, the Guide Gaddafi.”

    When Mandela was taken to the ruins of Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli, which was bombed by the Reagan administration in 1986 in an attempt to murder the entire Gaddafi family, he said:

    “No country can claim to be the policeman of the world and no state can dictate to another what it should do. Those that yesterday were friends of our enemies have the gall today to tell me not to visit my brother Gaddafi. They are advising us to be ungrateful and forget our friends of the past.”

    In response, Gaddafi thanked Mandela for his friendship, saying: “Who would ever have said that one day the opportunity for us to meet would become reality. We would like you to know that we are constantly celebrating your fight and that of the South African people, and that we salute your courage during all of those long years you spent in detention in the prison of Apartheid. Not a single day has passed without us having thought of you and your sufferings.”

    1. brian
      Perception management is very powerful
      the ptb's rely on it heavily to keep people dumb and down
      the problem is that too many people believe

  9. John Baird didn't say- 'Canadian Ambassador To Israel Shouldn't Be Jewish' and neither did anyone else apparently but that doesn't stop the Jewish press from making exaggerated headlines or 'Honest Reporting Canada' from being hysterically over-protective of those sensitive souls. Obviously only a Jewish interviewer would dare to broach the subject.

    It's not long ago that it was policy in the west for ambassadors to Israel to not be Jewish in order to avoid any conflict of interest. Now it is mandatory and a thought-crime to even raise the issue. Progress - the work of 'progressives'.

    1. I thought the Jewish press was always hysterical
      As in the norm?

  10. Well it seems that Valls won this battle. Riot police block access to the theatre hosting the show.

    Ban on French anti-Semitic comedian may be start of long legal drama Dieudonne, inventor of ‘quenelle’ salute, tells angry fans of cancelled Nantes show to go home, sing the national anthem

    1. Like I said to gallier, the state is showing it's tyranny
      Here is hoping everyone is noticing
      And not just in France

  11. It's clear that they also try to rob him of his source of income, to starve him to death so to say. So he just announced in his response video that he is making a DVD with the forbidden show 'Le mur' (the wall) and that it will contain the whole show with subtitles in English, Russian, Arabic, Farsi. People that paid a ticket for one of his cancelled shows can send the ticket and get the DVD, others can buy it for €43 (I know it's steep but it's necessary). When it's available I will post a comment with the details here and at vinesaker's blog.

    1. thanks gallier and please do that.
      I have a new piece to put up from the economist and the language/thought manipulation is obvious---( perception management)