Monday, July 21, 2014

Gazan to Netanyahu- Thanks monster, my life is ruined. MH17 spin/sanctions/BRICS bank

No, post title is not a real headline. It's fictional. Like most mainstream media content 
But, it could be very real? When applied to Mr Putin, of course

This is a rambling post.... 
You may not think so, but, all these subject are intertwined
Gaza, MH17, Sanctions, BRICS, spin and perception management so let's get started

Seen this news today?

In a grief-stricken open letter that went viral after being posted on social media sites, he signed off as "Hans de Borst – whose life is ruined".

In my opinion. And this may be controversial. No grief stricken father or mother would post such a letter on social media. I couldn't imagine it. From the perspective of a parent. Grieving, being so intensely personal.

At a time of grief, there is nothing more important to anyone then having real humans, in the flesh, close to you. Speaking from personal experience. It is the embracing of loved ones- the reconnection with memories- long forgotten or recent, the sharing of experiences, which makes the loss both more poignant and yet gives us more to cherish.

If this is a legit letter, which I doubt, then humanity is more f'd up then I could ever have imagined.


Couldn't help but notice today the death toll thanks to Israeli brutality has reached 509 dead Gazans- Mostly women and children. As Israel targets civilians.

Israel intensifies Gaza assault, death toll hits 509

509 dead in Gaza- 
Following the deadliest day in Gaza in more than five years. in which at least 140 Palestinians were killed, medics pulled another 45 bodies from the rubble early Monday, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said.
And 15 more Palestinians were killed in a series of strikes across Gaza, one of which hit a house in the southern city of Rafah, killing seven children and two adults, Qudra said.
- No headlines screaming "Netanyahu bring me my children back"?
 - No, bereaved father writing an open letter on social media saying to Netanyahu "Many thanks, monster, my life is ruined" No social media letter, going viral, conveniently promoting, the very agenda of demonization that NATO media has been pushing for quite some time now. How curious? How coincidental?
The very same NATO media  that practices & publishes endless excuse making for and by Israel.
509 dead Palestinian civilians are apparently unworthy when compared to a false flag operation that resulted in the deaths of an indeterminate number of victims.  

We know who killed the Palestinians, with certainty. Israeli's military and it's leadership. And we know the civilians were targeted employing maximum brutality while Israel enjoys the impunity of the international community and the mainstream media 
 Impunity means "exemption from punishment or loss or escape from fines".[1] In the international law of human rights, it refers to the failure to bring perpetrators of human rights violations to justice and, as such, itself constitutes a denial of the victims' right to justice and redress.
 While MH17 is little more then an exercise in state sanctioned conspiracy theory spun through a media that is incessantly pushing a war agenda!


Has anyone noticed that the body tally recovered is vastly shy of the total claimed deceased?

I see figures of 192 bodies being recovered.- Quite a bit shy of the total claimed to be on the plane.
Which was reported at 295. 
 Digression- In a previous post, in the comment section, we were discussing the prevalence of the number 7 in this incident. Immediate casualty total 295.  2+9+5=16.  1+6= 7

So, we are about 100 bodies shy of the original count. Perhaps they won't recover every body? Or be able to account for everyone on board?  But, I would expect the difference to be much less then 100 plus bodies.
Of course more time is needed for recovery..... so hopefully the gap will be filled.
But still......
 MH-17 Cui Bono?

Recall last week I mentioned that the US took a go it alone attitude towards sanctions when the EU declined to follow the dictates of  US foreign policy:

Wednesday July 16/14 - The Big Cheese stands alone- US expands sanctions against Russia- Unilaterally A post that included the information about the BRICS forming an alternative to the US dominated banking system 
This move comes hot on the heels of this BRICS bank being set up

- Leaders of the BRICS emerging market nations launched a $100 billion development bank and a currency reserve pool on Tuesday in their first concrete step toward reshaping the Western-dominated international financial system.
 What a difference a downed airliner makes?
Europe's wake up call?!  MH-17: Obama gains on Putin?
 "We are trying to encourage our European friends to realise this is a wake-up call," Mr Kerry said on Fox News Sunday, invoking a phrase used last week by Mr Obama.
 A wake up call from who? Who wanted Europe to enact harsher sanctions?

Britain and other European countries must not view the crisis through the "prism" of their national interests, the Deputy Prime Minister says

If these nations should not view the 'crisis' through the 'prism' of their national interests, exactly whose 'prism' should they be viewing the crisis through? The US prism? Because it was the US that has and is pushing the EU into a sanctions regime these nations cannot afford to undertake.
And what crisis is being referenced. Of course MH-17.

 The chancellor said Russia’s disregard for international borders and role in downing flight MH17 poses a risk to the economy that makes sanctions a necessary price to stop him.
There is zero proof to date that Russia had anything to do with the downing of this flight. None. Zero. Zilch.

And still the biggest beneficiary of the downing of MH-17 is US, Israel, NATO.
Cui Bono? I ask, who benefits?!


The marked disparity between the five economies in terms of economic structure, political institutions, and even demographic profiles poses significant constraints for the launch of the [development bank]. However, the fact that these differences have been overcome suggests this is a case in which foreign policy interests trump economics. It is worth noting that the creation of the bank takes place in a context of growing global political confrontation between China, Russia, and the United States, and the reluctance of Japan and the US to dilute their leading roles in existing supranational bodies.
The Brics development bank can release Africa from World Bank tyranny
The bank will rival the US- and European-led World Bank and its private lending affiliate, the International Finance Corporation, which have dominated development finance since the second world war. The Brics bank is positioned as a financial institution that will provide developing countries with alternative funding minus the punishing strings attached to World Bank lending, which strip recipient countries of the power to make their own policies.
Hmmmmm..... can't have that?!


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  2. Dutch Mourn Vacation-Bound Children Who Died as MH17 Shot Down

    Invocation of children..Turkey geza protests, Syria,...


    Russian MoD Briefing on MH17, with satelite images and radar data.
    No youtube-facebook Kerry style BS.

  4. The last 'incursion' into Gaza, the Israeli death machine butchered over 1,400 Gazans, so my guess is they won't stop this time until they kill more than that number.

    After all, who will stop them? John KOHN, Secretary of State of Obamaland?

  5. High hopes for the BRICS D-Bank investment, but as usual, rhetoric should be backed by actions. We,ll see.
    As for Gaza, same shit, different day. Israel STILL being Nazis,, working on THEIR brand of the final solution...ben.

  6. This is a little off topic, but a must watch video. I wanted to send if you haven't seen it. With the North American Union apparently a go, it is very disturbing.

  7. Penny's common sense is making my head spin!