Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Russian/Ukrainian News- Moscow shows damage/Ukraine kills civilians and more

Russia's Ministry of Defense brought 11 foreign military attachés, including one from the U.S., to a neighborhood on the Russian side of the border where Moscow accused Kiev's forces of shelling a residential house on Sunday, killing a 47-year-old Russian man and wounding two others.
The delegation inspected a neighborhood in the Rostov region that Russian officials said was hit by six 120-mm artillery shells from the Ukrainian side, where Kiev's forces and pro-Russia separatists have been facing off for months.
Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said he invited the foreign military attachés to show them how the Ukrainian government was obscuring the truth about the increasing number of artillery strikes hitting Russian border towns.
Russia- not hiding anything.

"The use of heavy artillery systems by Ukraine's armed forces has not only led to the destruction of our peaceful towns, but worst of all to the death of a Russian citizen," Mr. Antonov said. "But at the same time the Ukrainian side is cynically denying the clear facts and doing everything possible to deflect accusations of its shelling of Russian territory."
The Ukrainian government has denied that its forces fired on the Russian town. Instead, Kiev has focused attention on the downing of an AN-26 Ukrainian military cargo plane with eight people on board over the skies of the Luhansk region on Monday.
Ukraine deflects from the issue at hand to discuss the downing of An-26 Timeline: Downing of An-26 supply plane Which had nothing to do with Russia. So how is it relevant to Ukraine shelling into Russian territory?
It isn't. Hence Ukraine deflects.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces denied carrying out an attack in the Donetsk region that hit a residential building on Tuesday morning.

Airstrike demolishes apartment block in Ukraine, killing 11

In Donetsk, the strike hit an apartment complex in the city of Snizhne, not far from the Russian border, leaving 11 civilians deadand eight wounded, said the Donetsk regional administration. The pro-Russia separatists in Donetsk described the attack as an airstrike carried out by the Ukrainian air force.
The government swiftly denied blame but was not immediately able to offer an alternative explanation.
 Of course they weren't able to offer an alternative explanation. Because there is no alternative explanation to the fact that Ukraine military intentionally struck civilians. Though one talking head did try...........
 He characterized the attack on the residential building in Snizhne as a provocation by an unknown aircraft
"provocation by unknown aircraft"? That's credible. Not!

The Ukrainians, meanwhile, are stepping up their campaign to provide evidence of Russian involvement in the conflict, including their accusations about the downed plane.

Shortly after Monday's aviation incident, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's office said the military cargo plane had been flying at an altitude of 6,500 meters and so couldn't have been shot down by the rebels' portable antiaircraft missiles. The plane "was struck by another, more powerful missile, which was probably launched from the territory of the Russian Federation," the office said.

Ukrainian security services chief Valentyn Nalyvaichenko on Tuesday said Ukraine had compiled "indisputable evidence" implicating Russia in the attack.

"The president has issued instructions, and by the end of the day, an investigation will be completed and irrefutable evidence will be prepared complete with maps," he said, the Interfax news agency reported.

As of late Tuesday, the report hadn't become public.
Gee, couldn't they fabricate a report fast enough?

Rebels claim comeback in fight for eastern Ukraine?

EU leaders plot strategy over Ukraine/Russia
No sanctions of any substance.
EU diplomats are looking at new sanctions that would go beyond the current travel bans and assets freezes against individuals but still fall short of full economic and trade sanctions.

EU may impose new Ukraine sanctions, will fall short of US wishes

European Union leaders, under U.S. pressure to take a tougher stance towards Russia over the Ukraine crisis, could give the go-ahead on Wednesday to new sanctions but they will fall short of the far-reaching economic measures Washington wants.
Washington can go it alone and destroy it's economy-

The United States is considering imposing unilateral sanctions on Russia for its actions regarding Ukraine.

After weeks of inaction, the officials say the U.S. is now prepared to move forward alone if EU officials fail to enact strong sanctions during a meeting Wednesday in Brussels

During a Group of Seven meeting in Brussels in early June, Western leaders warned Putin the broader penalties could be levied within a month if Russia did not meet specific conditions, including recognizing the results of Ukraine's May 25 election????

If Obama moves forward with unilateral sanctions, he'll face opposition from the private sector. U.S. businesses have been pressing the administration to hold off on sanctions that could put them at a disadvantage in the global economy.
"It's not clear to us that breaking commercial ties with the Russia partners, consumers gets anyone to where they want to be," said Gary Litman, vice-president for international strategic initiatives at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

But, they won't.

Merkel, Hollande networking sites hit by 'Ukraine abuse'

Bad form. Trollish behaviour from the Ukie fascists.


  1. Hi Penny,

    The Ukranian army apparently has several thousand troops, including several mechanized brigades, the 72nd and 79th trapped in the border region to the south of the Donbass. I don't know what strength these brigades are represented in the current action.

    The milita now claim to have blocked off the Ukranian soldiers at Marynivka
    Donetsk Oblast and there are numerous reports that many Ukranian soldiers are in complete disarray and running out of food, fuel and ammunition. Some apparently stripping off uniforms and even crossing into Russia. Considering that the militia are now using Grad rockets and artillery, then this is understandable.

    The militia are using more and more artillery and Grad rockets. They have a decent amount of armour and may capture more in the current rout. If the Ukranian army collapses, then I wonder if the militia might push on down to Mariupol?


    1. Hi Anthony

      "The milita now claim to have blocked off the Ukranian soldiers at Marynivka
      Donetsk Oblast and there are numerous reports that many Ukranian soldiers are in complete disarray and running out of food, fuel and ammunition"

      I have seen some of that reporting also.

      " If the Ukranian army collapses, then I wonder if the militia might push on down to Mariupol?"

      I would think if they can they will push ahead to take back or regain territory, whichever.

  2. I think one of the reasons the Ukranian government got into this mess was that they wanted to keep a hold of all the border control posts and block access to Russia.

    One of the very positive aspects of recent developments is that if the militia clear up all of the border to the east, which they appear to be doing, then it will be far easier to get non combatants out of the region. It will also make it easier to get advanced weaponry and new volunteers across the border from Russia. The Ukranian air force has been hammered and the militia are constantly improving their anti-aircraft capabilities, so without NATO involvement it will be very difficult for the Ukranian army to launch another large scale offensive.

    Considering how close we were to seeing ethnic cleansing and mass murder of the Russians in the Eastern Ukraine I for one am very, very relieved at the way events are turning out. I hope I'm not tempting fate, but the militia leadership has proved to e very, very canny thus far.


    1. Hi Anthony, again.

      "I think one of the reasons the Ukranian government got into this mess was that they wanted to keep a hold of all the border control posts and block access to Russia"

      why I think the Ukraine government was so concerned with the border was they were/are attempting to draw Russia into the conflict
      As was done when the US aided the mujahaddin in afghanistan
      In order to draw Russia into invading... as Brezinksi suggested
      they upped the odds
      I suspect they were trying and are still trying this tactic out

      Russia is not taking the bait.

  3. Penny, this hear is something all should read.

    just out - US has gone ahead with unilateral sanctions. EU said not participating.

    Igor Strelkov has stated that militia forces under arms have now equalled junta forces. This is number of solders but not equipment type. I estimate a little over 30k.

    1. How significant are the sanctions Paul?
      Any idea?
      From my reading this morning, if the US was going to undertake anything, it wasn't going to be too meaningful

      I will get around to reading the link, thanks Paul!

    2. Not enough info released yet on the sanctions to really have a clear picture about what their angle is. My gut feeling is these sanctions will have more to do with closing avenues which allow US treasuries to be moved.

      For example, the whole BNP Paribas fines and sanctions had everything to do with US treasuries. BNP was setting up a massive move for many players to get out of US treasuries. So restricting their ability to work in dollars put a cap on that. The bank is still going ahead with it but more limited in scale. The US is trying to force BNP to merge with another bank they have control over.

      I think a lot of these sanctions will have something similar to do with this. They targeted Gazprom bank which is facilitating transfers of treasuries as payment for certain deals Rosnoff is making, who was also sanctioned. The funny thing is the deals were with US companies... lol

  4. Canada to supply fighter aircraft to Ukraine free of charge.

    Canada will also provide technical experts and advisers to ensure that the killing machines are up to speed as soon as possible.


    The Ukrainian combat aviation received reinforcements from Canada. The Canadian government proposes to deliver nearly 20 combat aircraft CF-18A to the Ukrainian military.

    The information appeared on social networks. Russian English-language television channel Russia Today reported the same.

    These 20 aircraft can be delivered to the Ukrainian side for free, as they had been written off from service at the Air Forces of Canada in connection with the purchase of new aircraft. In addition, Canada offers to send a dozen experts to Ukraine to train Ukrainian pilots and perform aircraft maintenance, the Press of Ukraine reports.

  5. Another SU25 down.

    Another attempt to put the blame on Russia.


  6. USA v Russia.

    An oldie, but I love it.