Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Timeline: Downing of An-26 supply plane

This is an entirely new post regarding the shoot down of  An-26 supply plane.

I spent too much time going through the news this a.m. Going back to when it seems this news first broke? And then looking at what was being reported/covered  even before that event took place.

Timeline begins here:

4-Antifascist separatists surround airport in Lug(h)ansk

Independence supporters have surrounded the airport in the eastern Ukrainian city of Luhansk, but it is still controlled by the Ukrainian Army, Luhansk Commandant Sergei Grachev told RIA Novosti.
We have the antifascists surrounding the airport. The airport itself is controlled by Ukrainian Army, however it is surrounded.

3-Ukraine forces had ended rebel blockade of airport?

Ukraine said on Monday its forces had ended a rebel blockade of a strategic airport in the east.
Ukraine's military said its warplanes had inflicted heavy losses on the pro-Russian separatists during air strikes on their positions

Poroshenko's office on Monday said Ukrainian forces, backed by warplanes, had broken through rebel lines surrounding Luhansk airport, ending a separatist blockade.
Rebel fighters on Monday were evacuating about 200 Donetsk residents by bus across the Russian border into the Rostov area.
Rebels surround airport. Ukraine claims to have ended rebel blockade via airstrikes.
Did the Ukraine military really end the rebel blockade? Or did they believe they had?
Or, did they intentionally misrepresent the clearing of the blockade? 

Earliest reporting out of Ukraine regarding lost contact of the supply plane. 

2-Ukraine says contact lost with military transport plane over rebel area
Ukrainian security officials said on Monday that contact had been lost with an An-26 military transport plane near Luhansk in east Ukraine where there is heavy fighting between Ukrainian forces and separatist rebels.

"Today, at around lunchtime, contact with this plane was lost. I cannot add anything more," Oleksiy Dmytrashkivsky, a spokesman for the government's "anti-terrorist operation", said.
Military transport plane. Flying through an area of heavy fighting. To resupply the army stationed at the airport ( reports of bottled water etc.,)

1-Separatists claim responsibility for downing of plane

Going so far as saying they had taken the crew members for interrogation

Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have claimed responsibility for shooting down a Ukrainian military transport plane, and say four crew members have been taken prisoner.

Russia's Interfax news agency on Monday quoted separatists in the rebel-held city of Luhansk as saying the captives are in the border city of Krasnodon and undergoing interrogation.
 Details of the shootdown were not clear late Monday.  Interfax quoted the Ukrainian Defense Ministry as saying eight people were aboard the aircraft, which was carrying food and drinking water to personnel at checkpoints in the war-scarred east.

The ministry also said the plane was flying too high above Luhansk to have been hit by conventional surface-to-air missiles, prompting speculation that rebels either used more powerful Russian missiles, or that the plane was hit by Russian missiles from Russian territory

The Defense Ministry claims the transport plane was too high to have been shot down by conventional surface to air missiles. Was it, really too high? Or had the plane started to come in for a landing and rebels that were still present (though supposed to have been cleared) shot it down?
 Could have been an easy target? My other thought? Could it (An-26) have been shot down by the Ukraine military? Either accidentally or intentionally?
Recall one article above? Quoting "where there is heavy fighting between Ukrainian forces and separatist rebels"

Would Russia have shot down this plane? I just don't see it!


  1. Hi Penny,

    A good article at globalresearch.ca detailing why Russia has no need to get involved in the eastern Ukraine and how the west is desperate to drag them in.



  2. I posted this in an another article, but it is very relevant to this one.


    The BBC have an article today that includes a comment from an expert (well down the article) that casts doubt on Ukranian claims that the plane was flying at 6500 metres:


    However, defence analyst Charles Heyman, who edits a book called Armed Forces of the European Union, questioned the likelihood of the plane flying at high altitude.

    He told the Associated Press news agency the missile was more likely to have been fired by rebels.

    "I doubt the transport plane was flying at 6,500m," he said. "That doesn't make sense. The higher you fly, the more it costs, and the plane would have had to be pressurised. It was probably shot down using Sam-6 missiles owned by the rebels, which they have quite a few of."

    The BBC article describes a plane attack this morning, but there are reports that the Ukranian government has suspended air activity. The levels of attrition comined with the militia having SAMs could have given the Ukranians cold feet.


    In combination with claims that the Ukranians have suspended air activity, there are also claims that they are pulling back from various locations surrounding Lugansk. It sounds like tactical withdrawals to consolidate after the recent heavy fighting and also to reduce the numer of vulnerale supply lines.


    LUHANSK, July 15 /ITAR-TASS/. Ukrainian army units are leaving their positions near east Ukraine’s Luhansk, the press office of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic reported on Tuesday.
    “The Ukrainian Armed Forces are leaving their positions they had held near Krasnodon and have also withdrawn from Alexandrovka (west of Luhansk) and have started to pull back from the town of Schastye (north of Luhansk),” the press office said, adding there had been especially fierce battles between the Ukrainian military and the local self-defense militia near Schastye and the bridge across the Northern Donets River about a month ago.

    1. "I doubt the transport plane was flying at 6,500m," he said. "That doesn't make sense. The higher you fly, the more it costs, and the plane would have had to be pressurised. It was probably shot down using Sam-6 missiles owned by the rebels, which they have quite a few of."

      After all the reading I did this morning, that is what I sort of figured.
      The plane was not flying at the height Kiev is claiming

    2. Here is a video of the captured pilot. His mission was apparently to supply food and water to Ukranian troops at Krasnodona close to the border crossing at Russian Donetsk. Again, you don't fly 6500 metres to supply food and water.



      "As told Gureev downed pilot was captured near the village continues to Nicholas. According to Knight, the pilot was in shock, he was wounded and did not resist.

      Task was pilot delivery cargo of food and water for the Ukrainian military, stationed near Krasnodona.

      Confirm that after the interrogation he was given the opportunity to call family. He called his wife and said that he was alive and well. His dressed and fed. What will happen to him next, I can not judge. Most likely, we will exchange it for our prisoners militias. Shoot nobody going and going. Let relatives do not worry - told Góra."


  3. The 'separtists' have acquired land mobile anti-aircraft systems such as the Strela 10 which fire missiles capable of reaching 3.5 km (about 11,500 feet). These were captured from routed Ukrainian units.

    1. Thanks Yonatan
      Strela 10 a new name to watch in the news

  4. An update to the Apache story:

    It has been reported that the US helicopters flying over Dnepropetrovsk are actually Vietnam era Bell UH-1 Iroquois.


    "Today, July 15, on the Internet there was a video in which U.S. military helicopters "Huey" or "Iroquois» (Bell UH-1) flying in the sky over the Dnepropetrovsk."

    "Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Rogozin, said it is "significant" event in his twitter"


    Operation Enduring Freedom (2001–present)[edit]
    UH-1Hs have been used by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in counter-narcotics raids in the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. Operated by contractors, these Hueys provide transportation, surveillance, and air support for DEA FAST teams. Four UH-1Hs and two Mi-17s were used in a raid in July 2009 which led to the arrest of an Afghan Border Police commander

  5. There have been reports of the Ukranian army pulling back from several positions as the attempted encirclement of Lugansk seems to have failed miserably.

    The AN-26 transport aircraft was a desperate attempt to supply troops who could only be supplied at great risk by land. The Ukranian army (or the oligarch commanders) seem to have committed a few military cardinal sins. Despite overwhelming superiority in numbers (or perhaps because of it) they continually launched reckless attacks that left their flanks vulnerable. They seem to have underestimated the ability, morale and equipment of the militia.

    Today there have been reports and videos of militia tanks, self propelled guns and other armoured vehicles heading cross country in broad daylight from Lugansk to Donetsk. Remember that there are reports that the Ukranian air force has ceased or at least reduced its activity, perhaps sticking to easy targets at the periphery of the conflict zone.


    "Tuesday, July 15 through Perevalsk from Lugansk to Donetsk passed two columns DNR and LC with military equipment. According to Ukrainian media in the column was about 35 tanks, 35 self-propelled artillery system (ACS) and two armored personnel carriers (APCs)."

    Today it is not only the movement of military equipment volunteers. In the afternoon Yenakievo A column of military equipment consisting of 3 cars with soldiers, four tanks, three self-propelled guns 2S1 "Carnation" and 1 BTR. On tanks waving the Russian flag and the flag of "New Russia." Judging by the direction of the column went to Donetsk.

    ** The following video is of the smaller column in the second paragraph.



  6. A great map of the recent fighting around Lugansk.


    The pink area is militia territory. The finger like insertion is the attack by Ukranian armour as they bypassed Lugansk and attempted to encircle the city.

    You can see how exposed they were. Now they are pulling back where they can and the militia is reoccupying all of the "finger".


  7. Even the milita acknowledge that the Ukranian attack on Lugansk airport reached the airport itself, but was then driven back, leaving the Ukranian defenders hopelessly isolated.

    The militia are using artillery and Grad rocket launchers to finish off the defenders. The loss of the airport would eclipse all of the Ukranian defeats to date.

    The following short article describes two separate disasters for the Ukranians. One at the so Saur Graves (strategically important heights outside Lugansk) and the Lugansk airport itself.



    Automatic translation Russian to English:

    "15.07.2014, Novorossia evening.

    Right now in the Sverdlovsk region of Luhansk LC army soldiers shot republic of artillery and mortars of 72 Ukrainian military mechanized brigade. This was written by the famous and scandalous homosexual people's deputy Oleg Lyashko on his page on Facebook.

    "In the Sverdlovsk - Russian armor and troops. Continued bombardment of hail and our position in Saur-graves in the Donetsk region. The battalions are asked aviation fire support, "- wrote Ljashko.

    Previously Received Russian spring received a letter from Ukrainian journalists about the plight of Ukrainian paratroopers in Luhansk airport:

    In the Ukrainian news media voiced that ATO forces managed to break the blockade of the aerodrome in Lugansk and send reinforcements to the beleaguered paratroopers. However, on July 14 militia took over the airfield in a tight circle and continue to fire its territory from the plant "GRAD". The column of the Ukrainian military, which managed to break into the aerodrome several deaths and dozens of wounded who were left without medical assistance.

    Marines who are in the sixth day of the siege, and keep the defense airport, cries out to the leadership of the Ministry of Defense to establish a corridor to the airfield for a drive ambulances and reinforcement forces. Do fighters running out of water and provisions, no drugs to treat the injured, there is no possibility to remove the bodies. Airfield under constant heavy attacks by militias."

    1. Hi Anthony!

      Definitely looks as if the Ukies attempted to end the siege but were unsuccessful. The downing of the plane seems to accentuate that failure

      Thanks for the info, I will check out the links.

  8. Here are the BBC trying to spreading zionist propaganda.

    Facepalm alert.

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  9. They should know by now that the people are waking up, we can spot and debunk their false flags before they can get off the ground.. Power to the People !!!