Monday, July 21, 2014

MH-17 changed course over Poland- Why? How could MH370 have been lost?

A couple of images that really got me wondering?
And another question that is really bugging me?
It looks to me the course change that sent MH-17 over a war zone took place in Poland?
Why? We know Poland is embedded with NATO...
Had this course change not taken place in Poland. MH17 would not have been in position for a take down
So, what took place over Poland that would cause MH-17 to change course

First image BBC

Second image

It's very, very, very clear that MH-17 changed course in Poland. Why?

Does NATO have something to do with this?
BRUSSELS, July 18. /ITAR-TASS/. A total of two jets of the Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) were on combat duty in the airspace over Romania and Poland Thursday at the moment the Boeing 777 jet of the Malaysian Airlines crashed in highly controversial circumstances in eastern Ukraine, a NATO source told ITAR-TASS.

One last question. And it's a big one! 

If the US can present such a specific narrative to the international audience concerning MH17, why, oh why can they not tell us all what happened to MH37/0? How could they have completely lost that MH37/0?
 I mean completely? No satellite. No nothing. That is just NOT copasetic.

Unless....  the US wanted to lose MH37?

One last item- Call it mass manipulation via main stream media

"Russia airs conspiracy theories over downed airline"

If it wasn't such a pathetic headline, it might be funny? Or not. But, really it's just pathetic.
Since all we have had is one state sanctioned 'conspiracy theory' from the moment this plane came down.
Originating in Kiev and bolstered by the US to serve their mutual political agenda


  1. Training exercises running concurrent with plane crash.

  2. @"Russia airs conspiracy theories over downed airline"

    Attempts to deflect the blow of incoming Truth?

  3. so who done it? the rebels hand over the black boxes to Malaysian authorities
    while the Junta confiscates the ATC tapes!
    you decide !

  4. whoa!
    For Mother Russia
    In a hotel in Turkey, Ukrainian tourists shouted loudly: "Russians must die!"
    What those Ukrainians didn't know is that in the same floor there were Russian tourists as well.
    A Russian woman asked the Ukrainians to "shut up" and the Ukrainians began to shout even more loudly.
    Soon enough the two groups of tourists were in a fight, they used everything in that floor of the hotel, chairs, dishes, and every kind of furniture.
    Later on, most of the tourists of other floors joined the fight.
    After beating the Ukrainians, Russian tourists were so angry and provocated that they started a fight with the English and German tourists who supported the Ukrainians, and surprisingly, French tourists were on the Russian side along with few guys from Belorussia, Kazakhstan and the Caucasus, and helped us beating the Germans.
    Hotel's staff men were so shocked and couldn't do anything except watching the fight, from the cameras.
    At the end of the day, a French guy bought a Russian flag, and we hanged it on the rooftop of that Turkish hotel.

    Thank god there were no American tourists at that time in the hotel, maybe they were eating at McDonald's, but I can tell their reaction when they returned and saw the Russian tricolor waving on the rooftop, maybe they thought that the hotel was annexed or something...

    - For Mother Russia!

    the article in Russian:

  5. And there's this:

    MH-17: Beware of the «Chameleon»
    Wayne MADSEN | 21.07.2014 | 00:00

    The 10-day NATO exercise code named «BREEZE 2014» has ended in Black Sea. The exercise, which included the use of electronic warfare and electronic intelligence aircraft such as the Boeing EA-18G Growler and the Boeing E3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS), coincided with the shootdown of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine, some 40 miles from the Russian border. NATO ships and aircraft had the Donetsk and Luhansk regions under total radar and electronic surveillance.

    MH-17 was shot down over a region where Russian-speaking separatist forces have been battling against the alliance of the Ukrainian armed forces and a private mercenary force answerable to a Ukrainian-Jewish billionaire oligarch.
    The seizure of the air traffic control center at Borispol by allies of Kolomoisky shortly before the shooting down of MH-17 and Kolomoisky’s strong links to Israel, which benefitted immensely from the downing of MH-17 because it drew the attention of the world’s media away from its ground invasion of Gaza, which began just as initial reports about the fate of MH-17 were being transmitted, may be the real story behind the loss of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 and the horrible deaths of its 298 passengers and crew.

    Read the rest:

  6. Tuesday, July 22, 2014
    Remember the Hacked Emails (real) from Army Attache at Embassy in Kiev to Ukraine Military "Create False Flag to Blame on Russia"

  7. 'Peter van Vliet, leader of a 3-man team of Dutch body identification experts, the first international investigators to visit the crash area, said his priority would be getting hundreds of bodies now stored in refrigerated rail cars to a location where they can be identified and sent home.

    Despite reports that some of the bodies may have been looted and were never properly secured during days lying out in summer sun, van Vliet expressed admiration for the recovery crews that gathered them.

    “I’m very impressed about the work that was done over here,” he said after inspecting the main crash site, where bodies were still being found a day earlier pinned under chunks of aircraft wreckage.

    Citing the heat and the scale of the site, he said: “I think they did a hell of a job in a hell of a place.”

  8. On the ground in East Ukraine, the Ukranian army has been keeping up relentless pressure on the militia and has now forced the militia to withdraw from Sievierodonetsk and a couple of neighbouring towns some 100km north of Lugansk.

    This seems to be another tactical withdrawal similar to Slovyansk with the militia unwilling to throw away precious manpower in the defence of lost causes.

    There has been continuous fighting around Donetsk and Lugansk, but the militia seem able to repulse any attacks that break through the outer defences. Sometimes the Ukranian armoured columns are too strong to be stopped, ut the militia mange to mop them up as they ecome more isolated.

    About 250 Serbian volunteers are reported to have joined the militia.

    I haven't read any confirmation, but my gut feeling is that the Ukranian government has handed over the running of the offensive to the Americans. The actions of the Ukranians have become more efficient and the mood of the militia seems to be increasingly pessimistic.

    There only hope is that they can increase their own numbers, through volunteers or some form of mobilization while continuing to inflict casualties on the Ukranians.


  9. The Ukranian parliament voted in favour of a partial mobilization across the country. The vote was

    Apparently 226 votes were required and they got 226. There were scuffles in the parliament when nationalist Svoboda members threw out some of their opponents.


  10. Thanks for all the comments- hectic couple of days here so I am short on time to reply
    keep leaving them because I will get to them and they are being read by many others
    Thanks everyone!

  11. Map of the East Ukraine conflict.

    "Military Marker 2.0"

    The map on this page gives a good idea of how precarious the militia positions are.

    To the left and right are Donetsk and Lugansk respectively. Each one of them has Ukranian troops still dug in at the airports. Donetsk airport is just north of the city and Lugansk airport is some way south.

    There are also still pockets of Ukranian troops to the south at the border with Russia. Despite being cut off for quite a few days now, the militia just don't seem to have the manpower to finish them off. However, there was a report today that the militia had taken two villages close to the border and trapped the Ukranian troops there.

    Clearly, if the militia could close down any of these isolated pockets they would gain a morale boosting victory and free militia forces for other tasks.

    At the top of the map you see a lone militia flag close to Severodonetsk, where the militia were just forced out of three towns. There are reports of ill discipline among the militia which is the very last thing they need.

    Between Donetsk and Lugansk is a massively important roadway to which the Ukranians are now getting perilously close. There are a couple of grey flags around Lugansk which may indicate that the M04 E40 road is already cut off. I'm not sure.


  12. Here is the Warmaker site with the detailed map.

    The road between Donetsk and Lugansk has been blocked.


  13. Excellent article on Aangirfan

    The list of evidence is damning, but the hacked e:mail from March stands out for me.

    It's clear who was behind the MH-17.

    The question is whether the Russians are willing to expose them.


  14. Two Su25s shot down, confirmed by the Ukranians.

    Pilots ejected into militia held territory.


  15. The map shown at indicates the normal path from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv would go nowhere near Ukraine.

  16. The map at the link indicates the flight would normally not even go across Poland. The plane first changed course over Germany.

  17. Whoops! I guess I'm confused with the other flight. I see the destination was actually Kuala Lumpur.