Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Two Ukraine Sukhois downed? Ukrainian Mop up or Seperatist take down?

Yesterday, as noted in the previous post, the US admitted they had no evidence supporting all the claims they have been making these past days.

The US backs off it's false flag! "No direct link to Russia in downing of MH17

The news, of having no evidence, came out late in the day. Guaranteeing a reduced media audience reach.
That acknowledgement will be swept under the rug in light of what is breaking as this time.
So, here we are yet again. Almost a week to the day that the MH-17 fell from the sky and the subsequent officially spun, completely unsubstantiated, conspiracy theory narrative fell apart

We are getting this news.

 Two Ukrainian military fighter jets have been shot down in the east, according to the country's Defence Ministry.

The Sukhoi-25 fighters were shot down over an area called Savur Mogila.

Defence Ministry spokesman Oleksiy Dmitrashkovsky said the planes might have been carrying two crew members each.

Ukraine defence ministry spokesman says two fighters were shot down and each plane MIGHT have been carrying two crew members? Don’t they know?

I find this beyond odd, considering Russia identified A Sukhoi 25 as the plane flying near MH-17?
Are the Ukies getting rid of evidence? Planes and pilots involved in the MH-17 incident?
A question that has to be considered?


White house has NOT confirmed attacks?  Does Ukraine need White house confirmation to make their claims real?
"Ukraine’s defense ministry reported Wednesday that two Ukrainian fighter jets had been shot down in eastern Ukraine. The White House has not confirmed the attacks."
Pro-Russian rebels have shot down two Ukrainian fighter jets, a spokesman for Ukraine's military operations said today.
Ukraine says....

The spokesman said the two Sukhoi-25 fighters were downed around 1:30 p.m. local time near Savur Mogila in Eastern Ukraine.

Igor Strelkov, who is now in charge of the rebel ranks in the eastern city of Donetsk, said the separatists had brought down one plane and that the pilot had ejected. He gave no further details.
No details were known about the pilots, but Ukrainian defence officials said the planes may have been carrying up to two crew members each

Can anyone confirm if Strelkov or anyone affiliated with the antifascists actually made this statement?
This news is very short on details....

UPDATE: What can be learned from MH17’s ‘black boxes’?
The two data-collecting devices can paint a picture nearly impossible to piece together through other means.

 Nearly six days after the attack that brought down Malaysia Air Flight MH17, the plane’s nearly 20-year-old pair of “black boxes” have been delivered to Malaysian authorities. The handover was the result of an agreement negotiated between Ukrainian separatist leader Alexander Borodai and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. Now the work begins to free the boxes’ flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders to reveal what they know.
Nearly 20 year old pair of black boxes? I read through this article and take away a perception of the main stream media prepping to down play the findings or even go so far as claim the boxes were tampered with by the anti-fascist groups .
Flight 17’s “loaf” modules, as the black boxes are sometimes described in the aviation business, are designed to withstand a tremendous 3,400 Gs worth of impact.
And as invulnerable as they may appear, such black boxes aren’t immune to tampering. If the units are correctly hooked up to a power source and allowed to run, the data on them can be rather easily overwritten in the same way that you might record over a VHS tape.
Seeds being sown.... I find it implausible with all the people on the ground around the crash site that anyone would be able to tamper with the boxes. MSM always planting seeds of deception


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    AnonymousJuly 23, 2014 at 6:15 AM

    Two Su25s shot down, confirmed by the Ukranians.

    Pilots ejected into militia held territory.


  3. Slightly off topic but relevant:

    Obama orders Pentagon advisers to Ukraine to fend off Putin-backed rebels
    U.S. to help Kiev bolster military as pressure mounts on Vladimir Putin
    Tuesday, July 22, 2014

    This doesn't bode well.

  4. Hi Penny,

    July 17th is celebrated as the birthday of Isis.

    I found the following comment on Aangirfan. This has been the year of ISIS in Iraq and ISIS RA EL launched it's ground offensive against Gaza on July 17th.


    "These creatures communicate through symbols, numbers and dates and 17th July is part of the 5 leap days that were added in the ancient Egyptian calendar to obtain a full 365-day year and which were commemorated as the birthdays of their deities: 14th July was the birthday of Osiris, 15th July that of Horus, 16th July that of Seth, 17th July that of Isis and 18th July was the birthday of Nephtys. Strange coincidence that they have recently created this terrorist group called ISIS. Of course the name of the goddess is also included in Isis-Ra-El"

  5. Goes back to point about the downed transport and the pilots being resuced. That occurred days before the MH downing and the same meme about a Russian missile shutdown was pushed.

    all part of the inaugural launch?

    1. anonymous you are right the meme about Russian shoot down was pushed then and guess what it's being pushed now
      check out the latest!