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NATO False Flag- Norway from mercs in Syria? Think- Arctic Resources & Circling Russia!

So, whaddya think?

The new head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, from Norway  is set to take the reins of 'power' at NATO.
 Norway’s Jens Stoltenberg appointed as new NATO chief
 NATO’s next leader was announced Friday: former Norwegian Premier Jens Stoltenberg will lead the military alliance starting in October.
** FILE ** In this June 25, 2013, file photo, Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg speaks during a news conference at the Presidential palace in Vilnius, Lithuania. NATO announced on Friday, March 28, 2014, that former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg will become chief of the NATO alliance when current NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen steps down in the autumn of 2014. (AP Photo/Mindaugas Kulbis, File)
Jens Stoltenberg

In just over a month a Norwegian will be in charge of NATO (superficially speaking, of course) 

 As coincidence would have it....or not?  Norway and the US are claiming that there is an 'imminent and 'concrete threat' from  the very NATO backed 'extremists' who are destabilizing Syria?

Seriously?! Credible' Terror Threat in Norway, US Officials Say

Buildings of The Barcode Project are reflected on the water at sunset in Oslo, Nov. 18, 2012

The Barcode Project? Interesting name. Controlled. Trackable. Very creepy.


The very mercs participating in the multi year destabilization campaign against Syria, on behalf of NATO, are now supposedly going to launch an attack on Norway?

If anything, anything at all happens in Norway, you will KNOW with certainty this is a false flag created by NATO nations to set Syria/Iraq up for massive airstrikes

Janes is wagging the imminent terror threat finger!

FYI- There are more foreigners then ever in Syria- 

It's always been the UN of NATO mercs there anyway...

Israeli media is reporting that the mercs have already left for Norway and that Norway knows they are on the way...
We have received information that a group of fighters have left Syria with the aim of carrying out terror attack in the West and Norway was specifically mentioned among their targets,
I would think if they know the mercs have 'left Syria' and are heading to Norway.... then this could be prevented if someone wants to prevent such an incident from taking place?

However? If some interested parties (NATO) wanted to create a justification for air attacks on Syria and likely Iraq, then a false flag in Norway is ideal. The new leader of NATO can then showcase his "huntdown" skills while presenting himself as heroic. A man in charge! Spouting meaningless nonsense at the traumatized population of his very own home country.

Yah, this could work out beautifully as far as psychological operations go.

Of course the "anti semite" card is getting  played

Always a yawn fest. Just reinforcement of all your previous programming.

What is the situation with Norway and Arctic resources?

Could this play into further encirclement of Russia?

I'll answer my own questions with this article, ok?

Wary of Russia, Norway urges NATO vigilance in Arctic

This explains the choice of a Norwegian and the possibility of a false flag attack as justification for big NATO movement in this part of the world.
NATO needs to become more watchful about defending its members' security, including in the Arctic, because of the 'completely new' situation created by Russia's behavior towards Ukraine, Norway's defense minister said in an interview.
 But Norway's Ine Eriksen Soereide told Reuters that Russia's actions raised broader questions about NATO's collective defense - significant comments from a country that borders Russia and is as keen as Moscow to tap Arctic minerals, oil and gas.
At a time when most NATO members are failing to meet the alliance's target of spending 2 percent of economic output on defense, Norway maintains it is investing 1.6 percent, while NATO figures put Oslo's ratio slightly lower, at 1.4.
Soereide said Norway would not cut its defense budget in coming years - especially since it has committed to buy 52 F-35 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin, of which it has already ordered 16.

 Norway- Strategic location. Prime Real Estate
UPDATE- Norway on High Alert Amid Warnings of Attack Next Week

 Next week? Like, Monday or Tuesday? So there is plenty of tell-a-vision/social media time to spin the incident? Including week end rehashes?
 Just wondering?

Update #2Norway partially closes Bergen airspace over terror alert
 "Partially closed airspace" What ever that actually means?
 Police have requested Avinor (Norway's state-owned airport operator) to ban flights over central Bergen," 
 Police said the airspace ban applied only to smaller private and recreational flights over the centre of the city in western Norway.
Norway is not an EU member but is part of the Schengen area, which includes 26 European countries that have abolished passport and other types of border controls for people travelling within the group of nations.

Update #3- The date for the alleged terror attack is tomorrow! July 28/14
From this article

"Officials suspected an attack could occur on July 28 "

07/28/14 = A total of seven, sevens.

If you aren't into the numerological aspect of this date. Think of this from the marketing perspective 
The attack/trauma could be reinforced through the repetition of the 7/7's. 

Clearly Christine Lagarde had 7 on her mind when she made a speech about 7's. 
H/T Freethinker
I watched it last week and thought what the hell is she on about. Her speech seemed bizarre
Earlier this month we had the MH17 and 777
So if not occult then certainly very marketable


  1. The barcode buildings gave me a 9/11 feeling
    WTC. Multiple buildings. The water front?

  2. Company In Which Joe Biden's Son Is Director Prepares To Drill Shale Gas In East Ukraine

    1. The Biden family is obviously quite a war profiteering family

  3. As Russians like to call it 'The Birthplace of Russia' is Novgorod, located in northwest Russia. Also recongnised by UNESCO as a world heritage site. This area was colonized by the Varangians from what today is Norway/Sweden. The colony established trade routes with Greece. The Greeks called them Rus, meaning 'those that row'.

    Later, the Rus took over Kiev and this group would later be called the Kievan Rus. They did not bring their women with them and took wives from the local Slavic people and offspring inter-married with Slavs.

    So, Kiev is not the birthplace of Russia nor are Russians descended from Slav, but a new ethnic line of Viking and Slavic mix.

    Appointing Norway to head a group targeting the Rus people is just a slap in the face.

    Also, the gas production in Norway has peaked and is declining rapidly. There are plans being made between Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway for future supply using the current supply infrastructure in Norway. Obviously this does not sit well with those same groups disrupting the South Stream project who want to slow Russia's growth rate.

    1. Hi Paul,

      The current anti-Russia hysteria would seem to be driven by the lust for Khazarian revenge.

      Apparently butchering tens of millions of Slavs in the 20th Century just wasn't enough.


    2. are you looking at it as a 1000 year grudge for being weakened enough by the Rus to allow the Mongol horde to overwelm them? that the fall of their old empire they put the entire blame on the Rus people?

    3. Not the entire blame.

      They have plenty of that for just about everyone else they've ever come into contact with, but yes, I feel that these people never forget and never forgive.

    4. Hi Paul

      Thanks for filling in some historical info!
      "This area was colonized by the Varangians from what today is Norway/Sweden. The colony established trade routes with Greece. The Greeks called them Rus, meaning 'those that row'.

      I had some inkling on this history, but, can't recall from where?
      I also understand that from the word slave we get the word slave, because, the slavs were the first slaves- enslaved persons
      and also understand the converted Khazars played a big role in this

    5. Anthony- "The current anti-Russia hysteria would seem to be driven by the lust for Khazarian revenge"

      HI Anthony, you are not the only person who has mentioned that as a possibility- Khazarian revenge

  4. @Of course the "anti semite" card is getting played

    It might be just that. Jews must clamor that only they are the target of "terhorh".

    1. "Jews must clamor that they are the target of terhorh"

      Always. And only them. No one else. And to say otherwise is to be 'anti-semitic'

  5. NATO’s Europe commander advocates stockpiling a base in Poland with enough weapons, ammunition and other supplies to support a rapid deployment of thousands of troops against Russia, British media reported.

    General Philip Breedlove’s idea would be presented to members of the alliance at the upcoming NATO summit in Wales in September, according to The Times.

    The general told a briefing in Naples this week that NATO needed “pre-positioned supplies, pre-positioned capabilities and a basing area ready to rapidly accept follow-on forces.”
    Several locations for the future stockpile are planned, with the Multinational Corps Northeast, a base in Szczecin near the Polish-German border being the leading contender.

    “It would be a 24/7 fully functioning headquarters that forces could quickly fall in on to respond rapidly when needed,” the British newspaper cites a source familiar with the expected proposition as saying.

    The stockpiling of supplies is just a step short of a permanent massive deployment of foreign NATO troops in Poland. The alliance says it is needed for a rapid response to a Russian incursion, although Russian generals would probably view this as a possible preparation for a blitzkrieg attack on Russia.

    Moscow considers the build-up of NATO troops in Europe as part of a hostile policy aimed at placing the alliance’s military resources closer to its borders. Russia’s current military doctrine allows the use of all weapons in its possession, including tactical nuclear weapons, in response to a conventional force attack on Russia.

    The possible choice of Szczecin makes no sense at all. As it says in the article, Szczecin is close to the German border. There are 800 kilometers across Poland which borders not on Russia (except for the Kaliningrad enclave) but with Belarus.

    If NATO were serious about this, they would put the base in one of the Baltic states which are located on the Russian border, but is the threat of thousands or even tens of thousands of NATO troops on Russia's border a significant military force?

    This plan seems to be just another crass provocation of the Russians.

    NATO seems to be out of control. Simply the military muscle of the New World Order.

    General Breedlove?

    A relative of Strangelove?


    1. NATO seems to be out of control. Simply the military muscle of the New World Order

      I call UN the humanitarian face of the OWO- One World Order
      And NATO is the global tyrannical army of the OWO

  6. a lot of talk of russia annexing Crimea: however, this looks like a real annexation! will the media treat it as such?

    1. brian, I hope you are aware that voltair is an extention of the carnegie group. so what you are reading is the plan and not something that would be an actual outcome from natural events. Penny has touched on the plan to move the indigenous population quite a bit in the past.

      this whole thing is just sickening to watch.

    2. let me quickly retract what I posted about voltair. I made a mistake since the name is so close to valdia. Valdia is the one associated with carnegie. So please excuse my mistake.

    3. Hi Paul and Brian

      glad to see someone else picking up on the push to move the Palestinians into Jordan

      "One faction of Israeli leaders is determined to put an end to the Palestinian problem by expelling the majority of the population to Egypt and Jordan and partially or totally annexing Gaza"

      It is more then just a Israeli leaders, in my last post it was darn clear John Kerry was participating in this one- which means the US is fully on board- no matter which party sits in the whitehouse

    4. i was about to say WTF! head of Voltaire net is Thierry Meyssan! who got the Pentagon to outlaw him in USA for his books on 9-11

    5. yes penny, and if that fails, theres always the FINAL SOLUTION!

    6. I shudder brian especially from the 'never again' crowd

  7. The writer should read up on Jens Stoltenberg an his family. Norhing mentioned in this blog post will be acted out in his name. Turning the other cheek is his second nature.

    1. Mr Stoltenberg allowed the staged psyop terror attack to take place on his watch in Norway- he then guided Norwegians through the aftermath.

      Highly suggestive, at least to me, that his turning the other cheek has much to do with his willingness to "turn his cheek" to attrocities committed against his fellow country men, including their children- His appointment to NATO and all it's perks positively reeks of reward for a job well done.

      Jens Stoltenberg interview: the prime minister who guided Norway through its darkest hour

      I get we are supposed to 'believe' he is all open and kind...

      ""Our response," he told a gathering in Oslo Cathedral, "is more democracy, more openness, and more humanity."

      "I believe the message was quite obvious," he told me when asked how he managed to come up with just the right words at such a tense time.

      "It was our democratic, open society that was under attack, so therefore it was quite logical to say that the answer was more of what was attacked."

      Very carefully crafted clap trap

    2. A bit more on Mr Turn the other cheek...

      The report found that police had taken an "unacceptable time" to reach Utoeya and it criticised forces for the bungled attempt to reach the island on an inflatable boat.

      Mr Stoltenberg has faced strong criticism following the findings of the report, including calls to resign.

      He should have resigned. Did any heads roll at this time?
      Because Stoltenberg definitely, as I said, got a big career advancement!

    3. I guess the Norwegians are no strangers to Quislings

    4. exactly james and this stoltenberg has quisling written all over him!
      A terror attack occurs on his watch, which should signal abject failure and he is getting a promotion to NATO head after Rasmussen?

      Clearly he has been a 'job well done' man!

    5. I guess the Norwegians are no strangers to Quislings

      I see what you did there ;-)

  8. and now for something completely different...

    please mind the popups.

    to be honest, I am not sure if the pythons or pink floyd does the best job at synthetic reality.

  9. Vladimir Suchan
    5 mins ·
    A Ukrainian mother protests against the war. Her son was conscripted on March 26 to fight in the ranks of the Ukrainian army for the oligarchs and the Banderites. That's why, in the eyes of the people in the east against whom he was sent, her son is a "Banderite." She says that people at the Maidan were often paid to be there. The new Maidan leaders speak lies and so does the Ukrainian TV channels. They are full of lies. They have also divided the people and try to make them all nationalists.

  10. Here Penny, if more leaders were like this instead of the cycle-0-paths that we have the world just might be a better place.

    1. Imagine that a leader that sits out there, amongst the people?
      Never see it here in Canada.

  11. This post is updated cause we have a name
    a French national!

  12. what do mad mullahs and rabid rabbis have in common?

  13. Larry Donnelly
    Very disturbing to hear that many back in the US are furious with Israel over #Gaza, but stay silent for fear of being branded anti-Semitic.
    and former concentration camp guard (imagine puting that on your CV!) complains

    'I have been flooded with invitations to Syrian protests, fundraisers, and charity work since the revolution began in 2011. Thousands of Muslims care so much about getting rid of Assad that they’ve volunteered as foreign fighters to risk their lives to do it. Goldberg can ignore this, I guess, because he’s the ex-IDF prison guard who is The Expert On Muslims and the media seems fine to keep it that way.'

    this is where media lies about syria meet the jihad principle!

  14. Mehdi Nemmouche? It's bulshit. That's the patsy that was arrested for the Brussels jewish museum shooting
    You know, the false flag attack on a mossad spy couple by probably another mossad agent. You know the attack that the local zionist thug accused Dieudonné and Laurent Louis of.
    The guy is still in custody afaik. He was extradited to Belgium (from France) beginning of july.
    He is, of course, a patsy controlled by the french spooks like Mohamed Merah was.

    1. thanks Gallier, I removed the incorrect info.

  15. Hi Penny, I checked you source on Yahoo and you cited it wrong. The original article speaks of Nemmouche as the alleged perpetrator of the Brussels shooting, not as a suspect in that Norvegian thing. There's a paragraph separation which is confusing the issue, but that paragraph refers to the previous one that you snipped. I think you will have to correct your second update. Greetings from your preferred Dreiländereck* nitpicker.

    * Dreiländereck called in french "Pays des trois frontières" could be translated in english, "land of the three borders".

    1. "Greetings from your preferred Dreiländereck* nitpicker"

      Big smile on my face- 'preferred nitpicker'

    2. I was a bit audacious with the 'preferred' of course, I can't really know that. As for the nitpicking, it is my regret to not really be able to contribute more with new and original content. Perfecting the work of others, that I'm good at (even my IRL work consists mainly of doing that, debugging and rewriting programs to make them better).

    3. gallier- I would definitely rank you up there with one of my preferred contributors.. Definitely one of the longest participating persons.
      You have been here pretty much when I began this blog in early 08.
      And am very glad you can assist me in perfecting the work.

  16. another update
    with the attack set for tomorrow?

  17. oh and I will get to the other comments later today, sorry :(

  18. Warnings of a possible false flag in the Ukraine to be blamed on pro Russian separatists.


  19. regarding Gaza.

    I think this is an article that needs to be past around. It is a great information piece for those who are ignorant of the situation in Palestine or those who are on the fence and not sure what to think.

    I found Nora's blog from one of the latest Crosstalks