Monday, January 20, 2014

The US dictates and the "United Nations" cave? Iran out!

What is the UN, really?
It is certainly not an organization of ‘united nations’ on equal footing.
Or a global institution for justice and peace.  To end all wars...You would  have to be a fool to believe that.
 The UN is and has always been the (illusory) diplomatic face of the global army NATO.
A cover for multinationals run amok. Oh and the means to promote global tyranny.
Be it through WHO or the IPCC. Never has that reality been so blatant and in your face
Now readers will understand why I call the UN- Useless Nations
The UN is located on Rockefeller land. In NY city.
And that should speak volumes to you about the agenda of the UN.

John D. Rockefeller Jr. bought the 18 acre (7 ha) plot and donated it to the United Nations.
Rockefeller didn't have a charitable bone in his body. Everything he did was done to make money. Accumulate wealth. Extract every last cent from the masses. Peddle snake oil. Whatever it took
Rockefeller wanted to do it, so he could take it!

Back to the UN obeying the US.... cause bankers rule

Under intense American pressure, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon rescinded the invitation to Iran to attend peace talks on Syria, issued only 24 hours earlier.

ISTANBUL — The United Nations on Monday revoked an invitation to Iran to attend a crucial peace conference on Syria in Switzerland, culminating a day of chaotic international diplomacy during which the United States objected to Iran’s inclusion and the Syrian opposition threatened to boycott.

Under intense American pressure, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon rescinded the invitation to Iran, issued only 24 hours earlier, late on Monday, citing Iran’s failure to endorse the terms under which the conference was being held.

And this had nothing to do with Iran. Though Ban and the UN stooges are singing that tune
This was John Kerry’s dirty work
The US does not want peace.  The US does not want diplomacy
The US and it’s cronies in the ME, specifically Israel and Saudi Arabia are on a mad dog rampage
They want regime change and total destabilization of the area. Order out of chaos. And the the axis of evil is looking for a revamp

The announcement followed a day of intense diplomacy during which U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry personally lobbied Ban to rescind the invite, and the Syrian opposition warned that it would not attend if Iran was there, putting in jeopardy an event that has taken eight months of negotiations to bring to fruition.

The much-delayed peace conference will now go ahead on Wednesday with foreign ministers of more than 30 nations and continue later in the week with talks between negotiators for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and representatives of the Syrian opposition.

Laughable statement from a US official. Official spin doctor that is!

“Iran is prolonging the war and undermining chances for peace, and should not be allowed to sit at the peace table with diplomats from countries that are legitimately trying to end the war, a senior U.S. official close “
Iran is prolonging the war? Puhleez!

Iran had never accepted the preconditions. The UN is face saving and lying to deflect from the fact they bowed to their masters in the US and Israel.

“If Iran does not fully and publicly accept the Geneva communique, the invitation must be rescinded,” said Jen Psaki, a spokeswoman for the State Department.

Iranian officials gave no indication that they had accepted it, however. Marzieh Afkham, a spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry, said Iran has accepted the invitation but reiterated the country’s long-standing position that it would attend only if no preconditions were attached.
“As announced before, we do not accept any precondition to take part in Geneva conference II and, based on the official invitation, participate in the talks without any precondition,” Afkham said.

Only the US and company are the dishonest brokers. Only the US and company are looking for an all out regime change.


  1. Dear Penny,

    I am sure that you remember: 'I am sure that "They" are busy concocting plans how to derail any peace agreement and bring again a situation in which to demand a "war crimes" court'!!!
    I am loath to admit I was right! It all became clear when I watched a report reporting that Assad "defiantly" said he would stay in power. Well, that was in fact the premise of the Geneva2. To turn the terms of an agreement into a fault is a peak of perversion. But you can't expect less from existential liars. Expect more nastiness.

    1. oh yes wizoz I recall you expressing those exact sentiments
      and I get the hating to admit you right part, but, you know what you were right and I was was right.

      An fyi for readers here who may not know at the sakers blog wizoz and I 'waxed poetically' ...... hehehe
      we expressed views on and around the syrian situation
      you can find the views in the comment section

      " But you can't expect less from existential liars"
      And I do expect much more nastiness.

  2. Dialectics again. UN is the soft, seductive, subversive left hand and NATO is the iron right fist of the same beast.

    1. that is well said.
      better then I put it. Particularly liking the beast part!

  3. Here's a curious story. An MIT prof has analysed the flight mechanics of the Ghouta chemical rocket and proved that the official story is false-
    Flawed US intelligence on Ghouta massacre

    All well and good but isn't it curious that this came out of MIT, that most 'spooky' of learning institutions. Has this prof gone 'off script' or is he following another agenda? This report seems to be MIT sanctioned so he hasn't gone rogue. We don't expect attacks on a liberal administration from left-wing dominated academia so why are they giving fuel to the right-wingers? For example-

    Here we see the false dialectic exposed: the soft left hand, or the hard right hand - either way they are both Zionist NWO, and at times like these we get a glimpse of the puppeteer.

    1. freethinker, you have been away
      I covered that this past Saturday, it went unnoticed it seems
      because the AQ rebrand got way more notice.

      I believe this kind of stuff gets leaked out eventually- ya know something close to the truth- because they are sticking to the lie of 'Assad soldier's could have still done it'- despite every bit of evidence that suggests otherwise- for the reason that it presents an opportunity to say
      faulty intelligence
      we made a mistake
      we will get it right the next time
      and inflamed the self labelled 'right' perfect, what a good thought freethinker!
      Yah, that type of admission now likely serves that agenda too
      widening the left right divide
      and right to the point that I made in my post

      my commentary in post
      "We witness this stuff time and time again. The state lies, media complies, academia hides and then everyone comes out to wring their hands afterwards- Talking about the sky falling.. Oh dear, oh dear.
      What did they call this after 9/11? And after Iraq? Oh yeah ""failed intelligence'
      Or how about a failure of imagination? And any other nonsense concocted by the ptsb's that the masses believe?"

      I get the impression people don't want to believe this is the case..
      don't know why?

      But the intelligence didn't fail. The intelligence was created. To manage your perception.
      And it did. It's like history repeating over and over and over.

  4. Hi Penny
    Ban has shown how much of a puppet on a string he is. If he holds any self respect at all in his body his only option is to resign. I guess that wont happen as he does not have any self respect, at all. Long gone when he took the top job as string puppet to his master.

    Syria and Russia with Iran may hold a separate conference to discuss what will happen and the working out of who needs what to make it all happen, in other words work out practical solutions to the problem.
    Meanwhile we will have the Bullshit investiture of the willing to make up all sorts of crap that will become verbal diarrhea for the masses via msm .

    Sigh, it is a world full of shite we live in, finding the shovel is getting harder, yet more necessary every day, to make our personal world a better place to live in. e need more volunteers to pick up the shovel clearing there own patch before long villages appear clear then towns and with all that shite it makes wonderful manure to grow natural products that have taste so we can eat better. It does not take much just a little from each individual. Lets Make it Happen. ( er end of rant ,,,,sorry Penny ) :-)



    1. rant away kamnam, rant away
      Ban has no self respect and he isn't paid to have any.
      Anything Syria, Iran and Russia do together will be presented as warmongering
      same as this UN move was presented as being Iran's fault
      it's bull
      And it is a world full of shite we live in
      And finding the shovel is indeed more necessary then ever
      but are the masses big enough to do so?
      Your'e right just a little from each individual because the masses hold the power but do not believe they do. It is this believe that keeps them and us all down
      so "let's get it on"
      that's from that horrid fighting league...can't think of the name of it..

  5. Don't stop with "who is the UN?" - but the USA. WHO is the USA? But a Zionist satellite. Because you wont take the anwer to its logical and true conclusion,your entire piece falls flat.


    1. "your entire piece falls flat"

      That's your opinion, but a zionist satellite, the US is not
      A zionist entity it is. As in a supremacist/racist/ political movement hell bent on global domination.

    2. You may say that USA is a zionist creation from the start.
      "'We shall be as a City upon a Hill, the eyes of all people are upon us...,' the Puritan John Winthrop wrote. The Puritans who disembarked in Massachusetts in 1620 believed they were establishing the New Israel. Indeed, the whole colonial enterprise was believed to have been guided by God. "God hath opened this passage unto us," Alexander Whitaker preached from Virginia in 1613, "and led us by the hand unto this work....Promised Land imagery figured prominently in shaping English colonial thought. The pilgrims identified themselves with the ancient Hebrews. They viewed the New World as the New Canaan. They were God's chosen people headed for the Promised Land. Other colonists believed they, too, had been divinely called. The settlers in Virginia were, John Rolf said, "a peculiar people, marked and chosen by the finger of God."The sense of divine election and the identification of the Americas with ancient Canaan were used to justify expelling America's Indigenous Peoples from their land. The colonists saw themselves as confronting "satanic forces" in the Native Americans. They were Canaanites to be destroyed or thrown out" (‎).

    3. Hey WizOz
      I had read all that stuff somewhere before
      In some book? Perhaps, Peter Levenda's Grimoire trilogoy?
      Can't recall exactly?
      Thanks for that reminder- It demonstrates the insanity of it all so clearly
      And has a ring of familiarity...

      And yes, the US is a zionist entity

    4. Hi Penny,

      I think you stumbled upon the site. In any cass google "Manifest destiny: America the New Israel".
      also"1425 The United States of America as the New Jerusalem/New Israel"


    5. It's been bugging me...grrr... was it Levenda's book I was reading this stuff in or was it another book?
      I am still not sure though I think Levenda' touched on this- but still... I know there was more????

      I searched some of your stuff and came up with another book that touches on "America as Israel"

      It tells us much about the mind set of the zionist elites
      It even makes me wonder- why and Israel in the ME when the American and British psycho leadership would be well aware of the Israel to the south of me.
      (freaks me out)

    6. This book, but, still not it....
      You know my problem? Too many books.

    7. Aha! If not Levenda or possibly besides Levenda it may have been this book?
      There are interviews with the author I have yet to listen to
      but this could be the book I am referring to?
      Once i listen to the interviews I will know
      they are from 2010

  6. Please people get on to Social Networking site and POST! Call these photos of torture that are making the rounds on the MSM BULLSHIT they come from QATAR!

    The timing is 'coincidental' also the rescinding of Irans invitation to Geneva2 WTF?
    MEXICO CAN GO lol!!

    Hit Twitter Facebool Live Leak and JTube every site you can to get the TRUTH OUT!

    1. simone

      thanks for the comment
      this is what you are referring too?

      The report is based on evidence from an unnamed informant, a photographer who claims to have defected from the Syrian military police. Identified as ‘Caesar' to protect his identity, the informant said he had smuggled photographs and files out of Syria on memory sticks to a contact in the Syrian National Movement.
      unnamed informant who claims this and that and non of it can be substantiated
      sounds tailor made for a kangaroo court
      we have definitely got a demonization campaign on
      thanks for the heads up

    2. I will include this info in a post later today

  7. "The US dictates and the "United Nations" cave? Iran out! "

    I'd say it was Israel doing the dictating through their American colony.

    вот так

    1. Hey bot tak

      I am not really sure why people insist on presenting America as a colony or subjugated by Israel- does it make it easier to excuse the behaviour of American leadership? I don't know.

      America is a partner to. America is a zionist dominated entity all it's own
      It is not a victim of. It is a willing partner.
      Might as well just say it like it is. It is obvious anyway.
      Canada thanks to it's leadership, is exactly the same
      PM Harper made this abundantly clear yesterday.

    2. Penny

      As long as we mostly just talk of these crimes as being "American" or "French", etc., we only target one of the hydra's heads.

      While most Americans are not particularly zionist, the people running America are, or are closely allied to zionists. These people are not partners with the zionists, they are family with them now. While America was fascist before the zionazi takeover, it is the zionists who run the show now. The part of the American oligarchy which are not zionist are forced to either go along, or become outsiders.

      BTW, I have no delusions about America being some sort of "nice guy" before the zionists took it over. The USA has never been anything but an example of exploitation run amok. The crimes they commit under the zionazis are the same crimes they have been engaged in from the country's inception, and before. Getting rid of the zionazis will only be a first step in the civilising of America, but an essential first step, since the zionazis are the most influential and insidious group of fascists on the American scene. They also are the main gatekeepers holding the gates closed to those who want to effect positive change in the USA.

      This is why I make it a point to mention zionist dominance and influence when discussing actions by American, and most other western countries.

      вот так

    3. Hi bot tak

      all media was reporting Kerry as the instigator
      Kerry is the US man about town
      so that is what I have to go with and I did.

      As for zionist influence... insidious in so many ways
      In ways people don't even realize.

    4. To better understand why the zionist influence is so insidious one must have at least a cursory knowledge of "British Israelism" (also called Anglo-Israelism). Many things would became clearer.

  8. btw: I am a big fan of 'owning one's own behaviour '
    That makes Kerry willing
    and PM Harper willing

  9. Penny,
    Couple of links, again, off topic but not really so much
    James Corbett w/ Sibel Edmonds on Turkey, Erdogan, Gulen 58 minutes length.

    Stumbled across Ukrainska Pravda's Serhiy Leshchenko interviews Zbigniew Brzezinski on Ukraine when I clicked on link of another article. It was in the margin.

    One sentence, sitting alone as a paragraph, made for a light bulb moment.
    Russia is being given two choices slowly, give up and stay "whole" and join #EU or go the hard way :( imo

    Some other nations w/in the UNSC are also going to Montreaux, but I"ve forgotten which ones other than Mexico right now.
    Sentiment on twitter is against Syria and Russia even going now. Robert Ford is sending a "mediator" between NATO/US and al Nusra front if you can believe that shit !
    And WTF is with the plane fiasco in Greece ?

    Back to read later
    obligations awaiting me

    1. karin
      you go girl
      be sure to come back and check out my latest I think you are going to love it!

    2. Brzezinski is a Pole. The "Polish Messianism" lurks in his subconscious.