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Turkey- IHH, terror and tables being turned? Pt2

Turkey- IHH, terror and tables being turned? Part 1

A bit of an update at the bottom of the post ..........

The IHH office raid is highly suggestive to me that Erdogan is going to be shown the door. 
Unless he makes appropriate changes. Having to do with state banks and EU acquiescence.
Fettulah Gulen made it possible for Erdogan to take office in Turkey. And so it seems he can make it possible for Erdogan to be removed from office. The move on the IHH reeks of cleaning house.
But not just for the reason of possibly removing Erdogan.


The IHH had an office open in Benghazi, Libya. But when exactly that aid office opened was never clear to me. A second aid office of the IHH was opened in Misrata, Libya, April 2011, but, the Benghazi office was opened prior to that.

     “We will be sending more humanitarian aid to the Libyan people,” Y?ld?r?m said, adding that the IHH had already opened a branch in Benghazi.

    “[After it reaches Libya] the aid will then be distributed to civilians through our Benghazi branch.

The IHH connection to Benghazi- Very interesting.  The IHH 'aid' included arms shipments into Libya.  Arms/weapons bullets etc., all necessary to fight Libyans, destroy a country and eventually hunt down and kill Gaddaffi.  But Gaddafi wasn't the only one killed in Libya.

The IHH delivery of weapons into Libya, first to Benghazi  brings to mind the death of Ambassador Stevens.
In Benghazi, Libya one Ambassador Christopher Stevens was very obviously involved with the covert shipping of weapons into  Libya, then from Libya into Syria. With the help of Turkey and no doubt IHH.

Recall that on the night Ambassador Stevens was killed he had earlier met with a Turkish official?
At the time of this incident at the consulate in Benghazi I had done a series of posts on his death.
1-Ambassador Stevens &Gadaffi- Did they meet the same fate? Psyop film &Egypt!
2- Pt 1- Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq etc., leading us back to Libya
3- Pt 2- Libya: the deaths of Ambassador Stevens & Mr Shaaban, Seige of Bani Walid
4- The Ambassadors death advances AFRICOM goals and the global war agenda

Based on what I had read, after much thought, I concluded the Ambassador had been hung out to dry by the very people he had worked with in the GLOBAL war machine. Why is anyone's guess? The initial attack on the consulate was launched by salafists.(Think about the present day salafist involvement in Syria and Egypt)

* Related: Salafism+CIA: The winning formula to destabilize Russia, the Middle East
and Africa . Thanks KamNam!

In my humble opinion the US cooked up the whole video/protest narrative as cover for their planned attack. I firmly believe Ambassador Stevens, survived the initial attack. Though he was not supposed to. He was saved by some out of the loop Libyans, who took him to hospital, Libyans who were most likely employed by Ambassador Stevens for protection. Relinking previous video The 4 previous posts contain much information including original time lines, a doctor in Libya mentioning Stevens being brought in for treatments. And initial reports that Stevens had survived the first attack on the consulate This all changed in the later tidying of the narrative into an official conspiracy theory. In the end a deceased Ambassador was delivered to an airport in Benghazi. Why might the embassy really have been attacked?

At the time of the consulate attack in Benghazi papers were stolen pertaining to oil contracts and connected individuals.. “Some of the missing papers from the consulate are said to list names of Libyans who are working with Americans, putting them potentially at risk from extremist groups, while some of the other documents are said to relate to oil contracts”
 Libyans working with Americans, doing what? Shipping arms? At risk from extremists or at risk of exposure to the public?  Or how about connecting certain individuals or organzinations to the US? Israel?  NATO? How about the missing oil contracts? Who were the contracts between? Were the contracts more then just simple oil contracts?  By simple I mean oil for money. Were they oil for weapons deals?  What other  information is contained in the missing papers?  Did some individuals/ intelligence organizations/ state actors, knowing those documents were present at the consulate create the 'protests' in order to remove specific incriminating documents and clean house?  That can't be ruled out.

We know the IHH is involved in arms shipments and arming mercenaries. We can connect the IHH to Benghazi and the destabilization of Libya via Turkey. We can connect the deceased Ambassador to weapons shipments, therefore we can most probably connect him to the IHH.  We can connect the IHH to Syria and the arming of the rebels via Turkey by land, directly. And also with arms shipments brought to Syria from Libya. A simple reversal of the role this NGO played in the destabilization of Libya.

One last flashback to another previous post.

 Egypt, Syria, Propaganda and more Propaganda, Eid Aid/IHH and weapons

Commenter:  Eid in Syria is sposored by IHH. You know, the guys smuggling weapons.

 I am familiar with the IHH and it's 'humanitarianism'. I have a way back post, which contained much info and  an extensive batch of comments on the scummy IHH and it's connections to the Turkish government. It's weapons smuggling and worse in Libya. Let me say it clearly and emphatically  there is nothing, not one drop of humanity in the humanitarianism of IHH
Moving along, this information should be the cherry on top of the scummy IHH sundae
Syria aid charity is being monitored by regulator
Lots more in that post. 

In part 1 of this monstrosity  this was mentioned-

 "The IHH is 'considered' close to the Erdogan government but is it really? I don't think so"
*The IHH is not specifically close to the Erdogan government, rather it is close to the Turkish state.
*The IHH was created prior to the Erdogan government. Under PM S├╝leyman Demirel
*The IHH though supposedly a Turkish NGO is more sensibly  affiliated with the global war machine, NATO as is the Turkish state.

The IHH affiliation with Muslim Brotherhood is also part of the global interwoven web of warmongering institutions. NGO's and otherwise.

The IHH and the Mavi Marmara? Targeted assassinations? An opportunity to showcase Erdogan as tough on Israel. Which he hasn't been. Probably other agendas at play too.
Despite all the curious entanglements surrounding the IHH.  The raid on it’s offices. It’s ties to the UN. The Turkish state.  NATO. Benghazi. Arms shipments. And god knows what else!  IHH   representatives were sitting at the table in Kuwait pledging 50 million dollars in aid for Syria refugees.

“The Humanitarian Aid Foundation (I.HH), a Turkish charity group, has pledged to provide $50 million for Syrian civilians living in dire conditions in neighboring countries, including Turkey, due to ongoing violence in the country”
Since they are still actively participating the raid on IHH offices has to be about something else.

Now let's finish this twisted tale up!

The most recent raid on the IHH offices? The removal of documents and computers. It would seem to me that we are looking at house cleaning and/ or evidence planting.
Certain incriminating info will be removed and other incriminating info will be left behind or planted, who knows?
If Erdogan is being turned on? And that does appear to be the case. Information will remain that can enable  those under the sway of the preacher in self exile to build a doozy of a corruption, or worse, case against PM Erdogan.

A last word/thought,  I had, from a previous post concerning Erdogan and Turkey.
 I am going to use it yet again. Still seems fitting.

And just think for a moment about all those bought and paid for killers sitting right at Turkey's border. It does not seem that  Erdogan saw this one coming.

UPDATE: This piece pretty much covers my take on the Turkish/Israeli false flag  on the Mavi Marmara

 Was the Gaza Flotilla Massacre a Turkish-Israeli False Flag and Precursor to the War on Syria?
And this man? Mahdi al Harati   He has been discussed here previously. Odd while Israel was hitting their targets this obvious NATO asset was set free.... So very curious. Not really, when one considers Israel really does love the right jihadis  ( bought and paid for by them killers)



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