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The Bete Noire of the French Establishment- La Quenelle in English

Hat tip to Gallier for leaving all the information that will be posted below!

Hi Penny, happy new year and all that. I wanted just drop you a link to a nice video explaining with a song what the Quenelle is all about.

And here an excellent summary of the Quenelle situation in France
Merci Gallier deux!

This movement, originating in France, first got my attention a couple months back via The Vineyard of the Saker.  Gallier clarified what la quenelle is about, what it means, to the people who adopted and spread it but everything was in the french language. Awkward for the anglo only bunch
Fortuitously, someone made an english version for the unilingual world and Gallier left that link.

For some reason Israeli media and elites along with their usual partners in crime (oppressors, all of them) are informing us that this gesture is 'anti-semitic'.

Excerpt below, read in full at the link provided.

The Bête Noire of the French Establishment

 French mainstream media and politicians are starting off the New Year with a shared resolution for 2014: permanently muzzle a Franco-African comedian who is getting to be too popular among young people.

In between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, no less than the President of the Republic, François Hollande, while visiting Saudi Arabia on (very big) business, said his government must find a way to ban performances by the comedian Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, as called for by French Interior Minister, Manuel Valls.
The leader of the conservative opposition party, UMP, Jean-François Copé, immediately chimed in with his “total support” for silencing the unmanageable entertainer. 

In the unanimous media chorus, the weekly Nouvel Observateur editorialized that Dieudonné is “already dead”, washed up, finished. Editors publicly disputed whether it was a better tactic to try to jail him for “incitement to racial hatred”, close his shows on grounds of a potential “threat to public order”, or put pressure on municipalities by threatening cultural subsidies with cuts if they allow him to perform.
The goal of national police boss Manuel Valls is clear, but the powers that be are groping for the method.
The dismissive cliché heard repeatedly is that “nobody laughs at Dieudonné any more”.
In reality, the opposite is true. And that is the problem. On his recent tour of French cities, videos show large, packed theaters roaring with laughter at their favorite humorist.  He has popularized a simple gesture, which he calls the “quenelle”. It is being imitated by young people all over France.  It simply and obviously means, we are fed up.
To invent a pretext for destroying Dieudonné, the leading Jewish organizations CRIF (Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France, the French AIPAC) and LICRA (Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme, which enjoys special privileges under French law) have come up with a fantasy to brand Dieudonné and his followers as “Nazis”.  The quenelle is all too obviously a vulgar gesture roughly meaning “up yours”, with one hand placed at the top of the other arm pointing down to signify “how far up” this is to be.
But for the CRIF and LICRA, the quenelle is “a Nazi salute in reverse”.  (You can never be too “vigilant” when looking for the hidden Hitler.) As someone has remarked, a “Nazi salute in reverse” might as well be considered anti-Nazi.  If indeed it had anything to do with Heil Hitler.  Which it clearly does not.
But world media are taking up this claim, at least pointing out that “some consider the quenelle to be a Nazi salute in reverse”.  Never mind that those who use it have no doubt about what it means:  F— the system!
But to what extent are the CRIF and LICRA “the system”?
France needs all the laughter it can get
French industry is vanishing, with factory shutdowns week after week.  Taxes on low income citizens are going up, to save the banks and the euro. Disillusion with the European Union is growing.  EU rules exclude any serious effort to improve the French economy. Meanwhile, politicians on the left and the right continue their empty speeches, full of clichés about “human rights” – largely as an excuse to go to war in the Middle East or rant against China and Russia. The approval rating of President Hollande has sunk to 15%.  However people vote, they get the same policies, made in EU.
Why then are the ruling politicians focusing their wrath on “the most talented humorist of his generation” (as his colleagues acknowledge, even when denouncing him)?
The short answer is probably that Dieudonné’s surging popularity among young people illustrates a growing generation gap.  Dieudonné has turned laughter against the entire political establishment.  This has led to a torrent of abuse and vows to shut down his shows, ruin him financially and even put him in jail.  The abuse also provides a setting for physical attacks against him.  A few days ago, his assistant Jacky Sigaux was physically attacked in broad daylight by several masked men in front of the city hall of the 19th arrondissement – just opposite the Buttes Chaumont Park. He has lodged a complaint.
But how much protection is to be expected from a government whose Interior Minister, Manuel Valls – in charge of police – has vowed to seek ways to silence Dieudonné?
The story is significant but is almost certain to be badly reported outside France – just as it is badly reported inside France, the source of almost all foreign reports.  In translation, a bit of garbling and falsehoods add to the confusion.

In case you have any doubt that la quenelle has Israel and the so called human rights groups in an uproar check out a couple of news items that illustrate this point

Times of Israel

The “quenelle” signal is rapidly spreading among anti-Semites in Europe and is being used by individuals to fly under the radar of strict anti-hate speech laws in parts of the Continent

The Guardian

On Monday, a Jewish human rights organisation, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, included Parker's gesture in its list of the Top Ten Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Slurs of 2013, and issued a statement calling for an apology

How is it that a hand gesture against the oppressive elite class banking/business/globalists and their political servant class can be considered anti-semitic?
 I don't get that?
Unless the anti-semitism label has been and will continue to be a name calling device used to oppress freedom of speech?
Seems that way.


  1. snip
    How is it that a hand gesture against the oppressive elite class banking/business/globalists and their political servant class can be considered anti-semitic?
    end snip

    Perhaps its is that the above are mainly jewish, therefore anything that is perceived as a threat to them is and must be anti-senetic (sorry semetic).

    It is possible we are seeing the birth of a movement to redress the palpable inequality in society where 0.01 % of the population control almost 28% of the planets wealth.

    Viva la Quenelle Viva La Reveloution



    1. It is possible we are seeing the birth of a movement to redress the palpable inequality in society

      when I have a bit more time, I will give a better reply
      but thanks kamnam
      and happy new year to you and yours!

  2. Hi Penny
    Further to my last post, an example of what people are awakening to

    Water is essential to the human body and having access to good, clean water, should be a right of every person on this planet. While that is my opinion, the former CEO of Nestle, Peter Brabeck, has a very different opinion and one that might shock you.

    Brabeck stated rather clearly in an interview for a documentary called “We Feed The World,” that he believes water should not be a public right and that it should be something only the wealthy have access to. A rather interesting statement from the CEO of the 27th largest company in the world, who does over $65 billion in business with a good portion of that coming from bottled water sales.

    In 2007, Brabeck received a “Black Planet Award” which is an award given to people who contribute to the destruction of the planet. Brabeck, through Nestlé, was accused of proliferating contaminated baby food, monopolizing water resources, and tolerating child labor.

    In the interview, Brabeck didn’t stop with water. He continued on talking about GMO’s, nature and corporate responsibility. Feel free to reflect on the statements he makes, and share your thoughts in the comments. Is this the type of world view you want to see in powerful individuals?
    end snip

    Really,,, here is the link

    snip comment
    The sad thing is, Brabeck is not alone in his views as many CEOs, elitists, private bankers and so forth share the same values and world views. This can be seen by taking a step back and looking at the big picture of how our world functions. While it appears money is their motive, it goes deeper. Power and control is of the utmost importance to them as with power, they can control everything.

    What can we do about it? We can share this information with others and make smarter choices about what we purchase. We fuel this system with our actions and choices. Awareness of these stories and issues is one of the first steps in creating change. Here’s a list of Nestles brands that you may consider boycotting. Brands: Arrowhead, Aqua Spring, Calistoga, Deer Park, Deep Spring, Ice Mountain, Glaciar, Klosterquelle, Nestle Wellness, Nestle Pure Life, Ozarka, Poland Spring, Perrier, S. Pellegrino, S. Barnardo, Water Line, Zephyrhills
    end snip

    Need I say More?!!!



    1. "We fuel this system with our actions and choices"

      Indeed we do. But do people stop to think for a minute about just how important their individual choices are?

  3. I know I'm stating the obvious for most readers here but I'll say it anyway :)

    The La Quenelle phenomenon is threatening because the powerful, more than anyone else, realize that their power is based on the perception of power and la Quenelle lifts the veil, speaks to reality. And that reality is that they need our co-operation to have power over us. Their power is all based on the perception that they have the power and we don't - and they understand that better than we do. It's an illusion that once gone is gone forever

    1. James, were you reading my mind or what?!
      One reply should be all purpose

      What I think is obvious. What kamnam realizes is obvious. And what you think is obvious. Isn't. Not to many.
      The power of the elites is based on our perception of them being powerful.
      Indeed, they do understand this and of course manipulate that perception to their maximum advantage.
      And it is our own faults that we allow this manipulation, that we believe these manipulations and that we comply with the manipulations
      But, all we have to do is not comply
      Not go along.
      Acting as individuals, in unison, but not in a movement, we could alter the paradigm completely.
      Why not in a movement?
      Once a movement is created, inevitably a top down leadership will form and almost without fail become compromised or corrupted.

      Therefore, in my opinion, the best form of resistance is individuals living mindfully, fully, aware and engaged in their lives making choices on how to live that serve the well being and future of humankind cooperatively

      There are a myriad of ways this can be done. The most obvious is to resist the movements the elite are pushing us towards
      the 'smart' grid control grid requires smart phones= don't buy one
      you still do have to buy one, so don't

      reject the control technology
      don't buy the tv that spies on you because it is the latest gadget

      cashless society= use cash

      gmo food = save your own seeds and grow some of your own dam food

      trade with one another

      Don't participate in the system that the elites are making for what they consider

      I am not anyone's resource. to be used, abused, poisoned with toxic food and vaccines so I can become indebted via the med-i- sin industry
      and finally get kevorkianed

      It is that obvious and that simple- stop being automatons and go back to being humans

  4. Hi Penny

    Three thoughts from me this fine winter's day

    [1] This is excellent news and I thank you very much for posting it.

    [2] Anything that threatens the status quo is going to be called anti-S, because the status quo is pro-S, and

    [3] What James said, and what you said after that.

    Best wishes to you and yours for a healthy and prosperous 2014.

  5. Your welcome winter :)
    And all the best to you and yours too

    A wish for 2014 is that people will make better choices, reject the status quo and be the change they want to see instead of waiting for someone to 'save' them
    No one is going to save them
    Only you or I can save ourselves
    That's how I see it and I figure you agree with that too.

  6. Thanks to Gallier & Penny for this interesting post.

    I was previously puzzled at the hand on edge part of the gesture but this makes it very clear it is to signify drawing a line and not the suggested (by those perpetual victims) idea of the left hand holding down an involuntary Nazi salute, ala Dr Strangelove.

    Communitarianism, in case anyone else is confused-
    The Counterpunch article was good but I found the use of 'communitarianism' confusing. It seems to be an error in translation equating the French word 'communautarisme' with the apparently similar Anglo-American 'communitarianism'.

    As I understand it (and I reserve the right to be wrong) 'communautarisme' means: tribalism, sectarianism, ethno-particularism etc - all very non Politically Correct.

    On the other hand 'communitarianism' is an ultra Politically Correct political philosophy propounded by the Israeli-American sociologist Amitai Etzioni and his ilk. It purports to be the ultimate dialectical synthesis of collectivism and libertarianism; also known as The Third Way, The Big Society, Global Society etc.In effect it is Communism-Lite for the NWO. People will not be defined so much as individuals with rights but as citizens with responsibilities and duties. It is closely coupled with Agenda-21.

    The Communitarian Network
    The ABCs of Communitarianism
    What the Communitarians Stand For - Niki Raapana
    Communitarianism: A Three Level Con Job
    Living Outside the Dialectic

    1. Hi freethinker,

      you're right to point out the error in translation. Communautarisme as used by Soral and Dieudonné means tribalism or sectarism. It is not limited to Jewish tribalism though. It calls radical feminism, LGBT activists, protestant eligism and others. In fact, Soral uses it mostly in contrast to universalism where no group of people has any privilege over another.

      As for the hand gesture on the quenelle it symbolizes only how deep the quenelle was inserted in the rear. Funnily, the Strangelove explanation has really been proposed by the same idiots of the mainstream media (and their zionist puppeteers), which is completely ludicrous, as the different expressions of quenelle (quenelle de 175, quenelle épaulée, quenelle avec la tête) unmistakenly suggest a dimension of length.
      But our officials have now reached such a level of ridicule that it is hard to imagine where they can go now (Miss Taubira, our Justice Minister for God' sake stated seriously in Parliament that Dieudonné is complicit after the fact of the Holocaust ''complice, après coup, de crime contre l'humanité''. One couldn't make that up. I couldn't eat enough for how much I would like to through up when hearing shit like that.

    2. thanks Gallier for clarifying freethinkers query
      I could not have

      "In fact, Soral uses it mostly in contrast to universalism where no group of people has any privilege over another"

      I like that universalism
      no group has privilege over another

      all those 'isms create schisms" thanks Bob Marley!
      a fact that all those divisions just cause societal division is lost on so many..

      A group here in Canada "Rabble" is a big tool of division
      They have all kinds of isms there
      Which is why they don't get mentioned here, even though the self labelled lefties in Canada love them to pieces
      Yet they are nothing but a group that sets out to divide as a means to conquer.. with their promotion of isms..
      There promotion of isms was made very clear to me once, long ago
      on their forum which put me right off of them.

    3. Hi Penny,

      here a nice video in English from Gilad Atzmon. Explaining things. You will like it.

    4. thanks very much gallier!
      I am going to post that later today, with a hat tip to you of course :)

  7. Just in.
    You can see the popularity of our interior minister:

    1. hehehe
      isn't he the popular one?!
      there will be a new post shortly

  8. thanks gallier
    going to check it out right now!
    I was just signing in to put the other video up which I will shortly
    and btw how is the weather in your neck of the woods?

    1. Exceptionally warm. We have temperatures around 10°C (50°F) for the last 2 weeks, which is completely odd. It should be more between -5°C (23°F) and +5°C (41°F). In fact we have had only a few days of frost yet. I suppose, if it wasn't for the cold swell in north America, the warmists would be talking about doom and gloom because of the relatively mild winter in western Europe. This said, although the temperature are quite high, it doesn't mean that the weather is nice. It's rainy, windy and stormy. On the Atlantic coast they has strong storms with a lot of inundations and destruction.