Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Israeli ground operation "unintended escalation" with Syria & Hezbollah?

Israeli ground operation in Gaza increasingly likely, risking unintended escalation involving Syria and Hizbullah

 Hamas is seeking to draw Israel into a ground invasion of Gaza, as the group's military wing seeks to re-establish itself as the key decision-maker, and to return the movement to its origins as a resistance organisation. 
Hamas is drawing Israel into a ground invasion? Nonsense. Israel wants a ground invasion!

The Hamas-Israel conflict is unlikely to end in the coming week or two, and a ground invasion in which Israeli troops will be vulnerable to ambush and anti-tank rockets is increasingly probable.

Frequent rocket fire is likely to target key Israeli assets such as ports and airports, which will probably force their shut down. Risks of actual physical damage will be strongly mitigated by the Iron Dome missile defence system, but will increase political pressure for a ground invasion. 

There is no unintended escalation for Israel- This entire attack on Gaza, everything that preceded it, looked entirely planned.

Just got this in my inbox! 

Israel expands Gaza strikes, warns offensive will be long-term

 Tensions have been rising since the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank on June 12. Israel accused Hamas of being behind the abductions, although it provided no proof.

Recall? Not Hamas- Sinai based 'terror group' claims resposibility for student deaths

Recall? Jordan: Threatened by Western pressure applied via ISIS- Chafe at US/Israeli peace plan

 If the US can ‘convince’ Jordan  to absorb all the Palestinians already resident in Jordan, the US & Israel can relocate (forcibly, no doubt) the remaining Palestinians, in occupied Palestine, into Jordan. Israel wins.
  Moshe Dayan - "Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother."

The mad dog is clearly on the loose!!!!

First post of the day:   NATO's Syrian "opposition" annoints Hadi al Bahra- boo hiss boo hiss


  1. Hezbollah. Causing the IDF to wet their undies since 2006. (at least)

  2. "REVOLUTIONS ON DEMAND: If the US State Department's Victoria Nuland had not said "Fuck the EU," few outsiders at the time would have heard of Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, the man on the other end of her famously bugged telephone call. But now Washington's man in Kiev is gaining fame as the face of the CIA-style "destabilization campaign" that brought down Ukraine's monumentally corrupt but legitimately elected President Viktor Yanukovych.
    "Geoffrey Pyatt is one of these State Department high officials who does what he’s told and fancies himself as a kind of a CIA operator," laughs Ray McGovern, who worked for 27 years as an intelligence analyst for the agency. "It used to be the CIA doing these things," he tells Democracy Now. "I know that for a fact." Now it's the State Department, with its coat-and-tie diplomats, twitter and facebook accounts, and a trick bag of goodies to build support for American policy.