Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Debate: Insurgent Infighting in Syria- Broader destabilization

What a fortuitous find. What an excellent debate.
Eric Draitser hits all the right notes! I was literally cheering him on.  And, why wouldn’t I?
He is singing from the songbook I know so well.....
And the clip of that evil horrible witch Hillary Clinton?! Grrr......
FYI: Eric Draitser runs the excellent site- Stop Imperialism
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“ Draitser explains how both (rebels) are part of the broader destabilization campaign orchestrated by the US and its regional clients.  Additionally, he argues that the distinction between the two sides is more a matter of political expediency than practical difference.”

Rebel brand A and Rebel brand B. Same/Same

A fact I pointed out on numerous occasions, most recently in this post about the so called ‘mismatch in commitments’

“Which is why we are now witnessing the squabbling between the good and bad rebels. ( Brand A and Brand B) There are no good or bad rebels. NATO is backing all the opposition. Some nation/entity, whether it is funneled through KSA, Britain, France,US or Canada, is  paying these mercs to fight. The illusion of good and bad rebels is mind control/perception management tool for the home audiences”

And make no mistake this is also connected to what is playing out in Egypt, right now.
This division being created, intentionally, completely intentionally by the Egyptian military
"Don't Create a new Al Qaeda"? Why not? The 'old' Al Qaeda was so very useful

"The situation in Egypt is bound to worsen and the military clearly knows this, though some delude themselves that enough brutality will bring submission"
The entire region is being destabilized in front of our very eyes. The US and NATO are not wringing there hands over the moves made by the Egyptian Army. They have all manner of options. They have military stationed in the Sinai. Completely cut off military aid. That ain’t going to happen.
In fact the US has moved to reinstate the funding to the Egyptian military- And they will need all the money and weapons they can get to foment the violence between the Egyptian populace and participate in the remaking of the area. That is and has been the NATO agenda for a very long time now

Egypt's full circle- Dark days in Egypt “the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday approved legislation that would make it easier to resume aid”

25 minutes in length.  The other guy spews the usual tired western propaganda memes.


  1. Yes, good debate. No matter how many sideshows are created around the Syrian question, we always end up at point A. The US and it's minions want Assad gone, so the plan of destabilization then control, can continue around the globe.Global hegemony, by the imperialist/corporate state will continue. The "Global Plantation" concept is alive and well. Witness the wage suppression around the globe. This NOT happening by accident. The battle against big, organized money, is over, here in the US, the greedy and power hungry, I fear, have won. Best of luck elsewhere...ben

    1. ben

      as long as we humans breath and are aware a loss, if it exists, is only temporary

      IMO: much of the hopelessness is promoted through the corporate/zionist warmongering media

      The media does not tell us about people like you and I who are aware.. and conversant and acting in alternative ways

      Maybe I am a dreamer, but, I know I am not the only one!