Sunday, July 6, 2014

Syrian NATO backed 'oppositon" to "select new leader"

A choice that is always limited to Western intelligence linked stooge #1 or Western stooge #2,  # 3 or perhaps # 4?

So, the latest stooge in the running......

The Syrian National Coalition will pick a replacement for its current president, Ahmad al-Jarba, in a vote expected on Tuesday. The top candidate for the job is senior coalition members are Hadi Bahra and Muwaffaq Nairabiyeh, who belong to Jarba’s Democratic bloc. Spokeswoman Sarah Karkour said that by Sunday evening, there hadn’t been an agreement on a candidate, although members were coalescing around Bahra. 
Took just a few minutes of time to check out Western stooge Hadi al Bahra (member of Jarba's democratic bloc?)
He is associated with Al Waref Institute.  
So many NGO's. So little time 

Their mission?

The core target of Al Waref Institute is to bridge the gap between East and West and increase the knowledge of the Middle East  among American people by emphasizing the importance of the cultures as a platform for engagement, enhancing inter-cultural understanding, and encouraging dialogue between the citizens of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region), and the United States.
Al Waref Institute, headquartered in Washington DC, with supporting offices in Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Iraq, Jordan and Palestine, is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, non-sectarian and non-governmental organization. It is committed to promoting the achievements of writers, scholars, activists, and artists who believe in the concepts of freedom, justice, and individual rights as the fundamental elements to the eradication of fear, extremism, and war.
Al Waref is clearly an intelligence linked organization. Think CIA, as the mighty Wurlitzer plays on

Jarba the drug dealer can't run again.

What a crazy world!
How hoodwinked does a global population have to be that more people then a handful of inquisitve bloggers can't spend maybe 15 minutes searching the covert connections?
The numerous interwoven webs of deceit?
The evil machinations that offend our very humanity?
We could unravel this in a heartbeat. We really could. It's all created to reel us in, ya know?
To keep us compliant, complacent and controlled.

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