Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ukraine presses offensive with US support etc.,

As mentioned in yesterday’s post- The Ceasefire that wasn’t- Fascist Kiev continues it’s ethnic cleansing
“Putin and the Europeans could not convince Poroshenko that peace does not come through war- Because Poroshenko takes his advice from war mongers”
And the biggest global war monger is of course, the US.

UKRAINIAN troops backed by tanks and fighter-bombers have pressed on with a renewed offensive against pro-Kremlin insurgents that has drawn Russian ire, but also vital US support.

Poroshenko's order to relaunch the eastern campaign was met with a deafening silence in European capitals.

But Washington immediately rallied to Kiev's defence with a vigour reflecting the Cold War-like chill that has recently enveloped its relations with the Kremlin

Of course Washington rallied to Kiev’s defence.  Since Poroshenko dances to the US tune
Also,  Ukraine presses offensive with strong US support

Kerry tells Poroshenko West will continue to put pressure on Russia - Department of State
"[Kerry] also talked to him [Poroshenko] a little bit about how we [the United States] and our European partners are willing to do more to press Russia to end support to the separatists [in southeastern Ukraine]; and said we are continually preparing more costs for Russia if it does not take further steps," State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf said at a briefing on Tuesday, speaking about a phone conversation between Kerry and Poroshenko.

She said that Kerry had "expressed U.S. support for the people of Ukraine and for the Ukrainian government's effort to maintain public order, and welcomed his [Poroshenko's] continued commitment to pursue his peace plan."

Harf said that the West had not yet introduced additional sanctions against Russia, adding that "we wanted to see how the ceasefire played out."
The diplomat also added: "We still have the ability to do them [the sanctions] – put them in place very quickly. We are talking to the Europeans about them every day. I don't have anything to announce, but we are looking very closely at what we might do next."

Ukraine Pounds “rebels”
Ukrainian defence ministry spokesman Oleksiy Dmytrashkivsky said a "massive artillery and air offensive" had been unleashed in the eastern rustbelt -- home to seven million mostly Russian speakers who view the new Kiev leaders with mistrust.

"They announced a ceasefire but still continued to shoot. But now things will get even worse," said shopkeeper Yevgenia Maluta as she surveyed badly damaged houses in the rebel-held eastern town.

Locals in Kramatorsk said shelling that morning had killed five people as both sides resorted to all the weapons at their disposal.

Witnesses also reported a heavy tank battle being waged near the Donetsk region village of Karlivka and intense clashes in the nearby town of Mariinka.
Yet Kiev could claim few actual gains on the ground. Poroshenko said his forces had seized back one of 24 Russian border crossings in the Lugansk region.

Poroshenko's decision to resume a military offensive came just hours after the leaders of France and Germany joined him on a conference call to Putin -- the third such conversation in five days.
French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were in rare agreement with Putin that Poroshenko should extend the truce to give indirect talks between separatist commanders and Kiev a chance.
A diplomatic source said the four countries' foreign ministers would discuss the latest escalation in Ukraine on Wednesday in Berlin.

The EU is not ready to bring forth additional sanctions
The US, however, is. Notice also the EU wanted the ceasefire extended. But, the US did not.
Very clearly Kiev is taking orders from the US and dam to hell it's neighbours

Attack at Ukraine border post?
Ukraine's border guards service says a serviceman was killed and eight were wounded when a post on the border with Russia came under heavy mortar attack.

Or death by failure to consider reality?

Ukraine says it retook control of one border post from rebels this week. The guards service said Wednesday the insurgents had mined the post with explosives.



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