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Syria: Geneva II, Captagon trafficking and Iran/IAEA

 Going long, but, interesting
WP PARIS — International backers of Syria’s fractious opposition warned rebel political leaders Sunday that upcoming negotiations for a transition government to replace President Bashar al-Assad may be their last, best hope to bring their country’s civil war to an end.

With less than two weeks to go before a negotiating conference in Geneva sponsored by the United Nations, the U.S.-backed Syrian Opposition Coalition has yet to say that it will attend. Amid rising frustration among its supporters, the group’s attempts to come to agreement and appoint a delegation have repeatedly broken down.

Couldn't the US just appoint a delegation? If they were serious about a peaceful settlement?

Coalition president Ahmad al-Jarba was recently reelected in a race that further split the political opposition. In meetings here with delegates, including Secretary of State John F. Kerry and foreign ministers from 10 European and Arab countries, Jarga said some opposition leaders remain suspicious that the United States and others can be depended upon to force Assad from power through a political agreement.
Jarba is the Saudi candidate. Jarba is a character with a shady past. No wonder the US and SA employ him he is corrupt and controllable.

“Records reveal that official Riyadh handed over “the suspect Ahmad al-Jarba” to Damascus in 2008, on charges of drug trafficking, in accordance with an extradition agreement between Saudi and Syrian security services”,
 Being “in business” for more than a decade he established deep ties with Prince Bandar (“Bush”) bin Sultan of the Saudi ruling clan.
Ahmad al Jarba the drug trafficker? Very fitting, indeed.

Perhaps al Jarba connects the dot to this situation?
Saved this one yesterday and thought about the abundance of Captagon in the geographical area. Clearly fuelling the hired killers. And IMO used against the civilian population.

 Reports of seizures and interviews with people connected to the trade suggest it generates hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenues in Syria, potentially providing funding for weapons, while the drug itself helps combatants dig in for long, gruelling battles.
 Consumption of Captagon outside the Middle East is negligible, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), but it is a significant drug in the Arab Gulf, and nascent markets were detected in North Africa last year.
Captagon- fuelling the fight. Allowing NATO, US, Israel, KSA., etc to appear at an arms length.
But, who is supplying the means to manufacture and traffic these drugs. Where are the mercs getting the money to pay for this amphetamine?  The money that in turn provides funds for weapons purchases on the black market. And coincidentally the drug use and trafficking is  spreading along with all the various brand name hired mercenaries into North Africa. Hmmmmmmm....

 Isn't  it true that there is actually documentation of  soldiers, so called regular army soldiers, using drugs to enable them to fight and kill with brutality?

As an aside: Sergei Lavrov reportedly said to Jarba..

 Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with the head of the Syrian Opposition’s National Coalition Ahmad Jarba in Paris on Sunday, the Voice of Russia reported.

“I realize how much your country’s destiny concerns you,” Mr. Lavrov said to Mr. Jarba. “We in Russia are also concerned about Syria’s destiny.”
That statement can be interpreted in a number of ways?
It can be accepted as a straight up statement. 
Or-  Was Lavrov implying 'your country' to Jarba as Saudi Arabia ? But pointing out that Russia is also, as 'in addition to" or " besides" Saudi Arabia,  is concerned with the destiny of Syria? I wonder?  Lavrov can be very biting/sarcastic in his comments. So, I do wonder what his intent was with this statement?

WP article continues..
Speaking after the meeting, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius emphasized that the donors’ group was committed to “putting an end to the present [Assad] regime.”
In a formal statement, the countries known as the London 11, for the city where its delegates first met in the early days of the Syrian civil war, said that “as long as . . . Assad remains in power, there is no prospect of peace and stability in Syria and the region.”
Jarba is expected to relay the statement to the Syrian Opposition Coalition, which will meet Friday to consider attendance.
“I’m confident, personally . . . that the Syrian opposition will come to Geneva,” Kerry said in a news conference with Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid bin Mohamm-ad al-Attiyah. He said the opposition “understands the stakes.”
The Geneva conference, scheduled for Jan. 22, is to implement an agreement reached 18 months ago by a larger group of outside countries — including Russia, one of Assad’s main backers — calling for a transition government to be established in Syria through a negotiated settlement between the warring parties.
Conference delegations are to be chosen by “mutual consent,” which the opposition and its backers have said means Assad can neither attend nor remain in office. Assad, Russia and Iran, the Syrian president’s other principal supporter, have said that barring him from future power is an unacceptable “precondition” to the talks, although the government has agreed to attend.

The diplomacy came as fighting continued to rage between rebels and fighters with the al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, across most opposition-held areas of northern Syria.
At least 697 people have been killed in the 10 days since the clashes erupted between the two factions, according to figures published Sunday by the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Most of the dead were said to be combatants, but at least 100 were civilians, including 21 activists who had been imprisoned by ISIS and were executed in Aleppo before the group lost control of its headquarters there.
The bodies of 11 people who had been handcuffed and shot in the head were uncovered Sunday at another ISIS base captured by rebels in Aleppo. The Islamist Ahrar al-Sham, which has played a prominent role in the revolt against ISIS, said on Twitter that as many as 100 of its fighters were killed Sunday in the capital of north-central Raqqah province.
Dozens of people were reported killed in attacks by government forces on rebel-held areas across the country, including 21 who died when airplanes dropped barrels packed with explosives onto the town of al-Bab in Aleppo province.
Kerry said the United States was moving toward a resumption of nonlethal military assistance to moderate opposition forces in northern Syria. The aid was suspended late last year after ISIS fighters took over a warehouse on the Turkish border where aid to U.S.-backed rebel groups was stored.
The non-lethal military assistance, so called, has never stopped.  And the ISIS fighters "taking over" the warehouse chock full of arms was no accident. Just a way to get arms to another brand of hired killers "rebels" and appear to be disconnected from the arming of the hired killers.
On Wednesday, Kerry will attend a conference of humanitarian donors to Syria. He said the war has displaced 8 million people and forced more than 2 million people to flee the country.

Although the Obama administration is expected to pledge more money, Kerry said that “the best solution to the humanitarian crisis is to get a political solution and end the creation of more refugees. . . . We are not looking for a policy of simply increased assistance to refugees. We are looking for a policy that saves Syria.”
Kerry has never been looking for a policy to save Syria. 

One last item. Concerning Iran & the IAEA 
Which is related to Syria and more, so much more.

IAEA gains more Iran access, but not enough for bomb probe

The U.N. nuclear watchdog's increased access in Iran to monitor a landmark agreement with world powers still falls short of what it says it needs to investigate suspicions that Tehran may have worked on designing an atomic bomb.

Of course, the access is never going to be enough. Not for the Saudi's, Israel or the US.
Not when the agenda is Sunni/Israeli collusion and Shiite repression.
Flashback: Pushing for Shiite repression and Sunni supremecy in the Middle East


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    1. NCRI is nothing but another tool of destabilization run by the ptb's, NATO and more. A concocted government in exile, as we have seen any number of times
      I have seen this site previously and it is not credible
      I do not recommend this site and assume you are spreading disinfo?

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  3. "Kerry has never been looking for a plan to save Syria."

    Bingo! Bottom line is, and will forever be, regime change at all costs.

    1. regime change and balkanization of the nation.
      As in Iraq. As for Libya. Syria
      Iran.... etc., etc.,

  4. "Captagon- fuelling the fight. Allowing NATO, US, Israel, KSA., etc to appear at an arms length.
    But, who is supplying the means to manufacture and traffic these drugs."

    The same as those doing all the illicit drug business, and a whole lot more. The Jewish mafia.

    вот так

    1. bot tak recall my mention of an article in Canadian press regarding Turkey?
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      As for the captagon...
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