Monday, February 24, 2014

Regime change success in Kiev. Is the battle for Crimea about to begin?

Meant to get this up yesterday, but, better late then not at all

In this post is a video, taken in the Crimea. It looks to me as if a provocative act aimed at the populace was taking place.  The locals would have none of it. The local population are fully aware the Kiev "protestors" are FASCISTS. Which they are. Fascists backed by the EU, US and NATO. Fascists, whose real agenda is concealed by the spin of  uber zionist Bernard Henri Levy.. a man who never met a fascist he did not love, or lie for. Especially if there was some benefit for Israel.

So, the US/NATO/EU got their regime change in Kiev. As they had planned. The US government, it was reported ,was pleased with the results of their regime change in Kiev. After all they had their parallel government  planned and ready to go. With their sock puppets at the helm they can get the Ukraine to kneel  in subservience to EU/NATO/IMF dictates before the charade of a 'democratic' election takes place

Digression- The US isn't wasting any time in pushing the agenda. Is anyone surprised by this?
U.S. Treasury Secretary urges Ukraine to begin IMF discussions soon

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has encouraged Ukraine to begin discussions with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on an assistance package as soon as possible once a transitional government is in place in Kiev.
Lew spoke with Arseny Yatsenyuk, ( Victoria Nuland's pet "Yats") a member of Ukraine's interim leadership, while returning to Washington from the G20 meeting in Sydney, where there was broad support for an IMF-based package, according to a Treasury official.

Flag of Crimea.svg
The flag of Crimea. Keep it in mind...
As I already mentioned the Crimea is an autonomous state. And it has been for years now. Adopting it's own flag (reminiscent of Russia's, some years ago)

Russia's flag at the Olympics

 The battle for Crimea?

 Crimea, of course, is about as geographically far away from Kiev as you can get in Ukraine. A peninsula jutting into the northern tip of the Black Sea, the strategically located region has been conquered and fought over many times over the course of history. It was the site of much of the fighting in the Crimean War, for example.
Crimea, juts into the Black Sea
 Home of Sevastapol and the Russian Black Sea Fleet.......
From the 18th century on, the region was part of Russia, but that changed in 1954, when the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union passed it from the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, a decision that is still controversial in some circles. Today the peninsula might still be a part of Ukraine, but in many ways it is separate from the rest of the country: It has its own legislature and constitution, for example, and it's still very Russian: Some  60 percent of the population is ethnically Russian, ( I think it is slightly higher then 60 percent)with the rest being Ukrainian or Crimean Tatars.
 It appears that some members of this Russian community have regarded the events in Kiev with a mixture horror and opportunism: The chaos in Ukraine could finally be the region's chance to turn back to Moscow.
If Crimeans wish to turn back to Moscow. That is their democratic right, right? To choose their own destiny.
How could the US deny them the very same rights they preached concerning their fascists in  Kiev?
You can bet the US and company will! And that will simply make their double/triple/quadruple hypocritical standards that much more obvious.

A clear provocation by the fascists

Cleared out quite quickly by the locals..

RFE/RL's Robert Coalson recently went to Crimea and spoke to members of the pro-Russian separatist movement there. One politician he spoke to had the novel idea of leasing Crimea to Russia in exchange for a cancellation of Ukraine's debt to Moscow. But what would happen after the lease expired? "After 99 years, I don't think Ukraine will last that long as an independent country," Valery Podyachy, head of a group called the Popular Front, told Coalson. "Russia will exist because Russia is after all a leading global player on a par with the United States, China, and the European Union. So it is obvious that Russia will exist. But will Ukraine exist...? That's why, in principle, this solution would satisfy everyone."

Other politicians have expressed similar hopes. Volodymyr Konstantinov, the speaker of Crimea’s parliament, recently told lawmakers that the region may well secede if Ukraine's tensions begin to pull it apart. The parliament has also suggested that the region's constitution be amended to list Russia as the "guarantor" of Crimea's autonomy
The situation is complicated by the fact that many Russians view Crimea as part of Russia: one recent poll found that 56 percent of Russians view Crimea as a Russian territory –

The real battle for Ukraine has just begun.


  1. Thanks for the hard work & excellent articles you post.
    Sadly, the chaos is hardly over for Ukraine. Hard to analyze & report on geo-political maneuverings because the Resistance are sane MASTER CHESS PLAYERS not insidious diabolical war mongers who play "bully".

    1. your welcome
      it is good to know the work is appreciated
      Yes, it is tough to get a read on Russian responses etc
      They, on the surface seem to respond, but behind the scenes there is more
      I mean we got some trickles of info with Syria
      It's just tough to sift through the information..
      but it is a good thing I like the challenge inherent in that
      take care Patrick!

  2. I was thinking of John McCain & ilk when watching the video.

    1. lol, yah, I could picture him and his fascists running for cover

  3. Thanks Penny, as always, real reporting on global issues. We can only hope, some country, any country, will stand up to the Empire and it's minions. The folks bent on creating a global plantation have money to burn, and a huge military machine to enforce their will. They want the world Penny.../ben

    1. Your welcome ben :)
      I wondered if you were still about?
      glad to know you are

      Yup, the tyrants do want the world and we should not give it to them

  4. Is that an American flag being burned at the end ?

  5. Wonder how the crimeans viewed the Sochi Olympics !

  6. It seems the new faux Kiev regime ( this is a time that word really fits!) has a fellow of Armenian descent at min of defence . And he is promising Armenians in Crimea Ukraine new regime will recognise the Armenian genocide! Meanwhile over at UNHCR twitter accent speeches at UNHCR include one by ,,, c the Armenians who happen to be allies with russia !