Wednesday, July 30, 2014

For Shame! Canadian MP's "fact find" for Israel's "perspective"

 Named below

The six parliamentarians travelling on the mission, which returns to Canada on Thursday, are: Liberal MPs Carolyn Bennett and John McCallum, Conservative MPs Randy Hoback, Ted Opitz and David Sweet and Liberal Sen. Grant Mitchell.

3 Cons and  3 Libs- The two sides of the same coin.

Bought and Paid for by an Israeli lobby in CanadaThe Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs

"the parliamentarians won't be going to Gaza"
 Fogel also made no excuses for the fact that the view they'll get of the conflict will be one-sided, with briefings provided by Israeli government and military officials.
 "But for us, the issue is very much focused on what Israel has had to endure"
What Israel has had to endure? 

What is that exactly?
The gift of inhabited land from the criminal UN?
All the while starving, killing and displacing the inhabitants?
While having the backing of the NATO global tyranny army?
What is it that Israel has to endure?


  1. Good to see your govt. is as bat-shit-crazy as mine here in Amerika.

    Sad isn't?

    1. Yup our gov and you gov are on the same page
      though we have a 'conservative' in office and you supposedly have a 'liberal'
      but, as always they are the oppisames!
      and yes it is dam sad!

    2. that is of course our gov and your gov
      typo aside

    3. Nope Amerikas winning the battle of WTF.

  2. This is the same dynamic we were talking about yesterday, Pen.

    To present a balanced view of the situation -- or even to admit that there is more to the story than the Israelis are telling -- would be anti-American, anti-NATO, anti-Semitic, no better than Hitler, and beneath contempt ... and it would be anti-Canadian as well. We couldn't have that, could we? ;-(

    1. Those thoughts were going through my head as I posted that Winter
      Those exact thoughts
      tomorrow, I am going to borrow your post and bring it here, I hope you do not mind?

    2. No, no! I don't mind at all, Pen. Take good care.

  3. the original PaulJuly 30, 2014 at 1:48 PM

    What Israel has had to endure?

    their own leadership.

    Think about it for just a bit. There are a whole lot of people in that colony that have been lied to since birth and have a complete false reality forced upon them daily. Most will not break free from that their entire life and will die and burn in hell all due to their leadership.

    For so many to sit and chear while bombs are dropped on others is just sick. But they only know what they have been taught.

    Do not confuse this with excusing what they do as they will be accountable for their own actions regardless of their ignorance, but I still have compassion for them as human beings. They need to be educated as any other who has been brainwashed. I am just as sick by some who speak death to all of them due to the actions of their leadership.

    It is just sad, pitiful, disgusting, etc...

    1. I understand you regarding their leadership, however, their brainwashing can be broken free of by them, it would be hard, but they could.

      That said the slaughter of Palestinians in their homes is NOT equivalent to the brainwashed chosen ones brainwashedness- they don't even realize they are soo deeply indoctrinated and believe in their entitlement

      The Palestinians KNOW they are being killed and their lives are being destroyed and no one believes they are entitled to those very lives, and their livelihood, or their homes, or their history

      Huge difference

      It is sad, pitiful and disgusting and if these Canadian MP"s had a sliver of decency they would not be taking free trips to Israel to get their perspective

      We get their perspective 24/7

  4. Message from: The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs; the Canadian Jewish Congress; B'nai B'rith, etc., to our snakes in the grass politicians...."okay you shmucks, if you wont to win re-election, you better play ball with Israel; and those pictures of dead Palestinian children?....faked by Hamas, pay no attention!"


  6. Our Canadian politician are from the same pile of sh!t as their American counterparts they are paid prostitutes that don't represent the people but are there for the ilk Zionist,big corporations,the british monarch.Their time will sone be up!

  7. It is evident that the government that rules Canada does not represent the Canadian people. Stephen Harper has even publicly stated that he would make decisions in favor of Israel that would not be in Canada's beast interest. Treason by any other name ...

  8. the original PaulJuly 31, 2014 at 6:38 AM

    reply to Penny's comment to my comment above. for some reason the reply links do not work for me on this page now, but still work on others... ????

    I need to clarify my position.

    I am in no way giving pass to anyone in this act of genocide and murder of Palestinians.

    What I see is an act of collective punishment on Gaza because they will not leave or just die off. This is pure evil. But we can not fall back to the same evil thinking and condemn all jews throughout the world for this. Just as we can not condemn all Americans/Canadians/Europians/etc. for what happened in Iraq or Libya. or can we condemn all black people for the acts of a few crazed gang members is east Los Angeles. All people, regardless of who they are or where they are from or who they are related to or what their beliefs are must be held accountable for their own actions and not of actions by those they have some relation to.

    Evil can not be won over by more evil. That only leaves evil as the victor.

    I see to many comments like Russia should nuke the UK because they are the source of so much evil. How can this evil act rid us of evil?

    Accountability/responsibilty must be put directly on the personal shoulders of the person committing the act. Misdirecting frustration to those who are associated is something that must be avoided.

    1. the original Paul? Is this the same Paul I have enjoyed comments from?
      I am confused
      "I am in no way giving pass to anyone in this act of genocide and murder of Palestinians"

      I did not think that you were.
      And agree that using evil cannot get us anything more then more evil

      "Accountability/responsibilty must be put directly on the personal shoulders of the person committing the act"

      I could not agree with you more in that regard Paul?

    2. the original PaulJuly 31, 2014 at 7:03 PM

      yep, same me... ;)

  9. Replies
    1. good on Blakeney!
      I have to find his site and link over to him, finally!

    2. stupid canadians join israels neonazis, and stupid canadians join Ukraine neonazis, both times pretending they are fine fellow defending freedom and democracy from the evil helps it the media is on your side

  10. I personally wrote a scathing letter to Carolyn Bennett when she 'stepped up' to publicly support well-known terrorist organization MEK. I wrote a similarly scathing letter to Thomas Mulcair when the NDP backed the official lies on Syria.

    No, Canadians are not represented by their political class. Many are seething with rage and it needs to be pointed out that supporters of Rob Ford HATE the political establishment and that's why they support him.

    My local paper, the Star, wants to boil all politics down to a question of Rob Ford or NO Rob Ford. That way they can herd the anti-Ford crowd towards a 'safe' candidate of their choosing. The degradation of this society has proceeded at an almost unimaginable pace since roughly 2006.

    Democracy is a scam. 50 percent of us that don't vote already know you can't achieve anything when all your candidates must be vetted by stuffed shirts and Zionists.

    Keep up the great work Penny.

    1. Hi Where-Wolf
      I suspected Carolyn Bennet had to be from the TO area, because, the necessary audience is present in the area- ie: the tribe is present in TO
      Same as Montreal
      I notice the obsession with Rob Ford. It's not just the star either
      Even CBC get's into it. Oh, he didn't want to applaud for the rainbow festival, so what?!
      The parade and usual cavorting went on, no one stopped it
      Rob Ford doesn't have to applaud if he doesn't want to
      That's his free choice, but, if you notice the left is virulently intolerant, just like the right, just differently, so.

      This last election, here in Ontario, I declined my ballot
      Yup went to the polling station and got my ballot, and officially declined it.
      As did my husband.
      While I was in the polling station another fellow was there declining his and we stood there and discussed the lack of real choice.
      btw: it was Jason at Faux Capitalist that brought to my attention the ability to officially decline the ballot- he's here in Ontario too!
      Same as me and Buffy and apparently you too
      so nice to meet ya!