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US & EU wade deeper in Ukraine standoff with an "aid" package


The US and the EU are attempting to work their "magic" (facetious) To resolve the crisis they created in the Ukraine.  Create the problem. Wait for the reaction- Or create a reaction and then offer up a solution. Of sorts?
I will highlight the interesting bits.
-Exactly who is going to be aided by this package? It very clearly is not the Ukrainian people.
But then this was never, ever about what was good for the Ukraine or her people
We have talk of carrots or sticks. Transition governments in the form of a technocratic government
Lots to read-
Proposed Package Marks Bid for Influence ..........

The U.S. and European Union are stepping up efforts to sway the outcome of the political crisis in Ukraine, putting together a short-term financial aid plan in a move to counter pressure from Moscow.
Ignoring the obvious fact the EU and the US have already made efforts to sway the outcome

The prospective aid package, which top U.S. and EU diplomats discussed on the sidelines of a security conference in Munich over the weekend, would be the West's most significant move to date to reopen the geopolitical struggle for Kiev since Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych turned his back on an EU economic pact and, instead, signed a deal with Russia for $15 billion in aid.
Ignoring again, that most obvious fact....

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said Western powers were working on a financial plan for Ukraine whose numbers "won't be small" and won't hinge on Kiev first agreeing upon a long-term International Monetary Fund agreement, whose financial conditions Kiev has had difficulty complying with.
If you are unfamiliar with this background- The EU offer that was rejected?
Refresh here:   Ukraine Eurevolution? Who benefits? The EU and NATO

However, she (Catherine Ashton)  said the money was contingent on the new Ukrainian government pursuing economic and political reforms.

U.S. officials said the goal was to convince Mr. Yanukovych to make a series of political reforms, including appointing a "true" technocratic government that would then start to make the tough economic changes sought by the IMF.

A technocratic government-  Most probably a bunch of banking scum. That doesn't sound like 'democracy'. Rather that sounds like tyranny? Fascism? To make the tough economic changes? Oh this is bad. This is very, very bad.

One senior U.S. official briefed on the discussions called it a "big carrot," offering Mr. Yanukovych an alternative path that could avert further violence and a costly default, and blunt Moscow's ability to control Ukraine economically and politically. U.S. and European officials said the size and sequencing of the package have yet to be worked out.
A big carrot or a big stick? Yup, sounds like one of those offers one simply can't refuse ;)

The geopolitical contest for influence in Ukraine is already playing out in tensions on the streets of Kiev. Opponents of Mr. Yanukovych's move toward closer relations with Moscow allege a broad pattern of violence and intimidation by thugs and uniformed police. Often their captors want to know who is paying them to protest. One primary suspect has been the U.S., which the Kremlin and authorities here accuse of bankrolling the country's disorder.
In an interview with the Journal, Ukrainian protest leader Dmytro Bulatov described being beaten, tortured and having part of his ear cut off after being abducted by several men. During his week of captivity, he said, his interrogators wanted to know more about his activist group—a rapid-reaction force of sorts for Ukraine protest movementand to what extent the U.S. paid and instructed him to lead demonstrations against the government.
The U.S. embassy in Kiev says it has met with politicians and activists of all ideological kinds to monitor the crisis, and in that regard, did meet Mr. Bulatov in January. But it denies providing any funding to protest groups such as Mr. Bulatov's that have sprung up during the protests.
So the US embassy in Kiev has met with all the dregs including Mr Bulatov- who has no idea who administered his alleged torture? Nice tale of woe.  

The government in Kiev says its opponents are concocting stories of brutality to galvanize support at home and draw sympathy from the West. "Physically this man is in a good condition, the only thing he has is a scratch on one of his cheeks," Ukrainian Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara told Al Jazeera at the Munich conference. "So, let's wait for the investigation that will reveal specific facts."
Fabricated tales of woe........ Where oh where have we heard those before?

Whether Ukrainian leaders can meet the political and economic conditions of the proposed Western aid package is far from certain. U.S. diplomats say the plan hinges on a peaceful resolution to Ukraine's political crisis and a power-sharing deal between Mr. Yanukovych and his critics.
Talks over power-sharing so far have ended in acrimony and deadlock, with the president calling in sick last week and saying he had done all he could to appease his critics. While Mr. Yanukovych dismissed his government and offered posts to the opposition, they say the moves are meaningless because the presidency in Ukraine holds most of the power.
Moreover, it isn't clear Ukraine's opposition leaders can persuade protesters to stomach a compromise with Mr. Yanukovych, who is widely maligned for attempting a crackdown on critics. Demonstrators responded by throwing up barricades in the streets of Kiev and occupying government buildings. They have so far refused appeals from the government to leave the capital and are pressing for snap elections in Ukraine.
But, this is a spontaneous, organic cry for Even though the US/EU involvement has been glaringly obvious
In the interview, Baroness Ashton distanced herself from any demand for early presidential elections, now scheduled for next year.
The Baroness is full of it. If they can coerce the Ukrainian government into early elections they can tilt the election in favour of their stooges. They have done this before. Orange revolution 101
Here comes the coercion....

She said that it is up to Ukrainian politicians to choose election timing, but that the EU and U.S. could provide significant funding if the two sides can climb back from confrontation. For Mr. Yanukovych, the package could offer a lifeline to a government that is on the brink of default. Last week, Russia announced it is holding up the next tranche of a $15 billion package, after Mr. Yanukovych dismissed his prime minister, who was close to Moscow.

Secretary of State John Kerry discussed prospects for the short-term aid package with Baroness Ashton and other EU leaders on the sidelines of the conference in Munich, officials said. In those discussions, Mr. Kerry made clear that the aid would be "conditional on having real reform and a real transition in Ukraine," a senior U.S. official said.
Real reform and transition to a technocratic government of bankers. Ones who will stick it to the Ukrainian people

Mr. Kerry also discussed the possible package with members of the opposition during a meeting on Saturday. It was among the highest-profile sit-downs for the opposition leaders since large-scale antigovernment protests started in November after Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych walked away from a sweeping EU economic and political deal.
"The message to the opposition…is that through dialogue, you're starting to get the pieces put in place for a peaceful political solution. Stick with it and we will keep pressuring the government," the official added.

The US's Intentions
The U.S.'s intention is to negotiate the terms of that short-term economic support and then to provide the aid in tandem with the EU and other countries such as Norway, and possibly Turkey, Japan and others, U.S. officials said.

Baroness Ashton said there would be "different stages" of possible support, the first of which would deal with short-term needs. She said that it was for Ukraine's new government to identify in detail exactly what it needed help with but that the eventual package might not only be money. "It may be guarantees. It may be the prospect of investment. It may just simply be stability for the currency and so on," she said.
You see... guarantees for compliance. The people lose. Banksters win.

The EU and U.S. are "developing a plan—a Ukrainian Plan, I have suggested they call it—that looks at what do we need to do in different parts of the economy right now to make things better," she said.

The U.S.'s expectation is that a transitional government would at least start to implement the reforms sought by the IMF, U.S. officials said.
A transitional government? As I stated before this was all about regime change. Regime change.

"Nobody is going to give them money if they're not doing the economic reform as well as the political reform, because then it is money down the rat hole," the senior U.S. official said. "The point is to say to them we will be with you if you walk this tough economic path and we're not going to let you fall into default as you do it."

U.S. officials said the interim aid package could be put together relatively quickly, in as little as two weeks, once the West knows who will sit on the transitional government and that it will be empowered to work with the IMF. "We're just at the beginning of analyzing the options," a senior U.S. official said.

U.S. officials say they knew from the start that the U.S. and EU wouldn't and couldn't match the Russian financial package to lure Mr. Yanukovych away from the EU.
So the US/EU knew they wouldn't match the way better for Ukraine deal offered by Russia- so they went for the jugular!

Russia's package didn't have strings attached on economic overhauls. U.S. officials described the aid as an effort by Moscow to make Ukraine more economically and politically dependent, pointing to terms that would fix gas prices for only a limited period and required Ukraine to increase the amount of gas it buys from Russia, undercutting Kiev's energy sovereignty.
 US officials are full of $h*t. Their aid package is the one that is going to make Ukraine more economically and politically dependent on the west. By design. On purpose. The package will impoverish the people and further degrade the society.

The IMF has set out a series of reforms that include raising natural gas prices and devaluing Ukraine's currency.

U.S. officials believe it could be easier for a transitional government to raise natural gas prices in the spring as temperatures rise. Likewise, recent market turmoil has already reduced the value of Ukraine's currency, potentially making a further devaluation less political painful to implement, U.S. officials said.
 And here was Russia offering a price break on gas to the Ukraine?

Overall that is one heck of an interesting read. How to destroy a nation and bring it's people to their knees.


  1. Yep, think Greece, Poland, Baltic States, and more as the neo-liberal party from hell comes to rape the Ukraine of resources and throw the citizens under the bus. Yes the imf and it bankster criminal friends about to destroy another country, it's the Amerikan way.

    1. Don't forget Italy.
      And their technocratic banker government
      It's sad, really, the whole mess :-(

  2. In Western view the stick and carrot approach works like that: the stick on your bum or the carrot up your ass.

    Not much to cheer,

    1. Where´s the carrot?

      This is rather the typical €Urofag stick & mace approach to eastern Europe...


  3. what is it about the media esp the brits that make them so impervious to the facts: that syrians support their army....

    here a british journo(you can tell by the accent!) questions a local who thanks the SAA for their help and when the rattled british journo asks :But look at your city! ...says : this is the work of the 'rebels'‎

    this shows in a nutshell the problem: the foreign(ff'N)media is fixed on one story: that SAA is destroying syria...not the insurgency...syrians know better

  4. The western powers need to get Ukraine intact, especially Donbass to boost the €Urofag economy and the Black Sea shoreline to NATO, into the €Urofag Borg-collective, otherwise it wouldn´t make much sense going through this mess, that´s probably why the Borg Queen/"Baroness" just took one step back, or so it seems. But, evidently, McCain and the whore of Babylon Nuland, is going gung ho at it again to rally the fascists up and down the streets. I think Ukraine has been pushed to far, the damage is done and that the south, Donbass,Odessa and Crimea that has everything to loose by any arrangement with the €U/NATO and wont accept a mob-rule under NATO protection anyway, will secede. Their economy depends on the Russian/eastern market and loosing the western Albatross around their neck will be a boost to them (and make €USSR/Titanic sink faster) and above all, non of them would love the idea of becoming cannon fodder between NATO and Russia, should Anders Foggy Ratmussen and hiw war machine make it to Sevastopol...

    I´m curious about the meeting tomorrow in Sochi between Yanukovic and Putin...


  5. Penny,

    Leaked phone tap of Victoria Nuland of State Dept clearly shows depth of US intervention in Ukraine affairs including using "international' celebrities (
    Terminator and Rocky) Stalone and Arnold.

    It further inplicates UN use as a tool for US operations in Ukraine and mz nuland clearly says "Fuck the EU on Ukraine" at the 3:02 min mark of confab (sorry, just quoting out illustrious Gov appointees ) ;^)

    Leaked audiotape appears to have @StateDept's top Europe hand #Nuland saying "F*ck the #EU" on #Ukraine

    The above was tweeted by the Brussels journalist for the UK Financial Times. Think his name is Spegal (but will check that point later again)

    Naturally, I followed him straight away. Later around 12:30 he tweeted another youtube channel leak (evidently from same origin ) that is German language and Here is the Link to that one.

    I'll be back later with more and his twiitter home page link in case anyone wants it.

  6. The mans name is Speigel, Peter.
    Link to his Twitter page

    He tweets original person believed to have tweeted leaked tape.
    His tweet on that :
    I'm told #US believes this guy 1st to tweet leaked #Nuland "F*ck the #EU" video. He's asst to deputy PM of Russia:

    His homepage has pic of Camden and a baseball feel to it.. he must be US born or I got it wrong that he reports for UK ( confused, but w/ cells, puters he could be from either these days ) That point is moot anyway.

    Holy crap, I've got to check out his twitter feed. He tweeted something about Pedophilia and Stratfor report in Russian,
    here at Russian news source

    I'm off to google translate
    more later on

  7. Penny,
    Scratch that last part about pedophilia - even tho in Russian it appears to be about that, when translated, it is not. Apologies.

    If google translator link works, Here is the translated page link

    1. thanks karin for keeping me up to date
      and mikhas
      everyone else
      Peter, you too! still not feeling in top form and am busy catching up on other work
      I will be back
      ty everyone