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Ukraine anti-fascists strike back- Kiev calls emergency meeting & more...

UPDATE at the BOTTOM- scroll down for update, unless you haven't read all the news.

News roundup! : Rebels kill 23 Ukraine troops, shredding truce hopes

Ukraine's military on Friday reported losing 23 servicemen in clashes across the separatist east that threatened to shatter slim Western hopes of a truce in Europe's deadliest conflict in decades.
The defence ministry said the toll included 19 troops who died in a hail of rockets fired from a truck-mounted Grad rocket launcher system -- a type of weapon both Kiev and Washington insist could only have been covertly supplied to the rebels by Russia.
The official spokesman of Ukraine's intensifying eastern assault added that 93 servicemen had sustained "wounds and contusions of varying severity".
 Friday's official death toll is the highest since Poroshenko tore up a brief ceasefire with the rebels on July 1 and relaunched an offensive that managed to dislodge the militias from key eastern strongholds they had held since early April.
I know nothing of this "Grad rocket launcher system"? So if anyone can help out?
Would this have come from Russia as Kiev & Washington are claiming?
Article below suggests Russian design.

Kiev fascists call emergency meeting- Ukraine President Calls Emergency Meeting
Ukrainian military officials said the rebels bombarded government forces stationed in the village of Zelenopillya, Luhansk region at 5 a.m. local time with rockets from a Russian-designed Grad system. Militants fired from a distance of more than 15 kilometers, and an air strike was carried out in response, according to the Defense Ministry.
 The officials noted that casualties could be higher. Zoryan Shkyryak, an interior ministry adviser, told reporters in Kiev the exact death toll was difficult to discern.
 The attack marks the biggest loss of life in a month. In June, rebels used man-powered air-defense systems, or MANPADS, to shoot down a military transport plane at Luhansk airport, killing all 40 servicemen and nine crew on board.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko convened a meeting with military and law-enforcement officials to discuss the rebels’ use of multiple rocket launchers against the country’s servicemen, the president's press service reported.
"Everything is shutting down," said a man in his fifties as he listened to the echoes of gunfire rolling in from a fierce clashes being waged on Friday morning outside Donetsk International Airport,
"There is nothing to do here. No work -- and it is getting too dangerous," he said.

This video accompanies the second linked article. I am really not sure what is being shown. 
Can anyone help, please?


 Poroshenko is deranged! The bloodlust is sickening.

Poroshenko threatens to kill hundreds per each killed government soldier 
  President Petro Poroshenko on Friday held a conference with top officials of the Armed Forces, security and Interior agencies after the death of several dozen Army servicemen in the Luhansk region, a report at the official presidential website said, APA reports quoting Itar-Tass. 

The president said in part it was important to track down and to physically eliminate everyone who was responsible for the deaths of Ukrainian soldiers, security and interior officers.

The militants (the way that the Kiev authorities refer to the fighters of volunteer self-defense forces in Eastern Ukraine. — ITAR-TASS) will pay tens and even hundreds of their own lives for a life of each our soldier (they kill),” quoted Poroshenko as saying

 Bashar Assad never uttered such words of vengeance.

Janes- Analysis: Turning point in Ukraine Conflict?

The capture of Slovy(i)ansk and Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine by Kiev's forces on 5 July marked a key symbolic turning point in the ongoing conflict there, yet its strategic importance is less clear
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko hailed the capture of the cities, stating on 8 July: "All Ukraine today is proud of its armed forces."
However, key question marks remain over whether the Ukrainian military will be able to successfully maintain its current momentum.

I would suggest the Ukraine "military" has lost their momentum.

The days are already shortening here in the northern hemisphere... 
Is this fact weighing on Germany? 

Europe risks ‘significant’ gas shortages this winter
Europe faces a “significant risk” of gas shortages this winter if there is any disruption to Russian supplies through Ukraine, one of the continent’s leading energy executives has warned.
Christophe de Margerie, chief executive of Total, the French oil major, told the Financial Times that Europe could struggle to find alternative sources of supply, even without Moscow retaliating against western sanctions by cutting energy supplies.
“Not only Total but the industry is saying: be careful. It has nothing to do with an embargo. But if for technical reasons, if for sabotage reasons there is a shortage, yes, we will have difficulties in providing gas from other sources,” he said.
UPDATE! And one I believe to be important...

The International Civilian Aviation Organization (ICAO) allegedly claims that Crimea belongs to the Ukraine.
Or so some media outlets are reporting?  Washington Post  bolstering the narrative out of Kiev. Or Kiev bolstering the Washington line?
 Makysm Burbak, Ukraine’s infrastructure Minister, made the announcement in Kiev on Monday.
As usual we have a contradictory reporting-
The International Civil Aviation Organization believes that air navigation services over Crimea and its territorial waters should be provided by Russia, while Ukraine should be in charge of the open sea.
He said/She said.

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  1. Fantastic, the progress the skinheads are having in getting this multicultural playpen thing happening. Can we make this into a street corner gambling casino thingy? Eastern Europe is perfect, not too far but far enough to control the game without prying eyes.

    1. You've lost me a bit here rubbell
      Not sure what you mean? Not exactly
      I have ideas but not 100 percent sure
      sorry :(

    2. the grad system is used by ukraine nat guard, it was captured by donetsk republic force

  2. Hello Penny,

    The video at the bottom shows rebels blowing a bridge. They have been busy blowing bridges to make life difficult for the Ukranian army as it tries to encircle and split the militia forces.

    The Grad is of Russian design, but so is most of the Ukranian equipment.

    There were reports just a few days ago of the militia capturing more equipment from the Ukranian army, including Grad rocket launchers, A Ukranian plane also landed at a militia held airport, so the militia now have a one plane air force.

    I've been getting my information about the conflict from the following website. It translates into English which is sometimes confusing, but I've got used to it now. The News section carries the latest news, and although the English section was poorly maintained it seems to have improved.

    The strategic withdrawal from Slavyansk seems to have been a stroke of genius and while the Ukranians are spreading their forces thinly trying to surround the entire militia territory and blocking all border crossings, they now have very long and narrow supply lines that are vulnerale to ambush.

    Best regards,

    1. thank you so much for clarifying that all-
      Much appreciated, truly
      And I am going to check out the link you left- I have difficulty trying to sort through all of this due to a language barrier
      (With the NaTO backed Islamists, it was easier because it was all Allah Akbar all the time)

    2. Regards to you too Anthony :)

  3. I have one more item I want to update this post with, so check back, I will get to it

  4. Porky racing israel for massmurder of the year award

  5. ISIS has truck mounted Grad rocket launchers. Everyone has Grad rockets, the Katyushas. They were, like the AK-47, standard weapons for the armies of the Warsaw Pact. They were produced also in Ukraine. The assertion that they could not have been provided but by the Russians is pure journalistic BS in which, unless they are total imbeciles, no journalist could possibly believe. Katyusha is like the Kalashnikov iconic for the Russian Armed Forces.

  6. ignored by the media: cause and effect

  7. Another Su25 shot down by the militia.

    "July 12, 2014, 14:54
    Donetsk republic militia shot down near Gorlovki plane, presumably the Su-25. This was reported in the press service of the DNI , ITAR-TASS reported.

    "Aviation of Ukraine struck the towns. Retaliatory anti-aircraft fire was destroyed plane, presumably the Su-25 ", - said the press service.

    According to the militia forces, the plane was shot down during the morning battle."

    I mentioned in the post above that the militia had captured a Ukranian plane. This is confirmed in wiki. The inventory of Ukranian aircraft and the losses in the present conflict make for interesting reading. Current rates of attrition will wipe out the Ukranian air force as an effective tool very quickly. I've read that they are now flying higher to avoid anti-aircraft fire, There have been reports that the Ukrainian air force has been strengthened by ex warsaw pact neighbours, including crews, but I don't know if there is an substance to the reports.

    Ukranian air force inventory

    Note that many Ukranian planes were lost to the Russians in the Crimea, including 4 training aircraft and the entire fleet of Mig 29 multi-role aircraft (34-45 planes).

    Ukrainian aircraft lost in the war

    1 SU27 out of 9 operational.

    1 SU24 tactical bomber out of 6 to 8 operational

    2 Antonov reconnaissance aircraft out of 2 operational.

    SU25 3 shot down, one captured by militia, plus one shot down today out of 13 to 14 operational

    IL76 transport aircraft with 49 on board shot down near Lugansk airport.

    AN2 Transport. 1 destroyed

    MI8 / 17 transport helicopters. 8 Destroyed out of 14 to 16 operational

    MI24 attack helicopters. 7 destroyed out of 10 operational.

    One reason that the number of operational aircraft is so low, is that the Ukranian air force has been cannibalizing planes for years to keep some flying.

  8. The BBC yesterday reported at least 30 soldiers killed in one attack and many wounded. The militia are reporting that there were two heavy losses for the government troops yesterday in two separate engagements. 30 in the first and 19 in the second. The number of wounded was given as more than one hundred, so the death toll will rise. Additionally, there has been heavy fighting at the Dontesk and Lugansk airports.

    "DAILY RESULTS 11/07/2014 from Southern Front.

    In Lugansk region under Zelenopolem militia attacked punitive, which are designed from the Lviv region. The result was destroyed thirty fighters who did not wait for reinforcements. Also a large number of soldiers were wounded Kiev regime.

    As a result of armed clashes near the settlement Rovenky Lugansk region, near the checkpoint "Dolzhansky" militia killed 19 militants Natsgvardii Ukraine. This information was confirmed by the head of information security management Natsgvardii Yuriy Stets."


  9. Hi Penny,

    There are a couple of very useful maps in the following article:

    In both maps you see Donetsk on the bottom left and Lugansk on the top right.

    In the first map you see the territory vacated recently by the militia after the withdrawal from Slavyansk and other towns in the top left, green stripes.

    In both maps you can see that there is only a narrow stretch of border to Russia controlled by the milita and the Ukranian army is seeking to close off the entire order, but is leaving itself very exposed.

    As the list of aircraft losses above demonstrates, the Ukranian army must resupply by road and is massively vulnerable.

    There were reports a couple of weeks ago in pravda that the militia had taken a weapons base that included about 200 armoured vehicles including tanks. I was initially skeptical, but there have been several videos showing small columns of militia controlled armoured vehicles and artillery pieces.

    The Ukranian army has a few thousand soldiers, including paratroopers, dug in and surrounded at the Donetsk and Lugansk airports. There have been continual militia attacks in recent days, especially since the redeployment of militia from Slovyansk, etc.

    The occupation of the airports are currently a drain on resources for the milita, and they have to be wary of breakout attempts by the Ukranian army, but victory at one or both airports would be a massive coup for the militia.

    Without sufficient air support, troops spread out, resupply dangerous to impossible, morale potentially falling, political interference in military affairs by the oligarchs, the balance seems to have swung decisively in favour of the militia.


    1. Hi Anthony, please don't take offense to this as I am just warning everyone about After doing some research on the site, I have confirmed, to myself at least, it is western run fifth column stuff. Below is a copy of a reply I made at

      I won't go into the whole thing but just a summary as this is a very deep rabbit hole and is way beyond the scope of a simple reply.

      There are around 1500 sites, rusvesna being one of them, all tied together through ruNet Holdings Ltd. The mafia oligarch behind this network is Leonid Boguslavsky.

      He got his ties with the western bankers when he was at University of Toronto in late 80s early 90s.

      ruNet has no board members.

      How do you run this large of a network without a board? Well, you don't. The actual managers and financial backers are the Royal Bank of Canada. He is their puppet.

      Direct management and editorial control of rusvesna itself comes from run by Yuri Ustinov who used to be general director of ruNet.

      The Royal Bank of Canada has an office in Moscow and also runs tv, cell networks, news, you name it. Huge network of infomation tech companies.

      So why use a bank to run all this? Well banks have very secure communication networks that are off limits to spying or any other subversive means and have very strict penalties if violated. Now bank network monitoring and security is handled by the NSA. So since RBC runs a very large network of infomation gathering in Russia, including SMS(text msg service), they can transmit this data back to the NSA via their bank network.

      So you are thinking why rusvesna is currently putting out some credible stories. Think Al Jazeera, start out with stuff to sucker you in and gain credibility, then slowly switch to disinfo.


      I will back up what Anthony posted about the video. It was a bridge being demolished but they made a mistake and used too much c4. It was a big boom...

      One thing I would add about the GRAD attack is the rockets used were the 9m217. 40 were launched. Each 9m217 has 2 sensor-fused weapons which are released about 50 meters above the target area. They deploy parachutes to slow their descent while the onboard sensor looks for a target. Once found and in range, the weapon fires an anti-armour warhead directly at the target. This is why if you look at the photos you will see no damage to the surrounding area and only destroyed vehicles. The 9m217 is the only GRAD rocket that could have created this type of damage pattern.

      I was not able to find any information if this rocket is in the Ukranian inventory.

    2. Hello Paul,

      No offense taken. I'm always willing to question every source of information.

      However, whatever the background to it has been providing information over the past weeks that has often proved to be far more reliable than western sources. In fact, western coverage has been noticeably absent or when it appears, very biased towards the Ukranian government.

      I will continue to check and any other sources I can find, then continually match the accounts with the reality as it emerges.

      Poroshenko has been meeting with Joe Biden. I think the Ukranian government is showing signs of desperation. There were reports of three planes downed in the past 24 hours, multiple armoured vehicles and continuing ambushes of supply lines.

      When the fuel runs out to the Ukranian forces who have tried encircle Donbas, then there could be some major disasters. Driving fuel trucks down the corridors is going to be a very unpleasant task.

  10. 30 civilians killed in shelling by Ukranian artillery in the Donetsk suburb of Marinka.

    You can google Donetsk Marinka to see that this small settlement lies to the west of Donetsk. Heavy artillery bombardment with no regards to militia positions is the standard practice of the Ukranian army. Marinka is close to a main road to the west so resupply is easy.

    There are also reports that 300 of the Ukranian defenders of Donetsk airport deserted after several days of shelling. There are apparently 500 to 600 Ukranian soldiers still defending the airport. There are reports of Polish mercenaries being killed there.

    The article shows a video with Igor Strlkov, who led the withdrawal from Slavyansk. He seems to have bolstered the defence of Donetsk and reported that just last week the airport defenders were resupplied by air.

    Again, it's worth googling Donetsk airport to get an idea of the strategic importance. The airport is close to the city itself and is critical for both sides.

  11. The official data including call-signs and tower communication frequencies are published in paper form by Jeppesen, a subsidiary of Boeing. I have seen sheets purporting to show the change from Ukrainian control to Russian control. The changes were made 13 June 2014 and effective from 26 June 2014. These sheets are used by actual pilots in order to communicate with ground control - a matter of life and death.

  12. There are videos of the Ukrainian army moving a convoy of grad launchers towards Slavyansk for example and them in use against civilian targets. The grad system was originally intended to counter vast columns of armor moving across the open plains of central Europe. Each launcher can fire a salvo of up to 40 rockets with a range of up to 15 km (3-40 km for later versions). It takes about 15 seconds for a salvo to complete. The convoy has 10 or so launchers each with a support truck. The effect of one or two salvos against armored tanks and personnel carriers is shown in this image and this one too. It doesn't need much imagination to appreciate the damage caused, both psychological and physical, to those civilians on the receiving end.

  13. off topic, but people need to know.

    1/3 of US is already RFID chipped and they don't know it.

    This I can personally back up because it happened to me. I am a veteran and had at least one chip implanted in my right arm while I watched. I just did not know what they were doing at the time. But since that time I have seen videos and read documents describing the procedure and the exact equipment and procedure was done to me. This happened about 5 yrs. ago.

  14. According to the Ukranian government and reported by reuters, the Ukranian air force killed 500 rebels in each of two sorties flown today. 1000 militia dead in one day, when their total number is likely less than 10,000.

    Spectacular! Unless it's BS propaganda.

    The militia deny that there forces were hit and said that the airstrikes were ased on outdated intelligence.

    This exaggerrated BS is a sign of increasing Ukranian desperation.

    They need western intervention and the west wants any excuse to spark a conflict with Russia.

    Putin's inactivity now seems to have been a wise move.

  15. The BBC is regurgitating more Ukranian government propaganda.

    The article starts with the government shelling of Marinka, Donetsk ´, where 30 civilians were killed by indiscriminate shelling.

    The government, yet again, accuses the rebels of launching the attack.

    Who to believe?

    The article then shows propaganda pics of captured rebel weapons in Kiev.

    Then there is mention of the attack yesterday:

    "Unofficial reports suggest the death toll from Friday's attack, in which the rebels are said to have used Grad rockets, was much higher.

    An unnamed officer who survived the attack told his wife by phone that more than 50 soldiers had been killed, Ukraine's Unian news agency reported on Friday."

    But if you scroll right down to the end, you will find, almost tucked away out of embarrassment.

    Mr Lysenko also said government warplanes had killed 1,000 rebels in attacks in the Donetsk region on Friday while the rebels denied suffering any significant losses.

  16. Yikes. so much to look at. I hope all the quiet readers are checking out everything left by commenters?

    I did look at the you tube of the grad rockets
    the links to what appears to be info regarding the Crimean airspace
    The map
    The micro chipping, one reason I eschew vaccines...

    re BBC article

    "An unnamed officer who survived the attack told his wife by phone that more than 50 soldiers had been killed, Ukraine's Unian news agency reported on Friday"

    the best info is almost always at or near the end
    because almost no one reads that far along

    re: captured rebel weapons on display in Kiev?
    are they? really?
    captured? Or is Kiev psyoping the populace
    the first casualty of war is always truth and it's up to us to figure that out to the best of our abilities
    putting something new up

    thanks everyone!
    so very appreciated