Friday, July 11, 2014

Hypocrisy alert! Kiev neonazis target LGBT club and the NATO media is silent?

Recall all the Putin bashing, call for boycotts,  by the weaponized LGBT groups around the Olympics
Story after story. The drama queens were out in full force. Some guy dressed like a pink flamingo? Flamin'!
The psyop was soooo obvious.  The manipulation? Blatant!
Fast forward to Kiev. And a " Terrifying Neo-Nazi Attack on Gay Club in Kyiv"
Notice the silence? 
Notice the double standard? Notice the hypocrisy?
Two nights after city officials in Kyiv (Kiev) cancelled gay Pride over lack of security and fear that a small and ill-equipped police force would not be able to protect a mass gathering of LGBTs, video of a terrifying neo-Nazi attack on a gay club in the Ukrainian capital has surfaced.
Pink News reports that the video below was captured on CCTV outside the entrance of Pomada, a gay club, on Sunday. The video begins with several presumably LGBT people entering the club, but turns into a nightmare seconds later when a gang of nearly 20 men rush the club’s entrance and attempt to pry the door open.

The men are being identified by several sources as “neo-Nazis” due to their clothing, which features neo-Nazi symbols such as the Celtic cross, and the face masks worn by several assailants.
 Though it appears that no patrons were violently attacked outside the club, the video does show a short scuffle between several attackers and unidentified patrons behind the club’s door. Before the gang approaches the door, one terrified patron can be seen running away from the club, apparently followed on foot by at least two assailants.
Here we have people feeling and being threatened, likely because of their sexuality and.... nothing?
Of course since this didn't happen anywhere in Russia we aren't seeing literally 100's of thousands of news stories, with talking heads feigning concern about Russia's human rights abuses- blah, blah, blah!
And weaponized LGBT individuals or oddly dressed impersonators would be blathering away 
(I do get sick of these double standards- Why don't more people see them?)
Kiev, however, is demonstrating itself to be a human rights abuser extraordinaire- 
Which is A-ok with the USA

Jen Psaki says the killing of civilians is "moderate and measured"

Understand the level of hypocrisy? Ukraine can kill civilians. It's hunky dory.
Israel can kill Palestinians. It's ok too!
Libya had to be bombed because it was alleged civilians were being killed. And civilians were being killed by NATO backed mercenaries. Not by Gaddafi

For what it is worth? The LGBT deserve no special 'recognition' or separation from the rest of us.
They are people, entitled to human rights, same as all of us. I hate this compartmentalization of human kind
It all equates to yet another divide and conquer.
I merely used this to point out, particularly to the LGBT individuals, you're being used. The ptb's don't care about any of you. You are just pawns in a political game!


  1. are people really this foolish?
    americans think Russia invade Crimea....and people(americans?) think Spielberg killed a dinosaur! much for education and civilisation

    from Facebook:
    Tate Modern
    8 hours ago · Edited
    Just had a “lovely“ encounter with American expats at a bar over Crimea who talked about Russian agression, annexation, Russian invasion, breaking of international law and other nonesense. Lesson learned-avoid American expats in Moscow unless they work for RT and are not brain-washed.

  2. good reason for scotland to be Independent!.......................
    Scottish Government today condemned Israel's "collective punishment" and is showing solidarity with the Palestinians by calling on the war wounded in Gaza to be treated in Scottish Hospitals ... the first Western Government to stand up for the oppressed ... shame on the Westminster cowards.

  3. so Porky will do in ukraine what the western media claims president Assad did in western outrage here!
    is porky trying to rouse Russia to act?

  4. so an airstrike on civilians MGHT be legal? UN not sure...
    UN was in no such quandary over Libya and the alleged airstrike on civilian(never happened)

  5. who runs the BBC?