Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ukraine's Government Crumbles- Yatsenyuik resigns- US hurls new accusations

*Updated with new accusations and additional information- scroll down, please
Interesting timing for the rats to jump ship?

Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk, a "pro-Western technocrat" who has guided the Ukrainian government through the tumultuous months since the ouster of President Viktor F. Yanukovyvch, resigned abruptly on Thursday, after the governing coalition of Parliament collapsed.
“I declare my resignation in connection with the collapse of the coalition and blocking of government initiatives,” Mr. Yatsenyuk said from the rostrum of Parliament, according to Ukrainian news services.

Not a 'pro' western technocrat. A Western Technocrat . Recall ? Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation

 Did these sanctions get passed before the collapse?
Kiev to introduce sanctions against Russian officials, companies — Yatsenyuk

Is this an orchestrated move to present the Ukrainian government as ‘besieged’
The Ukrainian Cabinet, which includes Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, resigned on Thursday, he said. Yatsenyuk, who made the announcement to parliament, cited the "collapse" of the coalition running the besieged government
*Read below and you will get the idea that this was a planned, expected move

The government crumbles when American military advisers are headed to Ukraine?

Info here-Breaking News- Kiev claims Sukhoi's downed by Russia!

Or were the fascist thugs just unable to cooperate?

Ukraine's Prime Minister Quits After Allies Withdraw From Coalition
Ukraine's prime minister announced today that he is resigning after two parties said they were withdrawing from the ruling coalition.

"I am announcing my resignation in connect with the collapse of the coalition," Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said, adding Parliament could no longer do its work.

The Associated Press adds:
    "The nationalist Svoboda party and the Udar party led by former boxer Vitali Klitschko pulled out of the group of legislators 
 Parliament speaker Oleksandr Turchynov said it was up to Udar and Svoboda to propose a candidate for temporary prime minister to lead the government until early parliamentary elections can be held."
Udar and Svoboda to propose a temporary prime minister to lead the government until elections?
Guaranteeing yet another western backed technocrat/ fascist thug to be in place.
Maybe it will be Klitschko, himself ? Recall that Victoria F the EU Nuland thought he needed to gain experience, which is why she wanted Yats, but, who knows maybe he has now gained some 'experience'?


Perhaps it's simply Klitschko's 'turn' to play leader?

Updated begins- U.S.: Russia firing artillery at Ukraine military
The Obama administration is accusing Russia of firing artillery to hit Ukrainian military sites and planning to send pro-Russian separatists more lethal weaponry.
The State Department says the U.S. has evidence that Russia is shelling Ukraine from sites inside Russia. Spokeswoman Marie Harf also says the U.S. has new evidence Russia intends to deliver "heavier and more powerful multiple rocket launchers" to separatists battling Ukrainian forces in the east of the country.
Harf declined to provide details or elaborate on the evidence because she said she could not get into intelligence "source and methods."
Has evidence. But, could not elaborate.
 "I think this is a fully expected and planned development," said Balazs Jarabik, visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. "The president and the government coalition looked for ways to clear the legal way for an early election, as they are under a lot of pressure from Maidan and the public."
 When he took office, Yatsenyuk's administration was expected to be a brief one because it was taking over with the government almost broke and facing the likelihood of adopting unpopular measures to satisfy conditions for rescue loans from the International Monetary Fund. It succeeded in landing the IMF bailout and last week IMF officials said the government was meeting almost all its financial targets.
The Yats resignation- Not unexpected, at all. Yats was just empowered long enough to enslave the Ukrainians to the IMF's austerity. Where is Poroshenko in all this?


  1. Kiev talking about sanctions with all the help they've had from Russia in the past. Stupid USA cronies, I'd say.

    1. Yes, Yats was a banker boy. So, I will expect more Western type leadership, most likely a real thug, because everything is going to get that much worse for the average Ukrainian

      Not just what is going on in the east- I mean life is going to get much harder very quickly- It did not have to be this way for them but there it is

  2. There are reports that Ukraine is running out of money to pay for the conflict in the east, They will have to raise more money,

    Automatic translations follow:

    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine admitted that the country's budget money to conduct a military operation remains only until August. Then, the authorities need to find another 9 billion hryvnia (over $ 750 million).

    "Ukraine in the war - no money, no gas, no government ", - wrote on his Facebook page Interior Minister Arsen Avakov"

    Government is the problem Yatsenuk that he was waiting for help from the West rather than to seek other ways to revive the economy. So says political scientist and journalist Yuri Gorodnenko.

    "The economic crisis is because the economy of Ukraine in a really terrible state. Third of GDP produced Donbass. Today, almost entirely under the blows of the Ukrainian army destroyed all production, economics Donbass. West, as we can see, no financial assistance has no "

    Considering the hardline anti-Russian stance of the western stooges in Kiev, I found the following statistic interesting:

    "More than 60% of Ukraine's exports go to other post-Soviet states, with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan the most important"

    I read of the Russians switching manufacture of some stuff to Belarus. The Ukranians are shooting themselves in the foot and waiting for the west to come to their rescue militarily and economically.

    The Donetsk and Lugansk regions are amongst the most industrialized of the Ukraine and its infrastructure is being hammered.


    1. Thanks Anthony

      The best thing for Ukraine, right now is for it to split up
      Those that want to join in with Russia should go
      Those that wish to stay with Kiev, should stay and sow what they have reaped

  3. Yep it was OK for the Ukraine to fire shells into Russia but it's bad if Russia answers.

    Anthony right they have announced rockets and satellites tech will move to Russia and I'm sure other heavy industries will be set up in Russia by German business men. If Russia stop goods coming from the Ukraine I doubt Amerika or the eu would come to their rescue. Just another failed nation created by Amerikas neo-cons and on to the next.

  4. Penny, thats could be an exlusive information:
    the guy is ex-soviet officer.
    Shortly - Ukranians where training BUK crews for aircover in case of russian invasion, 2 su-25 where posing as an training dummies. Poor Boing was just in a wrong time and in a wrong place. Tragic accident, no one wanted this to happen. Guess where american story of "UKR army defector comes from, Crew of BUK taken away by SBU and might be presented as "rebels" . Leak from Ukranian army.
    No names given yet, although they are reseved as a leak too.

  5. Neo nazis if Ukraine praise zionists gaza genicode as something to learn from! Amazing !
    Pro-fascist "Ukrainian" media (Kyiv Post is actually US-owned in real life) praises Israel's "counter-insurgency" methods against Palestinian civilians, lauding it as a model for tactics to be used against 'Russian separatists (who are really anyone in Ukraine who doesn't want to live under neo- fascist terror). Yes, this is real.

  6. beyond satire for the BBC!

  7. What's all about the "situation" in Ukraine? This time is not only my "speculations" but from the horse's mouth directly!

    1. It is supposed to be a 'Purim joke' something akin 1st april fool joke, at least that's what some comments in the article claim. This said, I haven't seen anything in the article that would make it more ludicrous than what they already did with the colonisation of Palestin because of a fictional book they wrote themselve centuries ago.

    2. wizoz and gallier

      stranger things have happened and will happen
      read the times of Israel article, who knows?

      gallier- a fictional book they wrote themselves

      oh gallier, that is factual history, doncha know?! ;)

    3. The "return" of the Jews to the former communist countries they left for Israel is not a Purim joke, but a reality. They do not return just because of nostalgia or by fear of Arhab terhorhists.