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Turkey- IHH, terror and tables being turned? Part 1

This news caught my eye yesterday. In a very big way! It’s the kind of news that doesn’t register as significant to most, but, is important because of all the people and places that connect to the IHH.

So think of the IHH as an octopus and let’s look what emanates/entangles or connects with that central body
The IHH Octopus and it's tangled tentacles

Very briefly, the IHH is an NGO, alleged to be very tight with the Erdogan government.

Reports of raids on the IHH office.

1- Turkish police raid Islamic charity: Smear campaign or anti-Qaeda operation?

2-  Turkish Charity accused of sending arms to Syria

“Turkish anti-terror police on Tuesday raided the offices of an Islamic charity in what the organisation branded a "smear campaign" linked to the corruption scandal embroiling the government.

The Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), which has been accused of trying to smuggle arms to Syria, said the police raids were part of a wider operation against Al-Qaeda in Turkey, but this could not immediately be confirmed. 
IHH press coordinator Serkan Nergis told AFP that Tuesday’s early morning operation was launched by local counter-terrorism units.
“Police forced our staff out and wanted to confiscate our documents and computers,” he said, adding that the standoff was still going on.
  On January 1, Turkish media reported that security forces had stopped a truck loaded with arms and ammunition on the Syrian border and arrested three people including a Syrian.
 The drivers claimed they were carrying aid on behalf of IHH but the organisation denied the allegations as “slanderous”.
 The IHH, considered very close to the government, was a victim of the feud between Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and a powerful exiled Islamic preacher at the root of the burgeoning political crisis.”
The IHH is 'considered' close to the Erdogan government but is it really? I don't think so.
And the powerful 'exiled' preacher?  The preacher actually self exiled would of course be Gulen. 
Fettulah Gulen.
I have covered this character recently.  His obvious connectedness to US intelligence. Power player in Turkish politics. He looks to be doing his duty to bring about that narrative change mentioned  on several  previous occasions.  From Arab Spring to fighting terrorism

Flashback to Fettulah Gulen and the Turkish corruption scandal. If unaware reading these could help?
4- Egypt and Turkey: Destabilization and Destabilization
3- Turkey: Halkbank - Role in Iran Gold Transactions Legal
2- Turkish PM Erdogan threatened/challenged by Fethullah Gulen?
1-Turkey & Ukraine afflicted with EU/ private banking/business parasites

The origins of the IHH:
IHH began in 1992 as a humanitarian mission to offer relief to victims injured and displaced during the Bosnian war. They have held Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2004, and since becoming a fully-registered NGO in 1995.

Ring any bells?

The IHH has been around for a while. The IHH has special status with the UN.
The IHH has been a fully registered NGO for some time now.
For any newer readers, that might be unfamiliar with my stance on NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations)
 In my opinion that should stand for NO GOOD ORGANIZATION
As far as I can tell they are all corrupted institutions & tools of the elites classes of psychopaths
They draw unwitting, well meaning, people into them. NGO'a are just a layer of bureaucracy created to put a veneer of goodness on all that is rotten. NGO’s should be shunned.

Given that illusion of goodness presented by the IHH and it’s ties to UN, which many people very wrongly believe is a force for goodness and peace in the world.....
How was it that a few months back a head scratching article appeared in the National Post.
I recall discussing this with the commenter bot tak

 Turkey — Friend or Foe?

Is it time for Canada to designate Turkey as a state sponsor of terror?

“The Erdogan government’s close associations with the IHH – which itself should be examined by Ottawa for terrorist ties – also warrant scrutiny. The IHH (Insani Yardim Vakfi, or Humanitarian Relief Foundation) is a member of the Union of Good, an umbrella organization of more than 50 Islamic funds and foundations”

Whaat! The IHH, connected to the UN... terrorist ties?!
I won’t disagree with that. The IHH, the UN, NATO all terrorist organizations
But for this to be in a mainstream media outlet? Something was up
I had an inkling at the time, but, this narrative looks to be shaping up into a number of directions
Or tentacles. So let's check out a few tentacles

The tentacles of the IHH-

-The IHH has been close to the Erdogan government. Makes sense, given the fact that Erdogan’s government is the government of the day. I am pretty sure the IHH would be close to any ruling government Erdogan or otherwise.

-The IHH played a significant role in NATO’s  destruction of Libya and probable arms smuggling from Libya to Syria, with Turkish help

-The IHH has some connection to the Muslim Brotherhood..

-The IHH had people on the Mavi Marmara.

- The IHH was, in the beginning, the only ‘charity’ group allowed into the refugee camps along the Syrian border.

You can find much of the above information in a lengthy post I did back in November 2011
 Turkey's NGO, IHH and it's role in the destruction Of Libya

Part 2 shall be forthcoming as soon as possible! Stay tuned.
Now available! Turkey- IHH, terror and tables being turned? Pt2


  1. You're really wrong on this one. The Turkey scandal has USrael's fingerprints all over it. Go back and read your own post on Halkbank. In short USrael accuses Turkey of subverting the sanctions on Iran. Read the US Ambassador's statements/letters to the Erdogan government. Read the letters US Congressmen have sent. When the thing first broke, the US lost no time in sending members of their Task Force on Monety Laundering and Terrorism to Turkey. And of course Israel has long been accusing Turkey of supporting "terrorism" since Turkey does not follow the USrael line on Iran. Further, Erdogan supports the Palestinians and Morsi.

    IHH was the prime mover for Mavi Marmara, and both the IHH and Turkey are still involved in reparations for the victims. Of course, it isIsrael that is stalling and accusing IHH of again, supporting terrorism. I would not dismiss Israel's hand in the present accusations against IHH.

    Harper's government in Canada is in lockstep with the Zios in Israel, and is not a reliable source,

    In sum, think sanctions on Iran and who is pushing them. Think Erdogan's independent foreign policy and who it displeases.

  2. Hi Kassandra

    Can you clarify where you think the mistake is?
    because I haven't concluded the piece yet....
    those will be in the forthcoming piece

    do you think the IHH does not support terrorism?
    Indeed, they do.
    From the information I have come across they were clearly created for that exact purpose.

    "Harper's government in Canada is in lockstep with the Zios in Israel, and is not a reliable source"

    Harper's government is indeed in lockstep
    And so is the NDP
    And so are the Liberals