Thursday, July 3, 2014

UK planned to "Extract, Equip, Train" 100,000 Syrians for "shock & awe"

By BBC 'Investigations Correspondant" - Wow! That is impressive! Right?
Problem? I am not getting any sense of investigation?

The UK drew up plans to train and equip a 100,000-strong Syrian rebel army to defeat President Bashar al-Assad, BBC Newsnight can reveal.
The secret initiative, put forward two years ago, was the brainchild of the then most senior UK military officer, General Sir David Richards.
It was considered by the PM and the National Security Council, as well as US officials, but was deemed too risky.
Why was it deemed to risky? No explanation from the BBC's special investigator?

Was it too risky a task to undertake because it would have been damn near impossible to sucker (extract) 100,00 Syrians in for this insane assignment. That's how I see it!

Which is why the NATO psychopathic militarized tyranny had to import into Syria vast quantities of  multinational mercenaries. I have said here, on more then one occasion, that the NATO mercs are the UN of terrorists! Suckers from other countries, NATO trained to do their killing, torturing, raping, beheading, mutilating, launch chemical attacks, killing of children etc.,
The UK government did not respond to a request for comment.
Lord Richards, as he is now, believed his proposal could stem the civilian bloodshed in Syria as rebels fought troops loyal to Mr Assad.
The idea was considered by David Cameron and Dominic Grieve, the attorney general, and sent to the National Security Council, Whitehall sources said.
Once the Syrian force was ready, it would march on Damascus, with the cover of fighter jets from the West and Gulf allies.
The plan envisaged a "shock and awe" campaign, similar to the one that routed Saddam's military in 2003, but spearheaded by Syrians.
 Wonder if they were going to attempt to create this army using a Syrian version of the Iraqi "Awakening"councils  Or if UK/US  did in fact attempt to do this prior to the destabilization campaign but couldn't drum up the internal Syrian support. -Hmmmm.....

Busy day today. Busy day

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  1. Here shows some direct support for ISIS.

    While the main objective of the meeting was to support the Mujahidin military base in Iraq, Camp Asharaf and their fight against Iran, MEK president Maryam Rajavi seized the opportunity to violently lash out against Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and rejoice over the progress achieved by the Islamic Emirate in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

    zionist now openly supporting sunnis

    The Israeli offer of “help” was extended on 6/26/14, presumably to provide peace of mind to “moderate” Arab nations who may feel threatened by the lightning, land-grabbing offensive unleashed by Islamic militants in Iraq. In his meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry in Paris, the Zionist state’s foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, who by the way is an arch Islamophobe and Arabphobe, reportedly talked sweet about some Arabs, informing Kerry that “the extremists currently operating in Iraq and Syria will try to challenge the stability in the entire Gulf region, first of all in Kuwait.” A statement from Lieberman’s office added that “Israel could provide effective and reliable assistance to moderate Arab states who are dealing with extremists.”

    and Turkey wants their piece of the pie

    Turkish authorities are trying to strike a deal with the Kurds on Iraq to benefit from the recent development in Mosul. The ISIL occupation of the Iraqi district reinvigorated the Turkish greedy ambitions to annex part of Iraqi provinces to Turkey.

    Now the 'constructed' kindom of Saud is showing a threat of force

    Jordan has their forces active due to ISIS. Though I believe this is just an excuse to put forces in action and no real threat to Jordan exists.

    with the excuse israel is using to arm up in faking that teen abduction, we have a lot of military on the ready. Are we about to see Iraq explode into a large proxi war with Iran? looks like it.

    Though this could just be the scare to get Iran to back off so the psycos can continue to rape, pillage and plunder.

  2. Maybe they're just trying out this scenario on the public to see the reaction, and could be a plan for the future, not necessarily Syria though.

    Perhaps the BBC could investigate itself and out all the pedo-enablers and cover-uppers , their links to government etc etc


  3. translated into english

    Agency Times Sham News

    Deployment of activists on social networking sites a video clip showing the spread of Israeli goods in Raqqa province controlled Daash.

    And appears in the section that has been circulating the Internet Pollack explosive "energy drink" is sold on the basis that a Turkish product, but the removal of the outer shell appears to be an Israeli product.

    While he did not specify a source of the goods or in charge of marketing, said witnesses in the tenderness they did not Ashahduha only after Daash control of the city.

    I guess mossad's ISIS handlers need drinks too...


  5. ww2 vets must be rolling in their the US war machine allies with the very fascists they fought against
    Italian journalist Maurizio Blondet wrote an article where he stated that the US control over Crimea was the purpose of coup d'etat in Kiev.

  6. These latest revelations show just how messed up the UK foreign policy was in Syria and still is, these critical decisions are made by politicians and Generals with no thought about the carnage and loss of life they cause but always supporting the major oil companies and their petrodollar friends in the Gulf and the apartheid state of Israel.