Friday, July 25, 2014

Gordon Duff on Red Ice Radio. What in the hell?

I just spent two hours listening to this interview.  Two hours of my life I can't get back. Aargh!
Brought to us all by Henrik @ Red Ice Radio

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. His business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology. We’ll begin discussing flight MH17 that went down in the Ukraine.

To each their own. I have never been a fan of his work, have never heard the man speak previously  and remain unimpressed. Actually somewhat disturbed? 
Give a listen and leave your impressions.


  1. From the rebel site:

    Gordon Duff IS a Jewish Disinformation Agent
    Added on : 17-Jun-2014
    Uploaded by : rebelofoz

    Over a year ago, I wrote about Duff on my site... the title was: 'Gordon Duff: A Jewish Disinformation Agent?'... I guess he's just confirmed it for me! Gordon Duff, 'Senior Editor' of the website Veterans Today admits that 40% of what he writes is false information. He also admits that he does it purposely. He admits that he is a 'Jew' and says he doesn't know if he likes White people. Also says that he is a "multicultural individual," a "one percenter" (as opposed to one of the 99%) and that George Soros is not a bad guy.

    1. rebelofoz?

      interesting video. about 7 minutes long for anyone who wants to watch

      Him claiming Fetzer and Barret get all their info from him is questionable??? He seems big on inflating himself. I suspect he is trying to make himself vastly more important then he really is, got that from the red ice radio interview also.

      Though admittedly I am not a huge Fetzer fan, as for Mr Barrett, I know next to nothing of him, so.. I wouldn't comment.


    The militants of the Lugansk People’s Republic have captured Mikael Skillt, a Swedish citizen, “veteran” of the Maidan and sniper who was taking part in the punitive operation as a member of the National Guard.

    click on more to move to another site with more info. You can sign up to n2y0 for free.

    1. thanks jo, you busy fella! :)

    2. You are welcome. I'm retired and it's going to be 100f today in my part of Calif. so gardening was done early;)

    3. and we have had, as expected an unseasonable cool summer.

    4. The whole AWACS thing is a mute point. It is no secret the planes were flying over Poland and Romania, but what is not known by most is this is out of range for those planes to see the area where MH17 went down. The absolute maximun range of AWACS radar is 254 miles. I know this for a fact as I was a radar operator in the USAF.

      The range limitation is due to the timing between pulses of the radar. Once a pulse is transmitted, the system then goes into recieve mode and waits for a certain amount of time then repeats the cycle. The time in recieve mode only allows the rf energy to travel to a reflecting object 254 miles away and return. Regardless of the power, which actually is quite high at a normal operation of 2 megawatts, this has nothing to do with its range capabilities. It all has to do with the amount of time in recieve mode.

      So, unless the plane was over Ukrainian territory or in airspace of Crimea, AWACS did not see what happened.

      Also, let me point out another myth. AWACS has no jamming capability of either radar or communications of any kind. This is all just disinfo. The E3 is basically and airborn version of the TPS-43 ground radar and this is fairly old technology. Outside of surveillance or airspace, air to air and air to ground communication as well as satellite and data links, and command and control of aircraft, there is nothing else the E3 can do.

  4. First time I heard Duff I couldn't believe it was the same guy who wrote the often misleading but at least well written articles on VT - and it probably isn't. Duff is a waste of time. His side kick Jim Fetzer is also a professional time-waster and pied-piper.

    There is some good stuff on RedIce but also a huge amount of crap. Discernment required! Not a problem for you Penny, but not everyone has such a well developed bullshit filter ;-)

    I noticed recently a commenter linked to an article on '' - actually it would be better called ALLdisinfo.

    1. hey freethinker

      Yah, I was taken by surprise, really. I have seen his stuff all over
      As if it is something credible, which is why I listened to this, but quite frankly he comes of as incoherent, arrogant, with a giant ego..

      As for Red Ice, it's like everything else. Likely the same as some think of me
      some bad, some good. It's certainly not all to my interests,but, it's not my site so....
      Overall though Henrik does some good work and has many interesting guests- which is why he is linked in the sidebar was yet another new site for me- I don't get out on the net much other then world wide news sites and some of my faves
      read the one story linked but it didn't sit right so....

  5. Going back to sisi and who is is or isn't? The economic austerity is a small hint; following the IMF plan which Morsi held out on for fear of backlash

    But this:
    Egypt said Thursday that foreign intelligence services were prime suspects in an attack last week that killed 22 soldiers near its border with restive Libya. "The terrorist operations (in Egypt) are carried out by terrorist elements, mercenaries, trained in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, and recruited by foreign intelligence services," Abdel Latif said.

    2011/2012 cross border Sinai attacks come to mind...the first occurring a month after the gaza border was opened..

    1. Regarding sisi? who he is or isn't? Paul is optimistic on him, me not so much.
      But I am hoping? does that sound to obamish?

      I saw Egypt had increased energy prices just recently

      Egypt on Saturday implemented a long-feared hike in energy prices after the government pledged to reduce a gaping budget deficit by slashing fuel subsidies accounting for a fifth of state spending.

      The move, long seen as a crucial structural reform, has been repeatedly postponed by successive administrations fearful that it would provoke social unrest in a country with high poverty levels and a foundering economy

      That's right up the IMF's alley- and yes Morsi held off on those changes

      foreign intelligence services aka Mossad?

    2. just to clarify my thoughts on Sisi.

      I think he is more aligned with the likes of Putin than Obama. Not in the sense of alliances but in charactor. I think Sisi has a more than average desire to see his country move in the direction of having more sovereignty than it has in the past. So that is why I see him more like Putin, not in charactor but in desire. As it is so obvious that Obama is nothing but a puppet, I thinks Sisi is not.

      Sisi's apparent backing by his eastern neighbor and also by the big oil producer is more to get rid of Morsi that support of his own goals. Time will tell though.

      If Sisi was really the puppet so many accused him of, we would have seen some normalization of political control by now. Instead, the struggle is ongoing and looks to escalate rapidly very soon... from his western flank.

    3. Hi Paul
      thanks for clarifying your point of view
      "Instead, the struggle is ongoing and looks to escalate rapidly very soon... from his western flank."

      By this you mean........I am not clear and do not like to assume
      Are we talking west as in western influence aka US/Israel
      Or geography? Or something else entirely

    4. both.

      geographically from Libya, but US/israel controlled.

    5. thanks Paul :)

      Yah, I see the shit is hitting the fan in Libya- crazy

  6. The first and still the best.

    1. thanks!
      Daryl Bradford Smith?
      Or am I mistaken?

    2. Yes Penny....DBS.
      Right up there with Ezra Pound and Eustace Mullins (rip).

    3. Hi argh
      I really enjoyed Eustace Mullins- when he spoke of his work.
      I have saved a number of his interviews

  7. I laughed my ass off... he spun that little whining Swedish kid dizzy. Redice should stick to UFOs and conspiracies, bigfoot and what not, cuz they are politically clueless and would sooner team up with right wing extremists, racist "black sun" Nazi's as evidenced all over their website then spend the time it takes to understand the world we all live in.

    Love the Redice opinion that "Obama is ushering in Socialism" in America... lol.... talk about slamming a little bit too much Alex Jones Kool aid mixed with his own bathwater. I sometimes wonder what planet these guys are on

    1. "he spun that little whining Swedish kid dizzy"

      He did seem to knock Henrik for a loop, but, then he knocked me for one also
      truly, the man seems completely non credible, IMO.

    2. non credible is exactly what he is. contracted to do nothing other than spread disinfo and fear mongering.

      I had to laugh when said that F15s have a 500 mile radar range. not even close!!!

      did anyone catch his slip when he said he spoke with 'a real intellegence asset'... obvious slip up while at the same time claiming to be the largest non state run intel outfit.

      one has to wonder how a person running such a huge intel outfit and travels all over and deals with so many covert ops how this same person has the time to be an editor, writer, and commentator on radio talk shows... or is it really all he does is just spread info???

    3. Clearly Gordon is the nut and is a clueless babbling idiot. I'm glad RIR had him on to expose him for the liar he is. Gordon admitted in another interview that he posts 40% disinfo, claiming it was to protect his life. Yeah whatever. Anyone who praises Obama and the left as the answer is the politically clueless fool.

      If history is written by the victor, you are a fool to believe the mainstream line about WWII. You should ask yourself, why are people in jail for questioning the holocaust?

      RIC has the balls to question and do some real digging, unlike your politically correct self. But I suppose you're ok with the 2 million innocent German women (and children) who were brutally raped by the allies or the bombing of innocent Germans in Dresden or Eisenhower's death camps where 1.7 million German soldiers were killed AFTER the war.

      But I suppose you'll also deny that typhus was responsible for killing prisoners in the concentration camps and hold on to the Steven Spielberg manufactured version of WWII instead.

    4. AnonymousJuly 25, 2014 at 6:47 PM

      Clearly Gordon is the nut and is a clueless babbling idiot. I'm glad RIR had him on to expose him for the liar he is.

      Henrik didn't have to do much to expose Mr Duff, he pretty much did all that for himself. Duff wasn't asked leading questions. Henrik threw him a couple of life lines and still Duff persisted

    5. Paul "did anyone catch his slip when he said he spoke with 'a real intellegence asset'...

      I did catch that- I am still quite frankly scratching my head over this interview
      Hubby said, why did you post it?
      I said " I was just so flabbergasted"
      I see this guys stuff all over and he came off like a raving lune, which was so surprising

  8. Here something to smile about from commenter Gayle at VS
    Gayle said...
    Something to make you smile

    1. that was cute for a_______? No I won't spoil it
      I had no idea that was the background of that individual?

  9. He's well paid folks...He had people killed and don't give a damn (financial help) about his own children. The guy is lost...this interview was revealing about his true nature a psicopatic man. he got exposed....

  10. Duff's been slowly but surely pitching further into joker mode.
    I met him about a year and a half ago at an event featuring Gilad Atzmon. Duff was in the audience and blathered repeatedly during the Q&A. Afterwards there was plenty of informal banter and hellos among the featured guests and the attendees.
    I spoke with several people at the event, Duff being one of them. I was left feeling very suspicious of Duff after the event. The lasting impression was that this guy will say just about anything and blends fiction with fact as easily as pouring milk on cereal. Consequently I am personally of the opinion that he's an agent of some sort.
    In contrast to GD, Atzmon comes across as the real deal - the difference was especially noticeable during Duff's frequent interjections. Duff always seems to attach an unverifiable component (or two, or three!) to his stories, always leaving you with the impression you're being pulled by the nose!

  11. Part I
    I have been reading VT and listening to Redice for a couple years now. To my mind both are consciously and unconsciously committed to a Zionist agenda. Gordon Duff in particular is a patholical liar BUT he does relay important information which most of the people here, at Sakers and MoA are well equiped to disentangle.

    Henrik Larson is an example of the quintessentially confused Nordic Lutheran mentality (although he's not Christian). Maybe that's unfair but I'm thinking of Stoltenberg, Rasmussen and Brevik in the context of another possible false flag being discussed for Norway. The thought patterns of all Europeans (Catholic, Protestant, pathological Secularist) are so deeply infiltrated by Jewish Supremacist ideology, via a 500-2000 year old tradition of neuro-linguistic programming, that almost no one can think clearly about any issue whatsoever. This is the primary reason we have so much difficulty overcoming the parasites who sit atop the pyramid.

    I would make the same criticism of Sunni, Ahmadi, Ismaili and several other brances of Islam and also of Buddhism, Hindutva Hinduism, kitchy Native American spiritualism and many other similarly co-opted belief systems. Orthodox Christianity, Shia Islam and some strains of Judaism are also infiltrated by Supremacist beliefs but have the advantage of a history of active struggle against this ideological tradition. All our books have been written by scribes working alongside Kings and none of these people have ever had the best interests of the masses at heart. Our societies are all addicted to slavery and usuary on some level and this will be very difficult to overcome. We are all negatively programmed at the deepest possible level. I want to encourage everyone here, because they are already so far ahead of their neighbours in understanding the nature of our reality, to dig down even deeper and work to escape a mind control grid that is thousands of years in the making.

    In response to an article supporting David Duke I recently posted a comment asking why anyone would ask a White Supremacist to lead the fight against Jewish (or elite) Supremacism. It makes no sense to hitch our wagons to the same old same old. If the future is going to be any different we are all going to have to stop thinking of ourselves in narrow, and especially racialist terms.

    It's a fact: the psychopaths keep us divided by playing us off against one another and Larsen in particular is thoroughly committed to an agenda that is poisonous to the kind of unity we need to demonstrate if we are to overcome our genocidal Overlords. I know he would be infuriated by the suggestion but this one is in the eye of the beholder -- or in the ear of the behearer, if you will. If I were a brown Swede Larsen would make me very nervous.

    This does not mean that immigration isn't being used to destroy European societies (it most definitely is) but in order to win we're going to have think and act bigger and overcome the things that keep us divided. Larsen pays lip service to this idea but he is seething with rage concerning racial minorities in his own country Sweden. Victimhood of any kind is always counterproductive.

    And yes, every person of every race tends to favour people who are alike and this isn't evidence of the essential racism of all white people. I should clarify I'm thinking of several recent Redice podcasts I've heard over the last several days. They were filled with interesting facts but none were in the least bit elevating. The same goes for most of the stuff I read on VT.

    There are facts on the ground in Europe (large minority populations) and they must be dealt with in a non-divisive and non-racialist manner or else the future is guaranteed to be terrible for everyone. The bad guys are counting on it.

  12. Part II

    As with intellectual Alain Soral, Hassan Nasrallah or Vladimir Putin, we must target the ideology of our enemies with lazer-like precision and if you can't understand that you're not the person to be leading the fight. I suppose that anything said by a human being is biased in some fundamental way. We are all equipped to detect the other guys bias but rarely are we able to see our own. This leaves open the possibility that Larsen and maybe even Duff are in many ways sincere.

    Of course Redice and especially VT have tremendous resources and this should make everyone suspicious. As with another alternative journalist, James Corbett, it's not the good ideas that worry me (there are many). Instead it's the various kinds of 'Austrian' ideologies that they attach to the good ideas that discredit them as unimpeachable spokespeople for the absolute truth.

    By the way Penny -- trying to post here has been one of the most frustrating experiences I've ever had. I've tried many times over the last few months and my comments were never excepted. Today I was determined to figure it out and discovered I had to enable third party cookies to do so. Everything about google is evil. Please consider dumping them.

    Great blog and thanks.

  13. Hi Where Wolf

    thanks for the thoughtful comment. I really appreciate it!

    "The thought patterns of all Europeans (Catholic, Protestant, pathological Secularist) are so deeply infiltrated by Jewish Supremacist ideology, via a 500-2000 year old tradition of neuro-linguistic programming, that almost no one can think clearly about any issue whatsoever. This is the primary reason we have so much difficulty overcoming the parasites who sit atop the pyramid"

    You know I have really been thinking along these lines for a bit now
    The insidiousness inherent in our societies thanks to the whole judeo/christian mind control operation? And the literal translation of the biblioteque as opposed to what all the old stories/lessons etc that were cobbled together likely meant before they were bastardized by the ptb's of the time.

    As for problems with posting here
    I can't do anything about the cookie issue. I have my browser set up to dump cookies as soon as it closes. I know google is evil, yet, many years ago when I set this blog up, I didn't understand that like I do now.
    I'm not techie enough to even begin to change this to wordpress which is probably as bad as blogger
    As for paying for my own space I don't have the funds
    do try to stop by when ever you can
    I appreciate it :)

  14. Never heard him speak before and had previously put weight to his opinion, based soled on his accolades...thank you Henrik for letting him speak long enough and without interruption to reveal his true beliefs and his true agenda. I will not place credibility in him or VT in the future.