Wednesday, July 9, 2014

NATO's Syrian "opposition" annoints Hadi al Bahra- boo hiss boo hiss

I mentioned this impending selection the other day.

Syrian NATO backed 'oppositon" to "select new leader"

A choice that is always limited to Western intelligence linked stooge #1 or Western stooge #2,  # 3 or perhaps # 4?
The top candidate for the job is senior coalition members are Hadi Bahra 

Of course it was Hadi al Bahra that was selected. Not by the Syrian people. The NATO backed 'opposition' simply picked one of their own. NATO can't lose when the game is rigged.

Of course he is Saudi backed. Which means he is US/UK and Israeli backed

Syria's Western-backed opposition National Coalition elected Hadi al-Bahra, chief negotiator at the Geneva peace talks, as its new president following a three-day meeting in Istanbul, the coalition said on Wednesday.

Bahra, a US-trained industrial engineer, will replace Ahmad Jarba, who has served the maximum two six-month terms. Like Jarba, Bahra has close ties to Saudi Arabia and has lived there.

"Hadi al-Bahra wins coalition presidency by 62 votes," a post on the Coalition's Facebook page said on Wednesday.
Hadi al Bahra

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  1. If Assad looses. Goodbye to all Christians and non Sunni members living in Syria.
    Syria will be just like Iraq, unsettled and killing goes on and on everyday. It is time the USA learned a lesson from Iraq. President Obama has the right idea by not supporting the opposition. By the way, who are the opposition? About time Europe and USA wake up and not to take sides. All the Arabs want to be leaders, they don't get along among themselves. Assad should stay and hopes he wins and USA mind it's own business.