Saturday, July 12, 2014

US should "follow" Kiev's lead & act unilaterally on sanctions- Canada does

Let's be absolutely clear- The fascist government in Kiev is not acting unilaterally, in any way shape or form.
So the idea that the US should follow Kiev's lead is absurd. I couldn't believe anyone, anywhere, accepts that narrative at face value.
Does this WP editorial suggest to readers that Europe is not as willing to fall on the sword for the US as even I had believed? And covered previously?

Trigger a cold war to make it easier (for the US) to annex Europe
"Toward a Europe Whole & Free" Via NATO global dominance
It is spin  from the  Washington Post, of course.
Germany and France have been pressing for a cease-fire and peace talks that would include the rebels, Russia and Ukraine but not Western governments. (US?)

Mr. Poroshenko’s resistance to those terms and resumption of military action has led to the recapture of half the territory once occupied by the pro-Russian forces, including the important crossroads town of Slovyansk.  (This has changed the last day or so. WP published this on the 10th)
 It remains to be seen whether Ukrainian forces can finish off the insurgents while observing a pledge to avoid civilian casualties
Observing a pledge- Nice empty word play? Are they watching empty words as they cross the lips of killers?
 At the end of June, the allies promised tough sanctions against Russia if Moscow did not immediately stop its support of the rebels.- (Still no real indication that Moscow is supporting rebels)
  Two weeks later, the promised “sectoral” sanctions on Russian industries have not been adopted.
  German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande are leaning on Mr. Poroshenko to stop trying to regain control over his country.
They are looking for a ceasefire...
 The administration is not wrong to prefer joint action with the Europeans if it is achievable. But the United States has the power to impose crippling unilateral sanctions on Russia, especially through the banking system. If the Ukrainian government can act without the permission of France and Germany, so can the United States.
The US can impose crippling sanctions especially through the banking system???
If they could, why haven't they?
Choosing instead to try and inflict massive damage on the EU.

Canada is announcing more sanctions- Oh Canada? Why?
I'm waiting for John-boy Baird to sanction Israel- but, won't hold my breath
Cause he has his own rabbi, but, isn't a follower of Judaism
Baird sticks to the Likud partly line
Mr. Baird, still showing his boyish enthusiasm at 42, played on that perception. “I have a confession to make,” he told several gatherings: “I’m not Jewish.” After the laughter died down, he’d add: “But I do have a rabbi, and he’s accompanying me on this trip.”And he would proceed to introduce Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn – not just any rabbi, but an honest-to-goodness Chabad emissary based in Ottawa.
My maple leaf flag hurls at the thought!


  1. 'Niv criticizes the “clumsy language which ridiculously combines recitations from the military and the religion but also the fact that on our part (not on their part; on our part) the wars against the Palestinians have turned from a national dispute to a holy war.”
    Israel expert Dena Shunra, who translated Winter’s letter for The Electronic Intifada, notes that its appearance reflects the increasing participation of observant Orthodox Jews in the Israeli military. Shunra adds:

    This demographic, often associated with the settlement movement, has displaced the traditional Kibbutz-member (militantly secular, socialist/communist leanings) in the Israeli army. Switching from nationalist rhetoric to the language of holy war is part of that transition. Another part is insisting that holy figures appear in battle to comfort/save the Jewish soldiers (and seeing them as Jewish, rather than Israeli). Reports of visitations by “Mama Rochelle” – the Matriarch Rachel, wife of Patriarch Jacob, traditionally buried in Bethlehem – have surfaced in the last few rounds of fighting (from 2002 onward). This changes the nature both of the wars and of the forces engaging in them, pushing towards a clash of civilizations.'

    1. Brian, I will head back there and get that originating link from the poster named 'crone' was it?

      Thanks- I was just speaking with hubby sort of along this line last night
      how the 'religion' of the middle east- all originating with the disturbing Judaism have turned the world into something quite vile

  2. twitter uproar

  3. 'Mr. Baird, still showing his boyish enthusiasm at 42, played on that perception. “I have a confession to make,” he told several gatherings: “I’m not Jewish.” ;'

    he may not be jewish,..but he is a useful idiot

    1. he is an obnoxious useful idiot.
      You forgot obnoxious.
      Don't know if you have ever seen Baird in action, in case you haven't, obnoxious fits

  4. can tiny israel control big US? from Angry Arab: What is suffocating about the US is that there are no dissenters in the US Congress or media. When I came to the US, there was a dozen US senators and congress people who dared criticize Israel. There are none now. As for the Washington Post and the New York Times: they both had individuals (Anthony Lewis and Marcy Mcgrory) who would voice criticisms of Israel. There are none now. Nicholas Kristoff is too busy rescuing native women from native men.

  5. I previously posted an article containing maps of the Donbass region and the current situation as given by the milita. In the second of the maps you can easier see the small strip of border still controlled by the militia.

    Last night, it was reported that at least one Russian citizen was killed in the Russian town of Donetsk (not to be confused with Ukranian Donetsk).

    Check out Donetsk, Russia in Google Map and you will see that there is a small bulge of Russian territory into the Ukraine. There are some Russian settlements very close to the order. Check out the names of the towns on the Ukranian side of the corridor, Expect fighting in these places and attacks by the militia on the Ukranian supply lines. There were reports of militia attacks on Slavyansk. Guerrilla warfare or better "partisan warfare" given the local historical context.

    The Ukranian army will desperately want to block the highway into Russian Donetsk. The militia will desperately want to keep it open. From the map, it looks like the northern route past Lugansk will be critical. The area to the east of Lugansk to the Russian border is not far, wooded, and even more important, has a decent sized river to cross. If the militia blow the bridges over the river, then the Ukranians will be unable to resupply from the north.

    There was fighting outside of Lugansk yesterday, A radar installation captured by the militia was lost, at some cost to the Ukranians, 9 armoured vehicles, and 17 militiamen were cut off.

    The Russian government has sent out warning after warning in the past days and weeks telling the Ukranians to cease firing on Russian territory. Until now, there have been only words.

    The military situation is reaching a critical situation. The Ukranians used the recent ceasefire to resupply their forces, Now they will struggle to do so, and need to finish off the encirclement of the militia and ensure that supply routes are maintained.


    1. Hi Anthony
      I did look at that map and noticed the border area controlled by the militia
      Long and narrow in size
      I haven't looked at the news this am
      A Russian was killed in Russia- not good
      Thanks for the update am going to scour the news shortly

  6. apparently people can get youtube to block media: so why not NYT BBC WAPO?!

    1. YouTube blocks RT because Ukies request it?
      "The limitations of functionality were imposed on RT’s YouTube channel due to a copyright violation claim filed by a Ukrainian user. However, all rights to the video in question belong to RT RUPTLY agency which purchased them from the user"

      t should be noted that this is not the first time YouTube imposes limitations on RT’s accounts’ functionality. In March 2014 the RT account in English was unavailable for three hours, as users trying to access it were notified via a message that the account was "suspended due to severe and numerous violations of YouTube policy." And a similar situation occurred two years earlier when RT’s YouTube channel was blocked for over seven hours. According to Google’s press service, both incidents were caused by a "technical malfunction."

  7. I mentioned that the militia captured a Ukranian plane that was damaged and landed on a militia controlled airfield.

    The latest news is that the plane, SU 25, is now serviceable and flew a mission. No details so far.

    There are also videos of an armoured column of militia vehicles driving into Lugansk. There have been similar videos in the past days. The militia has increasing numbers of armour ready for any attacks on major population centres.

    Today, July 13, Lugansk, a large column of vehicles entered the Army People's Republic of Lugansk in the convoy: 5 tanks, 1 Grad MLRS, guns,

    BMP 5, the Urals and GAZ-66 with anti-aircraft guns and cannons, 3 MTLB with guns, trucks, 1 van and trucks with soldiers and ammunition.

    Some tanks are painted with patriotic slogans "For Donbass" and the abbreviation "LC" and decorated with St. George ribbons.

    At the head of some fighters seen Cossack hats."

    There have been reports of "anti-fascist international" groups supporting the Donbass militia. There have certainly been many volunteers from Russia, many of them with combat experience and technical skills.


    1. If the antifascist separatists have a workable plane we will know soon enough

    2. You are very welcome, Penny.

      There has been very little mention of the Ukranian conflict in the alternative media and nothing but propaganda in the mainstream.

      Funnily enough, there has been more mainstream coverage in the past few days. The Ukranian conquest of Slavyansk provoked a short lived out of euphoria amongst the media, but the situation on the ground has dampened the fires.

      Poroshenko's conversation with Biden this week might have been a call for help, which has allegedly been answered by the introduction of 4 apache helicopters.

      The Russians must be very carefully following every development on the ground in the Ukraine. If the Americans start supplying Ukraine with weaponry then the Russians will need to either covertly supply the Donass rebels or actually step into the conflict, which is clearly waht the western powers have been hoping for.

      Igor Strelkov, quoted by the BBC today, has warned that the west is indeed trying to pull Russia into the conflict or try to make the Russians so wary of getting involved that the Ukranian government will be able to step up its military power without needing to worry about Russian involvement.

      Armaggeddon poker.

      Here is the automatic translation of Strelkov's warning. He comes across as very level headed, an excellent strategist, determined, a charismatic leader, but always down to earth regarding the chances of the milita against the force of the Ukranian army, even more so when supplied by the west.

      "Commander of the host of Donetsk's Republic Igor Gunmen sure that Kiev is ready to do anything to draw Russia into a military conflict in the south-east of Ukraine. This motif politicians Gunmen explained shelling of the city of Donetsk, Rostov region, where the morning of July 13 from breaking the shell killed a local resident and four people were injured.

      - After use of chemical weapons under Semenivka, I have the same in no doubt. Everything is done to draw Russia into the war, or, conversely, to make sure that Russia will not enter the war ... They "lost coast" ... no honor, no conscience - Gunmen said.

      According to the commander of the militia, to resist the Ukrainian military is becoming increasingly difficult. In the district of Lugansk enemy tank forces applied. In addition, the New Russia deployed four anti American Apache helicopter production."

    3. Anthony- did pilots come along with the Apache helicopters or would there be people present that could fly them?

      btw NATO did say they are going to supply Ukraine, militarily

      he North Atlantic Treaty Organization has agreed to establish a trust fund and outlined concrete measures for further assistance in strengthening Ukraine's defence capacity, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in his opening remarks at a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission in Brussels on Wednesday, Ukrinform reported.

      "NATO and individual allies have already provided advice, as well as technical and material support. We have now endorsed a package of additional measures. This includes the establishment of new trust funds to support defense capacity building," he said. Rasmussen said that NATO allies would continue supporting Ukraine in its efforts to build a strong army and to reform the security sector to defend a sovereign, united and democratic Ukraine"

      Notice NATO says a UNITED Ukraine?

      Something that is never said wrt Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Libya etc.,
      the insistence on a 'united' Ukraine indicates that Crime will at some point in time be invaded, despite the will of the people.

    4. If apache helis are actually being delivered then pilots would have to be supplied as well. This is an extremely dificult aircraft to fly and takes a long time to train to fly it effectively. With so many nazis in Greece and they currently have this aircraft in inventory, it would not surpise me to see Greek pilots, but US or UK are also an option.

    5. there is a company listed to supply apache spare parts in Uk.

    6. Hi Penny,

      I saw no mention of who was alleged to be piloting the Apache helicopters. I suppose it could fall under "technical and material support" as defined by NATO or just hire a few mercenaries with the relevant experience.

      The Ukranian air force just lost another transport plane AN26 with 20 soldiers on board near Krasnodar.(Krasnodon?).

      The fighting has escalated massively in the past few days. Both sides would appear to have incurred heavy casualties, but there is plenty of confusion as to what has really happened. I read of 30 militia men killed when their transport was hit. 50 Ukranian soliders dead or wounded when their ferry was hit. Again, see the map of the corridor between Lugansk and Russia where there are only a handful of bridges across the river.


    7. I can find only 2 sources for this apache story, all other reprints of the story originate from these 2. godlikeproductions and beforeitsnews... both known disinfo fronts.

      so far I find no credibility on the apache story.

    8. Hello Paul,

      The claim that 4 Apache helicopters were used was made by Igor Strelkov in the following interview. Only time will tell whether these claims are backed up by proof, but as I mentioned above, the BBC quoted Strelkov's references to tanks in the very same interview, but chose not to mention the Apache claim.

      "In addition, four anti Novorossia deployed Apache helicopter of American manufacturing, - said Igor Gunmen in an interview with reporters."

    9. Hi Paul: eventually we will find out, of that I am sure

    10. Anthony 6:14 am
      I have noticed reports of heavy fighting also
      Reports of high civilian casualties
      not good

    11. Paul: I found hits straight away for the Apache claims. I can't search in Russian, which is where most of the hits would be, but I can search in German and here is a story from today that reports the sighting of the Apache helicopters and gives the location, which was not given in the Strelkov article.

      "Genährt wird auch wieder der Verdacht, dass sich US-Söldner in der Ukraine befinden. Bei Dnipropetrovsk seien vier Apache-Kampfhubschrauber beim Proben gesehen worden"

      The suspicion that US mercenaries are in the Ukraine gains strength. Four Apache helicopters were seen training near Dnipropetrovsk.

      So now we have a location and the suspicion that the crew are American mercenaries. Given that NATO have promied Ukraine technological and material support, is it so far fetched that the west would provide some of the most effective weaponry available and the crews to fly them?

      Here is a link given in the German article to

      automatic translation Russian into English

      "Donetsk authorities breakaway People's Republic argue that near the village of the May in the Dnipropetrovsk region undergoing flight tests of four U.S. helicopters, DNR officials said Sunday.

      "In the settlement of the May (Dnipropetrovsk region) undergoing flight tests 4 apache helicopter," - said in microblogging DNR to Twitter."

      The same article mentions Yevgeny Lukyanov claiming that American mercenaries / military advisers are active in the Ukraine.

      "Earlier in an interview with RIA Novosti, Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Lukyanov said that Ukraine has been active advisers from the United States that produce strategic line for Kiev."

      Staff appointments in the Security Council

      May 26, 2012, 11:30

      Vladimir Putin signed executive orders on appointments of personnel and new composition of the Security Council.

      The executive orders appoint:

      Yevgeny Lukyanov - Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation

      So we have a top ranking Russian security council member quoted in the same article that details where the apache helicopters are being used.

      This is a dangerous escalation that simply continues the pattern of western aggression and provocation that seem determined to spark a conflict with Russia.


    12. anthony; left a comment regarding the plane being shot down
      Ukraine is trying to blame Russia
      We seem to be having escalation/provocation going on all over the place right now
      I understand Israel fired into Syria and Lebanon yesterday!

  8. The BBC reports a massive Ukranian armoured push on Lugansk, quoting only militia sources, Igor Strelkov.

    I have read militia reports of two separate columns of 70 and 40 tanks / APCs. 110 in total, but the BBC reported the following and this is a quote from Igor Strelkov.

    'Seventy tanks'

    Strelkov (the nom-de-guerre of Igor Girkin) said the rebels had beaten off two government armoured columns numbering between 40 and 70 tanks."

    There has been little confirmation from the Ukranian government, which would seem to confirm the militia reports that the attacks were repulsed with heavy losses to the Ukranian forces which were apparently allowed to move deep into the city where they could be polished off more easily.

    I don't know the truth of these accounts, but it would be very foolish to move into Lugansk with armoured columns and little infantry support. The Ukranian military seems to be mismanaged by the oligarchs.

    Another report today was the alleged sighting of 4 apache helicopters on the Ukranian government side. This would make sense militarily after the heavy Ukranian air force losses. It would, however, also be a clear direct intervention by the west and yet another provocation targetted against Russia.

    What makes the Apache claims more interesting is that they were also made by Igor Strelkov, quoted by the BBC above, but the BBC did not mention them.

  9. Here's somethint to make us "proud" (read ashame) to be Canadian...

  10. somewhere is a comment regarding a plane being shot down

    A Ukrainian military transport plane was shot down Monday along the country's eastern border with Russia, the defense minister said.

    The Ukies are trying to spin this as an attack from the Russian side of the border, but, there doesn't seem to be anything to indicate this as true

    "Probably Russian" is spin, not fact. I am sure this will get big play amongst the fascist crowd.

    "Ukraine's defence minister said on Monday that a Ukrainian AN-26 plane, taking part in the military campaign against separatist rebels, had been shot down by a rocket which was "probably" fired from Russian territory, the presidential website said"

    1. The Ukranians have said that the AN-26 transport plane was flying at 6500 metres when hit, and therefore out of range of militia ManPads.

      The militia have taken credit for shooting down the aircraft. They also claim to have shot down another SU-25.

      The AN-26 was reportedly shot down over the town of Izvarino, which lies exactly on the Russian border, so if the Ukranians were really flying at 6500 metres over the Russian border in the current tense situation then they were asking for trouble.

      There are conflicting reports as to how many crew were on board. Wiki said 20, the Ukranian government said just 2 crew, the milita claim to have captured several crew members who bailed out and are searching for more.

      automatic translation Russian into English

      Lugansk, July 14. / ITAR-TASS /. Militia proclaimed the People's Republic of Lugansk (LC) shot down two aircraft Ukrainian Air Force. According to the press service of the LC.

      "One plane was shot down near Lysychansk, the second - in the area Izvarino (border post)" - has confirmed the news service.

      As noted in the headquarters of the military operation, "under attack Lysychansk militia shot down, and in the area Izvarino - Transport Aircraft", presumably this AN-26, which previously were lost."