Monday, January 13, 2014

The grotesque pedophocracy reappears in the Quenelle controversy

Flashback time.

Why? We have been discussing the quenelle and the controversy surrounding that gesture.
Gallier has been doing his due diligence and uncovered yet another reason the psychopathic elites have their
"knickers in a knot" concerning a new show put on by Dieudonné
The two most recent posts on the subject:
* More from Gilad Atzmon on the censorship of Dieudonné & la quenelle
 * The Economist explains "What is the quenelle"

But, as usual, there is more............
Okay, things start to get clearer now. There is one aspect of Dieudos last show, which was premiered on august 16th 2013, that I didn't know (as I haven't seen it yet) and that was out of focus. The attacks because of his alleged antisemtism didn't make much sense, because it's now the tenth show in a row where he makes violent jibes at them without escalation to the highest order. The show is called "Le mur" (the Wall) and its theme is about the wall of decency between good and bad (as far as I can tell from recension) and one of the themes he touches is about the institutionalized pedophile rings, making allusions do the Dutroux affair and what we here at your blog call the pedophocracy.

The pedophocracy. There are six chapters of Dave McGowans's book- Programmed to Kill- linked in the right hand side bar. Dutroux is mentioned. Very sordid stuff. Not simply limited to Brussels. The US has had their own political pedophile issues. Who can forget the news of children being brought to the White house?

Jerry Sandusky.  And other scandals... that have been covered here at the blog previously
Including-  The billionaire hedge fund pedophile mogul got away with a slap on the wrist
 And-  Randy Andy & Jeffrey Epstein: The Prince and the Pedophile

"Former President Bill Clinton; Prince Andrew; former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak; New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson; and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers were just a few of the prominent passengers on his private jets"
His private jets, filled with naked or nearly naked young girls. Giving 'massages' to passengers
 Who amongst the masses can forget the scummy, creepy  Jimmy Savile?

Since the pedophocracy is rearing it's ugly head, yet again, in the Dieudonné kefuffle,  it seems about the right time to relink this older post
If you haven't been a reader at this blog for quite some time this might be new to you.
 Dave McGowan being interviewed on this book- Programmed to Kill

 The radio host speaks-Programmed to Kill by Dave McGowan
"As it happens, back in June of 2007, I interviewed Dave about his disturbing book Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder. (I’m still amazed I was allowed to bring guests like Dave onto a fairly typical mainstream talk radio station. And we actually wound up winning our time slot for talk radio listeners!"

Ocotober 2009/ Dave McGowan Interview: Programmed to Kill

 I have this book, I read this book, it is good, it is difficult....
Anyway, give a listen. I do hope you enjoy it.

VFTB 010: Dave McGowan — Programmed to Kill



  1. I will be back with an update on Syria later

    Oddly enough as I was telling Gallier there has been an renewed interest in this old post?
    Were others connecting the quenelle controversy with the exposure via the new show (the wall) to the elites pedophilia and the number of rings that serve these sickos?

  2. I googled around a bit and this speculation from Laurent Louis seems really not that far fetched in fact. The anti-semitism charges againt Dieudo managed really to deflect the attention of a lot of bad stuff, massive lay-offs but more importantly there's currently a big trial going on in the Var department in South of France with sordid in which several children were raped and at least 10 were murdered. The mother is silenced by being declared crazy. I haven't heard about but this looks quite a big deal. The affair is also known under the AMIDLISA name. (excellent blog btw centered on the pedophocracy).

    1. "The anti-semitism charges againt Dieudo managed really to deflect the attention of a lot of bad stuff"

      As usual. sigh...
      and thanks!

  3. Cambodia Refuses to Extradite Fugitive Russian Tycoon

    1. oh, I am going to have to dig into that one :)

  4. Replies
    1. Hi winter
      grotesque, disgusting, appalling, sick, twisted...
      No wonder James Corbett always calls them the powers that shouldn't be

  5. Hi Penny,
    here a new link to one of the Dieudonné skits of his "Le Mur"/"Asu zoa" show, with english subtitles.
    This one is particularly interesting because some people think that it is this one that was the real reason for the censorship attempts. That skits links with the pedophocracy, masonry, gay marriage and Africas exploitation.
    In french it's hilarious because of the Cameroonian accent of the character talking.

    1. Hi Gallier
      meant to get back here to you- I am going to post the video, for sure, it's quite clever-
      it will be up tomorrow :)
      hope all is well with you and yours?