Monday, February 10, 2014

Ukraine- A parallel government & Bernhard Henri Levy reprises his role

This article was supposed to be about protests in favour of restoring an axed Russian TV station
Yet it was really about so much more....  Looming large in the video was Bernard Henri Levy
Confirmation this destabilization has the Zionist stamp of approval. Not that there was ever a doubt.

Before we get to the nonsense spewed by Mr Levy, let’s read the paragraph below?
Talk of creating a parallel Ukrainian government

Former economy minister-turned-opposition leader, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, addressed the crowds on stage. He has proposed the creation of a parallel government.
“We need a new independent and credible government which can resume talks with the IMF and other international institutions in order to stabilize the situation in my country. President Yanukovych offered me the post of prime minister, which looks like a political bargain and a way to buy the opposition and not to solve the problem. In response we proposed to take over the entire government and we are ready to bear the responsibility and to fix the political and economic crisis as it’s crystal clear that this president does not have the ability even to maintain the a stable situation,” said Yatsenyuk.

Unfreakin’ believable isn’t it? It shouldn’t shock me.  And yet, the audacity of these NATO backed moves always catch me by surprise. Is it just me? How is it the masses are not noticing the same dam moves are made in these destabilization campaigns?

-First the peaceful protests?- That are never peaceful
-Flags of some other entity for visuals?- In Syria, the 3 star flag- In Ukraine the EU flag
-Some psyop statue pull down?- wash, rinse, repeat
-Some iconic victim?- Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine etc.,
-And then a parallel government get’s created- Libya, Syria, Ukraine
Sure there are minor variations, appropriate to the nation being brought to it’s knees, but, still  the basics are are always at play.

A parallel government- “an independent and credible government” Independent of what?
Credible, for who? Empty words spoken to empty heads

“which can resume talks with the IMF and other international institutions” Why resume talks with the IMF and of course the EU and NATO. Why? That is not going to benefit the Ukrainian people.

Then onto Mr Levy who talks bullshit as usual. The man is no intellectual, though the media keeps calling him one.  He gives the Ukraine it’s zionist stamp of approval. And worse. He covers for the extremist elements ensconced in the destabilization. Which is more of the same from him.

French (pseudo) intellectual Bernard Henry Levy was in the square on Sunday and praised the Maidan movement:

“I haven’t seen neo-Nazis, I haven`t heard anti-Semites, I have heard the contrary – an incredibly mature movement, incredibly determined and very deeply liberal … I think the ambition of this Ukrainian movement is more bigger. What I hear in the Maidan is a willingness to revitalize the European dream, to restore its content, give it life. When people say ‘Europe’ here it isn’t a vague word, it means citizenship, it’s means rule of law, it means increasing freedom.
It’s a Europe which we too often lose the meaning of in Western Europe, but here in Maidan they are rediscovering its meaning,” said Levy.

Well let's read what BHL said about the destruction of Libya and all the NATO backed terrorists swaddled in that vicious campaign

Making his Ukraine spin oh so familiar. Just like the statue pull down, the flags, the square, the victim etc.,
- No war for Bernhard Henri Levy

I vividly recall Bernard-Henri Levy reacting with the mock indignation that serves as his usual shield from criticism to claims that the Benghazi rebels included Islamic extremists with ties to al Qaeda.  Outrageous! he vociferated.  He had been to Benghazi and seen for himself that the folks there were all liberal democrats who just wanted to enjoy free elections and multicultural harmony.


  1. The Zio-pigs need to get this done before the Olympics end, since Vlad might not be so constrained to 'make nice' while the world is watching Sochi.

    It all depends on who the armed forces follow.

    If this happens, the Russian Black Sea fleet will be replaced by warships from the USSA, giving the war mongers another route of attack into Iran.

  2. Bosnia: Angry protesters want new govt of experts

    What did Italy and Greece get? TECHNOCRATS

  3. Good job going back and reviewing their Libya lies to bring some context to it all.
    The 'meddling' in Libya and Syria prior to the extreme violence phase seemed much more covert and secretive than this Ukraine operation.

    Ukraine is a case where western criminal meddling is overt and obvious, from this think tank paternalism to the the 'leaked' scripted US diplomat cursing about Ukraine and the EU.
    This more brazen approach may reflect the confidence of our evil rulers that the people are too dumbed down to notice or care??

    In any case the NDP, Liberals and stand 100% united with the KKKonservatives on Ukraine........just as they did in Libya and Syria. Soon they will go back to their theatrical bun fights over gay rights, global warming, etc. The drooling mindless supporters of this pro wrestling styled fight can't see how our big three are always united on the important issues. Nothing trumps war and conquest....and playing side kick to the USA whilst we sanctimoniously lecture them. A closed loop of insanity and hypocrisy.

  4. When the Olympics conclude, that is when the NATO trained terrorists and veterans of Syria, Libya and Kosovo will deploy. Syria is starting to look lost for the NWO, but Ukraine could be a bigger prize. Syria is crucial to Iran, a regional player, but Ukraine is crucial to Russia which is one of the two biggest prizes for NATO, the other being China.

    1. It's probably worth a post or two on what the anti-NATO/Zionist forces are trying to do. A common theme from well-connected Russians is that their problems come from the US and Britain, with the EU simply having bankster agents of the City of London and Wall Street in it. So the problem is the Zionist banksters. Russia is trying to be positive towards Western Europe and Turkey, with an idea of driving Europe away from the USSA. After all, a civil war in the Ukraine is not exactly good news for most European countries, even if they aren't fans of Russia.

      And both Russia and China are trying very hard to build heavy rail, pipelines, fast highways and more to lessen the power of the US Navy. This is a huge problem for ZATO as the time for shipping from China to Berlin may go from 44 days or so to 8 - with Central Asia getting developed along the way.


  5. did someone say Technocrats ? !!

    A presentation I ran across 2days ago on Youtube
    The Trilateral Commission and Technocracy

    Lifelong economist who together w/ another man wrote two booklets on Trilateral back in 70's. He probably has a greater grasp than most of just who this is and has figured out their end goal recently.

    Technocracy was big back in the 30's and evidently ZBig and friends are students.
    They drive all US policy thru white house pratically along w/ zbig's CFR.


    It's must view and share info

  6. Penny , Zbig AND Rockefeller Forgot to drop that name too.

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    Paul: I see Russia and China skipped out on the UN nonsense, latest post
    and good for them

    anon 8;30 is the name that of Levy?

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